BEST Team Comps In Valorant [2023]

Build the best team comp, Win every battle.

The team comps in Valorant play a huge role in securing a victory. With many agents to choose from and unique abilities, finding the perfect Valorant team composition can be challenging. Players can choose from aggressive push comps to defensive setups, explore different options and find the right comp that matches their playstyle. Irrespective of the playing experience, players can build a team according to their playstyle, keeping in mind some simple yet helpful tips to enhance their composition.

Key Takeaways
  • Players not only need great individual skills and perfect aims to win a game at Valorant. The best team compositions also play an important role.
  • The attacking team comps in Valorant include agents like Phoenix, Raze, and Brimstone. The attacking team comps work best when agents for pushing and area control are included.
  • The defending team comps mostly include agents like Viper, Sage, and Chamber. For defensive team comp, good controllers to control area and sentinels to support your team are required.
  • By designing a team comp for aggressive gameplay, players can get hold of the map and can control different areas of the map.
  • To design a perfect Valorant team comp, players need to cover all the angles of gameplay. These angles include attack, defense, and support. Different agents provide different roles.
  • Players should also keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each agent to design a better team comp.
  • To design a team comp work that best works for you, you will need to try different combinations and find out whichever suits you the best.
  • Once you design a perfect team comp, you can easily win any game with coordination and communication.
  • There is no ideal team comp that works for everyone in every situation. So, players need to try different combinations and choose the one that suits them the best.

Best Valorant Team Comps

There are over twenty agents in the games, each having different abilities. Each team consists of five agents, which means players can experiment with a great number of setups and stick to whatever suits them the best. Here are some of the best Valorant team comps for defending and attacking sides. You can stick to whichever suits you the best or modify some of the setups to get the best results.

Important: There is no restriction for any agent in a team comp. The performance of a Valorant team comp purely depends on player skill, communication with other players, and effective knowledge of the agent you are playing.

For Attacking Side

The attacking side in Valorant aims to plant the Spike, a bomb-like object, at one of two designated sites on the map and defend it until it detonates. They can also win by eliminating all members of the defending team before planting the Spike. The defending team’s objective is to prevent the Spike from being planted or defuse it before it detonates. The round has a time limit of 100 seconds, and the attacking team must win 13 rounds to win the match.

Here are some of the best valorant team comps that you can use when playing an attacking side. To choose an attacking team comp, you need to select agents with abilities that complement your playing style and have aggressive abilities. Phoenix, Raze, and Brimstone are some of the most aggressive agents in the game. So, for an attacking side, you might need to add one of these agents to your team.

1. Two Initiators and One Duelist Combination

Reasons For Choosing


  • The Duelist is a key component of this type of team comp, as they are typically the agents with the highest fragging potential.
  • They excel at taking fights head-on and dealing significant damage to enemy players.
  • However, they are also vulnerable to enemy fire and need to be supported by their team.


  • The Initiator, on the other hand, is responsible for creating opportunities for the Duelist to be effective.
  • They use their abilities to disrupt the enemy team’s defenses and create openings for their team to push forward.
  • They may also have abilities that can provide a vision of enemy positions, making it easier for the Duelist to engage them.

When playing as part of an aggressive team comp, players need to communicate effectively and coordinate their actions. This means working together to push into enemy territory, using abilities at the right time, and covering each other’s backs. It can also mean taking calculated risks, such as pushing aggressively into enemy territory to catch them off-guard.

Best Valorant Team Comp
Attacking Team Comp 1 – [image credits – eXputer]
INITIATOR Fade and Sova
Agents Breakdown


  • Players can use Fade to start the game by using her Prowler.
  • As soon as the game starts, Fade can deploy a prowler that the players can control.
  • The enemies hit by the prowler become near-sighted and are an easy target. 


  • Sova’s Owl Drone can be used to throw darts at enemies and mark their locations.
  • Fan offensive gameplay, players can get a lot of help if they already know the enemies’ locations.


  • Viper can form a toxic gas cloud that blocks the vision of enemies and deals them damage. 


  • Raze’s Boom Bot can be used at the start of the game to chase down enemies and explodes near them to provide a great amount of damage.


  • Cypher’s Cyber Cage can be used to block enemies’ vision and hearing and attack them.

2. One Controller and One Duelist Setup

Reasons For Choosing 
  • A Controller-Duelist Valorant team comp is a popular and aggressive Valorant team comp, as it combines the utility of a Controller with the raw firepower of a Duelist.
  • This combination can be highly effective in securing kills and controlling areas, as the Controller’s abilities create opportunities for the Duelist to take out enemies.

