Valorant: 10 Best Aim Trainers [Expert’s Guide]

This guide contains the best 10 aim trainers that you can use for Valorant along with their training modes, features, and distinct qualities.

The aiming mechanics in Valorant are very dynamic. There are a lot of things to keep in mind so you can land the perfect shot every time without panicking. There is no run-and-gun like the majority of video games. If you do that, your bullets will travel in a random direction and completely miss the target you are aiming at. So, make sure you are in a still position. So to help you with that, you will need the best aim trainer to get better in Valorant.

Key Highlights
  • To take out an enemy with just a single bullet, you will need the best aim trainer for yourself so you can hit shots with maximum precision.
  • Valorant’s aiming mechanics are pretty dynamic.
  • Valorant’s aiming mechanics are not run and gun just like most of the games.
  • Mastering your crosshair placement will win the fight for you before the opponent can even react.
  • If you have the habit of crouching, stop it as soon as possible.
  • Learn strafe shooting because your mobility makes it harder to get hit.
  • The best aim trainers for Valorant list includes 10 aim trainers which are the 3D Aim trainer, Beat Aim, and, Aimtastic, Aimbeast, KovaaK’s, and AIm Lab.
  • Apart from external software, Valorant’s Unrated mode, The Practice range, and the Deathmatch can also help you improve your aim a lot.
  • The key to making your aim perfect will be consistency.
  • Practice your aim using mentioned aim trainers daily to see the best results.

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The game demands a quick reaction time, complete gear, and perfect aim so you can win your duels and lead your team to victory. If you are new to Valorant, then make sure you read the How To Get Better At Valorant guide so you can keep on getting better.

Aiming In Valorant

Valorant's Aiming Mechanism
Aiming Mechanism for Valorant

Crosshair Placement

Your crosshair placement needs to be on the head level and ready to shoot. If you master the crosshair placement in Valorant, you will win the fight before your opponent gets the time to react. You will get to see your opponent’s shoulder first if you are holding an angle, so before he even sees you, you can land the shot.

The crosshair placement can also be used when entering a site. If the opponent team is a bit predictable, you will know where the enemies are camping. Before peeking them in the open, make sure your crosshair is placed where their position will be. Make a wide peek and take the shot to secure a kill.

If you get confused while making creative and effective crosshairs, then read Best Valorant Crosshair Settings, so the concept of it gets cleared. If you play with weapons like Vandal or Guardian, then a dot crosshair or a circle crosshair will be ideal.

Avoid Crouching

If you have a habit of crouching, you need to stop it as soon as possible. If you have trouble stopping, then we recommend you remove the crouching key bind, which is usually left control. Once you remove the key bind, play a couple of deathmatches, and you will see the unhealthy habit start to fade.

There are a couple of reasons why we recommend stopping crouching. First, as soon as you crouch, you give up on your mobility. Now you can’t move left or right to dodge the enemy bullets, and you are just a target sitting in one place waiting to be hit.

The other reason is that when you crouch, your head comes at a body level. If you are in an Iron, Bronze, or Silver lobby, you will notice that most players shoot at the body level and not on the head. So, as soon as you crouch, you are letting yourself receive a headshot from the enemies.

Strafe Shooting

Once you leave the habit of crouching unnecessarily, you will need to learn how to do strafe shooting in Valorant. The task is simple; all you need to do is fire, move, fire, and move again. Now you might be thinking that we mentioned earlier that run-and-gun does not work in Valorant. That is true, but strafe shooting is something different.

Consider your ‘D’ key bind to move you on the right and your ‘A’ key bind to move you on the left. Now, if you are moving your player towards the left, hold the ‘D’ key, and your player will stop right there. As soon as you are about to press the opposite direction’s key, be prepared to fire.

The first few bullets will be accurate, depending on the weapon you are using. Once you shoot, move your player once again in one direction, and then press the opposite direction’s key, and shoot again. The strafe shooting will allow you to be the most accurate in shooting, and it will allow you to dodge the enemies.

Your mobility will make it hard for them to damage you, which will give you more time to shoot. Moreover, if you are tired of your ‘creative’ Gamertag or want to reinvent yourself, read the How to Change Valorant Name guide;  however, remember that you can change the name once in thirty days period.

Best Aim Trainers For Valorant

Now you know what things you must be doing to improve your aim. However, there is a difference between knowing and experiencing. Knowing these tactics is not enough; you have to keep on practicing, again and again, so you start doing them subconsciously.

The reason for practicing is that if you jump straight into a competitive match, you will be thinking about these movements. It will cause you to panic in heated situations, and you will mess up.

