Marvel Snap: An Expert’s Take On The 11 Best Support Cards

After spending 120+ hours on Marvel Snap, here are my recommendations on the best Support cards!

Support Cards play a crucial role in Marvel Snap due to their handiness and useful abilities. These cards can play a variety of roles including increasing your power or surprising your opponent with a unique ability. You might want to include some of the best ones while you are building your deck. So, in this guide, I will cover the best support cards in Marvel Snap that would lead you to an easy victory.

Key Takeaways
  • Support Cards in Marvel Snap are certainly handy when you need a quick power boost.
  • You can also use various abilities of these cards to catch your opponent off guard.
  • Utilize the best support cards if you want quick and effortless victories.

Here’s a complete list of the Best Support Cards in Marvel Snap:

NameCostPowerAbilitiesBest For
Ironman50Overall power is doubled (Ongoing)Double Power
Blue Marvel53Card power enhance by +1Power Boost
Ironheart303 cards get +2 power (On reveal)Quick Buff
Spectrum64Card power enhance by +2 (Ongoing)Support
Aero56Played last enemy card at this location (On reveal)Vulnerability
Ms. Marvel34Adjacent location enhance by +5, in case of only card (Ongoing)Strong
Mister Fantastic32Adjacent location enhance by +2 power(Ongoing)Adjacent Location
Leech53Extract enemy's card abilitiesWinning Move
Dazzler32Your Location enhance by +2 power (Ongoing)Broken Support
Iceman12Grant a card in enemy's hand at +1 cost (On reveal)Enemy
Kazar45Card power enhance by +1 (Ongoing)Starting Game


The Best Double Power Card.
Best support cards marvel snap
Ironman (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: iron man can grant +2 power at any given location which makes it a great choice. 

The Ironman card would double the power at a given location. Using the Ironman card is a quick way to increase your power quickly. It is an excellent support card in Marvel Snap that can completely change the course of the battle, turning a seemingly inevitable defeat into victory in my experience.

The Ironman is a must-have card in every deck, as it would certainly help you become a champion. It can act as excellent support for many powerful cards, including Hulk, Abomination, Thing, and Agatha Harkness. There are various excellent Ironman decks that you can try out for easy victory.

The pros and cons for Iron Man are mentioned as follows in my opinion: 

  • Doubles the power at any given location. 
  • Easy to obtain
  • None. 

Blue Marvel

The Best Power Boost Card.
support card marvel snap
Blue Marvel (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Blue Marvel can grant +1 power boost to you which can come in handy. 

The Blue Marvel Card can be obtained once you reach level 20 in the recruit pass. Completing various tasks during your gameplay can increase your level in recruit season to obtain the Blue Marvel card quickly. While it is a high-cost card, it is certainly a useful support card in Marvel Snap as far as I have tested it myself.

The card would give every other card that you have on each location +1 power boost. The Blue Marvel card is worth it if you are in a pinch and need a quick boost. If you want to turn around a match, the Blue Marvel card can be cast near the end of a match to catch the opponent off guard.

The pros and cons for the Blue Marvel card are as follows in my opinion: 

  • Gives a +1 power boost. 
  • You need to be level 20 to get it. 


The Best Quick Buff Card.
Ironheart ability
Ironheart (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Ironheart is able to become useful for quicker buffs and can also come in handy if you need power increases. 

The Ironheart card can be useful if you want a quick buff for a few cards in the middle of the match as per my experience. The Ironheart card would randomly increase the power of three cards by +2. While the cards won’t gain a massive buff, and selection would be random. The Ironheart card is still worth it, especially if you want to get out of a cornered state during a match.

The pros and cons for using Ironheart are listed as follows as per my experience: 

  • Best for quick buffs. 
  • Randomly increases power by +2. 
  • Cards don’t get a massive buff. 


The Best Support Card.
Spectrum ability
Spectrum (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Spectrum can be used as an excellent support card which is why it was chosen. 

The Spectrum card is not only great at support but would also work great as a power card. The Spectrum card has a base power of 4 that can give you a decent power boost at a location. Moreover, the spectrum card would also raise the power of other ongoing cards at a location by +2.

Usually, you won’t be able to use Spectrum till the last turn due to the high-power cost of 6 of the cards. Spectrum can still turn things around at the end of the match as per my experience. 

To use Spectrum, you should know the pros and cons after my testing: 

  • Best for support. 
  • Raises the power by +2. 
  • Can’t be used until last turn typically. 


The Best Vulnerability Card.
  • Why I Chose This: Aero can cause your enemies to become vulnerable, making them weaker. 