However, this comp requires careful coordination between the two agents, as well as a solid understanding of each other’s playstyle. To make this comp effective, the Controller and the Duelist must work together to control the pace of the game, create opportunities, and secure kills. With a well-executed Controller-Duelist comp, a team can keep the enemy on their toes and maintain the upper hand in any situation. Here is a controller-duelist composition.

Best Valorant Team Comp
Attacking Team Comp 2 – [image credits – eXputer]
SENTINELCypher, Sage
Agents Breakdown


  • Breach is a great initiator with powerful blast-firing capabilities.
  • Players who are new to the game might find it hard to play this agent.
  • However, the players who know how to effectively play this agent know how destructive this agent is.


  • Brimstone is easily one of the best controllers in the game.
  • Players can use smoke abilities to get control of a certain area and push enemies to one corner.
  • Following this strategy, players can secure kills easier.


  • Players can use Jett’s Tailwind and Bladestorm abilities to deal immense damage to the enemies who have been pushed to a corner already.
  • If players can effectively communicate, this Brimstone and Jett duo can be a fatal combination that can guarantee you a better success rate.

Cypher, Sage

  • Both agents can provide great support to their teammates.
  • Cypher can reveal enemies’ locations and Sage can revive and heal teammates while slowing down the enemies for easier kills.

3. Initiator and Sentinel Combo

Reasons For Choosing 
  • An Initiator and Sentinel combination can be highly effective in Valorant team comp for controlling areas and defending against enemy pushes.
  • The Initiator is responsible for creating openings, either by breaking through walls, blinding enemies, or gathering information.
  • Their abilities should be used to disrupt the enemy team, allowing the Sentinel to take advantage of the confusion and secure kills.

It is important to note that this comp requires good communication and coordination between the Initiator and Sentinel. The Initiator should be able to read the enemy team’s movements and make split-second decisions, while the Sentinel should be able to react quickly and take advantage of the openings created. If executed properly, this comp can be highly effective in securing kills and controlling areas in Valorant. Here is a sentinel-initiator composition.

Best Valorant Team Comp
Attacking Team Comp 3 – [image credits – eXputer]
Agents Breakdown


  • Fade is an initiator who can create a large area of effect that can disrupt the enemy team’s formation.
  • This makes it easier for your team to engage and take out key targets.

Astra, Viper

  • Both agents specialize in area denial and crowd control.
  • Astra’s abilities allow her to create multiple explosive devices that can damage and disorient enemies.
  • Viper’s abilities let her control the battlefield by creating poisonous clouds that slow down and damage enemies. 


  • Raze specializes in dealing with high amounts of damage from close range.
  • Her abilities let her quickly close the gap between her and her enemies, allowing her to take out key targets before they can react.
  • With the right timing and positioning, Raze can be a potent force on the battlefield.


  • Killjoy specializes in setting up traps and automations to control the battlefield.
  • Her abilities allow her to create turrets and other automated systems that can help slow down and damage the enemy team.
  • Her abilities can also be a constant source of damage to keep the enemy on their toes.

4. Controller and Sentinel Duo

When considering the role of a Controller and Sentinel in team composition, it is important to think about their ability to work together to control and defend areas. The Controller’s abilities are typically focused on slowing down and disrupting enemy movements, creating confusion and blocking vision, which makes it easier for the Sentinel to hold down key areas and secure kills.

The Sentinel, on the other hand, is often tasked with providing cover fire and protection, as well as securing kills. By coordinating and utilizing their unique abilities, the Controller and Sentinel can effectively control large portions of the map and create obstacles for the enemy team to overcome. Here is a controller-sentinel composition.

Reasons For Choosing 
  • Having a Controller and Sentinel on the same team is a great way to control the map and slow down enemy movements.
  • The Controller’s abilities can be used to block vision and create confusion, making it easier for the Sentinel to hold down areas and secure kills.
  • Additionally, the Controller’s abilities can also provide cover and cover fire, which is essential for the Sentinel to be able to operate effectively.
Best Valorant Team Comp
Attacking Team Comp 4 – [image credits – eXputer]
 DUELISTNeon, Phoenix 
Agents Breakdown


  • Skye can control a predator and hawk to damage enemies and reveal their locations.
  • Skye can also heal her allies.


  • Omen can use his teleporting abilities to strike enemies from different angles without giving a hint.
  • Omen also has the ability to render the enemies blind which makes killing them easier.
  • Most players find it difficult to play Omen but once mastered, players can deal great damage to enemies. 


  • Chamber also has the ability to teleport. One of his abilities can slow down enemies while he can summon a sniper to confirm kills.
  • Players can use Omen to blind the enemies while sniping them using Chamber.

Neon and Phoenix

  • Both these agents can be used to add more aggression to the game.
  • Neon’s electric abilities provide her with great mobility and can stun her opponents.
  • Phoenix can form a fireball that blinds the enemies and deals them damage.
  • The combination of Neon and Phoenix can prove fatal if used properly.

