Dead Island 2: All Voice Actors & Cast

Meet the real heroes behind the fabulous voice acting of Dead Island 2.

The upcoming gore and dramatic game Dead Island 2 has a fantastic cast of Voice Actors than will leave you in awe. Most of the actors voice over playable characters that will impress you with dark-humored quips. Dead Island 2 itself is a terrific game to play, especially if you are into horror/zombie games like Resident Evil 4 or The Last Of Us. These actors are pretty well-known and have a good level of experience that they brought to their respective characters. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 6 main playable characters in Dead Island 2. The rest are NPCs.

The following 10 people are part of the Dead Island 2 Voice Actors List:

  1. Carolina Ravassa
  2. Skye Bennet 
  3. Mick Wingert 
  4. Derek Siow 
  5. Jennifer Armour 
  6. Ronan Summers 
  7. Michelle Fox 
  8. Okezie Morro 
  9. Ethan Krover 
  10. Luke Stevenson

All Dead Island 2 Voice Actors

Voice Actors In Dead Island 2
All Voice Actors

Now we have gathered up all of the Voice Actors who voice-act the main characters who will be found in Dead Island 2. This lineup of voice actors has pre-recorded their quips in the form of funny one-liners. You will definitely find them entertaining as you play the game. It will make your gameplay truly immersive and full of life because that is what Dambuster Studio does. 

Here’s a complete list of all the voice actors: 

CharacterVoice ActorNotable Previous Work
AmySkye BennettPyra/Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Erin (Suspicion)
MaxMick WingertDiablo Immortal, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Arcane
RyanRonan SummersVikings, Control, Forza Horizon 5
CarlaCarolina RavassaSombra (Overwatch 2), Symmetra (Overwatch)
DaniMichelle FoxCasualty, Emmerdale, Coronation Street
JacobOkezie MorroDoctor Who, Top Boy, The Witcher
FelixEthan KorverCall of Duty: Vanguard, Forza Horizon 5, Horizon Forbidden West
ZombiesLuke StevensonAssassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Forbidden West
Alex NguyenDerek SiowGene Wilcox In All the Old Knives (Movie),Tony Song In War Machine (Movie)
JanetJennifer ArmourBarbara in Medieval (Movie),Patrol Cop in Havoc (Movie)

Carolina Ravassa As Carla

Carolina Ravassa in Dead Island 2
Carolina Ravassa

Now the character of Carla is a badass in Dead Island 2. The zombie slayer hates to be bored and loves the adrenaline rush pumping her veins! She is one of those characters that really steal a scene from a single frame. Yes, Carla is a playable character. Carolina Ravassa is her Dead Island 2 voice actor, who is experienced to the core for this role, to say the least. She has played a good amount of noticeable characters in video games that are even played as of now. 

Notable Work 

Acting List

  • Voice Actor
  • Actor
  • Director 
  • Producer
  • Writer 


  • Winner of BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award For Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game (Overwatch)
  • Nominee of BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award For Best Female Vocal Performance in a Video Game in a Supporting Role (Overwatch) 

Skye Bennet As Amy 

Skye Bennet In Dead Island 2
Skye Bennet

Onto the chill and focused character in Dad Island 2, Amy. She is an extremely witty zombie slayer that has found a new high of killing zombies. She is also a playable character and Skye Bennet is her Dead Island 2 Voice Actor. This isn’t her first rodeo as a voice actor for a video game. Skye is an extremely talented actress who is definitely on the verge of getting successful in her field of work. She definitely has a hand in bringing the character of Amy to life! 

Notable Work 

  • Erin in Suspicion (TV Series)
  • Notable Work in Horizon Forbidden West (Game)
  • Margot in Where Is Anne Frank (Animated Film)
  • Lissie in Draugen (Game)

Acting List

  • Voice Actor
  • Actor
  • Director 
  • Composer


  • Winner of the Los Angeles Short Film Festival Award For Best Actress (Chalk)
  • Nominee of the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game
    (Zenobureido 2)

Mick Wingert As Max

Mick Wingert Dead Island 2
Mick Wingert

Unlike the rest of the zombie killers, Max is not a slayer. It means you cannot play like him. He is what you would call a survivor in Dead Island 2. But there is more to the character than what can be said so you will just have to play the game to see. As far as it does for his voice actor, he is played by Mick Wingert in Dead Island 2. You may recognize him from his work in many popular series. He really showed his experience to the players through his portrayal of Max, which can be seen in the trailer. 

Notable Work

  • Heimerdinger in Arcane (TV Series)
  • Iron Man in What If…? (TV Series)
  • Po in Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny (TV Series)
  • Koslow In Attack On Titan (Anime)

Acting List 

  • Voice Actor
  • Actor
  • Sound Department
  • Additional Crew


  • Winner of BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award For Best Vocal Ensemble in a New Television Series (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
  • Winner of Kidscreen Award Best New Series – Kids (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny)
  • Nominee of BTVA Television Voice Acting Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series -Comedy/Musical (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness)

Derek Siow As Alex Nguyen

Derek Siow In Dead Island 2
Derek Siow

A game’s realistic aspect and depth not only comes from its main characters but also from the NPCs. Alex Nguyen is just that. He is a Vietnamese Doctor that can be found inside the laboratory. He is played by an actor known as Derek Siow, who was cast in Dead Island 2 to be an extremely cute NPC. Although Derek hasn’t really been part of shows that are “popular,” he is a remarkable actor. 

