Aceu Valorant Settings: Controls, Graphics, Audio [2023]

Here are Aceu Valorant Settings featuring Graphics, Audio, Crosshair, General, Map, and other in-depth settings In 2023.

Aceu uses some of the simplest settings to get the most FPS out of the game. Since Valorant is all about speed and the perfect visuals, you can get a lot out of the settings used and tested by a Pro Valorant Player.

That said, most of the Aceu Valorant setting guides I came across on the web were not accurate at all. That is why our Aceu Valorant settings guide entails the official settings used by the sensational Aceu himself. Also, we recently did Aceu Apex Legends Settings, so if you are into Apex, make sure to go through them as well; these share a few similarities as well.

Key Highlights
  • Aceu is an American professional Valorant player who has also made his reputation by playing Valorant in Esports.
  • Aceu also has a strong PC, with his monitor supporting 240 FPS and being able to handle harsh visual effects in the game.
  • The crosshair settings that Aceu uses are: 
    • Color: Green
    • Center dot: Off
    • Outlines: Off
    • Fade Crosshair: Off
    • Firing Error: Off
  • These are some of the mouse settings of Aceu that make his aim so good:
    • Sensitivity Aim: 0.47
    • Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier: 1
    • Invert Mouse: Off
  • Aceu’s graphics settings for optimal performance and for spotting enemies are:
    • Material, Texture, and Detail quality: Low
    • Bloom, Distortion, and Cast Shadows: Off
    • Multithreaded Rendering and Improve Clarity: On

Aceu’s Valorant Video Settings

All Video Settings Used By Aceu
Aceu Video Settings in Valorant

Like most Pro players, Aceu’s display settings are set to get the most FPS possible in Valorant. He has the BNQ7F52 monitor, which supports 240 fps and is 16:9. His resolution is not set to the fullest possible for the monitor but is optimized for most FPS possible. The rest of the settings are limitations for the FPS, which he has off, except for the ones that don’t affect the gameplay to reduce the load on the computer. 

These are the complete video settings for Valorant used by the pro player Aceu himself. 

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Display Mode:Fullscreen
Resolution:1,920 x 1,080 16:9 (240Hz)
Monitor:1. BNQ7F52 (3840 x 2160 16:9)
Aspect Ratio Method:Letterbox
Limit FPS on Battery:Off
Max FPS on Battery:300.0
Limit FPS in Menus:On
Max FPS in Menus:144.0
Limit FPS in Background:Off
Max FPS in Background:300.0
Limit FPS Always:Off
Max FPS Always:500.0
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency:On + Boost

Aceu’s Valorant Graphics Settings

Aceu’s graphics settings, just like the display settings, are optimized for most FPS possible. Most articles on the web claim that Aceu has his graphic settings set to high, but that’s false, according to what he revealed in one of his Twitch streams. All the settings are kept off or low except for two.

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The first is the Multithreaded Rendering, which is better to turn on. Because it allows the game to use multiple threads simultaneously to get the most FPS out of your game. Then the second is Improved Clarity which helps you see enemies more clearly. Though this setting affects low-end PCs’ performance, it doesn’t have a noticeable effect on high-end PCs.

Multithreaded Rendering:On
Material Quality:Low
Texture Quality:Low
Detail Quality:Low
UI Quality:Low
Anisotropic Filtering:16x
Improve Clarity:On
[BETA] Experimental Sharpening:Off
Cast Shadows:Off

Stats Settings

These settings aren’t paid as much attention to as the other two above, but they are just as important. In Valorant, Aceu only has three settings set to Text Only, and the rest are set to Hide. The three enabled can be very useful during the game.

Firstly the Client FPS shows the current FPS you are getting, which tells you if you are playing the game at best or not. Then the last two are mostly for monitoring your Network. All in all, Aceu has his settings set to that which takes as little screen as possible.

Client FPS:Text Only
Server Tick Rate:Hide
Total Frame Time:Hide
Idle Time:Hide
CPU (Game) Time:Hide
CPU (Render) Time:Hide
CPU (RHD) Time:Hide
Network Round Trip Time:Text Only
Packet Loss:Text Only
Game to Render Latency:Hide
Game Latency:Hide
Render Latency:Hide

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Aceu’s Valorant Crosshair Settings

Here are the most wanted Aceu Crosshair settings in Valorant.

Crosshair Settings Used by Aceu in Valorant
Aceu Crosshair Settings In Valorant

General Crosshair Settings 

Aceu uses very sleek crosshair settings in Valorant. Like most pros, you will find these settings to be as less screen-taking as possible while maintaining great visibility. He uses green crosshair color, the most visible color of all available colors. He has his outlines set to Off, the best option in Volarot for most players. The rest of his crosshair settings are set as given below.

Crosshair Color:Green
Outline Opacity:0
Outline Thickness:1
Center Dot:Off
Center Dot Opacity:1
Center Dot Thickness:1
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error:Off
Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair:On
Disable Crosshair:Off

Inner Lines Settings

Aceu has his Inner line settings set to very thin in Valorant, almost close to a dot crosshair. You will notice how small his crosshair is when you watch him play next time.  