For Defending Side

The defending side in Valorant aims to prevent the attacking team from planting the Spike on the designated bomb sites and to eliminate the attackers. They must also defuse the Spike if it has already been planted to win the round. The defenders can win the round by either preventing the Spike from detonating, defusing it or eliminating all members of the attacking team before the Spike is planted. Their ultimate goal is to win 13 rounds to win the match. Here are some of the compositions when playing defense side:

1. Two Duelists Combination 

Reasons For Choosing
  • Having two Duelists in the team can create a lot of pressure on the enemy as they will have to deal with multiple threats at once.
  • This combo is very effective when the team is under attack. The Duelists’ high mobility and aggressive playstyle can force the enemy team to make mistakes and misplay, creating openings for the rest of the team.
  • This composition can be especially effective if the Duelists have different playstyles and weapons, so they can complement each other and create a well-rounded offensive force.

The Duelists may struggle to defend against a coordinated enemy attack, so it’s important to have at least one support agent who can provide utility and backup. A good controller will overcome this problem with his area denial abilities. Additionally, the team should have good communication and coordination, so the Duelists can work together to make the most of their abilities and weapons.

Best Valorant Team Comp
Defending Team Comp 1 – [image credits – eXputer]
DUELISTRaze, Reyna
Agents Breakdown


  • Breach’s Flash abilities can be used to blind the enemy players and secure kills for your team members.
  • Breach can also set off blasts to deal great damage to the enemies.
  • When under attack, these blasts can be used to push enemies back.


  • Astra can control enemies’ crowds using her astral abilities.
  • When enemies are pushing, players can use her Nova Pulse to get rid of all the enemies near them.

Raze, Reyna

  • Both are the main agents of this composition.
  • Raze’s explosive abilities are very useful when your whole team is under attack and there is a need for immense damage to back off your opponents.
  • Reyna’s Empress ability helps players to increase fire rate, equip and reload speed to counterattack their opponents and cause chaos among them.


  • Killjoy has certain abilities that include robots and turrets that can be set at certain corners to provide cover when under attack.

2. Controller And Duelist team

Reasons For Choosing
  • In this composition, the Controller agent can utilize their abilities to slow down, disorient, or trap the enemy team, making it easier for the Duelist to take them out.
  • Controller could use their smoke ability to obscure the enemy’s line of sight, giving the Duelist the chance to get close and deal damage.
  • Additionally, the Controller’s abilities can be used to disrupt enemy reinforcements, helping to secure the objective and protect the team.

Moreover, this composition is very effective when playing defensive, as the Controller can help to slow down the enemy’s advance and create choke points. This makes it more difficult for the opponents to reach the objective. The Duelist can then use their high mobility and damage output to take out any enemy players who manage to break through the Controller’s defenses.

In general, the combination of a Controller and a Duelist creates a flexible and adaptable team composition that can be effective in a variety of different situations. By having a mix of crowd control and raw firepower, this composition can help a team to control the battlefield and secure objectives.

Best Valorant Team Comp
Defending Team Comp 2 – [image credits – eXputer]
 DUELISTPhoenix, Jett
Agents Breakdown

This team composition focuses on a balance between aggression and defense.


  • KAY/O is responsible for creating openings for the team by using his explosive abilities to disrupt the enemy’s position.


  • Viper adds to the crowd control and area denial aspect by using her toxic abilities to block off certain areas and slow down the enemy’s movements.
  • Viper’s abilities help the duelists on the team to initiate attacks to disrupt enemies that create a solid defense.

Phoenix, Jett,

  • These agents provide raw firepower to the team, utilizing their high mobility and quick reflexes.
  • This helps the team to take out the enemy with precise and devastating attacks.


  • She acts as a support and anchor for the team, healing and protecting her teammates with her abilities, ensuring their longevity in the fight.
  • With these different agents and their abilities, the team can adapt to various situations and create multiple angles of attack and defense.

3. Controller And Sentinel Combo

This setup works well for teams who prioritize objective control and defense, as they can secure an area and make it difficult for the enemy to penetrate. Additionally, the Sentinel can provide healing and revive fallen teammates, increasing the team’s sustainability in a firefight. The Controller’s abilities can also be used to set up ambushes and traps, catching the enemy off guard and giving the team the upper hand.

This combination of defense and crowd control can be especially useful on maps with narrow chokepoints, where the Sentinel and Controller can effectively lock down an area and make it nearly impossible for the enemy to advance. In short, this composition is designed to provide a strong defensive front while also having the tools to disrupt and slow down the enemy’s movements, giving the team a tactical advantage.