Notable Work 

  • Gene Wilcox In All the Old Knives (Movie)
  • Tony Song In War Machine (Movie)
  • Lin Ju-Long In The Fear Index (TV Series) 
  • Additional Voices In Horizon Forbidden West (Game)

Jennifer Armour As Janet

Jennifer Armour In Dead Island 2
Jennifer Armour

Another NPC, or what is called a survivor in Dead Island 2, which we don’t really know much about yet! Although some sources say, she plays her part in the plot of Dead Island 2. Jennifer Armour is cast as Janet in Dead Island 2. Jen is an upcoming actress who has recently been doing many projects which are pretty notable. She has experience as a voice actor through the Horizon Forbidden West video game. 

Notable Work 

  • Barbara in Medieval (Movie)
  • Patrol Cop in Havoc (Movie)
  • Wendy Blisset in Hollyoaks (TV Series)
  • Pentagon Spokesperson in Homeland (TV Series)

Ronan Summers As Ryan 

Ronan Summers Cast
Ronan Summers

One of the playable slayers in Dead Island 2 is Ryan, who is a stereotypical heroic strongman found in survival games. But he is more than just the big muscles… On second thought, he isn’t. But he is loveable and fun to play in the game. The jacked zombie slayer is voiced by Ronan Summers. Ronan has had a good amount of experience experimenting with various jobs the acting world has to offer. So he can be considered a persistent entertainer.

Notable Work 

  • Scott Tyler in Forza Horizon 5 (Game)
  • Webster Mackay in Battlefield 2042 (Game)
  • Security Man in Absolutely Anything (Movie)
  • “Drop The Leg” Guard Guardians Of The Galaxy (Movie) 

Acting List 

  • Voice Actor
  • Actor
  • Visual Effects
  • Producer

Michelle Fox As Dani

Michelle Fox Cast
Michelle Fox

Dani is an extremely cooler baller in Dead Island 2 as she is a zombie slayer. She is a playable character and has incredible abilities to use in the game. Her persona is of a woman free from her work life and emerging as a funky and lethal killer, of zombies, of course. Michelle Fox was cast to play the sinister-humored character of Dani, and she did an incredible job, as seen in the trailer of the game itself. 

Notable Work 

  • Lyn in A Very English Scandal (TV Mini-Series)
  • Bea Kinsella in Casualty (TV Series)
  • Imogene in Overshadowed (TV Series) 
  • Jen Burgers in Doctors (TV Series)

Okezie Morro As Jacob

Okezie Morro Cast
Okezie Morro

Jacob is what you call an anti-hero. Anti-heroes tend to be most loved by the audience. You will experience the same with the character of Jacob. He has a full-on Rockstar persona which you will thoroughly enjoy in Dead Island 2. Okezie Morro portrays the character of Jacob in Dead Island 2. He really gave the main character vibe to Jacob that you feel in the game. It shows how Obezie is a very remarkable actor in his field.

Notable Work 

  • Bryan Hunt in The Mist (TV Series)
  • Jammer in Red Tails (Movie)
  • Ecene in Shuga (TV Series) 
  • Putnam in World War Z (Movie) 

Ethan Korver As Felix

Ethan Korver Cast
Ethan Korver

Not much is known about the NPC of Felix. The production team has kept this character as a hidden survivalist in Dead Island 2. Who knows, maybe Felix is of utter significance in the main storyline of Dead Island 2? The  Dead Island 2 Voice Actor cast to portray Felix is Ethan Korver. He is mainly known as a director and then an actor. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take away his experience in doing voice-overs for video game characters.

Notable Work 

  • Dolph in Far Cry 4 (Game)
  • Eli in State Of Decay (Game)
  • Drake in Battlefield: Hardline (Game)
  • Director Of The Extreme Dago Show (TV Series) 

Acting List 

  • Director
  • Actor
  • Voice Actor
  • Writer 

Luke Stevenson As Zombies

Luke Stevenson Cast
Luke Stevenson

There are many new types of zombies that can be found in Dead Island 2, such as Slobbers and Grabbers, Slobbers are these sick zombies that can tear off their limbs and use them as ranged weapons. They have the ability also to blow up. Grabbers are also a new species of zombies in Dead Island 2 that grab without consent. Luke Stevenson voiced over these creepy zombies, so props to him for doing it.

Notable Work 

  • Danny in P.O.V (Movie)
  • Sam and Sally in The Escapee 9: Ressurection (Short film)
  • Additional Crew in Dear Dictator (Movie)
  • Rober in Binny And The Ghost (TV Series)

Acting List

  • Actor 
  • Voice Actor
  • Additional Crew


So these were the real heroes behind the characters you will see in Dead Island 2. Each Dead Island 2 Voice Actor should definitely be credited for bringing their respective characters to life. Comment down below your favorite voice actor in the cast of Dead Island 2. Make sure to check out our other guides over the game as well since we will provide you with inclusive details about it. 


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