High On Life: Should Gene Stay Or Leave?

Learn what happens when players decide to allow Gene to stay or want him to get kicked out of the house!

There comes a time when players might need help figuring out whether Gene should Stay Or Leave in High On Life since the choices can become difficult. The game features a bounty-hunting storyline that urges payers to go from one bounty to the next, and during it, players also end up encountering Gene and Lizzie

Key Highlights

  • Gene will be a couch-hogging alien in the game that refuses to leave Lizzie’s home no matter what happens. 
  • Lizzie will be your sister, and players will want to find a way to see eye to eye with her. 
  • The main objective of the conversation will be to let players choose who they want to side with, whether it be Lizzie or Gene. 
  • No matter the choices, Gene will end up staying in your home, so the final result won’t be all that affected!
  • Players will be in a business deal with Gene; therefore, they will have to pick their choices carefully in order to not get on the bad side of Gene. 

Starting The Conversation 

When you first enter the room, you will end up finding Gene sitting on the couch as he usually does, and Lizzie will be standing towards the back of the couch, and when she sees the weapon in your hand, she exclaims that “it’s good that there’s another girl in the team” and then proceeds to say that she is not being snarky

The weapon in your hand snarkily replies by saying that both of them are not even the same species, so Lizzie shouldn’t get too excited. After that, Gene instantly hears the conversation and gives his input by saying that you’re already getting the hang of the bounty hunter objective

Lizzie then progresses by asking you how the mission went, to which Gene will say that you ended up killing a G3 and that he taught you well. Lizzie then compliments you and says that she’s really glad that you found your calling, but she never really expected it to be bounty hunting

The second Gene says, “What’s wrong with bounty hunting” we can hear Lizzie get upset, and she rebuttals by asking us to tell Gene to go back home since she doesn’t want to share a couch with him under any circumstances. 

Gene then mispronounces Lizzie’s name by calling her Leslie and says that you both had a business deal, and Lizzie instantly corrects him and then says that you are not her kid but rather you are both just siblings. Gene then replies by saying that he doesn’t understand how your species operates, but he says that it doesn’t change a thing

Lizzie then says, “Why can’t he find his own place?”, to which Gene replies by saying that he barely ends up taking any space and that both you and him had a fair deal. And this is where the options are presented to you. 

Gene Can Stay 

Gene Leaves Or Stays
Gene Leaves Or Stays (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, let’s move on to the first choice that you can go with. If you end up choosing “Gene can stay”, then the conversation will play out a little something like this. 

Lizzie will first start by saying that both of you barely know Gene, and then proceeds to ask whether you’re gonna side with him over your sister. Gene then goes on to say that Lizzie should be proud that she raised you with proper respect

Gene says that you are Lizzie’s kid on purpose, to which Lizzie gets pissed off and says that she’s the sister, but Gene knows that. He then says that Lizzie keeps coming back into the house smelling like flimborg, that she really shouldn’t be hanging around him, and that his species can’t be trusted. 

Lizzie then defends Tweeg and goes on to say that Gene is spacist and that Tweeg isn’t her boyfriend yet. Gene then says that he knows that Flimborgs aren’t good partners no matter what. 

Lizzie then asks you to have her back, to which you will be presented with two more options. You can either choose to say that “Lizzie, you should listen to Gene” or you can go ahead and say, Gene, you’re being spacist. 

Lizzie Should Side With Gene 

Lizzie Should Listen To Gene
Lizzie Should Listen To Gene (Image Credits Exputer)

If you end up choosing the option where it tells Lizzie to side with gene, then she will immediately be taken back and says that you don’t have to side with a guy just because he ended up giving you some cool things to work with. She also says that she has a feeling that Gene is using you

Gene then goes on to say that he does appreciate your loyalty but he sort of is a spacist, and he says that he’s working on it. Lizzie then goes on to say that she really can’t take much more of Gene consistently staying here. 

Gene then goes ahead and says that if Lizzie is being so pissed off by Gene being around, then maybe it’s Lizzie who should leave instead of him. Gene then says that his legs don’t work and that he’s stuck having to listen to Lizzie and her “boy troubles” constantly. 

Lizzie then argues back with Gene by saying that she can barely get peace in her own home, simply because there’s a crippled Gene consistently on her couch. The both of them continue to have a small banter on whether High On Life Gene Stay Or Leave.

After that, Lizzie then asks you whether you’re going to say anything or not. And then she goes ahead and asks who’s the side you are on. From there, you will get two options to either side with Lizzie or gene. 

Side With Gene 

From here, if you end up choosing the option to side with gene, Lizzie will end up getting even madder, and she will proceed to say that that’s just great (obviously in sarcasm), and that you should know that she’s the only human you have left. 

