Marvel Snap: BEST Thor Deck With Hands-on Experience

I have grinded for over 200 hours on Marvel Snap, so these are my recommendations for some cards you can try out for your Thor deck!

One of the more powerful cards in the Marvel Snap is Thor, and you can unlock and use it in your deck by purchasing the season pass and progressing to level 50. His ability is to shuffle Mjolnir (0-Cost and 0-Power) into your deck, and once Mjolnir is played, Thor gets +6 Power. Keep in mind that both Thor and Mjolnir have On-Reveal abilities, so you can use Wong or Odin to get 2 Mjolnirs via Thor or get Thor +6 Power twice via Mjolnir.

Key Takeaways
  • Thor can become a strong card when paired with Mjolnir and Jane Foster.
  • Mister Negative’s ability is essential to the main deck strategy.
  • The main deck strategy involves playing Psylocke, Mister Negative, and Jane Foster.
  • Thor can be used in the backup strategy with Mjolnir, Arnim Zola, Taskmaster, Morph, and Ironheart.
  • Decks with Thor as the main focus are strong in competitive play.
  • Use Thor, Jane Foster, and Mister Negative for an overwhelming advantage over your opponent.

The Best Thor Deck In Marvel Snap

The Best Power-focused Thor Deck In Marvel Snap.
Best Thor Deck in Marvel Snap – [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Mister Negative and Jane Foster are the ideal cars for Thor, so I’ve mixed together cards that work with this combo to churn out insane amounts of Power in the late-game turns.

It averages a Card Cost of 3.8 and a seemingly underwhelming Power of 1.3. However, you have Mister Negative, who boasts the ability to swap the power and cost of each card. In turn, all zero-power cards in your deck into zero-cost cards. This simple ability allows you to turn the tides on your opponent.

Here’s a breakdown of the Thor’s Deck: 

Adam Warlock2.00.0At the end of each turn, if you are winning this location, draw a card.
Psylock2.01.0On Reveal: Next turn, you get +1 Energy.
Jane Foster Thor5.08.0NA
Thor4.06.0On Reveal: Shuffle Mjölnir into your deck.
Mister Negative4.04.0On Reveal: Swap the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck.
Devil Dinosaur4.00.0Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand.
Task Master5.00.0On Reveal: Set this card’s Power equal to that of the last card you played. (if that card’s in play)
Iron-Heart3.00.0On Reveal: Give 3 other friendly cards +2 Power.
Arnim Zola6.00.0On Reveal: Destroy a random friendly card here. Add copies of it to the other locations.
Iron-Man5.00.0Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location.
Morph3.00.0On Reveal: Become a copy of a random card in your opponent's hand.
Mystique3.00.0On Reveal: If the last card you played has an Ongoing, copy its text. (if it’s in play)
  • High win rate.
  • Equal Power distribution.
  • Customizable.
  • Beats out most meta decks in terms of raw Power.
  • Several winning routes.
  • Easy to counter.
  • Too reliant on Mister Negative and Jane Foster.
  • Challenging to have priority in early turns.

Every Card’s Role Explained

Here is the role of the rest of the cards in the deck and how I plan to play each card.

Adam Warlock

Cost 2.0
Power 0.0
Ability Allows you to get an extra card every round if you’re winning the location he’s played in.

Adam Warlock’s ability allows you to get an extra card every round if you’re winning the location he’s played in. If you haven’t already drawn out Mister Negative or Jane Foster, Adam will help you in doing so. Normally, the more cards you have in your hand, the higher your odds of winning, so having him around is always a plus. He’s unlocked by getting to Collection Level 486 and above in Pool 3.


Cost 2.0
Power 1.0
Ability Allow you to get +1 extra energy for the next turn

Psylocke boasts the ability to give you one extra energy on the next turn, which allows you to use your more expensive cards early on. She’ll be your go-to card on the second turn and will allow you to use your heavy hitters early on. She’s unlocked by getting to Collection Level 486 and above in Pool 3.

Jane Foster

Cost 5.0
Power 8.0
Ability Draw out all of your zero-cost cards, as well as permit you to dominate the final round

Jane Foster can draw all zero-cost cards from your deck and into your hand, making her a vital card to have. She gives full control over the 12 cards in your deck, allowing you to dominate the final round. She’s also unlocked in Pool 3 by getting to Collection Level 486.

Mister Negative

Cost 4.0
Power 4.0
Ability On Reveal: Change the Cost and Power of every card in your deck

Mister Negative is the strongest card in the deck. His ability is an absolute game-changer and can decide whether or not you lose the match. Playing him as soon as you draw Jane Foster is crucial and will allow you to win. He, too, is unlocked by getting to Collection Level 486 and above in Pool 3.

Devil Dinosaur

Cost 4.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: Grants +2 Power to every card in your deck

With the ability to boost the power of all cards in your hand, Devil Dinosaur manages to turn a seemingly weak card into a force to be reckoned with. Use him on the fourth or fifth turn if you haven’t drawn Jane Foster. He’s unlocked by getting to Level 18-214 in Pool 1.


