Marvel Snap: Best Avengers Deck & Strategies

Learn about the Best Avenger Deck in Marvel Snap and how to use it affectively.

One of the most popular Groups in Marvel Snap is the Avengers. You can assemble your own Avengers in Marvel Snap, and the cards in the Best Avengers deck in the game are quite strong and go well with other cards. Now putting them all together under one deck is a risky play, but you will have a lot of fun. Here is the Best Avenger Deck in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Thematic Decks keep the game fun, and the Best Avengers Deck will impress all your friends and your opponents.
  • The Best Avengers Deck is the Avengers Assemble deck which has all the prominent faces in the MCU.
  • Almost half of the cards in the deck are unlocked from the start, but you will have to work hard to unlock some of the others.
  • Knowing what each character does and which characters go well together is key in the game.
  • Focus on your Plan A but always have a Plan B for Back up to keep you in the game still.

Best Avengers Deck

Let’s talk about the Best Avengers Deck you can make and how to play it efficiently to win the most games. The Avengers Deck has all the prominent faces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These are faces you love, but more importantly, the deck works extremely well for a themed deck.

Avengers, Assemble

Avengers Assemble Deck
Marvel Snap Avengers Assemble Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Avengers Assemble Deck is the Strongest Avengers Deck you can have in the game right now. The cards in the deck work flawlessly together, have great synergy and turn the tide of the game even in the last turn. It is a great deck if you want to bait your opponents into Snapping and turning the game around on the last turn to gain 8 cubes easily. 

The average cost of the deck is 3.25, which might feel a bit expensive. But the low-cost cards have a good mix of abilities and gain more power on the field, so you will always have cards to play. The Average Power of the deck is 3.6, but as mentioned before, a lot of the cards have abilities that increase their power. The total power will be way higher due to the abilities of Iron Man and Thor, so don’t worry.

Decklist And Abilities

Here is a list of all the cards along with their abilities.

  • Ant-man:  Ongoing: It adds 3 power if you have three cards here.
  • Hawkeye: On reveal: Power is increased by 2 if you play a card on the same location next turn.  
  • Blackwidow: On reveal: Your opponent is given a widow’s bite card.
  • StarLord: On reveal: Your strength is enhanced by 3 when your opponent plays a card here. 
  • Scarlet Witch: On reveal: A new location is introduced and the old one is changed.
  • Captain America: Ongoing: One power is gained by every card at the location. 
  • Doctor Strange: On reveal: Transfers your highest power cards to this specific location.
  • Thor: On reveal: The Mjolnir card will be added to your hand. 
  • Iron Man: Ongoing: The total power of the location is doubled, where the card is played at. 
  • Captain Marvel: Head to the location that helps you gain victory in the final turn. 
  • Vision: You are allowed to move the card with each turn. 
  • Hulk: No Abilities. 

How To Unlock The Avengers

Collecting new cards is completely random in Marvel Snap while certain cards can only be unlocked in their respective pools and not before. The card you will get will be random every time so you can’t really predict when you will unlock all these cards. However, the good news is you already have some cards and some are easy to unlock while others might take some time.

Unlocked Heroes

So The good news is you start with 4 out of 12 cards so you don’t have to start from scratch. Star-lord, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Iron man will be a part of your starter deck and are a few of the most powerful cards in the game. Having these 4 strong heroes will help you progress and collect the rest of the avengers as you go along. Ant-man can be unlocked in the recruitment Season very early on so you can consider him unlocked too.

Pool 1

Most of the cards you gain in the game are from collection levels. The Collection Levels are Divided into pools and you will find the next 3 Avengers in pool 1. Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Doctor Strange can all be collected between levels 18-214 (Pool 1). 214 levels seem like a lot but the Progression in the game is quite fast and you won’t really notice it.

Pool 2

The only avenger in the deck, that you can gain in pool two is going to be Vision. You can unlock Vision between levels 222-474(pool 2) and with him that you’re almost there. With Vision in your deck, you have 9 of the 12 avengers and your deck is 75% complete.

Pool 3 

Now last but not least cards of the Avengers Deck will be available in pool 3 and these are the cards that might take you a while to unlock. Captain Marvel, Thor, and Black Window are in pool 3 and will make your team unstoppable. Pool 3 starts around level 474 so you can get ready to Assemble the Avengers once you are there. 

Roles Of Each Avenger Explained

It’s crucial to understand the Role of Each Avenger and how they go together if you want to win using a cool Avenger deck. Moreover, with the Avengers at your fingertips, you can play them to the best of your abilities. Here’s what the Avengers do in Marvel Snap.


Ant Man
Marvel Snap Ant-Man In Avengers Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
You get Ant-man pretty early on in the game so you get used to his play style. You will want to stack some Mid power cards with him boosting his power to 4. He works well with Star-Lord, Hawkeye, and Captain America. These four can make a pretty good team and have great synergy together. 