Reasons For Choosing
  • The Sentinel’s abilities can be used to hold down an objective, while the Controller can slow down or disrupt enemy movements.
  • The Sentinel’s abilities can also be used to protect their teammates, making it easier for the team to take out the enemy.
  • The Controller’s abilities can be used to create space and confusion, allowing the team to take control of the battlefield.
Best Valorant Team Comp
Defending Team Comp 3 – [image credits – eXputer]
 DUELISTNeon, Raze
Agents Breakdown


  • Fade is a mobile and versatile agent, capable of quickly closing gaps and creating opportunities for his team to follow up.
  • With the ability to reveal enemies’ locations, Fade can be a powerful distraction and confuse the enemy team.


  • Being a controller, Omen can manipulate the battlefield with his abilities.
  • He can create shadows that block enemy vision, disorient enemies, and even teleport to a different location.
  • This allows for effective repositioning and flank plays.

Neon, Raze

  • These agents are aggressive Duelists who excel at taking down enemy players quickly.
  • With their high mobility and burst damage potential, they can quickly eliminate targets and apply pressure to the enemy team.


  • Sage is a supportive Sentinel who specializes in healing and reviving her team.
  • With her healing abilities, she can keep her team alive in prolonged fights, and with her resurrection ability, she can bring fallen teammates back into the fight, giving her team an edge in clutch situations.

4. Duelist And Initiator Defense

With the Initiator starting fights and the Duelist providing raw firepower, this composition can be a highly effective way to disrupt the enemy team and gain the upper hand. However, both the Initiator and Duelist need to coordinate their efforts and work together to make the most of their abilities. The Initiator needs to make sure that the Duelist has clear lines of sight and opportunities to take out enemy players, while the Duelist needs to be ready to jump in and provide support when needed.

Reasons For Choosing


  • The Initiator is typically an agent with abilities that allow them to disrupt enemy lines and create openings for their teammates.
  • They are responsible for starting fights and putting the enemy in a position where the Duelist can take them out with their high damage output.
  • The Initiator may use smoke grenades, flashbangs, or other area-of-effect abilities to create chaos and confusion among the enemy team, giving the Duelist a clear shot at their targets.


  • The Duelist, on the other hand, is the team’s primary source of damage.
  • They have a high level of aim and accuracy, making them excellent at taking out individual targets.
  • They are also equipped with weapons that can quickly deal high amounts of damage, making them ideal for taking out key enemy players.
  • The Duelist is also responsible for providing backup for their teammates and maintaining a strong defense, using their quick reflexes and powerful weapons to protect their allies.


Best Valorant Team Comp
Defending Team Comp 4 – [image credits – eXputer]
Agents Breakdown

Fade, Sova

  • Fade and Sova are the initiators allowing the team to create a lot of chaos and confusion for the enemy team with their abilities.
  • Fade’s abilities do not cause direct damage but can spread chaos by deafening and affecting their sights.
  • Sova’s Recon Bolt and Drone abilities can provide valuable information about enemy positions.


  • Brimstone fills the Controller role and controls areas of the map with his Incendiary, Stim Beacon, and Sky Smoke abilities.
  • This forces the enemy team to play passively or face being caught out by your team.


  • The Duelist role is filled by Jett, who is a highly mobile agent that can quickly close gaps, avoid enemy fire, and take out targets with her Blade Storm ability.
  • Jett is also a very strong pick with an aggressive playstyle.


  • Finally, the Sentinel role is filled by Killjoy, who can lock down areas of the map with her Nanoswarm, Alarmbot, and Turret abilities.
  • This will make it difficult for the enemy team to push onto your position and make plays.

Best Team Comps For Each Map

There are currently nine maps in Valorant. Each map has its own unique characteristic features. Players need to keep in mind these characteristics in order to design an effective team comp. Some maps are wide and require agents that can provide information and smoke greater areas for better control. Some maps are short and provide better peaks so, a smoker is required to better control the area along with an agent with great peaking abilities to suit the map. Here are some of the team comps that are best suited for each map In Valorant.



  • Ascent map has a large middle area so, to design a team comp you will need to prioritize agents with mobility and versatility in order to effectively control this open space and engage in skirmishes.
  • This map also features destructible doors due to which you will need to consider the impact of these doors on their approach to the sites. You need such agents who can either destroy the doors or make use of them in a tactical manner.
  • You will also need to consider the possibility of wall-banging through the destructible walls, and choose agents with strong aim and versatility to take advantage of this feature.
  • This map has switches that control the doors so, try to consider the agents which have abilities that can control or influence the switches that control the doors.

