Marvel Snap: All Locations

Our Marvel Snap All Locations guide will showcase every location that you can find in the game!

Story Highlights
  • Location cards provide certain buffs and debuffs to either the player or the opponent when a card is played there!
  • The best way to get location cards is by simply playing more matches, though there is no way to collect locational cards.
  • The main benefit of knowing about all locations is that you become familiar with the gameplay aspect!
  • If you do not know about all locations, that's quite fine though your synergies might lack a bit.

Marvel Snap has an interesting way that locations operate with their card system, and our Marvel Snap All Locations guide will tell you everything about the locations! Locations are crucial for synergizing your decks and coming up with a proper strategy to overturn enemies at the end of the match. 

How Locations Operate 

Marvel Snap How Locations Operate
How Locations Operate (Image Credit Exputer)

In any match that occurs between you and your opponent, in front of you right in the middle, there will be three locations that will be situated. 

These three locations will have certain buffs, such as increasing the power of the cards or destroying the cards of your opponent, or they also have the ability to grant you debuffs, such as giving both parties negative power for a certain amount of turns or the entire match. 

Players will need to win a total of 2 out of 3 locations as can be seen above in the image, meaning that they need to aim to have a higher power in their card decks these 2 locations by the end of the match in order to be declared the victor. 

All Locations 

Marvel Snap Location
Locations (Image Captured By Exputer)

With so many locations in the game, it can become difficult to figure out all of them; therefore, let’s take a look at all of them! 

Location Name Ability 
Asgard By the end of the fourth turn, whatever party is winning, get to draw two cards. 
Atlantis If the player only has one card at the location, power is increased by 5. 
Avengers Compound On the fifth turn, all cards will be played at the location. 
Baxter Building Whatever party is in the lead here gets +3 power at other locations. 
Bifrost After your fourth turn, all cards will be placed in one location to the right of you. 
Central Park A Squirrel will be placed at each location. 
Cloning Vats If you use a card here, you can get a duplicate of the card in your deck. 
Crimson Cosmos Energy costing cards 1, 2, and 3 can’t be used here. 
Daily Bugle One duplicate of your card will be given to your opponent. 
Danger Room Any card that is placed here will get a 25% chance that it will get destroyed. 
Dark Dimension Any cards that are placed here will not be revealed until the end of the match. 
Death’s Domain If the card is played here, it is destroyed instantly. 
District X Gives both parties 10 cards and takes their decks away. 
Dream DimensionOn your fifth turn, cards will require one more energy cost. 
Elysium Cards will cost one less energy. 
Fisk Tower If the card is placed here, it will be destroyed. 
Gamma Lab After playing your third turn, all cards present here will be converted to the Hulk. 
Grand Central By the end of your fifth turn, a random card is placed here from both parties. 
Hala By your fourth turn, whoever is losing will have all their cards destroyed. 
Hellfire Club One energy cost cards can’t be used. 
Hell’s Kitchen One energy cost card will be taken from your deck. 
Isle of Silence All ongoing abilities can’t be used here. 
Jotunheim After every turn, cards will continue to -1 power. 
K-un-Lun If the card ends up moving here, power will be increased by 2. 
Kamar-Taj All-on reveal abilities will occur twice here. 
Klyntar Cards gain -2 power at this/location. 
Knowhere On reveal abilities don’t occur here. 
Kyln After your 4th turn, cards can’t be used here. 
Lechuguilla If you place down a card here, 3 rocks will be given to you. 
Lemuria Cards won’t be revealed on this turn. 
Limbo Players will gain a total of 7 turns in this match. 
Los Diablos Base After turn 3 ends, a random location will be destroyed. 
Mindscape Once 6th turn starts, you can swap hands. 
Miniaturised lab No cards will be able to be added on the third, fourth, and fifth turns. 
Mirror DimensionOn your 4th turn, the location will be transformed into another one. 
Mojoworld Whichever party is winning here gains +100 power. 
Monster Island For both parties, a 9-power monster will be granted. 
Monster MetropolisCards that have the highest amount of power gain 3 more. 
Muir Island After each turn, each card will be given one more PowerPoint. 
Murderworld After turn 3 ends, all cards are obliterated here. 
Negative Zone Cards get 3 less power. 
New York On your 6th turn, your cards can be placed here. 
Nidavellir Cards gain 5 power. 
Nova Roma You can draw a random card. 
Olympia You can draw 2 cards. 
Onslaught’s Citadel All ongoing abilities here will be doubled. 
Oscorp Tower After your third turn, cards can swap sides
Project Pegasus 5 energy is increased on this turn. 
Ruins No ability. 
Sakaar From each player, a card will be placed down on the location. 
Sanctum Sanctorum Cards can’t be used here. 
Savage Land Two raptors are placed on either end of the location. 
Shadowland A ninja will be added to each end which will have -2 power. 
Sinister London If you place a card here, another one will be added to the other area. 
Sokovia A card is taken from both parties’ hands. 
Stark Tower After the 5th turn is finished, all cards will be given +2 power. 
Starlight Citadel After the fourth turn, the locations will be swapped. 
Strange Academy After the fifth turn ends, cards will be shifted to random areas. 
Subterranea Each deck will receive 5 rocks. 
The Bar With No Name Whichever player has the lowest power here will win the game. 
The Big House 4, 5, and 6 energy cost cards cant be used here. 
The Hub Each player will get a random card. 
The Ice Box The cards in your deck will gain +1 energy cost. 
The Nexus Whatever power is present here on your card will be transferred to the other location too. 
The Space Throne Both parties can have only one card here. 
The Superflow Energy will increase by one here if you don’t have any cards placed down. 
The Triskelion Each player is given random cards. 
The Vault On your sixth turn, players can use cards here. 
Tinkerer’s Workshop Energy is increased by one here. 
Titan The 6 energy cost cards will cost one less energy. 
Transia Locations are shuffled. 
Wakanda Cards can’t be destroyed no matter what. 
Wakandan Embassy 2 power is given to both parties’ cards. 
Washington D.C Cards that don’t have any abilities gain +3 extra power. 
Weirdworld Both parties get to draw a card from their opponent’s deck. 
Westview On your fourth location, the location is switched to a new one. 
Worldship Other locations are completely and utterly destroyed. 
X-MansionBy the end of the third turn, a random card is given to each player. 
Xandar Cards here gain 1 power. 

These are all the locations that are currently serving players in-game and are able to help them win matches. With that, we willow rap up our Marvel Snap All Locations guide! 

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