Marvel Snap: The Best Decks With Hands-On Experience

Here are the best recommendations for the deadliest decks after investing 130+ hours into playing!

If you are a new player, you are going to need beginner card knowledge to win games. You might get stuck thinking of the best Marvel Snap decks to use against your opponents. I have enlisted the top 10 Marvel Snap builds currently being used by the best players in the game. By using cards that summon more decoy cards, you can easily fill all three locations. You have to take your time with Buff’d deck since it has a lot of pool three characters.

Key Takeaways
  • A Gameplan requires certain combos to corner up opponents
  • It is important to know the compatibility between the card and the location it’ll be played at.
  • The honorable deck is a budget deck that you can easily build.
  • Sera Buff Miracle is one of if not the top-tier decks that you can build currently.

Marvel Snap Best Decks 

Here is a summarised version of the best decks in Marvel Snap:

Rank No. Marvel Snap Best DecksCardsBest For
1Swarm BuffOkoye, Wasp, Nakia, Nova, Mojo, Mysterio, Killmonger, Mister Sinister, Doctor Octopus, Forge, Bishop, BroodBuff Combo
2InfinautSquirrel Girl, The Infinaut, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Nightcrawler, Ka-Zar, Dracula, Elektra, Carnage, Ant-man, America Chavez, Angela.Ability
3Mid-Range AggroThe Punisher, Sentinel, Rocket Raccoon, Nightcrawler, Medusa, Mister Fanatic, Iron Man, Ka-Zar, Elektra, Ant-Man, America Chavez, AngelaMid-Range
4MovementVulture, Kraven, Juggernaut, Iron Fist, Hulk Buster, Human Torch, Heimdall, Doctor Strange, Dagger, Cloak, Storm, Captain Marvel Unpredicatable
5Self-Destruction AggroWolfsbane, Deathlok, Strong Guy, Scarlett Witch, Nova, Mister Fantastic, Elektra, Blade, Angel, Ka-Zar, Ant-mNAEnhancement
6Death WaveNova, America Chavez, Angel, Carnage, Bucky Barnes, Deathlok, Death, Jubilee, Iron Man, Okoye, Wave, YonduHybrid
7Sandman AggroAntman, Nightcrawler, Yondu, Angela, Colossus, Captain America, Cosmo, The Punisher, Namor, Iron Man, The Claw, SpectrumEasy To Learn
8Dracula DiscardAngela, Apocalypse, Colleen Wing, Dracula, Blade, Green Goblin, Hell Cow, Lady Sif, Magik, Morbius, Swarm, Sword MasterConsistency
9Sun and MoonAmerica Chavez, The Collector, Sentinel, Moon Girl, Nightcrawler, Nova, Mantis, Deathlok, Carnage, Cable, Devil Dinosaur, ElektraBuff Combo
10Pool One OngoingAnt-man, Nightcrawler, Yondu, Angela, Colossus, Captain America, Cosmo, The Punisher, Namor, Iron Man, Klaw, SpectrumEasy To Buils

10. Buff’d – Swarm Buff Deck

The Best Buff Combo.
Swarm Buff Deck In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Swarm Buff Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Okoye 2 1
Wasp 0 1
Nakia 3 1
Nova 1 2
Mojo 2 2
Mysterio 2 5
Killmonger 3 3
Mister Sinister 2 2
Doctor Octopus 5 10
Forge 2 1
Bishop  3 2
Brood 3 2
  • Why I Chose This: Players should make use of their buffed cards here such as Killmonger. 

Well just by the name of the deck you can tell the main objective of the deck is to have your cards buffed and strategically place them on the board. It will thwart your opponent’s strategy making them unable to win. It is indeed a really powerful deck that you can utilize to spread out the power across the board and win at all three locations.

The pros and cons for the Buff’d Combo are listed below in my opinion: 

  • Buffed cards with the combo
  • Detonates the enemy’s strategy
  • None. 


The strategy is using your buffed cards. You use cards like Killmonger against the cards that are one cost, like Nova, and kill them off. Using Doctor Octopus at turn five will be advantageous for you, especially in an empty place. After pairing it with Mojo and ensuring your +6 bonus, you will absolutely demolish your enemies.