Also, prioritize agents who can control the sites, especially since control of the sites is a key part of securing the Spike and winning the round. Considering these features will help you make informed decisions when selecting your team comp agents and create a cohesive team composition that can effectively navigate the Ascent map in Valorant. Here is a sample team comp suitable for the ascent map.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Ascent
Best Valorant Team Comp for Ascent – [image credits – eXputer]
Agents Breakdown


  • The reason for choosing Jett is the high mobility of this agent.
  • Ascent map has longer ranges and open areas so, an agent with great mobility is required to form a balanced team comp.
  • Also, Jett’s abilities help her to escape traps easier. 


  • Killjoy’s alarm bot and turret help to cover the choke point making it impossible for the enemy team to gain control of the site.
  • Also, Killjoy’s abilities make her capable of clearing the entire map alone on her own.

KAY/O, Sova

  • Both are the best initiators for the map.
  • Sova’s abilities make him the best information gatherer in the game and a map-wide like ascent requires good information about the enemy team to gain an advantage.
  • KAY/O’s abilities help you to clear enemies from hard areas effectively.


  • Omen’s rechargeable smokes provide the best control and make it easier to clear sites.
  • Omen is one of the best controllers to gain control over enemies in the Ascent map.



  • The Bind map consists of two teleporters both one-way. So, mobility is a crucial aspect for any team playing on Bind. Agents with abilities that allow them to quickly traverse the map or to reposition themselves are highly valued. 
  • The absence of a mid-section makes map control a key factor in Bind. Agents with abilities that can disrupt the enemy’s movement, control spaces, or provide information on enemy positions are important.
  • Due to the map’s layout, teams will often have to split their forces between the A and B sites. A team composition that can effectively attack both sites at the same time will have a significant advantage.
  • The small and enclosed spaces on the map make it important to have agents that can control areas and prevent enemies from entering or exiting.

With the absence of a mid-section, the focus on Bind is solely on the objective. Teams should prioritize agents that can effectively capture and defend the sites. As with all Valorant maps, it’s important to have a balanced team composition that includes initiators, controllers, duellists, and sentinels.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Bind
Best Valorant Team Comp for Bind- [image credits – eXputer]
 CONTROLLERViper, Brimstone
Agents Breakdown


  • Raze makes a perfect duelist for this map because of the tremendous amounts of damage she can deal with due to her explosive abilities.

Brimstone, Viper

  • Brimstone and Viper are undoubtedly the best controllers in the game.
  • As, the team will be split into two sites, it is important to add agents to control both sites.
  • The reason for selecting two controls is two controllers is to get effective control over both sites.


  • Skye’s abilities spread chaos among the opponents and help in defending different points.
  • Players need to effectively communicate in order to utilize the opportunities created by Skye and confirm kills.


  • Chamber has the ability to teleport which provides great mobility.
  • Chamber can reposition quicker than most of the agents in the game which is required in a small map like Bind.



  • Breeze map has some unique features which should be kept in mind in order to design an effective team comp for this map.
  • It is a very open map, with large sightlines and lots of space for players to move around. This means that long-range weapons like snipers and rifles can be very effective.
  • The ropes present in the map can provide quick access to certain areas for both attackers and defenders, so it’s important to have agents who can make good use of them.
  • There is also an impenetrable door that can be opened and closed using switches on either side, which can have a significant impact on the strategy for attacking and defending the site.
  • The chute in the map can be used to go from Hall to Mid, which can be useful for flanking the enemies or rotating quickly.

There is an open site that has a large area that can be used for attacking and defending, so having agents who can effectively control this area can be key. The Hall area is central to the map and provides access to multiple areas, so having agents who can control this area and defend it effectively can be important.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Breeze
Best Valorant Team Comp for Breeze- [image credits – eXputer]
 SENTINELChamber, Cypher
Agents Breakdown


  • Sova is a versatile initiator that can provide valuable intel for your team with his drone and arrows.
  • He can also use his ultimate to reveal enemies hiding in smoke or other obstructions.


  • Viper is a strong controller that can lock down areas of the map with her toxic screen and poison cloud.
  • Her ultimate can also cut off enemy lines of sight and deny them access to certain areas.


  • Jett is a highly mobile duelist that can quickly move around the map and get behind enemy lines.
  • She can use her smokes to create a cover for herself and her team, and her ultimate can give her increased mobility and make her harder to hit.

Chamber, Cypher

  • Both can work well as a Sentinel on Breeze.
  • Chamber can use his ultimate to get a sniper rifle to engage in long-range fights in open areas of the map.
  • Cypher can use his camera, tripwires, and cage to gather information and slow down enemy pushes.



  • Fracture’s unique layout makes it important for teams to have players who can cover different areas of the map and quickly rotate between the quadrants and sites.
  • Fracture has a total of four orbs, which can provide significant advantages to the team that captures them. Consider having players who can safely retrieve and hold orbs more effectively.
  • The ziplines in Fracture can be used to quickly traverse the map, so having players who can control these areas and prevent the enemy team from using them can be crucial.
  • As the attackers have access to both sites at the start of the round, it can be important to have Agents who can hold prevent the attackers from accessing them. 

