Valorant Dot Crosshair: Types & Creation Guide

Players have wondered for too long on Dot Crosshair Valorant settings but have never been given clear instructions. Here are two types of dot

There are several crosshair settings in Valorant players you can choose from. However, after seeing many pro players using dot crosshair settings in Valorant, some have wondered how they can imitate their favorite ESports player. Or to possibly reach their level to compete at the professional tournaments. They want to know how they can make a dot crosshair Valorant.

Key Highlights
  • The dot crosshair, in this case, is the perfect choice for players with excellent aim. However, spraying with this crosshair is not great.
  • There are two types of dot crosshairs; round dot crosshair and square dot crosshair.

ROUND DOT crosshair:

  • First up is ROUND DOT crosshair. To set it up, go to crosshair settings, select a color aside from yellow or white. After that, turn OFF the show outlines and center dot options.
  • Once you’re done with that, set outer line, inner line opacity and outer line thickness to 1. Lastly, inner line thickness, offset, and length should be 3, 0, and 2, respectively.

SQUARE DOT crosshair:

  • Alternatively, in order to set up the SQUARE DOT crosshair
  • Simply turn OFF the outlines and set outline opacity to 0. After that, turn OFF the center dot, set the center dot opacity to 0, and center dot thickness to 1
  • Moving on to the inner lines, set the opacity and length to 1, inner line offset to 0, and thickness to 4. Movement error and firing error should be turned OFF
  • Now, on to the outer lines. Set the outer line opacity, thickness, offset, and length to 0.

Every crosshair has its pros and cons. Some inflict more significant damage; others are made for the amateurs. The dot crosshair (in this case) is a perfect crosshair setting if you’re really a good aim in Valorant. You can land flashy headshot kills easily and impress your teammates or others in the room. Although, spraying with this crosshair doesn’t really work well. So, whenever you decide that it’s finally time for you to opt for it, then you better be ready for it. Keep in mind, this Article is strictly related to Dot; therefore, if you want to check out Circle Crosshair, we have an entirely different guide for that.

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Dot Crosshair Valorant Settings

Here, you will be given easy and clear instructions to understand how to get a dot crosshair In Valorant without any complications.

circle dot Valorant
Dots settings in Valorant

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Types Of Dot Crosshair

There are two dot crosshair settings that you can use, the square dot crosshair and the round dot crosshair. There are different ways to make both of them. With some slight adjustments, you can make them both. Both the round dot crosshair and square dot crosshair are challenging to use and require great skill. Unless you’re not spraying, the dot crosshair is arguably the best if you have great aim. The risk is high but the reward is enormous. Which one is better? It’s up to you to decide.

Round Dot Crosshair Setting

Go to crosshair settings, and firstly, select a color that is not white or yellow. The reason is that shrinking the crosshair size would already cause some problems. If you choose white or yellow, it may blend in with the background. Secondly, turn on the show inner lines and outliners option. Then turn off show outer lines and center dot options. After that, put outline and inner line opacity and outline thickness at 1 (although outline opacity can be anywhere between 0.5-1, based on your choice). Lastly, Inner line thickness, offset, and length should be three, zero, and two, respectively.

Note: Dot Crosshair is square, to begin with, but after some messing around, you will get a dot crosshair close to around.

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Square Dot Crosshair Setting

The square Dot Crosshair setting is the most basic one that the majority of players use. So here is how to make it. Firstly, turn off the outlines and put the outline opacity at zero. Then set the outline opacity at one. Thirdly, turn off the center dot set the center dot opacity at zero and center dot thickness at one. The color should be selected considering the info given above. Coming on to the inner lines, set the opacity and length on one, inner line offset at zero, and thickness at four. Movement error and firing error should be turned off. Now on to the outer lines. Set the outer line opacity, thickness, offset, and length at zero.

Pros and Cons Of Dot Crosshair Settings

These are some of the Pros and Cons of a dot crosshair setting. Make sure you read them before using them in the game. Because if you try it in the game and face difficulties, there’s no time to recover. Have a look at the points below and decide if you can truly work with dot crosshair Valorant settings.

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  • Accurate aim increases the chance of a headshot.
  • Large crosshair takes less space, giving more room to see and look around.
  • Overall increment in player’s skill.
  • The crosshair causes little to no distraction.
  • It can blend in with the background making it invisible.
  • Not for everyone, as some players may find it hard to adjust to.

Choosing The Perfect Crosshair Setting

Many people ask how pro players choose their crosshairs, and the simple answer is experimenting. Try different settings and settle for one that you are most comfortable with. Don’t try to imitate what your favorite player does; instead, go with the one that gets the best version out of you. The only way you’re going to succeed is if you choose the crosshair setting that you’re most comfortable with. Always remember, it’s all about skills and quick reflexes; if you manage to get better at them, then there’s no stopping you.

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Colors You Could Choose

As mentioned before, we recommend you not to use White or Yellow. A small dot crosshair is easy to miss, and if you choose these two colors, it’ll be very hard. The two best colors we advise you to choose are Cyan and Green. They never blend in with the background, and that is precisely why they are the most popular.


Now that you know how to make a dot crosshair go ahead and try it out yourself. This wraps up our dot crosshair Valorant guide. If you use other settings and get good results, comment below so others can try that. Until then, consider reading some of our other articles on Valorant and give us feedback on that as well. If you want us to write about any specific Valorant setting, reach out to us.

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