Hiko Valorant Settings: Setup, Controls, & Crosshair

A detailed guide about Hiko's Valorant settings (Keybinds, Mouse settings, Sensitivity, and Video settings) along with this gaming setup.

The famous pro-CS: GO player Hiko is now professionally playing Valorant as a part of team 100 Thieves. As with all other competitive games, many players prefer to follow professionals for in-game settings, even in Valorant. So, for those who want to follow Hiko, here is a guide for Hiko’s Valorant Settings.

Hiko playing in a tournament
Hiko’s latest game settings for Valorant.

The growing popularity of Valorant in the competitive gaming scene has introduced us to a lot of new professional players such as Hiko, Wardell, and many more. Known for his machine-like reflexes, Hiko is one of the best CS: GO/ Valorant players out there.

Now for the players that aspire to play like Hiko, here is a detailed guide on his settings in Valorant. We hope this helps you out.

Hiko Basic Key Bindings

Hiko’s basic key bindings are given in the table below. Take note of the differences between your settings and his setup and See if you can make any improvements to your setup.

Summary Table For Hiko’s Keybinds

Name Of Setting Hiko Key Binding
Walk Left Shift
Crouch Left Control
Jump Mouse Wheel Down
Use Object F
Ultimate X
Use\Equip Ability 1 C
Use\Equip Ability 2 Q
Use\Equip Ability 3 E
Equip Primary Weapon 1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee Weapon 3
Equip Spike 4

Hiko Crosshair Setting

The type of crosshair that works for you may entirely depend on your playstyle and instincts. You may prefer a circle crosshair or a dot crosshair.

Hiko’s crosshair perfectly complements his play style. Now that Valorant allows you to save ten crosshair settings simultaneously, this means you can experiment with different crosshairs as much as you want.

Crosshair Settings Summary

Name Of Setting Hiko Crosshair Setting
Crosshair Color Green
Outlines ON
Outline Opacity 1
Outline Thickness 1
Center Dot OFF
Center Dot Thickness
Center Dot Opacity
Show Inner Lines ON
Inner line Opacity 1
Inner line Length 3
Inner line Thickness 2
Inner line Offset 5
Show Outer Lines OFF
Outer line Opacity/ Length/ Thickness/ Offset ( -, -, -, -)
Movement Error OFF
Fixing Error OFF
Firing Error OFF

Remember that these settings are according to Hiko’s latest crosshair, as seen in his streams. You may notice no setting mentioned in the Center dot and outer lines section in the above table. These are off because Hiko’s Current crosshair is simple and does not have any center dot or outer lines.

Hiko Mouse Settings

Of course, a discussion on Hiko’s Valorant Settings would be incomplete if we didn’t mention his mouse settings. Do note that changing your mouse setting may improve or worsen your performance in games.

The critical part is making small changes and seeing what feels the most comfortable. Professional players like Brax and Sick also use custom mouse settings while playing the game. Anyways here are Hiko’s Mouse Settings in Valorant.

Summary Table For Mouse Settings

Name Of Setting Hiko Mouse Setting
DPI (Dot Per Inch) 1600
Sensitivity 0.360
Scope Sensitivity Multiplier 1
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Windows Sensitivity 6
EDPI (Effective Dots Per Inch) 576

EDPI is a constant value calculated by multiplying your Mouse DPI with your in-game sensitivity. EDPI is helpful because you can now have the same sensitivity even if your mouse DIP does not match Hiko.

Video Settings

Opposite to what many people believe, many professional players do not play on high graphics settings just because they have better gear. Many players like to keep their settings low to boost their FPS (Frames Per Second). For reference, here are Hiko’s video settings.

Overview Of Video Settings

Name of Setting Hiko Video Setting
Multithread Rendering ON
Resolution 1680×1050
Aspect ratio 16:10
Display Mode Full Screen
Material Quality Medium
Texture Quality Low
Detail Quality Low
UI Quality Low
Vignette Off
V-Sync Off
Anti-Aliasing None
Anisotropic Filtering 1X
Improve Clarity Off
Bloom Off
Distortion Off
FPP Shadows Off

Now that concludes the details on Hiko Settings. However, the discussion is far from over. We shall now go through Hiko’s Gaming setup and gear. Here are the details for the players out there looking to make similar builds and those who want to compare their setups. 

Hiko Gaming Setup and Gear

Hiko during a tournament
Hiko’s gaming setup.

As everyone already knows, you can’t just use any hardware to play games if you want to play professionally. Most professional gamers use special or dedicated equipment to ace their performance in tournaments. For sure such equipment does not come cheap. Especially when we talk about a well-known player like Hiko, his setup is not easy on the pocket.

  • Keyboard: XTRFY K4 TKL RGB
  • Monitor: Alienware AW2521H
  • Headset: JBL Quantum One
  • Mouse: Finalmouse Starlight-12

That concludes our guide for Hiko’s Valorant Settings: Setup and Gear. Please let us know about any changes you will be making in your setup after reading this.

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