Fracture’s unique layout can make rotations between different areas of the map more difficult, so having Agents who can quickly move between different areas can be useful. The Hall has an automatic door that opens on its own, which can be used to surprise opponents or defend the site more effectively. 

Best Valorant Team Comp for Fracture
Best Valorant Team Comp for Fracture- [image credits – eXputer]
 DUELISTNeon, Raze
Agents Breakdown

Neon, Raze

  • These agents can be a powerful combination of duelists to attack different choke points.
  • They can also help in defending different map areas when your team is under attack.
  • Neon’s electric abilities and Raze’s explosive abilities can help in clearing sites easier. 


  • This agent can provide information about the opponents all over the map.
  • He can also help his team in capturing sites and defending sites using his additional weapons.


  • Brimstone provides smokes and his ultimate ability orbital can be a game changer when it comes to controlling the sites that are otherwise very difficult to control.


  • Breach is one of the best initiators in the game.
  • His stun and ultimate abilities can easily cover half of the sites while dealing great damage to opponents.



  • Haven has an additional third spike site which means that the attacking team has more options when deciding where to plant the Spike.
  • This can make it more difficult for the defending team to anticipate their movements and a mix of agents who can provide mobility, utility, and fragging potential can be effective.
  • The destructible panels covering the doors at Mid in the Haven map can be damaged and destroyed and bullets can penetrate the doors.
  • This gives defenders and attackers more opportunities to hit enemies through the doors, making it easier to hold or attack the Mid area.
  • Haven has two ultimate orbs located at A Long and C Long, which are areas of the map that players may frequently pass through. This means that agents with ultimates that are effective in these areas, can be particularly useful.

By gathering the ultimate orbs and charging their ultimate abilities, these agents can make a strong impact on the game and help their team secure crucial rounds. Additionally, having the plan to secure these ultimate orbs and coordinate their usage can give a team an advantage in Haven. In a large and complex map like Haven, it is important to have agents that can cover various areas of the map and prevent enemies from entering or taking control of those areas.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Haven
Best Valorant Team Comp for Haven- [image credits – eXputer]
 SENTINELCypher, Sage
Agents Breakdown


  • Sova can gather information about the enemy team’s whereabouts using his Recon Bolt and Owl Drone.
  • This information can be helpful in making informed decisions on how to approach a site or defend a site.


  • Omen can use his Paranoia and Smoke Screen to block enemy vision and create opportunities for his team to push forward or fall back, depending on the situation.


  • Jett can be a strong attacker, as her mobility with Tailwind and Updraft can help her quickly move around the map
  • Her Blade Storm ultimate can deal a lot of damage to enemy players.


  • Cypher can help defend sites using his Trapwire, Spycam, and Cyber Cage.
  • This can slow down or reveal the enemy team’s location.


  • Sage can heal her teammates using her Healing Orb and resurrect fallen teammates using her ultimate ability.
  • This ability can be especially useful in close games where every player counts.



  • Icebox emphasizes skirmishes and sharp aim, it is essential to have agents who are proficient in gunplay and can adapt to changing situations on the map.
  • With its many levels of elevation and vertical play spaces, Icebox rewards agents who can move around the map quickly and efficiently.
  • Due to the long and open sightlines on the map, it can be challenging to rotate from one site to another quickly. Agents who have mobility abilities that can help them move around the map, can be useful for fast rotations and quick flanks.
  • Icebox features plenty of covers, and agents with abilities that can control and deny areas can be valuable in locking down sites and preventing enemies from taking control.

Icebox is the first map to introduce horizontal ziplines and nests that players can plant the Spike on, it can be useful to have agents who can use these unique features to their advantage. These include agents who can use their abilities to move quickly around the map and access different areas.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Icebox
Best Valorant Team Comp for Icebox- [image credits – eXputer]
 SENTINELKilljoy, Chamber
Agents Breakdown


  • Breach can use his abilities to stun and disorient enemies, making it easier for his team to push or take control of an area.
  • His abilities can also clear out areas, making him effective at breaking defensive setups or organized attacks.


  • Viper is a strong choice for Icebox due to her ability to control large areas with her toxic screen and poison cloud.
  • She can deny enemy movements and force them to take alternate routes, making it easier for her team to predict enemy movements and set up their attacks.


  • Jett is a great pick for her mobility and agility, as Icebox requires quick movements and efficient rotations.
  • She can use her abilities to quickly navigate the map, take control of important areas, and make fast flanks to catch enemies off-guard.


  • Killjoy can set up traps and turrets to control and deny areas, making it harder for the enemy team to push or take control of a site.


