Reyna Is Valorant’s Most-Played Agent Of The Year

Fans are surprised the feat wasn't boasted by someone else.

If you’ve had your toes dipped in the sea of free-to-play shooters that are making a killing in 2022, then it’s probably easy game to know about an IP as noteworthy as Valorant. It features a unique catalog of playable characters and each of them comes flaunting special abilities. 

Seasoned players of Riot Games’ 5 vs 5 character-based tactical FPS might find it surprising to discover that Reyna was Valorant‘s most-played agent of 2022. The reveal comes from the official Valorant Twitter account which published the findings as part of the developer’s #VALFlashback campaign.

The latter is a yearly sum up of player stats and additional details that discuss all that a Valorant enjoyer has achieved in 2022. Each player is due to receive a specialized summary of statistics in their email, provided that the “Communications from Riot Games” feature has been toggled on in-game.

The Rundown: 

  • Valorant is a team-based hero shooter game that Riot Games officially launched in 2020. Ever since that time, the developers have been hard at work trying to make the first-person shooter stand out with an enthralling amount of new content, gameplay feature enhancements, and, of course, more playable characters. 
  • Valorant’s official Twitter handle has recently reported an interesting detail that has the playing community of the title surprised. 
  • Mexican combat expert Reyna has managed to be the most-picked Valorant agent throughout the year. Fans and enthusiasts expected Chamber to take this trophy home, but things have not turned out that way.
  • Riot Games advises players to sign up for its #VALFlashback campaign to have their yearly playing stats dumped directly in their mailbox online. 

Taking to Twitter for the big reveal, it appears that Reyna — a Mexican Duelist and a high-class Valorant agent — is the most-picked character in the game for 2022. The competition that she was up against was pretty enticing as well, including the likes of Chamber, Sova, Viper, and Omen. 

Apart from her in-game alias, Reyna’s real name is Zyanya Mondragón. She belongs to the class of Radiants as the in-game lore tells us. If you’re not sure what these are, let us bring you up to speed. Radiants in Valorant are superhuman individuals.

These are blessed with surreal abilities that make them capable of a wide variety of things, and that includes both good and bad. In the wake of a highly unintelligible global event called the First Light (no nod to Destiny 2 here), random people across the face of Earth became superpowered. 

Reyna is one of the better Radiants who uses her power for the greater good right alongside being a part of Valorant—a covert organization that assembled a band of better-abled specialists to protect the Earth in case of catastrophic events and other internal threats. 

Riot Games also advises players to head over to their Account page on the official website and opt to recieve emails from the developer. This will be done by entering the “Communications” section, followed by clicking on “Preferences. Finally, the “Communications from Riot Games” box has to be checked for successful results. 

In other news, the Valorant 5.12 update brought a load of new changes for in-game agents. One of these new tweaks revolves around increasing the cost of usable Ultimate moves, primarily those that feature area-based effects. 

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