9. Dracula – Infinaut Deck 

The Best Ability Combo.
 Dracula And Infinaut Deck
Marvel Snap Dracula And Infinaut Deck
Card Cost Power
Squirrel-Girl 1 1
The Infinaut 6 20
Nova 1 2
Rocket Raccoon 1 2
Nightcrawler 1 2
Ka-Zar 4 5
Dracula 4 0
Elektra 1 1
Carnage 2 2
Ant-Man 1 1
America Chavez 6 10
Angela 2 1
  • Why I Chose This: Nova and Carnage are one of the most powerful cards. 

It is a variation of “Flood Of The Board” cards. With the help of powerful cards like Nova and Carnage, you aim to discard your hand by Turn Six As a result, Infinaut is the only target that Dracula can discard, giving him a whopping 20 power to end the game. 

With the buff of America Chavez, there is about a 50 % chance of drawing Dracula and Infinaut by Turn Six. 

For the Dracula combo, the pros and cons are mentioned as follows in my experience: 

  • Ability to discard card is broken. 
  • High power granted to Dracula by end. 
  • Difficult to get


The strategy with the deck building in Marvel Snap is that you focus on playing cards in two certain locations. You play America Chavez on one location with whatever cards buffing it and Dracula in the other. It will create immense tension in both locations. Leaving you cards like Electra and Angela to play on the third location

Apart from the Dracula – Infinanut combo for cards, the other cards in the build can also be put to use to have a 60% advantage over the other team. You can go wide and play absolute destructive strategies via buffs on locations like Xandar and Atlantis.

8. Mid-Range Aggro Deck 

The Best Mid-Range Combo.
Best Marvel Snap Mid Range Aggro Build
Marvel Snap Mid Range Aggro Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
The Punisher 3 2
Sentinel 2 3
Rocket Raccoon 1 2
Nightcrawler 1 2
Medusa 2 2
Mister Fantastic 3 2
Iron Man 5 0
Ka-Zar 0 5
Elektra 1 1
Ant-Man 1 1
America Chavez 6 10
Angela 2 1
  • Why I Chose This: Ant-man is able to enhance the power and can detonate enemy’s decks. 

The Playstyle in the deck is based around Ant-man. As Ant-man can increase its points to +4 power, winning at certain locations becomes easy. The Marvel Snap build has a sort of aggressive play style that can win locations early-game without the battle ever reaching turn six. Strong cards like Iron-man have literally matched finishers as their raw power is enough to obliterate. 

The pros and cons for the Mid-Range Aggro Deck are listed as follows: 

  • Ant-man can enhance it’s points. 
  • Can devastate enemy’s deck. 
  • None. 


With the help of Ant-man, whose cost is just one, it will dominate when you play it after drawing three cards on a certain location. That will, in turn, make the cards power +4, as mentioned previously. Playing Iron-man will increase the total power at the place where he is stationed. The outcome of the game can be easily determined after your strategic play. 

7. Movement Deck

The Best Unpredicatable Deck.
Movement Deck
Marvel Snap Movement Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Vulture 3 3
Kraven 2 2
Juggernaut 3 3
Iron Fist 1 2
Hulk Buster 3 4
Human Torch  1 2
Heimdall 6 8
Doctor Strange 3 2
Dagger 2 1
Cloak 2 4
Storm 3 2
Captain Marvel 5 6
  • Why I Chose This: Devastating combo with cards such as Kraven. 

The deck relies on deception and meticulous planning to keep your opponent guessing while ensuring that you always know where your cards will wind up in the end. The main strategy of the deck is to move your movement buffers like Dagger and Vulture with activators like Doctor Strange, making a deadly combo. The Marvel Snap build is a little hard to use, but once you get the hang of it, you will be winning games even before turning six.

The pros and cons for the Movement Deck are listed below as per my testing: 

  • Keeps the enemies guessing until the last turn. 
  • Deadly combo. 
  • Requires excellent strategy to work well


Using a Kraven combo with three other cards is the best strategy with the deck. When you are in the targeted location, pairing Kraven with Heimdall will wreck the opponent team’s plan. With Heimdall’s ability, you move all the cards with Kraven, which triggers his ability on each of the cards. Dagger and Vulture are usually paired together in the right location.