  • This agent can also use his abilities to control and lock down areas, making it harder for the enemy team to take control of a site.



  • Lotus has three different sites to plant the spike, it’s important to have a well-rounded team comp that can adapt to attacking and defending any of the three sites.
  • The rotating doorways provide a unique opportunity to move quickly between certain areas of the map. A team comp with agents that can take advantage of this feature can be beneficial.
  • The destructible wall between A Main and A Link can be used for wall bangs and to hold angles. Agents with abilities that can exploit this feature, could be useful.
  • Lotus is a map with many vertical areas that can be accessed through ropes and other means. Agents with mobility and verticality abilities can be useful in moving quickly and getting into advantageous positions.

With so many features and callouts on the map, coordination, and communication between teammates is essential. A well-coordinated team with clear callouts can take advantage of the unique features of the map and secure important rounds.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Lotus
Best Valorant Team Comp for Lotus- [image credits – eXputer]
Agents Breakdown

Breach, Fade

  • Both are good Initiators with abilities that can stun and control enemies.
  • These abilities can be used to disorient enemies to initiate a strong attack or to defend against a grouped attack.


  • Omen can use his smoke and teleportation abilities to control the map and provide cover for his teammates.
  • As the map provides many shortcuts, an agent is required to control certain areas to force enemies through a certain way.


  • Jett is a strong Duelist that can use her mobility and agility to move quickly and take advantage of the many vertical areas of the map.
  • As an agent who can rotate and reposition quickly throughout the map, Jett can be pretty useful for Lotus.


  • Killjoy can use her gadgets to control and defend the bomb sites, as well as her ultimate that can clear a site or force enemies out of cover.



  • Pearl is a more traditional map with two sites and three lanes, it may be beneficial to have a well-rounded team composition that can handle various situations and provide flexibility to adapt to the enemy team’s strategies.
  • The map contains multiple areas and lanes, and having agents that can provide control and area-denial abilities could be advantageous.
  • Given the lack of dynamic elements in the map, it may be important to have agents that can hold angles and provide utility to support their teammates.

Agents who can provide healing and slow down enemy pushes or can smoke off key areas to block enemy vision could be extremely useful in Pearl. Communication and coordination could be critical on this map, as there are several lanes and areas to cover. Having agents with abilities that can provide information could help the team track enemy movements and make informed decisions.

Best Valorant Team Comp for Pearl
Best Valorant Team Comp for Pearl- [image credits – eXputer]
Agents Breakdown


  • Sova can be helpful for scouting ahead and revealing enemy positions, making it easier for the team to plan their attack or defense.
  • He can also provide valuable information about the enemy team’s movements, allowing the team to react more quickly.


  • KAY/O can suppress enemies’ abilities helping in pushing forward.


  • Brimstone is great at blocking off areas and controlling the battlefield.
  • He can also provide essential smoke cover, which can help the team get through chokepoints or hide their movements from the enemy team.


  • He is one of the aggressive agents that can push the enemy team and create opportunities for their team.
  • He can also create a copy of himself for a short period which can help in pushing.


  • Cypher is an excellent agent for gathering information about the enemy team’s movements and preventing them from sneaking up on the team.
  • He can also use his ultimate ability to reveal the locations of enemies from their dead teammates.



  • The Split map makes use of ascenders which means that agents with mobility or vertical capabilities can be useful. An agent who can use their abilities to quickly move up or down from certain areas can give the team a strategic advantage.
  • The map has two sites that are relatively far apart, so having agents who can effectively cover both sites can be helpful. This may include agents with long-range weapons or abilities, or those who can provide quick rotations.
  • The Vents can be a key area of the map, so having agents who can effectively navigate this area can be important. This could include agents with abilities to clear or control the Vents.
  • The map has several narrow choke points where defenders can easily hold off attackers. Agents who can break through these choke points or create distractions can be helpful. 
Best Valorant Team Comp for Split
Best Valorant Team Comp for Split- [image credits – eXputer]
SENTINELKilljoy, Cypher
Agents Breakdown


  • Breach can use his abilities to stun and disorient enemies, creating opportunities for the rest of the team to push or fall back.
  • His blasts can deal damage to the enemies and spread chaos among the opponent team.


  • Omen can use his smokes and paranoia to create opportunities for his team to gain map control and take advantageous positions.
  • He can also control the choke points easily due to his area denial abilities.
  • Split map has several narrow choke points that require a good controller to be covered.


  • Raze is excellent for aggressive play and can use her abilities to clear out areas, damage enemies, and create chaos.
  • Her explosive abilities can deal great damage to opponents.

Killjoy, Cypher

  • Both are strong agents for holding down sites and controlling areas.
  • Killjoy’s abilities can be used to guard vents by making use of automated robots and turrets.
  • Cypher can be used to gather information. Combined, they can use their abilities to gather information on enemy movements, set up traps, and delay pushes.

