Elden Ring: BEST Crossbows [Top 6]

The Elden Ring Best Crossbows guide will showcase the top 6 best crossbows as well as their upgrades along with the stats!

Elden Ring has a small collection of crossbows that players can use, allowing them to carry out ranged attacks toward their opponents and eradicate them. Players might want to know which of the Elden Ring Best Crossbows to use, their stats, upgrades, and how to find them; therefore, a detailed guide might be needed! 

Important: Players must invest in Strength and Dexterity for most of the crossbows!
Key Takeaways
  • The Best Crossbows in Elden Ring feature from a list of seven available, such as the Crepus’s Black Key, Arbalest, Full Moon, Pulley, Heavy, and Light Crossbow. 
  • The benefits of using the crossbows is that they provide long-ranged damage, sniping from a distance, excellent damage output and prevent you from taking close-ranged damage. 
  • While the Crepus’ Black Key in Elden Ring is excellent for sniping, the Arbalest is excellent for damage output, while the Pulley Crossbow provides high aim. 
  • Upgrades can further enhance the performance of the crossbows, most can be upgraded to 10, if not more. 

Best Crossbows In Elden Ring 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Best Crossbows in Elden Ring: 

Elden Ring Best CrossbowsBenefitsMagicCritRange
Crepus' Black KeySniping, Long-Ranged, Solid Damage output010047
ArbalestDexterity and Strength scaling, Excellent damage01042
Full Moon CrossbowMagic imbuement, good damage5010042
Pulley CrossbowHigh aim, can launch more bolts.010042
Heavy CrossbowSolid range, good damage output010042
Light CrossbowEasy to use, Good damage010042

1. Crepus’s Black Key In Elden Ring


Kicking things off, the Crepus’s Black Key is known to be one of the Elden Ring Best Crossbows. It is described as a black crossbow with a long stock, and it used to be the weapon of Crepus, who served Two Fingers from the Roundtable by being the head confessor and is of excellent quality build

Elden Ring Crepus's Black Key
Crepus’s Black Key
  • The crossbow is notorious for having a pretty long end, but it also makes it pretty solid as a long-range weapon players can use to unleash damage

The Crossbow has a skill called Kick which allows players to push any opponent back using a high kick, and it works exceptionally well against opponents that are guarding and can interrupt their stance. Below listed are the Elden Ring Best Crossbow Upgrades



Elden Ring Crepus Black Key Showcase
Crepus Black Key Showcase

When it comes to using the Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow, since it is a bow, it allows players a few things such as: 

  • Sniping: The crossbow is notorious for being excellent at sniping enemies from far away, making them useless. 
  • Long-Ranged: Apart from that, players can also use it to stay at a distance from the enemy and launch attacks, keeping them safer. 
  • Solid Damage: Last but not least, the crossbow also has a pretty solid damage output, making it a good choice. 

2. Arbalest 


Regarding the Arbalest, it is yet another crossbow that can be pretty useful for players. It is essentially a long crossbow that has been crafted from composite materials. 

Elden Ring Arbalest

It has been built while being pretty pliable at its limbs, but it also makes it insanely useful. 

  • The Arbalest crossbow will not scale with any primary attributes but requires Dexterity and Strength. 
  • Players need at least 12 Dexterity and 18 Strength if they ever wish to use it. 


Elden Ring Arbalest Showcase
Arbalest Showcase

Moving on, let’s look at some of the benefits players can take advantage of if they use the Arbalest as their crossbow of choice. 

  • Dexterity And Strength Scaling: Players can easily use the crossbow if they already have points allocated to Str and Dexterity. 
  • Excellent Damage: Other than that, the crossbow also provides players with pretty solid damage output. 

3. Full Moon Crossbow 


Next, another weapon players shouldn’t miss out on is the Full Moon Crossbow. It is described to be an enchanted crossbow that has excellent craftsmanship. 

Elden Ring Full Moon Crossbow
Full Moon Crossbow

The Full Moon crossbow has honored the union between the Raya Lucaria, Leyndell, Erdtree, and Full Moon houses. 

  • The crossbow itself will end up requiring Dexterity, Strength as well as intelligence build as its stats, and players will need to invest in it to use it. 
  • Players need to have at least 14 Intelligence, 10 Dexterity and 10 Strength. 

