Marvel Snap: Best Avengers Deck & Strategies

I spent more than 140 hours playing and here are my picks for the best Avengers deck and the best strategies to use!

One of the most popular Groups in Marvel Snap is the Avengers. You can assemble your own Avengers in Marvel Snap, and the cards in the Best Avengers deck in the game are quite strong and go well with other cards. Now putting them all together under one deck is a risky play, but you will have a lot of fun. Here is the Best Avenger Deck in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Thematic Decks keep the game fun, and the Best Avengers Deck will impress all your friends and your opponents.
  • The Best Avengers Deck is the Avengers Assemble deck which has all the prominent faces in the MCU.
  • Almost half of the cards in the deck are unlocked from the start, but you will have to work hard to unlock some of the others.
  • Knowing what each character does and which characters go well together is key in the game.
  • Focus on your Plan A but always have a Plan B for backup to keep you in the game still.

Best Avengers Deck

Here’s everything you need to know about the best Avengers Deck: 

CharacterCost PowerAbility
Ongoing: If you have 3 other cards here, +3 Power.
Hawkeye1.01.0On Reveal: Put Balls in His Mouth
Black Widow2.01.0NA
Star Lord2.02.0On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power
Captain America3.03.0Ongoing: Your other cards at this location have +1 Power.
Doctor Strange3.03.0On Reveal: Move your highest power cards to this location.
Captain Marvel5.06.0NA

Avengers, Assemble

The Best High Synergy Combo.
Avengers Assemble Deck
Marvel Snap Avengers Assemble Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The card combo works insanely well together, allowing for the card’s power to align well and devastate opponent’s cards until the last turn. 

The Avengers Assemble Deck is the Strongest Avengers Deck you can have in the game right now as per my experience. The cards in the pool work flawlessly together, have great synergy, and turn the tide of the game even in the last turn. It is a great deck if you want to bait your opponents into Snapping and turning the game around on the last turn to gain 8 cubes easily. 

The pros and cons of the card combo are mentioned below in my opinion: 

  • High Synergy 
  • Works flawlessly even in the last turn. 
  • Good Power for low-cost cards. 
  • High average cost. 

Decklist And Abilities

Here is a list of all the cards along with their abilities.

  • Ant-man:  Ongoing: It adds 3 power if you have three cards here.
  • Hawkeye: On reveal: Power is increased by 2 if you play a card on the same location next turn.  
  • Blackwidow: On reveal: Your opponent is given a widow’s bite card.
  • StarLord: On reveal: Your strength is enhanced by 3 when your opponent plays a card here. 
  • Scarlet Witch: On reveal: A new location is introduced and the old one is changed.
  • Captain America: Ongoing: One power is gained by every card at the location. 
  • Doctor Strange: On reveal: Transfers your highest power cards to this specific location.
  • Thor: On reveal: The Mjolnir card will be added to your hand. 
  • Iron Man: Ongoing: The total power of the location is doubled, where the card is played at. 
  • Captain Marvel: Head to the location that helps you gain victory in the final turn. 
  • Vision: You are allowed to move the card with each turn. 
  • Hulk: No Abilities. 

My Thoughts On The Best Avenger Decks In Marvel Snap 

After investing 140 hours into Marvel Snap, I believe that the cards shown can work best, simply due to their high synergy, as well as the devastating power they hold. 

After learning how to unlock the avengers and play with them, you are ready to build your own deck and impress all your opponents. Thematic Decks keep the fun and interesting so playing with a deck that is thematic and also super Powerful is always a plus. So will the Avengers Assemble Deck be your next main deck?

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