Best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routine For Valorant

Want to improve your aim in Valorant? Follow our training routine to boost your results

I have compiled the best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routines to improve your performance in Valorant. These are designed to improve mechanical problems, such as Aim Decision, Peripheral Vision, Reflexes and Reaction Time, Flicking and Tracking – Effects Accuracy, and Macro/ Micro Level Adjustments. It does not matter which level you are on Valorant, and you can use these if you are on Iron or Radiant.

Key Takeaways
  • KovaaK’s is an aim trainer used by a large number of players from different games.
  • It helps players improve their aim in various games.
  • The advantages of using the best Kovaak’s exercises are that they Improve Aim Decision, Peripheral Vision, Reflexes, Reaction Time, Flicking, Tracking, and Macro/Micro Level Adjustments.
  • The disadvantage is that these aim exercises can be very time-consuming.
  • However, players will be able to see the impact in-game.

Breakdown Of The Routine

My exercises are a mix of easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels, which focus on all of the raw aim problems. You can alter some parts of the list according to your preference, too. Following this routine will definitely boost any average FPS player’s performance in Valorant or CS:GO.

My guide comprises 22 different well-balanced tasks, which are KovaaK’s default and customized ones. You should perform each task in both slow mode and fast mode. In slow mode, you will enhance your accuracy, whereas in fast mode, you will improve your reflexes. It is recommended that you should not equip too slow or too fast to miss your shots.

  • Increase accuracy
  • Decrease Reaction Time
  • Players will build better reflexes
  • Increases micro adjustment precision
  • Fast Target switching 
  • Fast 180 Flicks
  • Build better strafe
  • Increases strafe shooting accuracy
  • Very time consuming
  • Arms will get tired
  • Requires to be played almost on a daily basis
  • Hard to maintain a consistency with exercises

Below is the Best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routine For Valorant:

1. Tile Frenzy Mini

Best Micro Aim Routine

FOV: 70

Tile Frenzy Mini (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The first task in the list of Best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routine For Valorant is the Tile Frenz Mini. In this task, you will be starting up on a lighter note by warming up by doing both vertical and horizontal flicks. Make sure to keep the line between targets as straight as possible whenever doing a flicking task. Keeping the shortest path between two positions will increase your speed.

2. Valorant Small Flicks

Best Horizontal Flicking Routine

FOV: 110

Valorant Small Flicks (Picture Credits: eXputer)

This will ensure building a smooth aim. Keep the horizontal flicks as smooth as possible without any micro jittering.

3. Taller Wall 6 Targets Small

Best Tracking Aim Routine

FOV: 115

Taller Wall 6 Targets Small (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Through this exercise, you will be focusing on macro adjustments on vertical aim. Since this is a flicking task, keep straight-line aims between targets. Try to shoot clusters – multiple targets close to each other.

4. Pressure Aiming – 10 Targets

Best Pressure Aim Routine

FOV: 125

Pressure Aiming – 10 Targets (Picture Credits: eXputer)

This will help you in rapid decision-making. Try to shoot the target that is about to pop out and then locate the smaller ones.

5. Pokeball 1w2ts Horizontalish small

Best Aim Switching Routine

FOV: 103

Pokeball 1w2ts Horizontalish (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It is a simple and easy task in which you will focus on clean flicking on horizontal aim. Since it is an easy task, you cannot afford to make any mistakes in it. Try to practice clean and precise flicks.

6. 1wall5tarfets_pasu_small

Best Aim Routine For Precision

FOV: 104

1wall5tarfets_pasu_small (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It will improve your aim-discipline during decision-making. While doing this task, you must track and flick. First, lock onto the target when you are certain, then concentrate and kill. Afterward, fast flick onto the next target and repeat the cycle. Make sure you do not shoot randomly.

7. Revolving Tracking

Best Aim Smoothness Routine

FOV: 95

Revolving Tracking (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Through this, you will enhance your 360 aim control. It follows all the rules of Overhead Jumps and Tile Frenzy 360. Try to keep the crosshair at the same vertical head level same as those of the two targets.

8. Reflex Flick – Easy Horizontalish

Best Reaction Time Routine

FOV: 103

Reflex Flick – Easy Horizontalish (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It is an easy task that allows you to focus on speed and reflexes. Keep the accuracy high by making sure that the anchor point of your crosshair placement is in the middle of the shooting range. Flick towards the target, position, kill, and reposition the cursor back to the anchor point. This will reduce your reaction time in the gameplay.