The Full Moon Crossbow has a skill called Kick which grants players the ability to cause push-back to an opponent using a swift kick with their legs, and it is insanely effective against opponents that are guarding and can break any opponent’s stance. 



Elden Ring Full Moon Showcase
Full Moon Showcase

Now, when it comes to using the Crossbow, players will be able to make do with the following benefits: 

  • Magic Imbuement: The Full Moon crossbow is known to be pretty good at carrying out attacks that have been specifically imbued with magic, making it excellent for that alone. 
  • Damage: Other than that, the overall damage output while using the Full Moon Crossbow should not be ignored. 

4. Pulley Crossbow 


As far as the next weapon is concerned, it is essentially the Pulley Crossbow, which is described to have been constructed using power springs as well as pulleys and was known to be insanely difficult to do so. 

It is also known to be crafted by a genius who learned Golden Order fundamentalism. 

Elden Ring Pulley Crossbow
Pulley Crossbow
  • The Pulley Crossbow requires players to have both Dexterities as well as Strength as the stat requirements/ 
  • Players need to have at least 16 Dexterity as well as 16 Strength to dual wield the weapon. 

Apart from this, the weapon will have the Kick skill mentioned before, and it cannot be infused with Ashes of War, nor can it be enchanted using magic. As far as the Elden Ring Best Crossbow Upgrades for the Pulley are concerned, they are as follows. 



Elden Ring Pulley Crossbow Showcase
Pulley Crossbow Showcase

Now, when it comes to the benefits of the Elden Ring Best Crossbows Pulley, players can benefit from the few that are listed as follows: 

  • High Aim: Whenever players use the crossbow, it will be able to launch their bolts and aim them pretty high. 
  • More Bolts Launched: Other than that, instead of simply firing out one bolt like usual, the Pulley Crossbow will be able to fire out a total of 3 bolts with one trigger, which makes it insanely useful. 

5. Heavy Crossbow 


As far as the next weapon in the list of Elden Ring Best Crossbows is concerned, it is the Heavy Crossbow, which has been crafted meticulously using iron limbs and was typically used in the Shattering. 

  • When it comes to scaling, while it doesn’t scale off of any primary attribute, players will require both Dexterities as well as Strength to use it. 
  • Players need to have 14 Strengths and 10 Dex in order to wield and use it during combat. 
    Elden Ring Heavy Crossbow
    Heavy Crossbow

As for its skill has the Kick skill, with which players can kick back enemies using their legs, and the weapon cannot be imbued with Ashes of War, nor can it be enchanted using any magic. 



Elden Ring Heavy Crossbow Showcase
Heavy Crossbow Showcase

If you wish to use the Heavy Crossbow, then you will be able to have the few advantages listed below: 

  • Solid Range: One of the main reasons why players might want to choose the Heavy Crossbow is that it can provide a solid range during combat. 
  • Adequate Damage: Apart from that, the overall damage dealt to opponents with the weapon isn’t all that bad either. 

6) Light Crossbow 


Last but not least, the Light Crossbow is one you can consider using, too, if you can’t find the others at your disposal. The Light Crossbow is pretty simple to use and crafted using simple materials. 

Elden Ring Light Crossbow
Light Crossbow
  • It ends up scaling with Dexterity and Strength, and players need 12 Strength and 8 Dexterity to use the Light Crossbow. 


The Crossbow in Elden Ring provides players with benefits that are listed below: 

  • Simple To Use: One of the main reasons players might want to use the weapon is its simplicity, which makes it inherently easy to use in combat. 
  • Solid Damage Output: Secondly, the damage dealt by the Light Crossbow is pretty good too. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Elden Ring Best Crossbows and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Elden Ring Twinblade Location guide will showcase the location for the Twinblade! Apart from that, the Elden Ring Best Sacred Seal guide will go into detail about the best-sacred seals that are available! Refer to this Reddit post for players wanting to know why crossbows are S-tiered weapons in Elden Ring. 

With that, the Elden Ring Best Ashen Remains guide will tell you all you need to know about the best ones available! Why not check out the Elden Ring Weapons Tier List, which would showcase the rankings for all of them!

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