Elden Ring BEST Builds Tier List: All Builds Ranked

This Elden Ring Tier List will rank different builds in Elden Ring from the best to the worst.

Elden Ring is studio Fromsoftware’s most recent Magnum Opus published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game massively improves upon the open-world design of The Legend of Zelda: BOTW.

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring provides players with 16 different builds.
  • Builds are ranked based on the quality of weapons, armor, Incantations, and Talismans they offer.
  • Magic, Frostbite, Dexterity, and Bleed Elden Ring Builds are considered the best.
  • The Bow, Poison, Spear, and Whip Builds are deemed below average, offering highly restricted use.

Builds Comparison

BuildsTierWeaponsWondrous Physiiks MixtureArmorIncantations
BleedSUchigatana, River of Blood, Bloodhounds fang, and Ghizas wheelGreeburst Crystal Tear and Thorny Cracked TearWar Surgeon Set and Crucible Tree SetBloodflame Blade
DexteritySKatanas, Rapiers, Bows, and Curved SwordsVirulent, Coalesced, and Thunderous Cracked TearsShadow Set and Black Leather SetNone specified (depends on playstyle)
FrostbiteSVordt's Great Hammer, Friede's Great Scythe, and Irithyll Straight SwordFrostbite Crystal Tear and Frozen Cracked TearOutrider Knight Set and Dancer's SetFrost Blade and Frozen Weapon
MagicSSorceries and Staves, Crystal Sage's Rapier, and Moonlight GreatswordCrystalized, Iridescent, and Violet Cracked TearsSage's Big Hat and Court Sorcerer SetMagic Shield, Magic Weapon, and Magic Blade
Scarlet RotAWarden Twinblades, Grave Warden's Scythe, and BloodlustNoxious, Blistered, and Scorched Cracked TearsGrave Warden Set and Bloodbite RingBlood Magic and Bleed Blade
StrengthAGreatswords, Greataxes, and Ultra GreatswordsRadiant, Blazing, and Thunderous Cracked TearsHavel's Set and Smough's SetIron Flesh and Stone Flesh
FaithAMaces, Axes, and Hammers, and weapons that can be infused with Lightning GemsHoly, Glowing, and Radiant Cracked TearsPaladin Set and Archdeacon SetLightning Blade, Sunlight Blade, and Divine Blessing
BlackflameAWeapons that can be infused with Dark Gems, such as the Onyx Blade and Dark HandDark, Ashen, and Smoky Cracked TearsDark Set and Fire Witch SetBlack Flame and Dark Blade
QualityBVersatile weapons that scale well with both Strength and Dexterity, such as the Claymore and the Lothric Knight SwordNo specific tears mentionedElite Knight Set and Cathedral Knight SetNone specified (depends on playstyle)
DragonBDragon Tooth, Drakeblood Greatsword, and weapons that can be infused with Dragon GemsDragonfire Crystal Tear and Dragon Blood Cracked TearDragon Scale Set and Dragonrider SetDragon Breath and Dragon Roar
FrenzyBWeapons that deal Bleed or have innate Frenzy, such as the Bloodletter and ChikageFrenzy Crystal Tear and Insane Cracked TearCainhurst Set and Knight SetBlood Magic and Frenzy Blade
Colossal SwordBGreatswords, Ultra Greatswords, and weapons that are particularly large or heavy, such as the Fume Ultra Greatsword and Black Knight GreatswordCrushing, Smashing, and Thunderous Cracked TearsBlack Iron Set and Knight SetIron Flesh and Stone Flesh
BowCBows, Crossbows, and weapons that can be used effectively at range, such as the Black Bow of Pharis and AvelynCrystalized, Iridescent, and Violet Cracked TearsArcher Set and Hunter SetHawk Eye and Feather Arrow
PoisonCWeapons that deal Poison or can be infused with Poison Gems, such as the Spotted Whip and Poison-infused EstocPoison Crystal Tear and Toxic Cracked TearShadow Set and Antiquated SetPoison Mist and Toxic Mist
SpearCSpears, Pikes, and Halberds, and weapons that can be infused with Sharp GemsCrystalized, Iridescent, and Violet Cracked TearsDrang Set and Lothric Knight SetLightning Spear and Great Lightning Spear
WhipCWhips, Flails, and chains, and weapons that can be infused with Sharp or Poison GemsWhipcrack, Blistered, and Scorched Cracked TearsWitch Set and Master's AttireNone specified (depends on playstyle)

