High On Life: Should Gene Stay Or Leave?

Learn what happens when players decide to allow Gene to stay or want him to get kicked out of the house!

There comes a time when players might need help figuring out whether Gene should Stay Or Leave in High On Life since the choices can become difficult. The game features a bounty-hunting storyline that urges payers to go from one bounty to the next, and during it, players also end up encountering Gene and Lizzie

Key Highlights

  • Gene, an alien, is an unwelcome couch occupant at Lizzie’s house.
  • Lizzie is your sister, and players aim to reconcile with her.
  • Players can choose to side with either Lizzie or Gene.
  • Regardless of choices, Gene remains at the house.
  • Players engage in a business deal with Gene, requiring cautious decisions to avoid upsetting him.

Starting The Conversation 

When you enter the room, you find Gene sitting on the couch and Lizzie standing nearby. Lizzie notices the weapon in your hand and makes a comment about having another girl on the team, which your weapon replies to somewhat snarkily, pointing out that you and Lizzie are not the same species.

Gene chimes in, acknowledging your progress as a bounty hunter. Lizzie asks about your recent mission, and Gene mentions that you killed a G3, praising your skills. Lizzie compliments your choice of profession but admits she didn’t expect you to become a bounty hunter.

When Gene defends bounty hunting, Lizzie gets upset and asks you to tell him to leave. Gene mispronounces Lizzie’s name as Leslie and refers to you as her kid, but Lizzie corrects him, emphasizing that you’re siblings. Gene still insists it doesn’t change anything.

Lizzie questions why Gene can’t find his own place, but he defends himself, saying he takes up minimal space and that you both had a fair deal. This is where you have some options to choose from.

Gene Can Stay 

Gene Leaves Or Stays
Gene Leaves Or Stays (Image Credits Exputer)

In the scenario where you choose “Gene can stay,” the conversation unfolds as follows:

  1. Lizzie expresses concern about your allegiance to Gene, but Gene insists she should be proud of your respect for him.
  2. Lizzie gets irritated as Gene keeps referring to you as her kid, but Gene brushes it off, mentioning that Lizzie smells like flimborg, which he finds untrustworthy.
  3. Lizzie defends Tweeg and accuses Gene of being “spacist.” Gene argues that flimborgs aren’t good partners.
  4. Lizzie asks for your support, leading to two options: “Lizzie, you should listen to Gene” or “Gene, you’re being spacist.”

If you choose to tell Lizzie to side with Gene, the conversation continues:

Lizzie Should Listen To Gene
Lizzie Should Listen To Gene (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Lizzie questions your loyalty and suspects Gene is using you.
  2. Gene admits to being a bit spacist and suggests Lizzie should leave if she’s so bothered by him being there.
  3. Lizzie expresses frustration about not having peace in her home due to Gene.
  4. Lizzie asks for your input on who you’re siding with, with two choices: side with Lizzie or Gene.

If you side with Gene:

  1. Lizzie gets even angrier and mentions that she’s the only human you have left.
  2. Gene appreciates your support but declines being your “new sister.”
  3. Lizzie groans, and Gene suggests you focus on bounties and check out the pawn shop.
  4. An incoming call from Kenny follows, and Gene reminds you that you’re business partners, not friends.

You can then talk to Gene again, where he reflects on seeing potential in you. Another conversation option has Gene advising you not to be too hard on Lizzie.

Speaking to Lizzie:

  1. She wishes you good luck, plans to explore Blim, and Gene warns her about potential kidnappings.
  2. Lizzie gets annoyed and sarcastically thanks you for siding with Gene.
  3. She mentions changing isn’t easy for her and threatens to get rid of your comics.
  4. If you ask her what she’s been up to, Lizzie explains her efforts to get familiar with the area, meet new people, and distract herself from her troubles. She apologizes for making you choose sides and asks about your experience with bounty hunting. She’s glad space provides you an outlet, considering what you might have done on Earth.

Gene Should Leave 

Now, let’s see the possibilities of the things that could end up happening if you end up choosing the option where Gene should leave

If you choose “Gene should leave,” here’s what happens:

Lizzie sighs with relief and says she was scared you were going to side with Gene. Gene agrees to leave, taking all his bounty equipment with him, effectively ending your job as a bounty hunter and requiring you to return the suit. He mentions the hope for someone else to stop the G3 invasion. When you don’t respond, he assumes agreement and emphasizes that your business is a good thing.

Lizzie reiterates that she’s your sister, not your mom, and asks for your support.

If you choose the option to call Gene a space racist, Gene agrees with the label. Lizzie thanks either you or Gene (unclear), expressing relief that Gene might leave. The conversation returns to the point where Lizzie calls Gene an “alien cripple,” and she asks whose side you’re on.

If you side with Lizzie, Gene agrees and promises to be less of a bother while watching his shows. He expresses a desire to help you and avoid returning to the streets. Lizzie allows him to stay temporarily until he finds his own place. Gene mentions missing half of his program due to the argument and tells everyone to be quiet. He reminds you of your remaining bounties and suggests checking out the pawn shop. Kenny’s incoming call is also mentioned.

Side With Lizzie
Side With Lizzie (Image Credits Exputer

And there we have it! A detailed look into how the conversations play out based on what options you choose, and with that, we will wrap up our High On Life Gene Stay Or Leave guide! 

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