Show Inner Lines:Off
Inner Line Opacity0
Inner Line Length:1
Inner Line Thickness:2
Inner Line Offset:0
Movement Error:Off
Firing Error:Off

Outer Lines Settings

The outer line settings are really up to one’s play style. But the Outer Line settings Aceu has in Valorant are given below.

Outer Line Opacity:1
Outer Line Length:3
Outer Line Thickness:1
Outer Line Offset:1
Movement Error:Off
Firing Error:Off

Aceu’s Valorant General Settings

The general has some of the most important settings in Valorant, the general settings used by Aceu are given below.

General Settings Used by Aceu in Valorant
Aceu General Settings In Valorant

Mouse Settings

Aceu’s mouse settings in Valortant are the following. His Aim sensitivity is set to 0.47, which is great for the crosshair he uses. Then the scope sensitivity is 1. All in all, you can try out these settings and see how it works with your mouse.

Sensitivity: Aim:0.47
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier:1
Invert Mouse:Off

Map Settings

For Pro Players like Aceu, the minimap settings are one of the most important pieces of settings in Valorant. Most Valorant players tend not to care about this much. But after being asked, most Pro players responded that they stare at the minimap, the same as the main game screen. Aceu has these settings set as most other Pro Valorant Players with slight tweaks. It’s worth copying these practically useful settings to improve your overall game.

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Orientation Fixed:N/A
Keep Player Centered:Off
Minimap Size:1.065
Minimap Zoom:0.873
Minimap Vision Cones:On
Show Map Region Names:Always

Aceu’s Valorant Controls Settings

The controls and key mappings used by the pro player Aceu himself in Valorant are below.

Best Control Settings For Fps Games
Aceu Control Settings In Valorant

Movement Control Setting

These are the key binds settings that Aceu uses. They are the go-to settings in Valorant. Along with the controls are other settings, such as the Default Movement Mode or Toggle Walk. These settings depend on personal preference, so you don’t have to copy Aceu here to get the Pro settings. But If you still want to go with these, go right ahead.

Strafe Left:A
Strafe Right:D
Default Movement Mode:Run
Walk:Left Shift
Toggle Walk:Off
Jump:Space Bar & Mouse Wheel Down
Crouch:Left Ctrl
Toggle Crouch:Off
Fly Up:Space Bar
Fly Down:Left Ctrl

Equipment Settings

These are the equipment settings that Aceu uses while playing Valorant. These settings are fairly similar to what most players would use for Valorant. Besides his mappings, Aceu uses Toggle for Snipper Aim Mode and Cycle for Operator Zoom. 

Fire:Left Mouse Button
Alternate Fire:Right Mouse Button
Toggle Zoom Level:N/A
Aim Down Sights:Hold
Sniper Rifle Aim:Toggle
Operator Zoom:Cycle
Auto Re-enter Scope:Off
Equip Primary Weapon:1
Equip Secondary Weapon:2
Equip Melee Weapon:3
Equip Spike:4
Cycle to Next Weapon:N/A
Cycle to Previous Weapon:N/A
Drop Equipped Item:G

Interface Control Settings

The Interface settings that Aceu uses are given below. These settings aren’t anything special, just some button mappings. Again, just like the other key binds settings are dependent on personal preference.

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Show Teammate Loadouts (Hold):Left Alt
Toggle Menus:Escape
Combat Report:N
Agent Ability Tooltip:F1
Open Armory:B
Open Map (Toggle):M
Open Map (Hold):Caps Lock
Show Scoreboard (Hold):Tab
Toggle Cursor:Middle Mouse Button

Aceu’s Valorant Audio Settings

Down below are the important Audio settings used by Aceu in Valorant.

Best Audio Settings FPS Games
Aceu Audio Settings In Valorant

Sound Settings

The sound settings might not be as important as the other settings, but they can improve your game. The music and sound played by the game can have many effects on your focus. So having a pro sound setting will surely improve your game. Aceu has the top four settings for sound at max, then the two below them, mainly music settings, turned off. The agent music is set to about 80% or so, and then the two music settings below it are off. Lastly, he uses stereo speakers.

Master Volume:On – 100%
Sound Effects Volume:On – 100%
Voice-over Volume:On – 100%
Video Volume:On – 100%
All Music Master Volume:Off – 0%
Menu And Lobby Music Volume:Off – 0% 
Agent Select Music Volume:On – about 80%
VOIP Ducks Music:Unchecked 
Mute Music When Game Window Out Of Focus:Unchecked
Speaker Configuration:Stereo

Final Verdict

We took Aceu valorant settings mentioned above from Aceu’s Twitch Stream. So rest assured, these settings are the official ones, unlike what you will often come across. With all that being said, having these settings will help you improve the game.

But if you want even better and more customized settings to get your game to the next level. Then make sure to check our detailed Best Valorant Settings guide. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with following a pro player’s settings, but it’s more customized for their playstyle, and all of us have different playstyles. That’s why following our detailed guide will help you be a much better player than you already are. 

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