Ultimate Guide To Fix Valorant Error Code 5

Troubleshoot Valorant Error Code 5: Check server status, update network drivers, disable VPN, log out everywhere, close unnecessary apps, flush DNS, apply Windows settings.

Valorant Error Code 5 pops up when the game faces trouble connecting to its servers. This can happen due to various reasons, like your internet acting up, the servers undergoing maintenance, or even interference from other apps causing a traffic jam.

Sometimes, it might occur if someone else is using your game account from another device. It’s important to note that Error Code 5 isn’t the same as the Platform Error, even though they share similarities in causing connection problems with Riot servers. Despite similar solutions, they’re like different routes blocked for different reasons.

Key Takeaways

Try these steps to Fix Valorant Error Code 5: 

  1. Check Valorant Server Status
  2. Update Network Drivers
  3. Disable VPN
  4. Log Out Everywhere
  5. Close Unnecessary Applications
  6. Flush DNS
  7. Apply Windows-Based Solutions

Check Valorant Server Status

How to Check Valorant Server Status
Valorant Server Status (Image by eXputer)

Oftentimes, players will try to troubleshoot this issue on their own and implement every possible fix they can find on the internet. This approach is time-consuming and extremely frustrating if the issue is not on your end. Hence, we would recommend that the first thing you do is check if there is a general outage for Valorant. 

Server breaks are quite common in Valorant. It happens every couple of weeks, generally. So, it is highly probable that the issue lies on Valorant’s end. Simply click on this link, and select which server you play in. A message for an outage will be displayed, if there is any. 

Update Your Network Drivers

How to Update Network Drivers to resolve Valorant Error Code 5
Update Network Drivers

Network drivers act as translators between your computer and the internet, ensuring smooth communication. Sometimes, if these drivers are outdated or not working properly, it’s like trying to speak a language the servers don’t understand.

By updating these drivers, you’re essentially giving your computer a newer, more understandable language, making sure it talks to the game’s servers clearly and without any hiccups. This action helps troubleshoot Error Code 5 and improves your chances of logging into Valorant without any connectivity issues.

Disable VPN

Using a VPN is like sending your internet traffic on a secret road, but sometimes, this road confuses Valorant. Disabling the VPN turns off this alternate path, making sure your game communicates directly and clearly with the Valorant servers.

Once disabled, launch the game again and see if the error persists. If the error is gone, we would suggest using a different VPN than the one you are using currently.

Log Out Everywhere

How to log out of Riot Games
Log out of Riot Games (Image by eXputer)

Another possible case is that you were hacked, and the error code 5 will not indicate that. You can either manually verify this, or you can follow the steps listed below. It’s to make sure you’re the only one invited to your party. This method requires logging out from all devices or places where your Valorant account might be active. 

  1. Click this link. 
  2. After logging in, go to Login Management.
  3. You will see an option to Log out everywhere. Click that.
  4. When prompted select Confirm.
  5. If the process is successful, you will be greeted with the following message.
  6. Relaunch Valorant, and log in. 

By doing this, any potential interference or conflicting access points to your account are cleared, hopefully resolving Error Code 5 that’s causing connection issues between your game and the servers. Hopefully, the error will be gone, but if it persists, go to the next solution. 

Close Unnecessary Applications 

Closing unnecessary applications is another way to resolve Error Code 5, which often happens when the game struggles to connect to its servers. When there are too many other apps running in the background, it’s like having too many people talking around the worker, making it hard to focus and have a clear conversation.

By closing these extra apps, you’re helping your computer focus better on Valorant, allowing it to establish a smoother connection to the game’s servers. This action can reduce the chances of encountering Error Code 5 and improve your gaming experience by ensuring that Valorant gets the attention it needs to connect effectively.

Flush DNS

Flushing your DNS can be an efficient way of fixing this error. Whenever you play Valorant, your PC stores DNS information in a cache. This in turn speeds up the loading time in the future. However, sometimes this cache becomes corrupt, which leads to connectivity issues, which is the root cause of Error Code 5 in Valorant. 

Flushing DNS might seem a bit complicated, but with just a few simple steps, you can do it. 

  1. Press Win, and search for cmd.
  2. Click Run as Administrator when you open the Command Prompt. 
  3. Upon opening it, type in ipconfig /flushdns.
  4. After writing this command, you should see a confirmation message.
    Fix the annoying Valorant Error Code 5 by flushing your DNS
    Flush DNS
  5. Close the command prompt. 

Now try accessing Valorant again. We hope this solution worked out for you. 

Apply Windows-Based Solutions

Many times your PC settings are not optimized for gaming. Sometimes the settings you have enabled cause compatibility and performance-based issues when you are gaming, so it is important to have the correct settings.

Read this article to gain a comprehensive oversight on how to alter your Windows settings for the best gaming experience. After applying these changes, you will feel a huge difference in performance and user experience. 

My Thoughts 

While investigating this error, I found varying reports on forums and Twitter. Some suggest it’s common, potentially caused by network instability or ongoing server problems. However, specific details on the error’s scope, platform specificity, or recent patches causing it weren’t evident.

There are no Twitter responses from Valorant’s official accounts indicating no acknowledgment of server-related issues, and the community raised concerns, seeking fixes and clarifications. 

Overall, the lack of comprehensive guidance from official sources added to the challenge of pinpointing the precise cause or receiving specific solutions to resolve Valorant Error Code 5.


What is the Valorant TPM 2.0 Error?

This error is usually caused by playing the game on Windows 11. Learn more about this error by reading our Error Fix Guide on how to fix the Valorant TPM 2.0 Error.

Can an unstable internet connection cause this error?

Yes, it is very plausible that a faulty internet connection is the root cause of this particular error.

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