6. Self-Destruction Aggro Deck

The Best Enhancment Deck.
Marvel Snap Best Build Self Destruction Build
Marvel Snap Self Destruction Aggro Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Wolfsbane 3 1
Deathlok 3 5
Strong Guy 2 3
Scarlett Witch 1 2
Nova 1 2
Mister Fantastic 3 2
Elektra 1 1
Blade 1 3
Angel 1 2
Ka-Zar 4 5
Ant-Man 1 1
Nightcrawler 1 2
  • Why I Chose This: Nova’s cards come in handy here to enhance other cards. 

Another very intriguing and top deck is the Self-destruction deck. It uses the ability of cards like Nova and eliminates them. Which then enhances the rest of the played cards. You can probably guess by the name of the deck that it will use an aggressive strategy. Your main goal would be to raise the location’s starting stats.

The pros and cons for the Self-Destruction Aggro Deck are listed below in my opinion: 

  • Enhances the rest of the cards. 
  • Players need to raise the starting stats. 


Its gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. The idea is to use cards like Ant-man after certain cards to buff up their powers and seize the locations for the win. Safe plays can also be made. Like using Scarlet Witch to replace the entire gentry of cards at a location to favor your deck. When and if your hand becomes empty cards like Strong Guy can boost their power from +2 to +6.

5. Death Wave Deck

The Best Hybrid Deck.
Death Wave Deck
Marvel Snap Death Wave Build – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Nova 1 2
America Chavez 6 10
Angel 1 2
Carnage 2 2
Bucky Barnes 2 1
Deathlok 3 5
Death 9 12
Jubilee 4 1
Iron Man 5 0
Okoye 2 1
Wave 3 3
Yondu 1 2
  • Why I Chose This: The hybrid combo between Death and Wave works exceptionally well. 

What Wave and Death do is that they become a hybrid combo. They will be played in turns five and six, respectively, creating an immense toll on the location. A substantial card like Yondu should be played alongside the combo. The deck is attempting to reduce the cost of Death by using the destroy mechanic. 

As far as the Death Wave is concerned, the pros and cons are mentioned below in my opinion: 

  • Hybrid between Wave and Death. 
  • None. 


The strength of the deck comes from the ease with which you may add twenty or more power to the board in a single turn. It is not enough to know that you must play Wave on turn 4, followed by Death with a finisher card like Ironman on turn 6. in order to control the deck successfully. You should be aware of your strategy from beginning to end since they are late-game combos. 

4. Sandman Aggro Deck

The Best Easy To Learn Deck.
Sandman Aggro Build In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Sandman Aggro DEck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Ant-Man 4 1
Nightcrawler 1 2
Yondu 6 10
Angela 2 1
Colossus 1 1
Captain America 1 6
Cosmo 1 2
The Punisher 5 0
Namor 1 2
Iron Man 4 5
The Claw 5 7
Spectrum 1 2
  • Why I Chose This: With an easy playstyle, players should be able to use the cards to their advantage with ease. 

One of the best Marvel Snap builds with an easy-to-learn playstyle. As the name suggests, the sandman is the main piece of the deck. Ebony Maw, now being buffed up to +7 makes it an even more powerful deck. The deck provides a hell of a punch in the early turns, and when it comes to finishing, America Chavez or Ior-man can swoop in for the win.

The pros and cons for the Sandman Aggro Deck are listed as follows: 

  • Broken deck combo 
  • Easy to learn
  • None. 


The deck is built around Sandman, Ebony Maw, and Kazar, as each of them complements the other perfectly. Ebony Maw is the best first drop in the deck because when you pair it with just two more cards from the deck, you can bump up your overall power numbers to 27. You don’t even have to worry about the other locations, as Iron-man and America Chavez are there to conquer the other ones.

3. Dracula Discard Deck

The Best Consisteny Playstyle Deck.
Dracula Discard Build In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Dracula Discard Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
Angela 2 1
Apocalypse 6 8
Colleen Wing 3 5
Dracula 4 0
Blade 1 3
Green Goblin 3 -3
Hell Cow 2 6
Lady Sif 2 4
Magik 5 3
Morbius 2 0
Swarm 2 3
Sword Master 4 7
  • Why I Chose This: One of the best decks to play with a consistent build. 