Gene will then go on to say that he is flattered that you consistently want to side with him, but there’s no way in hell he will be your “new sister”, since it was never part of the deal. Lizzie will groan in the back out of annoyance and Gene goes ahead and says that that’s enough excitement for one day. 

After that, Gene will go ahead and say that you have more bounties that you need to get to. He will also tell you that you should check out the pawn shop to see what kind of items you can get your hands on using your payout. From there, he turns on the tv to continue watching his stories. 

From there, there will be an incoming call from Kenny, and he goes on to say that that was tense, and he said he’s really glad that he doesn’t have any family left alive at times like these but that he still does lthem a lot. 

After that, Gene reminds you that players will be able to use their bounty 5000 to revisit any planet they have already been to once. Gene will then say that you shouldn’t think you are best friends simply because you ended up siding with him, and he reminds you that both of you are strictly business partners

If you strike up a conversation with Gene again, he will tell you that he sees the same spark in you as he used to have in himself, but that can’t be it and that he must be seeing things. Another conversation with him will make Gene tell you not to be so tough on Lizzie even though he despises her. 

You can then turn around to talk to Lizzie, who will tell you good luck and that she will continue to explore the general area in Blim while you continue to do your bounties. Gene will then tells Lizzie to be careful since humans are a resource and she might end up being kidnapped, to which Lizzie gets really annoyed and says that she’s more than capable enough to take care of herself. 

Lizzie will then be even more annoyed art you and sarcastically say a thank you for siding with Gene over your own sister. She then says that this change isn’t easy for her either, and then rebuttals with an annoying response to which she says that the next you’re busy with a mission, she will simply g ahead and get rid of all your comics

You can strike up another conversation where you ask what she has been up to, and she says that she’s been fine, but she’s just trying her very best to get familiar with the area that they are in and that she’s been trying to meet new people, and that she wants to take her mind off of things simply. 

She then even says sorry for making you pick slides between her or Gene earlier, and she then asks whether you actually end up killing a G3 and how and when you even end up learning this stuff. She then asks whether it was because of the shooters that you played, and then she’s glad that space ended up giving you an outlet and that God knows what you would’ve done on Earth. 

Gene Should Leave 

Now, let’s see the possibilities of the things that could end up happening if you end up choosing the option where Gene should leave

The second you do so, you will hear a relieved sigh incoming from Lizzie, who will then go ahead and say that “oh, that’s good”, and that she was scared for a minute thinking that you were going to end up siding with Gene

Gene then goes on to say that he’ll get out of here, and he will abide between the options that you chose, which were whether High On Life Gene Stay Or Leave. However, he also adds on the fact that if he does end up going away, he’ll also simply go ahead and take all of his bounty equipment with him too, which would practically land you out of a job. He also says that you will then have to give him back the suit too. 

And he also adds that everyone can just hope that there will be someone else who can come along to stop the G3 invasion. Upon hearing no response from you, he rebuttals with a “that’s what I thought,” and that the business you both have going in between each other is a good thing and that both you and “your mom” (contemplating adding a joke) should be happy

And Lizzie will reply with the same reply that we heard before, where she said that she’s our sister, not our mom. The conversation then repeats back to the Flimborg situation. She then kindly asks you to have her back here. 

Gene You’re A Space Racist 

When Lizzie asks you to have her back, if you end up choosing the option to call Gene a space racist, the following conversation will end up playing out. 

Instead of being angry, Gene will actually agree with you and say that he is indeed a space racist, and Lizzie will say a loud thank you to you or Gene, one or the other, and then she goes back to saying that she doesn’t think she can take more of the guy being here in her home. 

The conversation then repeats back to the point where Lizzie calls Gene an alien cripple, and from here, Lizzie once again asks whose side you are on

Side With Lizzie

Side With Lizzie
Side With Lizzie (Image Credits Exputer

Once you end up selecting the option to side with Lizzie, Gene will instantly say, “alright.” He then says that he can understand how he may be a bit of a bother, and he then says that he will try his best not to cause trouble whenever he’s watching his stories, and he’ll try his best to keep it down. 

He says he doesn’t want to go back to the streets and does want to help you. Lizzie then says that he can stay, but only for the time being until he is able to find his own place, and then he can move out. 

Gene then says he really is grateful, but then he goes back to saying that because of the banter, he missed half of his program, and then he tells everyone to shut the hell up. He then tells you that you have quite a few more bounties to get to. 

The conversation will then repeat to how you can go over to the Pawn Shop to check out items, as well as Kenny’s incoming call. 


And there we have it! A detailed look into how the conversations play out based on what options you choose, and with that, we will wrap up our High On Life Gene Stay Or Leave guide! 

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