Moreover, you will not be able to focus on the team’s strategy, and you might become the reason for the team’s defeat. Therefore, we have come up with the best aim trainer where you can make your aiming perfect for Valorant.

10. 3D Aim Trainer

Best Valorant Aim Trainer: 3D Aim Trainer
3D Aim Trainer

The 3D Aim Trainer is available on Steam for free, requiring only 3 GB of space, and has an option of practicing Valorant. The 3D aim trainer provides an in-depth skill analysis based on four mouse control skills. The mouse controls are flicking, tracking, clicking, and switching.

These four categories are then further broken down into four assessments so your result can be as detailed as possible. The assessments will take you around 20 minutes, and once you are done, it will compare you with all other players who have used the 3D Aim trainer.

You will also get a rank along with insights that will help you in making your aim better and in tracking your progress. Remember, the assessment, in the beginning, is not training; rather, it is just an impromptu test so they can know your skill level.

Once the assessment ends, the real training begins. Now all the assessments you had earlier have ten training exercises. We recommend you complete all the exercises rather than a few so you can get a broad view of where you currently stand. You will know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and accordingly, you will focus on them.

Another feature of the 3D Aim Trainer is quickplay. Here you can choose a game-specific weapon like Vandal or Phantom. Furthermore, there are three difficulty modes in it which are easy, medium, and hard. We recommend you play on hard first, so the medium difficulty feels relatively easier.

Lastly, don’t get overwhelmed by so many exercise options. Select a few which you think will improve your aim the best and add it to your daily routine. 

9. Beat Aim

Valorant Aim Trainer: Beat Aim - Rhythm FPS Shooter
Beat Aim – Rhythm FPS Shooter

Training every day for at least 30 minutes can get boring. So, if you are one of those people, you should definitely check out Beat Aim on Steam which is one of the best aim trainers for Valorant. It is a rhythm-based FPS shooter trainer and costs USD 9.99.

The main goal of the developers was to make the trainer enjoyable, so they added a playlist having popular songs. Moreover, if you cannot find your favorite song on it, add a link from YouTube. The trainer will play your favorite song while you are practicing, and it also has the option of showing videos.

If you have played on Kovaak’s and Osu, you will feel like this aim trainer is a mixture of them both. Kovaak’s focuses on training 3D aim while Osu focuses on rhythm-based aim. The Beat Aim trainer has a mixture of both.

The trainer also contains AI-generated maps. Something that players do not find comfortable here is that there is no sensitivity convertor. So, as you know that all games have different sensitivity settings, you will have to spend some time finding your sensitivity, and then you can start practicing.

8. Aiming.Pro

Best Valorant Aim Trainer: Aiming.Pro
Aiming.Pro Trainer

You can train your aim using Aiming.Pro on browser. Not only does it contain over 10,000 dynamic drills but also videos where you can learn the concept of aiming and gain more insight. The drills mainly focus on flicking, tracking, and target switching.

You can save your score so you can track your improvement and compare it with different players who have tested themselves on Aiming.Pro. The trainer also contains a sensitivity converter, so you don’t have to set your sensitivity again; rather, you just add your Valorant’s sensitivity.

7. Aimtastic

Aimtastic for Valorant
Aimtastic Trainer

In most of the best aim trainers for Valorant, you will have to stand in one place and shoot at targets. However, Aimtastic focuses more on moving around the training maps, which will improve your strafe shooting. The trainer is available on steam for free, but an additional DLC will cost you USD 4.49.

There are a total of eleven different scenarios present in the default download, without any add-ons. Some scenarios focus solely on aiming, reflexes, or tracking. At the same time, some scenarios are a combination of them all.

The trainer also focuses on your crosshair placement as you are moving. In many drills, you will have to navigate the area, and when you are walking through, random targets will pop up. Moreover, rather than seeing player models or spheres, you get to see simple archery targets. Their hitbox is pretty big, which might not increase your accuracy that well.

6. Aimbeast

Best Valorant Aim Trainer: Aimbeast
Aimbeast Trainer

The Aimbeast aim trainer is best suited for Valorant settings. Both Valorant and Aimbeast run on Unreal Engine, so the input between them is one-to-one. So, the aiming will be the same on both platforms. Furthermore, the Aimbeast has a sensitivity converter, so you can just input your Valorant’s sensitivity.

Aimbeast focuses mainly on switching, tracking, and clicking; apart from them, there are reflex and hybrid modes as well. It also has a mode called ‘Valorant Radiant Daily Warm Up’ which you should definitely play before starting a competitive match.