9. Tile Frenzy 360 Strafing 800Prct Tracking

Best Strafe Aim Routine

FOV: 125

Tile Frenzy 360 Strafing 800Prct Tracking

A horizontal tracking task in which you have to hold the fire button at all times will help you improve your rapid aim-changing ability. Note that you must destroy one target completely before moving to another one and try to flick as much as possible between multiple targets. Ensure you do not stop your mouse during this exercise.

10. Overhead Jumps

Best Vertical Aim Routine

FOV: 98

Overhead Jumps (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Another task for Best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routine For Valorant  is the Overhead Jumps. It is designed to ensure smooth tracking in ultimate aim control. Once again, keep holding the fire button throughout your mouse movement. Moreover, use the whole mousepad and reduce the number of mouse lift-offs. Try never to reposition and keep your mouse in the center of the mousepad. Lift off your mouse only when necessary.

11. Flicker XYZ

Best Dynamic Aim Routine

FOV: 85

Flicker XYZ (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Flick XYZ will improve your smooth tracking in micro-adjustments. Follow all the rules of Overhead Jumps while focusing on fast micro flicks on the target as it changes its direction.

12. Cata IC Long Strafes

Best Endurance Aim Routine

FOV: 100

Cata IC Long Strafes (Picture Credits: eXputer)

In this routine, a vertical target moves rapidly in all directions. Try to hit it while following its movements constantly. It will help you to improve your aim in moving target.

13. Static Speed Test

Best Speed Aim Routine

FOV: 103

Static Speed Test (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You will be performing both vertical and horizontal flicks in this training. You should follow the same rules. Many walls are taller, with 6 targets. It is a relatively easy exercise designed to keep in the middle of the training as a short break.

14. Wide Wall 4 Targets – 30 % Smaller

Best Wide-Angle Aim Routine

FOV: 103

Wide Wall 4 Targets – 30% Smaller (Picture Credits: eXputer)

In this task, you will work on precision in large angle flicks, working on macro aim adjustments.

15. Val LRC Low Strain

Best Low Sens Aim Routine

FOV: 85

Val LRC low Strain (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Using this, you will work on micro adjustments in prediction and precision while shooting. Apply the same procedure as the Static Speed Test, but pay attention to the precision of the shots. Try to perform headshots in small moving targets.

16. voxTargetSwitch small 200%

Best Target Switching Aim Routine

FOV: 103

voxTargetSwitch small 200% (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Perform tracking and flicking to work on fast aim corrections. Use the same method as Style Frenzy 360 and Passive Tracking.

17. Pistol Strafe Gallery Small Revision

Best Pistol Strafe Aim Routine

FOV: 103

Pistol Strafe Gallery Small Revision (Picture Credits: eXputer)

This task is designed to make your shots more disciplined, focusing on micro flicks adjustment. Try to shoot alternatively on the body and head to avoid spamming.

18. 6wall18targets small reload

Best Reload Aim Routine

FOV: 103

6wall18targets small reload (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It is an ultimate flicking training designed to improve directional aim. You will be practicing using both horizontal and vertical flicks. Practicing it will help you kill enemies that can suddenly appear anywhere on your map in the game. We recommend you not to focus on targets on one wall. Locate targets in all four directions. Also, make sure to minimize mouse lift-offs. You can also figure out any patterns to make it more effective.

19. Flux Valorant Reflex Flick Hard

Best Valorant Flicking Aim Routine

FOV: 103

Flux Valorant Reflex Flick Hard (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Using this, you will work on your speed and reflexes to reduce reaction time. Follow the same rules as Easy Reflex Flick and try to build your speed and accuracy.

20. Close Flick v2 HeadShot

Best Close-Range Aim Routine

FOV: 103

Close Flick v2 Headshot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You will be smoothing your horizontal aim, which will eventually help you in close-range gunfights. Try to switch as fast as you can.

My KovaaK’s Aim Routines

As for my favorite Kovaak’s routine, I mostly warm up my aim by playing the Tile Frenzy Mini. I love playing this exercise as it helps me to warm up my aim increasing my micro precision along with micro flicks. After playing the Tile Frenzy Mini, if I am left with enough time then I like to play Valorant Small Flicks to increase my horizontal flicking. 

I hope my guide on Best KovaaK’s Aim Training Routine For Valorant is fruitful enough to improve your aim in Valorant. Following my aim routine consistently will eventually give you better results. Rigorous practice is required to make sure you outweigh other users in the competitive world of FPS games like Valorant. While you are at it, make sure to check out our review on Valorant, the best shooter of 2023, by Moiz Banoori.


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