It is truly one of the best Marvel Snap builds. The reason is that it is a very consistent play. It ultimately allows you to have a consistent turn-six. With the help of power cards like Apocalypse in the deck, victory is definitely insured. Especially when it is combined with Dracula’s discard ability, it is really important to understand that clearing your hand.

The pros and cons for the Dracula Discard Deck are mentioned below in my opinion:

  • Consistent playstyle. 
  • Ensured victory with the deck in hand. 
  • Players need to strategize the deck well. 


One of the main cards you should look towards utilizing is Morbius because Morbius allows you to push a location very consistently. The combo of Morbius and Angela in the early game allows you to sort of ramp up as you continue to play cards into them. Stacking powerhouses like Apocalypse and Hell Cow being hit with Morbius’s discard will be an impossible situation to face. It might even make your opponent want to run away.

2. Sun And Moon Deck

The Best Buff Combo.
Sun And Moon Build In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Sun And Moon Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost Power
America Chavez 6 10
The Collector 2 0
Sentinel 2 3
Moon Girl 3 3
Nightcrawler 1 2
Nova 1 2
Mantis 1 2
Deathlok 3 5
Carnage 2 2
Cable 2 2
Devil Dinosaur 3 0
Elektra 1 1
  • Why I Chose This: Taking cards away from the enemy’s deck using Mantis and Cable comes in handy. 

A top-tier combo deck that plays with the idea that you want to get cards from your opponent’s deck via Cable and Mantis.  Collector buffs all the opponent’s cards, and you can duplicate them with Moon Girl. You also play the Carnage and Nova combo to buff your board after the fact. It is the first playable combo deck in the game.

The pros and cons for the Sun and Moon Deck are listed below: 

  • Collector can buff the enemy’s card and can be duplicated. 
  • +2 power granted to players if played well. 
  • High strategy required. 


The deck’s objective is to interfere with the energy of the opponent’s cards. Cards like Elektra are used to kill off one-cost cards in early games. The collector is played as a last-resort finisher. When played, its ability is to give +2 additional power to all of the player’s locations if he draws a card from somewhere other than his own deck.

1. Honorable Mention – The Pool One Ongoing Deck

The Best Easy To Build Combo.
Pool One Ongoing Deck
Marvel Snap Pool One Ongoing Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Card Cost  Power
Ant-Man 1 1
Nightcrawler 1 2
Yondu 1 2
Angela 2 1
Colossus 2 3
Captain America 3 3
Cosmo 3 3
The Punisher 3 2
Namor 4 5
Iron Man 5 0
Klaw 5 4
Spectrum 6 4
  • Why I Chose This: Good replacement for players who can’t obtain the Pool Three cards. 

Since most players cannot get the Pool Three cards easily, the honorable mention had to be added for them to use a top-tier budget Pool One deck that they could build easily. The Marvel Snap build mostly has a lot of cards and power cards inside, which is why players go for it. In comparison to the standard continuing list, the deck has a slightly stronger midrange curve.

The pros and cons for the Pool One Ongoing Desk are mentioned below as per my experience: 

  • Easy to build 
  • Good amount of power cards. 
  • Better options available. 


By using Ant-man, which is a powerful one-drop card, you can easily start the early round with a bang. Since its ability can rank up its power to up to +4, assuming you have more cards in the same location, with an all-star like Iron-man with one of the most devastating ongoing abilities in the game. 

My Thoughts On The Best Deck

I’ve usually been on and off on what I personally consider the best deck in Marvel Snap. In my experience, I switch between the Movement, Destroy, and Discard Deck, and out of these, the Movement Deck has been the most reliable thus far. However, I can’t deny that over the recent updates, the Discard card has also gained a lot of traction.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

If you’re still new to Marvel Snap, I would suggest going for the Discard Deck, since you get a ton of good Discard cards in Pool 1 and Pool 2. Furthermore, it requires half the strategy and you can instantly tell when you have a good hand or bad hand mid-match. However, once you get more familiar with the title’s mechanics and positioning, switch over to the Movement Deck. 

It is quite a fun and easy game to play. But requires in-depth knowledge of the cards and plays. You will be able to understand the full-depth knowledge of the card play required to win games.


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