The trainer consists of various scenarios and routines. In Aimbeast, a scenario is considered as a map. Routine, on the other hand, is a collection of scenarios grouped together. Moreover, if you get bored of a routine due to the same order of scenarios, you can shuffle them at any time.

When it comes to customization, there is plenty of it. You can edit the bots, their size, health, jump velocity, and much more. Moreover, you can change your crosshair settings, a feature which is provided by only a few aim trainers. You can replicate your Valorant’s crosshair in Aimbeast, so your aiming gets more familiarized.

The Aimbeast aim trainer can be considered one of the best for Valorant not only because of customizations and routine training but also because of its simplicity. There are no updates, spam, news, and skins tab on the homepage. The platform is simple and just for the sake of aim practicing.

5. KovaaK’s

Valorant Trainer: KovaaK's
KovaaK’s Trainer

When it comes to the best external platforms for Valorant’s aim training, almost anyone will place KovaaK’s second as the best trainer for Valorant. Its optimization deserves appreciation, and there are more than a hundred exercises for you to train on. 

KovaaK’s supports the setting conversion from Valorant to it, so you can do it easily. However, some players might get confused when it comes to settings. If you are one of them, don’t worry. All you need to do is go to the Main Settings and choose Valorant in Sensitivity Scale. Make sure you choose Valorant in FOV measurements as well, keeping the FOV at 103.

Then go to Weapons Settings and check the ‘hide weapons’ box. Also, you will find the option there to change your crosshair. The Valorant specific routine is of eighteen minutes. We recommend you play it before opening the game as a warm-up. Once you are done playing, use the same routine to cool down, so your muscle memory gets strong.

Exercise Routine

The first exercise in the routine is ‘2 Pressure Aiming’ as it will allow your wrist and arm to warm up and prepare you for micro and macro flicks. The second exercise will be ‘3 Micro-Shot Speed’, which will focus on your aim’s precision.

The third exercise will be ‘3 Reflex Medium Flick.’ This exercise will improve your reaction time which is quintessential if you are in the Platinum lobby or above. We recommend you take a shot and then put the crosshair in the center. Focus on flicks as it will improve your overall aim as well.

The fourth exercise is ‘4 Tamspeed’, which is relatively more difficult. It includes movement, and you will have to hit the moving targets again and again as fast as possible. It will improve your aim tracking and shooting at a long range.

The fifth and last exercise will be ‘Dev Target Switch.’ It will allow you to aim from one target to another if you have been in a 1v2 situation where both enemies peak together. Your muscle memory fails to process it and shoots in the middle of them.

So, the exercise will allow you to calm down and take one shot at a time rather than missing both of them. Make sure that you focus more on speed in it rather than accuracy; with time, your accuracy will automatically improve.

4. Aim Lab

Best Valorant Aim Trainer: Aim Lab
Aim Lab Trainer

The best external aim trainer for Valorant is Aim Lab which is available on steam for free. The practice reporting system of Aim Lab is of another level. Not only will it show your statistics like any other trainer, but it will also show your strengths and weaknesses. It will focus more on weaknesses and even give you tips on how to improve them.

You can integrate Valorant settings in Aim Lab very easily, and it also has the feature of playing offline. So, if you are facing an internet issue, you can simply warm up on Aim Lab and get ready to win your competitive games. There are a number of modes present in it, and you can select some for your favorite playlist and play only them.

You also have the luxury of choosing Valorant weapons, which will have the same recoil and spray pattern. It is very important because, as mentioned in the beginning, Valorant has a very different shooting mechanism.

Aim Lab takes your aiming to another level; it does not focus on flicking, precision, and tracking only. Rather, there is cognition, perception, sandbox Ai, and Sandbox MISC.

The visualization option gives you a screen representation and breaks it down with the sections of your performance. In it, the green color will show you accuracy, and the blue color will show your weakness and where you need to improve.

If you want to be competitive in it, you can check out the leaderboard, where you will see the score of all players who played the same modes as you. The fun part of Aim Lab is its custom tab, and there you can do a number of modifications and play it however you like.

Lastly, in the lobby, there is a profile option where it shows your rank according to your performance. In your profile, you have options like skills, ranks, insights, achievements, report, download data, and manage data. So, Aim Lab offers you plenty of practice and plenty of statistics.