The Aero card has an interesting ability that can catch your opponent off guard. With the Aero card, you can ruin an opponent’s strategy giving them a serious disadvantage in the match. If you don’t want your opponent to play a card at a specific location, you can use Aero’s ability to force them to place it at a location where you played Aero.

Using Aero can be helpful, especially if you are winning at a few locations and do not want your opponent to steal those locations. This strategy can be helpful, especially during the last turn of a match.

The pros and cons for using Aero are listed below after my experience:

  • Can catch your enemy off-guard. 
  • Best for making your enemy vulnerable. 
  • Requires good strategy to pull off. 

Ms. Marvel

The Best Strong Card.
  • Why I Chose This: Ms. Marvel is one of the strongest cards as it can grant a good power increase. 

The Ms. Marvel card is one of the strongest power-increasing cards in Marvel Snap in my opinion. However, there is a catch as this card needs to be the only card at a specific location to give the adjacent locations +5 power. While this card may compromise your strategies due to it being the only card at a location, you can still win both other locations effortlessly.

To use Ms. Marvel, the pros and cons must be known, which are below: 

  • Strongest cards. 
  • Power increase. 
  • May compromise your strategies. 

Mister Fantastic

The Best Adjacent Location Card.
Mister fantastic early game
Mister Fantastic (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Mister Fantastic can be used in early-game, therefore it is easier to obtain. 

The Mister Fantastic card is a great early-game support card in Marvel Snap. The Mister Fantastic card would raise the power of two adjacent locations by +2. Furthermore, Mister Fantastic also possesses a decent power level of 3 that can give you a quick boost as the card also costs only 2 energy.

The pros and cons for using Mister Fantastic are present here: 

  • Best for early-game. 
  • Raises power at adjacent locations. 
  • None. 


The Best Winning Move Card.
  • Why I Chose This: It can be used at a winning location. 

If you want your opponent to be on the verge of pulling their hair and giving up on the match, there is no better card than the Leech as I tested in my matches. The Leech card can completely leave the opponent vulnerable as it would drain all of the abilities present in all the cards in the opponent’s hand.

For Leech, the pros and cons are here in my opinion: 

  • Best for pulling off winning moves. 
  • Makes enemy vulnerable. 
  • None. 


The Best Broken Support Card.
  • Why I Chose This: Dazzler is able to turn the tide of the game when you are in a tough spot. 

The Dazzler is one of the best Support cards in Marvel Snap as it would significantly increase the power of all cards at a location. Dazzler can give you a power boost of +8 at a location, provided that you have four cards at a specific location.

The Dazzler card can turn things around mid-game if you are in a tight spot. With the energy cost and power level of 4, you can increase the power of a location significantly, leaving your opponent crushing their teeth.

The pros and cons for using the Dazzler card are here after my testing: 

  • Broken support card. 
  • None. 


The Best Enemy Card.
  • Why I Chose This: This is a card to use if you want to mess around with your enemies and render them useless. 

If you want to mess around with the opponent’s strategy, the Iceman card certainly has great potential. With the Iceman card, you can increase the energy cost of the enemies’ card by one. The enemies would get hampered from playing a card they planned. Furthermore, they would also have trouble casting strong, powerful cards.

To use Iceman, the pros and cons are listed below as follows: 

  • Best for messing around with the enemy. 
  • Enemy would have issues with their cards. 
  • Requires high strategy. 


The Best Starting Game Card.
early game support card marvel snap
Kazar (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Kazar is available in early-game, making it easier to get.

Kazar is a great early-game support card in Marvel Snap per my testing. Not only does he possess a decent power level of 4, but he can also increase the power of all cards that cost 1 by +1. Kazar is an excellent card for the early game when you would be using a lot of 1-cost cards.

The pros and cons of using Kazar are mentioned as follows in my experience: 

  • Good early-game card. 
  • None. 

My Thoughts On Support Cards In Marvel Snap

As I started to get into higher ranks in Marvel Snap, my appreciation for support cards skyrocketed, and now, I believe Support Cards are undoubtedly the most important part of any deck. Support cards can single-handedly win locations by boosting another card or pair of cards.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

There’s no clear-cut best Support card in Marvel Snap since they work more or less effectively depending on the deck you go for. Dagger, for instance, is easily the best 2-Cost Support card for a Move deck, which is the deck I mostly use. If you’re using a Destroy Deck, never forget to equip Nova.

Marvel Snap provides players with a variety of cards with some of the best characters for players. The gameplay is engaging with interesting progression and includes many amazing mechanics, including the best ways to use snap. Players can unlock cards to build decks with ongoing and on-reveal abilities. To make the best of those abilities, using some of the best support cards in Marvel Snap is necessary.


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