How To Design the Best Team Comp In Valorant?

To design the best team comp in Valorant, selecting the right agents is crucial for achieving success in the game. The ideal composition of agents should cover a range of angles. It should provide a balance between utility and firepower, and be adaptable to different maps. The individual playstyles and strategy of each player, as well as the team’s overall approach, influences the ability of agents to work well together. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind to design a perfect comp for you.

Cover All Angles

Covering different angles is an essential component of a successful Valorant team comp. Covering each angle allows the team to attack from multiple positions. Which in return gives them greater versatility in their approach. By including agents that can attack from different angles, teams can put the enemy in a defensive position, constantly keeping them guessing and on their toes.

For instance, a team could choose to include a Duelist for aggressive pushes. Duelists are agents who can quickly and efficiently eliminate enemies from close and medium ranges. Additionally, players can add a Controller for area denial, to restrict the enemy’s movement and create advantageous positions for the team. Lastly, you can add a sentinel for defense to protect objectives and keep the enemy at bay.

Having a diverse set of agents that can attack from different angles provides the team with a strategic advantage. Due to this diversity, the enemy will be unable to predict the team’s next move. This can make it difficult for the enemy to react and defend themselves, giving the team an edge and helping them to secure victories. A well-rounded team comp to cover different angles allows teams to better handle different situations with more adaptability and flexibility.

Maintain A Balance

Another important factor is balancing utility and firepower. Utility abilities like smokes, walls, and flashes can control the pace of the game, set up kills, and make it more difficult for the enemy to react. Raw firepower, on the other hand, is essential for finishing off enemies and securing kills. By having a good balance of both, a team can stay in control of the game and maintain an advantage over the enemy.

Additionally, it’s worth considering the individual strengths and weaknesses of each player in the team composition and how they complement each other. A team with a strong Duelist player may want to prioritize agents that can set them up for success. This agent can be a Controller who can provide cover and distractions. Similarly, a team with a skilled Controller player may want to prioritize agents that can make the most of their abilities. You can include a Sentinel who can provide backup and help secure objectives.

Keep The Map In View

The map design in Valorant plays a crucial role in determining the ideal composition of a team. Each map has its own unique set of terrain features, angles, and sight lines. It is important to consider these when choosing agents. A map with wide open spaces may require a team to prioritize mobility. This will allow the team to quickly rotate and defend against incoming attacks from multiple angles. Duelists and mobility-focused agents may be the best choice for such maps. These agents can quickly traverse the map and launch surprise attacks.

On the other hand, maps with tight corners and limited sightlines may benefit from a team with Controllers and Sentinels. These agents have abilities that can control the flow of the game, such as smokes, flashes, and walls. These abilities can restrict enemy movement and create opportunities for picks. A well-placed Controller or Sentinel can effectively shut down key positions on the map, which gives the team an advantage in their approach.

By considering the map and adjusting the composition accordingly, teams can maximize their chances of success. It is important to keep in mind that different maps may call for different approaches, and teams must remain flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. By being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each map, players can adjust the composition accordingly. Due to this, teams can gain a significant advantage over their opponents and increase their chances of success.

Try Different Combinations

When it comes to determining which agents work best together, experimentation is key. Each team has its own unique playstyle, which can influence the effectiveness of certain agents in a given composition. Furthermore, the situation of each game can also change the optimal composition. This makes it necessary for teams to remain adaptable and willing to make changes as needed.

A team that excels at aggressive plays may want to utilize Duelists like Raze and Jett for fast-paced pushes. While a team that prefers a more controlled pace may want to incorporate Sentinels to keep the enemy at bay. The play style of individual players can also have an impact on the composition. Some players may excel with certain agents while struggling with others.

The more a team plays together, the better they will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Also how to best utilize their combined abilities to achieve success. Teams that invest time in practicing and experimenting with different comps will be able to find the one that works best for them. They can make the necessary adjustments as the situation dictates.

Ultimately, the key to designing a successful comp is to remain flexible. Experiment with different agents, and find what works best for your team. The ideal comp will never be the same for every team. So, it’s important to keep an open mind and continuously refine and improve your approach.

Summing Up

In Valorant, a perfect team composition can make all the difference between winning and losing. Players need to have not only individual skills and accuracy, but also a cohesive and effective team that can work together. With many agents to choose from and unique abilities, finding the perfect team composition can be a challenge, but players can customize their team according to their playstyle and the requirements of the map.

Covering all angles of gameplay, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each agent, and trying different combinations are key factors to consider when building the ideal team comp. Players can also toggle game settings according to different streamers to find the best setting for them. In the end, it all comes down to different factors, including communication, coordination, and teamwork, to secure a victory.

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