High On Life

Brought to you by Squanch Games, in collaboration with the creators of Rick and Morty, High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game. Taking place in a sci-fi world, take control of a human bounty hunter who is trying to get rid of the malicious alien G3 Cartel that is trying to invade Earth. With the help of goofy talking weapons, assassinate multiple targets in order to destroy G3 Cartel’s leadership to save humanity. Your guns are a huge part of the game as they’ll help you solve puzzles, eliminate enemies, and also guide you on where to go next at times. You can gain or upgrade your abilities by purchasing them through shops or finding them in chests. With lots to explore, you’re bound to get confused. When that happens, eXputer will have your back with the best guides, error fixes, tier lists, settings, and much more to help you save humanity!