Tier List at a Glance

It adds more content making The Lands Between one of the best Maps to explore. Our Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List will rank the best builds available in the game. While you’re at it, check out our Elden Ring Best weapons guide.

Elden Ring BEST Builds Tier List 
Tiers Best BuildsWeapons and Armor 
S-TierBleed Build
  • Weapons: Uchigatana, Rivers of Blood, Bloodhound’s Fang, and Ghiza’s Wheel 
  • Armor: War Surgeon Set and Crucible Tree Set
Dexterity Build
  • Weapons: Uchigatana, Nagakida, Bloodhound’sFang, Moonveil Katana, and Godskin Peeler 
  • Armor: Raging Wolf Set and Briar Set
Frostbite Build
  • Weapons: Cold Banished Knight Greatsword, Cold Club, Darkmoon Greatsword, and Cold Uchigatana
  • Armor: Snow Witch Set
Magic Build
  • Weapons: Carian Regal Sceptor, Meteorite Staff, and Lusat’s Glintstone Staff
  • Armor: Queen’s Robe/Crown and Lusat’s Armor Set
A-TierScarlet Rot Build
  • Weapons: Cold/Blood Antspur Rapier and Rotten Crystal Spear
  • Armor: Malenia‘s Armor Set
Strength Build
Faith Build
  • Weapons: Gargoyle’s Black Blades, Winged Scythe, Sacred Relic Sword, and Tree Spear
  • Armor: Brair Set, Crucible Axe Set, and Crucible Tree Set
Blackflame Build
  • Weapons: Godskin Peeler, Godslayer’s Greatsword, and Winged Scythe
  • Armor: Crucible Tree Set, Haligtree Knight Set, and Godskin Apostle Set
B-TierQuality Build
  • Weapons: Ghiza’s Wheel, Axe of Godfrey, Bloodhound’s Fang, and Quality Claymore
  • Armor: Blaidd Armor Set and Zamor Armor Set
Dragon Build
  • Weapons: Dragon Communion Seal, Eleonora’s Poleblade, and Magma Blade
  • Armor: Veteran’s Set and Ronin Armor Set
Frenzy Build
  • Weapons: Vyke’s War Spear and Frenzied Flame Seal
  • Armor: Haligtree Knight Set, Raging Wolf Set, and Azure’s Glintstone Set
Colossal Sword Build
  • Weapons: Godslayer Greatsword, The Greatsword, Grafted Blade Greatsword, and Ruins Greatsword
  • Armor: Blaidd’s Armor Set and Banished Knight’s Set
C-TierBow Build
  • Weapons: Composite Bow, Pulley Bow, and Erdtree Bow
  • Armor: Raging Wolf Set and Crucible Tree Set
Poison Build
  • Weapons: Poison Uchigatana, Serpentbone Blade, Venomous Fang, and Poison Nagakiba.
  • Armor: Mushroom Set and Crucible Tree Set
Spear Build
  • Weapons: Rotten Crytal Spear, Death Ritual Spear, and Bolt of Gransax
  • Armor: Raging Wolf Set and Crucible Tree Set
Whip Build
  • Weapons: Giant’s Red Braid and Hoslow’s Petal Whip
  • Armor: Raging Wolf Set and Briar Set


S-Tier builds contain the use of the most overpowered and best weapons in Elden Ring. These builds will not only melt bosses in PvE but they will also help you dominate PvP. 

