Valorant ISO: Abilities & Playstyle Guide

Here you can learn everything about new agent ISO, along with his abilities and playstyle.

On October 31, 2023, in Act 7 of Episode 3, Valorant finally decided to launch ISO, the new Duelist, after three years. This new duelist seems like a solid Reyna substitute in ranked play, with fresh, distinctive elements to his kit.

Key Takeaways
  • ISO is a new and seventh Duelist agent released in Act 7 of Episode 3 of the game.
  • His abilities include Contingency, Undercut, Double Tap, and Kill Contract.
  • Turn the tide of the battle by forcing 1v1 duels with Kill Contract.
  • Eliminate dangerous opponents with the use of Double Tap to secure kills and enhance survivability.
  • Getting ISO early will allow you to exploit the lack of knowledge everyone has about this new character.

Who Is ISO

ISO: Duelist Agent
Duelist Agent: ISO [Image Credit: Me]

ISO’s introduction to Valorant marks a significant shift in the game’s meta. His unique abilities offer a new approach to duelist gameplay, providing teams with innovative strategies and tactics. As players continue to explore ISO’s potential, it’s clear that this new duelist will leave a lasting impact on the Valorant landscape.

Abilities Of ISO

ISO Abilities
All Abilities of ISO [Image By Me]
Contingency1250 CreditsN/A4.6 secondsN/AN/A
Undercut2200 CreditsN/A4 secondsN/A4s Vulnerable
Double-Tap2150 Credits1.2 seconds15 seconds+25% Reload speedN/A
Kill Contract17 Ulitmate Orbs2.9 seconds13 secondsN/AN/A


Contingency Ability
ISO’s ‘C’ Ability: Contingency [Image Credit: Me]
The Contingency ability is a game-changing tool in which a mobile bulletproof wall aids ISO’s team in advancing without direct engagement. Similar to Harbor’s High Tide ability, Contingency moves forward, blocking bullets and progressing along a straight path. Players can deploy this ability once per round at a cost of 250 Credits.


Undercut Ability
ISO’s ‘Q’ Ability: Undercut [Image Credit: Me]

ISO’s Undercut ability involves a thrown molecular bolt that inflicts a brief vulnerable status on touched players, resembling Omen’s Paranoia with a double damage effect on enemies for 4 seconds. It’s crucial to be mindful as the ability can affect allies. The strategic synergy with teammates’ abilities distinguishes ISO, highlighting its unique team support compared to Reyna.


Signature ability Double-Tap
ISO’s ‘E’ Signature Ability: Double-Tap [Image Credit: Me]

ISO’s signature ability, the Double Tap, triggers a focus timer, inducing a flow state. In this state, ISO generates energy orbs upon killing or damaging enemies in Valorant. These orbs create a unique shield when shot, absorbing one instance of damage and granting temporary invulnerability for the duration of Double Tap or until ISO takes damage.

Kill Contract

Ultimate Ability: Kill Contract
ISO’s Ultimate Ability: Kill Contract [Image Credit: Me]
ISO’s ultimate, the Kill Contract, compels an enemy into a one-on-one duel within an interdimensional arena featuring only ISO, the opponent, and three indestructible walls. This true test of aiming skill unfolds without distractions from teammates or other abilities. Lasting 13 seconds, players can only use the weapons from the casting moment, and if neither perishes, both meet their end when the ultimate concludes. 

Playstyle Of ISO

ISO best playstyle
BEST Playstyle of ISO [Image Credit: Me]
There is no doubt that ISO will change the perception, people have of duelists. ISO’s playstyle is unique and relies on isolated chain-kill competitive play. His abilities are generally self-serving and do not mesh well with competitive teammates. The play style of ISO will differ depending on the side he is playing on.

Attacking Playstyle

  • Block choke points and disrupt enemy rotations for strategic offensive advantages with ISO’s Contingency.
  • On maps like Haven, Contingency enables effective split pushing by cutting off enemy rotations, allowing independent pressure on different sites.
  • Double Tap enhances ISO’s survival in aggressive pushes, offering a critical advantage during pivotal moments.
  • Kill Contract strategically forces 1v1 duels, eliminating threats and shifting the battle dynamics in favor of ISO’s team.
  • All of the abilities synergize with ISO’s aggressive play, disrupting foes and securing map control.

Defending Playstyle

  • On maps like Haven, contingency forces longer routes and provides time for team preparation.
  • In post-plant situations, Contingency proves valuable by blocking entrances and creating a bulletproof barrier for an easier defusal process.
  • ISO’s defense focuses on the use of Double Tap to clear corners and employing Contingency for choke points.
  • Kill Contract is a potent tool for shutting down enemy ultimates and strategically forcing advantageous duels to strengthen defensive positions.
  • Overall, The defense requires teamwork and communication for coordinated pushes and retakes.

My Opinion on ISO

In my opinion, ISO seems to have an extremely strong kit that will make him incredibly daunting to face off against. However, his abilities favor players who are highly skilled in precise gunplay. If your best fragger wants to lock in with Iso in a match, definitely let them take him.

All in all, if you are a duelist main in Valorant, then we recommend you unlock ISO as soon as possible. Not only will he be more fun in the game, but you can also take advantage of enemies’ lack of understanding. The fastest way to gain XP In Valorant is the best way to unlock ISO in the game.

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