Cost 5.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: The Power of this card will be replaced by the previously played card’s power

Since the Taskmaster is a zero-power card, he can be converted into a zero-cost card by Mister Negative. His ability slightly limits him as his inverted power will be lost and replaced with the power of the last played card. If he’s played after Devil Dinosaur, he gets a slight increase in power, which is greatly appreciated.


Cost 3.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: Grant +2 Power to 3 random cards of yours

Ironheart can increase the power of 3 of your cards by random by 2 when she’s played. This allows you to buff up any card you’ve already played, making her a good addition to the team. She’s unlocked in the Recruit Season.

Arnim Zola

Cost 6.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: Destroy any random card and duplicate it to the other locations

Arnim Zola is your end-game dominator, based on my gameplay experience. He packs a serious punch when inverted. With 6 Cost, he is unstoppable. His ability to destroy and duplicate cards is extremely useful near the end when all you need is a little push over the finish line. Like most of the cards in the deck, he’s unlocked in Pool 3 by reaching a Collection Level of 486 and above.

Iron Man

Cost 5.0
Power 0.0
Ability Ongoing: The total power of your card will be doubled 

If you have 10 power at a location, Iron Man can swoop in and double it for you. When inverted, he’s a costless card that brings 5 power with him. He’s capable of increasing your control at any location and giving you just enough to win. He’s one of the cards you start off with, so there’s no requirement to unlock him.


Cost 3.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: Steal your opponent’s card and become a random copy of it

Morph is capable of turning into one of your opponent’s cards, which makes him very viable for the last game. He allows you to entirely steal a card that your opponent has potentially been saving till now. He’s unlocked by progressing to Collection Level 18-214 in Pool 1.


Cost 3.0
Power 0.0
Ability On Reveal: Copy the ability or text of any ongoing card that is still in play

Mystique can copy the ongoing ability of any card played before her, allowing her to duplicate Devil Dinosaur’s and Iron Man’s abilities. This allows you to stack abilities together and pack a much greater punch. You can unlock her by reaching Collection Level 286 and above in Pool 3.

Main Deck Strategy

As mentioned before, Mister Negative plays a pivotal role in the deck. His ability to swap the costs and powers of all the cards in your deck allows you to turn all zero-power cards into zero-cost cards effectively. Pairing this with Jane Foster allows you to draw all 12 cards in one turn.

Here’s the priority strategy I would recommend you to use:

  1. Starting off:
    • Skip the first turn, as there are no one-cost cards in the deck.
    • On the second turn, play Psylocke to gain +1 extra energy for the next turn through her On Reveal ability.
  2. Mister Negative Utilization:
    • On the third turn, deploy Mister Negative, utilizing the 4 energy available.
    • Ensure Jane Foster is in hand by this point to optimize the combo.
  3. Thor or Jane Foster Play:
    • If Jane Foster is in hand, play her on the fifth turn to draw all zero-cost cards, controlling all 12 cards in the deck.
    • If Jane Foster is not in hand, play Thor on the third turn to add Mjolnir to the deck, which Jane Foster will draw on the fifth turn.
  4. Devil Dinosaur Buff or Mister Negative Activation:
    • On the fourth turn, use Mister Negative if not already deployed.
    • Alternatively, use Devil Dinosaur to activate his ability, providing a +2 power increase to all cards in hand.
  5. Complete Arsenal on the Last Turn:
    • On the final turn, unleash the full deck arsenal, including powerful cards like Adam Warlock and Mystique.
    • Jane Foster draws Mjolnir, allowing you to buff Thor to an unstoppable 10-power.

Backup Deck Strategy

If things don’t go as planned and you don’t have Jane Foster in your hand by the fourth turn, play Mister Negative. Cards like Arnim Zola and Taskmaster can still carry you to victory, in my experience, without having to use Jane Foster. Using Morph can also help in tricky situations as it lets you utilize a card the opponent has in his hand. If you are lucky, the card can be just the thing you need to win the fight. 

  • In case you don’t draw Mister Negative, I would recommend you use Thor and get a Mjolnir in your deck.
  • Use Ironheart to buff the rest of your cards, and wait till you draw Jane Foster or Mjolnir.
  • Do anything you can to get Mjolnir to Thor and get him up to +10 power.
  • Devil Dinosaur can be used after Psylocke to increase your hand’s power early on and get a competitive advantage over your opponent.

My Experience Using Thor

Personally, as someone who’s stuck with Destroy, Discard, and Move decks, Thor never fitted my play style. However, I do admit he’s an extremely strong character and works well with almost any On-Reveal deck. During my early-game phase, I always included Thor in my personal On-Reveal set and used characters like Odin and Wong to boost Thor’s Power using Mjolnir.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

However, I favor distinct abilities that I can use to make crafty strategic plays, which is where Thor fails to appeal to me. His ability, although powerful, is straightforward and exploitable. If the opponent notices you’re using a Thor-themed deck, they can use someone like Cosmo and nullify half of your deck’s potency. As such, this drawback made me ultimately abandon the God of Thunder alongside most other On-Reveal cards.

Thor is a strong card that is very viable in most early-game decks, at least from my experience. He provides an opportunity for new strategies to be used, especially in his pairing with Jane Foster. He opens the deck up for experimentation and creates interesting new decks. Therefore, any deck built around him and supporting him will be, in effect, strong and viable in competitive play.


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