Elden ring builds
Best S-Tier Builds in Elden Ring

Following is the list of S-Tier Builds in Elden Ring;

  • Bleed Build
  • Frost Build
  • Magic Build
  • Dex Build

These are the absolute best builds in Elden Ring with almost no flaws. Now I will discuss the S-Tier builds in complete detail.

Bleed Build

Elden Ring build
An Example of Bleed Build in Elden Ring

Bleed Builds are probably the best in Elden Ring. The blood Build up has been completely buffed up by Fromsoftware this time around. Our Assassin’s Build in Elden Ring guide goes into detail about the bleed mechanic. Basically using a bleed weapon will proc a percentage of Boss’s health.

Dexterity Build

elden ring build
An Example of Dexterity Build in Elden Ring

Dexterity has always been really strong in all of Fromsoftware’s games which is why it makes an appearance in S-Tier on my Best Builds in Elden Ring Tier List. Katanas will be your main weapons in the Dexterity build. These weapons paired with high Dex Levels will give you the hight DPS in the game.

Frostbite Build

Elden ring build
An Example of Frostbite Build in Elden Ring

Frost was not a viable build back in Dark Souls 3. But Fromsoftware has once again buffed it up making it one of the strongest mechanics in the game. Not every boss bleeds but almost every boss will get Frostbite. Frostbite will also proc a percentage of Boss’s health but the amount is less than bleed proc.

Magic Build

elden ring build
An Example of Magic Build in Elden Ring

Sorceries and Magic have also always been strong in Fromsoftware’s games. All the way from the early game to the final boss, you will probably have an easier time using sorceries. Spells like Comet Azure will absolutely wreck bosses and sometimes even kill them before phase transition. 


A-Tier builds are also very good in Elden Ring but there are some minimal flaws in them. However, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge mile.

A tier build
Best A-Tier Builds in Elden Ring

Following is the list of A-Tier Builds in Elden Ring;

  • Scarlet Rot Build
  • Strength Build
  • Faith Build
  • Blackflame Build

These are the best A-Tier builds in my Elden Ring list. Now I will Discuss these builds in complete detail.

Scarlet Rot Build

elden ring build
An Example of Scarlet Rot Build in Elden Ring

Scarlet Rot is a new addition to the different ailments in Fromsoftware’s games. Rot is basically a buffed-up version of Poison and does massive amounts of damage. Scarlet rot procs faster than poison and lasts for longer as well.

We recommend using the Antspur Rapier or Power Stance it if you’ve got two for faster procs. 

Strength Build

elden ring builds
An Example of Strength Build in Elden Ring

Strength is one of the most famous stats in Elden Rings. Players particularly refer to Strength weapons as ‘Bonk‘ weapons and rightfully so. Strength is very strong but there are some cons to a Strength build as well. This is why I placed it in the A-Tier of my list of Elden Ring Builds.

Faith Build

elden ring builds tier list
An Example of Faith Build in Elden Ring

Faith incantations are extremely viable but not as good as Sorceries. However, Faith allows for a versatile build where you can use both weapons and incantations. Incantations are not only damage related but some are defensive as well which can heal your health or remove certain ailments.

Blackflame Build

elden ring build tier list
An Example of Blackflame Build in Elden Ring

Blackflame is a type of incantation and scales off Faith only. The reason I are separating Blackflame from the Faith build is that the incantations are very different and the weapons for the blackflame build require you to invest in other stats as well.


B-Tier Builds are neither impressive nor that bad to use. Sure you can make do with but you’re gonna make the game harder for yourself. There are certainly good things about the B-Tier builds but there are a lot of cons too.

B tier builds
Best B-Tier Builds in Elden Ring

Following is the list of B-Tier builds in Elden Ring;

  • Quality Build
  • Dragon Build
  • Frenzy Build
  • Colossal Sword Build

These are the best B-Tier builds in my Elden Ring list. Now I will Discuss these builds in complete detail.

