High On Life Voice Actors [Complete Cast]

Learn who voices each weapon in High on Life while also knowing all the additional voices in the game!

High On Life is a recently released shooter that places most of its focus on guns that talk and a pretty unusual but fun storyline the game itself is wacky, to say the least. Some players definitely might want to know who are the High On Life Voice Actors for their favorite weapons in the game!

Key Takeaways
  • Voice Actors play an important role in High On Life, as they bring the weapons to life.
  • Most weapons in the game are voiced by celebrities with records of voicing in famous TV Series too.
  • Some notable voice actors in the game are:
    • Justin Roiland.
    • Michael Cusack.
    • Betsy Sodaro.
    • Dave Herman.

Here are all the Voice Actors that appeared in High on Life:

Character Voice Actor Previous Notable Work
KennyJustin RoilandRicky and Morty, Solar Opposites, Half In the Bag, Vindicators 2
GusJB SmooveBlockbuster, Harley Quinn, Woke, Fairfax, Curb Your Enthusiasm
KnifeyMichael Cusack

Smiling Friends (2020-2022), YOLO Crystal Fantasy 2020, Bushworld Adventures, Yolo 2
Lizzie Laura SilvermanMenorah in the Middle (2020), Bob’s Burgers (2011-2022), Big Hero 6 The Series (2021)
CreatureTim Robinson With Tim Robinson (2019 to 2021), Saturday Night Live
SweezyBetsy SodaroBig City Greens (2019-2020), Ghosts (2022), Duncanville (2020), Big Nate (2022)
Gene Dave HermanFuturama, Bob’s Burgers, Great North (2021 and 2022), Central Park
Additional VoicesNolan NorthTransformers Earthspark (2020), Rick and Morty (2014 to 2022), Midnight suns (2022), Blaze And The Monster Machines
Additional VoicesTara StrongTeen Titan’s GO (2013 and 2022), Woody, Woodpecker (2018 and 2022)
Dr.GibletsKevin McDonaldThe Kids in The Hall (2022), Amphibia (2019 and 2022), Bagel And Becky Show (2017), Epic Studios (2017),
Additional VoicesMaria BamfordHousebroken (2021 and 2022), Big Mouth, Talking Tom and Friends.
RanchyThomas MiddleditchSolar Opposites (2020-2023), B Positive
JorMary MackSolar Opposite, Golan The Insatiable, Trover Saves The Universe

Justin Roiland (Kenny)

Justin Roiland
Justin Roiland

Kicking things off, we have Justine Roiland, who was known to play a weapon in the game that is known as Kenny. Kenny itself is known to be a pistol-type weapon that can be found in the game, and it will have a base ammo of 15. 

Justin Roiland was known to voice on Rick And Morty, where he played in 61 episodes. Apart from that, his works can be seen on 41 episodes of the popular TV series Solar Opposites as well, and also on one episode in the TV series Half In the Bag. Apart from that, he also played in 2 episodes of Vindicators 2. 

JB Smoove (Gus)

JB Smoove
JB Smoove

Moving on, we have yet another weapon that was voiced by an impeccable Voice Actor. Players will be able to see JB Smoove voice Gus in High On Life.

Now when it comes to the works of JB Smoove, there are quite a few that players will be able to recognize him from: 

  • Voiced in 8 episodes of the “Blockbuster” TV series.
  • Voice of “Frank The Plant” in 17 episodes of “Harley Quinn.”
  • Voiced “Marker” in 16 episodes of “Woke.”
  • Contributed to 15 episodes of “Fairfax” from 2021 to 2022.
  • Voiced in 46 episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” spanning from 2007 to 2021.

Michael Cusack (Knifey) 

Michael Cusack
Michael Cusack

Next up, the next weapon that we would like to talk about will be known as Knifey which was voiced by Michael Cusack. The weapon itself can be picked up whenever players are busy doing the 9-TORG bounty.

Now, when it comes to his vocal works, he will have taken part in a selected curation of TV series as well as TV shorts such as: 

  • Featured in 8 episodes of “Smiling Friends” (2020-2022).
  • Notable role in “YOLO Crystal Fantasy,” appearing in 3 episodes in 2020.
  • Wrote and participated in the “Bushworld Adventures” TV short.

Laura Silverman (Lizzie) 

Laura Silverman
Laura Silverman

In High on Life, Lizzie is the main character’s sister. Players will be able to recognize her to be voiced by Laura Silverman who is a lesser-known actor but nonetheless did an amazing job at voicing Lizzie. 

  • Voiced in “Menorah in the Middle” in 2022.
  • Contributed to 50 episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” spanning from 2011 to 2022.
  • Appeared in 11 episodes of “Big Hero 6 The Series” from 2017 to 2021.

Tim Robinson (Creature) 

Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson

The Creature weapon is voiced by Tim Robinson, who is mostly known for his writing works such as: 

  • He took part in a TV series called “Literally I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson” that lasted from 2019 to 2021. 
  • Other than that, he also took part in a whopping 68 episodes of Saturday Night Live. 

Betsy Sodaro (Sweezy) 

Betsy Sodaro
Betsy Sodaro

Next up, we have yet another weapon that is called Sweezy. Players will be able to recognize the voice actor being Betsy Sodaro, who is known for works such as:

  • Featured in 13 episodes of “Big City Greens” (2019-2022).
  • Appeared in 4 episodes of “Ghosts” in 2022.
  • Played a role in 30 episodes of “Duncanville” starting in 2020.

Dave Herman (Gene) 

Dave Herman
Dave Herman

Another of the popular High On Life Voice Actors that players will be able to encounter whenever they play High on Life will be of Gene, who will be voiced by Dave Herman

Players will be able to take note of Dave from a few other works of his, such as the following: 

  • Featured in 107 episodes of the ongoing “Futurama” since 1999.
  • Contributed to 144 episodes of “Bob’s Burgers.”
  • Participated in 29 episodes of “The Great North” (2021-2022).
  • Took part in 24 episodes of “Central Park.”


Now that we are done with the main voices, let’s now go through some Extras Voice Actors in High On Life:

  • Nolan North 
  • Tara Strong 
  • Kevin McDonald 
  • Maria Bamford 
  • Thomas Middleditch 
  • Mary Mack 
  • Alec Robbins 
  • Abed Gheith 
  • Chris Romano 
  • Cassie Steele 
  • Derrick Beckles 
  • Eden Sher
  • Eric Bauza
  • Echo Kellum
  • Gregg Berger
  • Gigi Edgley
  • Hal Lublin
  • Jon Daly
  • James Urbaniak
  • Jay Bauman
  • Joel Haver
  • Kari Wahlgren
  • Maurice LaMarche
  • Mike Stoklasa 
  • Ryan Ridley 
  • Rich Fulcher
  • Rich Evans 
  • Rob Schrab 
  • Steve Agee
  • Trent Lenkarski 
  • Wayne Pygram 
  • Vatche Panos 
  • Zach Hadel 

And there we have it! All the voice actors that we could find took part in the game, and with that, we will wrap up our High On Life Voice Actors guide!

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