Marvel Snap: Best Cards [Pool 1,2,3]

Learn all the best cards in each pool to increase the chances of beating all odds.

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  • The best card in Pool one is Iron Man
  • The best card in Pool Two is Jubilee
  • The best card in Pool Three is Sera

You get cards as you spend credits to upgrade cards and level up in the Collection Level. There are three pools currently in the Marvel Snap, and two will be added in the future. With so many cards, players tend to get confused about which one to use. So, here we are with the Marvel Snap best Cards In All Pools guide.

You get the same card in all pools, but every player gets them randomly; for example, If I get Carnage at Level 18, you get some other card at that level. The three pools start from: 

  • Pool One: Collection Level 18 to 214, contains 46 Cards
  • Pool Two: Collection Level 222 to 474, contains 25 Cards
  • Pool Three: Collection Level 486 to N/A, contains 100+ Cards

Pool One Cards

Here, we’ll include all the cards that you get from the start. Yes, that includes beginner cards because some beginner cards are just broken, giving you a guaranteed win at a certain location.

America Chavez


America Chavez’s ability allows you to draw her card on only turn six. Some might think that there is no benefit to that. However, being able to draw a card at turn six makes the game give you the card for your startup and mid-game. Furthermore, her power level is nine, which is enough to give you a guaranteed win at a certain location. America Chavez being in your deck is not a downfall.

Iron Man

Pool one Iron Man
Iron Man ~ Marvel Snap

You get an Iron Man card as a beginner. However, the Iron Man card is overpowered. Its ongoing ability to double the power at a location grants you an instant win. Just put Iron Man at a losing location, and boom! You win.

Furthermore, you can even use the Iron Man card on an empty location, and on turn six, just put a card there with high power like Hulk or America Chavez, and your power doubles.


Marvel Snap Nightcrawler
Nightcrawler ~ Marvel Snap

Nightcrawler is another beginner card on the list. In Marvel Snap, flexibility is important too, and Nightcrawler Card is built for that. His ability grants you to move him to any location you desire. However, his power level is only two, but it can turn advantageous for you in the late-game


Marvel Snap Elektra
Elektra ~ Marvel Snap

Elektra can destroy a random card with 1 cost energy. You can remove the upper hand of your opponents like Nightcrawler. Gives you one power and only costs one energy. She can be very advantageous at locations like Mojoworld, where the one who has the most cards at this location has +100 power because most opponents will play 1 energy card here to make it cheap and get the buff of this location.

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur ~ Marvel Snap

Devil Dinosaur’s ongoing ability grants +2 power for every card on your hand. It gives you a huge advantage in locations where the opponent is winning by a great number.

Pool Two

Pool Two contains the least card, and it also contains the Marvel Snap Best Cards for mid-game. 


Marvel Snap Jubilee
Jubilee ~ Marvel Snap

Jubilee is the best card in Pool Two with four cost energy and one power. Her On Reveal ability puts a card from your deck at her location. This being random, you can even get the high-cost cards, which may be perfect for your winning.

The Collector

The Collector ~ Marvel Snap

The Collector card costs only 2 energy and gives you one power in return. However, his power increase by +1, if any card enters your hand (not from your deck). You can get cards in many ways, for example, Moon Girl duplicates all the cards on your hands. Many locations even provide you with the useless rock, well not useless anymore with The Collector.


Marvel Snap Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin ~ Marvel Snap

Hobgoblin costs 5 energy and gives -8 power, but don’t worry, -8 power to your opponent, not to you. Its ability is that your opponent gains control of this card and bears all the loss. If you’re a strategist, this card is definitely going into your deck. You can ruin the plans of your opponent if he’s planning to play Iron Man or a certain trump card on a location by filling their place and giving them the power loss.

The Infinaut


The Infinaut is actually overpowered, granting you an instant win with its +20 power, and it costs 6 energy; consider it your trump card for that one location. However, you can’t play this card if you have played a card in the previous turn, meaning you have to sacrifice a turn. It may sound downfall, and it is, in only some situations. You will have to plan your tactics accordingly to use The Infinaut.


Marvel Snap Okoye
Okoye ~ Marvel Snap

Okoye card cost 2 power and 2 energy. Her ability is to grant +1 power to every card available on your deck. With locations like Sinister London, where it adds another copy of the card to another location, the Okoye card can take advantage of that and gain 2 buffs, meaning +2 power.

Pool Three

Pool Three Cards have been a secret for all of us since no one really has completed it. So, it’s difficult to say which card is the Marvel Snap Best Card. However, we have listed the best cards in Pool Three that we know of.


Marvel Snap Sera
Sera ~ Marvel Snap

Sera is very efficient, as she has the ongoing ability to reduce 1 energy cost. You can play broken cards like Iron Man and still use some less energy-cost cards to secure other locations, which are a few powers away.


Marvel Snap Magik
Magik ~ Marvel Snap

You can’t play her on turn 6, and she has an energy cost of 5 with +3 power. Her ability to change the location to Limbo, where it’s revealed that there will be a turn 7 in-game. Her ability can give you an advantage considering your opponent didn’t plan for turn 7. You can take out some locations in the end.


Marvel Snap Lockjaw
Lockjaw ~ Marvel Snap

Lockjaw costs 3 power and gives you 2 power. Furthermore, whenever you play a card on the location where Lockjaw is, it will be swapped with another card in your deck, meaning you can get rid of that rock and get a better card.


Marvel Snap Mystique
Mystique ~ Marvel Snap

She has the ability to copy an ongoing ability of the last card you played. This means you can play Iron Man and secure two locations at a time. She costs only 3 energy with 0 power. And 0 power certainly doesn’t mean downfall.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom ~ Marvel Snap

His card cost 6 energy and provides +5 power. His ability puts a +5 power card on all the locations too. His only downfall is energy costs. However, his ability can guarantee you a win at all three if your opponent is about to catch up with you

In summary, the Marvel Snap Best Card in Pool One: America Chavez, Pool Two: Jubilee, and Pool Three: Sera. These are the number one cards in all pools we’ve concluded. 

That’s all in our Best Cards In All Pools. Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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