Quality Build

Elden ring builds tier list
An Example of Quality Build in Elden Ring

Quality Builds have never been too good since they require investments in two different stats. Almost every Quality weapon scales off both Strength and Dexterity. Additionally, the damage dealt by these weapons is not on par with something like a pure strength or pure dexterity weapon

Dragon Build

Elden Ring builds tier list
An Example of Dragon Build in Elden Ring

Dragon Build is another B-Tier build on my list of best Elden Ring builds. These builds basically use the Dragon spells or incantations. These incantations scale off both Faith and Arcane. You will encounter many dragons in Elden Ring. When you beat these dragons, you can use their hearts to trade for a Dragon Spell at a Dragon Communion Church.

Frenzy Build

elden ring builds tier list
An Example of Frenzy Build in Elden Ring

Frenzy Build also known as the Madness Build depends upon the use of incantations and Faith. These incantations are generally weaker than other Faith Incantations. However, their Faith requirement is also low making them available to use even at the early game.

Colossal Sword Build

elden ring builds tier list
An Example of Colossal Sword Build in Elden Ring

Using a Colossal Sword in Elden Ring is very hard unless you pair it up with an Ash of War like Bloodhound’s Step. That makes these weapons B-Tier on my list of best Elden Ring builds. Bosses are extremely fast in Elden Ring and you will get very less opportunities with a Colossal Sword to punish them.


C-Tier builds are below-average builds that I will not recommend on a normal playthrough. Although there are some benefits of using these builds they are very limited.

Tier C build
Best C-Tier Builds in Elden Ring

Following is the list of C-Tier Builds in Elden Ring;

  • Bow Build
  • Poison Build
  • Spear Build
  • Whip Build

These are the best C-Tier builds in my Elden Ring list. Now I will Discuss these builds in complete detail.

Bow Build

elden ring builds tier list
An Example of Bow Build in Elden Ring

Even though bows have been extremely buffed in Elden Ring, they are still not viable for killing bosses in the end game. Bows are almost never used as main weapons. They are only kept as secondary ranged weapons to kill fodder enemies silently. You might like our Best Bow Weapons in Elden Ring guide.

Poison Build

Poison er
An Example of Poison Build in Elden Ring

Poison is another ailment Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring. However, unlike scarlet rot, poison is much weaker and deals less damage. It is better to just use the scarlet rot build or use poison alongside some other build. Poison builds on their own are considered weak and scale off Arcane. Our website features a comprehensive guide on Elden Ring Poison Build that you can read.

Spear Build

Spear er
An Example of Spear Build in Elden Ring

Spears are also long-range weapons but the damage they do is pretty negligible compared to other weapons. There are certain spears that let you use Scarlet Rot but the weapon damage itself is not on par. Serpent Hunter is probably the best Spear weapon for Spear builds. 

Whip Build

Whip er
An Example of Whip Build in Elden Ring

Whips are good for long-range combat and NPC invaders. But whips also do very little damage and there are not many whips in Elden Ring to choose from. If you choose whips for your build, then you’re going to have a hard time not only in PvE but also in PvP.

My Thoughts And Recommendations Regarding Different Builds

With my experience, I would say that Bleed, Magic, and Strength builds are the most overpowered ones in Elden Ring. I don’t really like pure magic builds, so I wouldn’t recommend that. However, hybrid magic builds are always welcome. A Melee build that allows you to utilize spells or projectiles instantly is my favorite one. I spent tons of hours playing with the Dark Moon Greatsword, as it is enjoyable to use.

elden ring hours
My hours in Elden Ring PSN: Liontamer55460

Elden Ring Tier List Criteria

This Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List was written after complete research on each and every build. I discussed the best S-Tier builds and the below-average C-Tier builds. I also explained the best gear that you could use for the build that you like.

Hopefully, the Tier List helped you understand what builds are good for you in Elden Ring. Let me know what you think about Fromsoftware’s Magnum Opus in the comments below!

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