3. Unrated Mode

Unrated Mode of Valorant
Unrated Mode for Aim Training

No matter what platform you practice on, nothing can top the modes present in Valorant. The reason is that in unrated, you get to practice against actual players and with real weapons. With other modes such as range, deathmatch, or other aim trainers other than Valorant, you cannot use your agent along with their abilities.

Take an example of Jett; to push a site, you will need to use your smokes, dash, and sometimes updraft. Nothing will match those movements for training when you are using abilities except the unrated mode. Since the stakes are low, you don’t worry about whether the match will turn into a win or loss. Rather, you just play to learn and improve.

However, the unrated mode does have a downside. In some rounds in which you might have to save, you will not be able to practice your aim. Sometimes the opponents might be too good, and they give you no room to breathe, so it will also be a waste of time.

2. The Valorant’s Range

The Range in Valorant
Hit the Flying Objects in Range

The Range is perhaps the most under-rated aim trainer for Valorant. Many players don’t use it because they don’t know how to train. If you are one of those people, then worry not; we have got you.

The aim routine sounds pretty basic, but it will improve your strafe shooting, reaction time, flicks, and overall aim. When you enter the range, choose a gun that you prefer to play with. Then hit the flying targets with strafe shooting in bursts.

Make sure you don’t fire more than three bullets in each burst. Do this for a couple of minutes as it will warm up your wrist and arm.


Valorant Aim Trainer: Range
Settings of Shooting Range

Once you are done with it, come to the shooting range where your real training begins. Here, you will have to set the challenge to easy with the bot armor, and infinite ammo enabled. When you fire on start, the bots will spawn one by one. Choose Sheriff and kill them with headshot only.

Since it is easy mode, the bots will have a longer staying duration so focus on your precision rather than reaction time. After completing the easy challenge, it is time to change it to medium. Now it gets more difficult as the bots will disappear if you don’t kill them within 2 seconds.

Here you will have to be as fast as possible. Don’t worry about the kills; just make sure you can aim at their head. Once you are done with the medium challenge, now you have to change the bots to strafe and click on ‘Eliminate 50’ under the streak option. Before starting, equip a guardian and shoot only one bullet at a time.

The exercise is mainly for aim tracking, as the bots will be moving left and right randomly, one by one. Before you shoot them, keep your crosshair on their body and follow their movement; once they stop, take your shot. A good thing about this exercise is that there is no time limit, and the bots don’t disappear, so take as much time as you want to take.

Moreover, if you are done with the routine aim, training in range, and still waiting for your friends to get online, you can simply try the Spike Defuse and Spike Planting drills. They will help you in learning how to peak angles and how to hold them as well.

1. Deathmatch Mode in Valorant

Best Aim Trainer for Valorant: Deathmatch
Deathmatch Mode for Aim Training

The deathmatch mode is more than just a free for all killing match. Arguably, it is the best aim trainer for Valorant. There are various reasons for it being the best among all. In deathmatch, you are queued up against 13 more players, and the maps are obviously the ones you play in competitive.

What other trainers can’t teach you is the map sense. Only in deathmatch can you buy any gun at any time and camp or rush any angle you want without any consequences. The circumstances of different trainers are different, but here you are practicing in the warzone.

Once you play the deathmatch at least twice daily, you will know how a person will peak from which angle and how you can hold it. You will also know where to place your crosshair so you can land the shot easily. If you don’t like the map chosen in a deathmatch, you can simply quit and start a new one.

Most importantly, don’t play the deathmatch competitively! It is a mistake that most players make. Even if you finish first, you are not getting any reward or even extra XP. So, take your time and play it to learn.


We have built a deathmatch routine that you definitely need to follow if you want to improve your aim in Valorant. You will have to play two deathmatches, and here is how to play them; each deathmatch will be of ten minutes.

In the first deathmatch, don’t do any shooting for five minutes. All you need to do is place the crosshair at the enemy’s head and trace them. They will do strafe shooting and all sorts of things, and you don’t need to shoot; just control yourself and do the tracing.

Then after five minutes, you have to pick up a guardian or sheriff. Keep yourself calm and only hit headshots. It will allow you to build up patience and not fire unnecessarily. You will know when it is time to shoot, and then only you will shoot.

After the first deathmatch ends, start another one, and now you can equip the weapon you prefer. However, don’t play it competitively either. Take your time and aim only for the head and shoot either in taps or bursts up to three bullets maximum.


All in all, each of the best aim trainers mentioned has some distinct quality that sets them apart from the majority of aim trainers for Valorant. The key to making your aim perfect is consistency. Make sure you choose one of the aim training methods mentioned in this guide and use it daily so you can start noticing the improvement.

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