Marvel Snap Avenger Deck Hawkeye
Hawkeye In Avenger Deck Marvel Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another great card in the deck is hawkeye, hawkeye has a cost of 1 so can be played on turn one. Pairing with Ant-man, or Star-Lord can give you a big lead in just two turns and put the pressure on your enemy. The low-cost cards are quite strong in Avengers Deck and you can never underestimate them. 

Black Widow

Black Widow
Marvel Snap Black Widow – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Special Agent of the shield has a few tricks up her sleeve and forces the opponent to play an extra useless card. Black Widow adds a card to the enemy’s deck which has the power to stop the enemy from drawing cards or wasting space on one of the locations by playing it. Her low power makes her more of a support card so use her wisely as she won’t be winning many locations.

Star Lord

Star Lord
Marvel Snap Star Lord In Avengers Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the best low-cost cards when used correctly is Star-Lord. His ability makes him quite the bang for the buck and he’s even stronger working with the rest of the Avengers. The most important thing you need to practice is predicting the enemy or forcing them to play where you want.

Scarlet Witch

Marvel Snap Scarlet Witch In Avenger Deck
Avenger Deck Scarlet Witch – [Image credit: eXputer]
Abilities matter a lot in Marvel Snap and Scarlet, which might have one with a lot of potentials. Her power to change a location to a different one can come in handy to get you the upper hand or take away your opponent’s advantage. Do be wary will using her because this can backfire and put you at risk. 

Captain America

Captain America
Captain America In Marvel Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
The first Avenger is a true hero and gives all allies close to him a buff. So using Ant-Man, Star-lord, Hawkeye, and Captain America together makes for one great combo. The combined abilities of these low-cost cards make them a complete powerhouse at a single location, and it will be hard for the enemy to battle them. 

Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange In Avenger Deck In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Doctor Strange – [Image credit: eXputer]
At first look, Strange might look keep, but its powers that make him a valuable asset to the team. His ability to move cards to his location comes in handy to transfer strong cards to locations the enemy thought they were safe in. He even goes well with Cards like Captain Marvel and Vision, which can move around, so he doesn’t put you at a disadvantage.


Marvel Snap Thor – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now the God of Thunder looks a little weak for his title but rest assured, he, too, has an ability that earns him his title. The God of Thunder adds Mjolnir to the deck, and once you play Mjolnir, which is a zero-cost and power card, it will make Thor twice as strong. The low-cost cards help you cycle through as many cards as possible to reach Mjolnir. Thor Decks are very popular in the game, and for a good reason, seeing how useful he is. 

Iron Man

Iron Man
Marvel Snap Iron Man – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the strongest cards in the game is the Billionaire Genius Himself, and he has the power to double your power at any location. Pairing him with Thor or Hulk almost guarantees you one location, so you can focus your efforts on capturing another. The Avengers really work together well and have pretty great synergy for a theme deck.

Captain Marvel 

Best Avenger Deck Captain Marvel
Marvel Snap Captain Marvel – [Image credit: eXputer]
The strongest Avenger might not be the strongest card in the deck, but she has the most heroic ability and can save your match. Captain Marvel has pretty basic power, but she can change locations automatically at the end of the game if moving wins the game. Most players have a hard time taking it into account or calculating how they can even if she moves. 


Marvel Snap Vision – [Image credit: eXputer]
Speaking of cards that change locations, Vision is a strong card, but his ability to keep moving around is really Strong. You can move vision each turn, so he becomes an annoying variable the opponent has to take into account. Pair this with Captain Marvel, and the opponent will have a hard time keeping up with the maths. Moving Caption Marvel and Vision to a losing location can help you win games and even bait your foes. 


Marvel Snap Hulk – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Strongest Avenger, at least in your deck, is Hulk, and he is one of the strongest cards in the game. Paring with the other avengers makes it hard for enemies even to challenge the location he is at. Playing Hulk and Iron Man together is an unstoppable duo and will strike fear in your enemies, but it will be too late to retreat. 

Avenger Deck Plan A

The Avengers Assemble deck is incredibly Powerful and has multiple plays you can do in any situation. It has a vast variety of cards at your disposal, with low-cost cards that you can stack or powerful cards that can easily solo a location. 

So for your first plan of attack, we will focus on the pure power of the cards and keep it simple. Focus on playing Hawkeye on the first turn and follow it up with Star-Lord. The enemy might throw a card in the same location, knowing you are going for it, and fall right into your trap. 

Now turn 3 is a bit of a free turn in which you can choose to play Ant-Man with Scarlet Witch or Black Window, or you could go with Captain America. Personally, we would suggest playing Ant-Man on the location with Hawkeye and Star-Lord. Then playing Scarlet witch or Blackwindow in a different location. Playing Ant-Man sets up the location for your taking. Scarlet and Blackwidow give you a bit of an advantage by nerfing the opponent.

Now for turn 4, your ideal play is going to be Thor, playing those two cards the previous turn also gives you higher odds of getting Mjolnir. Playing Thor anywhere works if you have Iron Man and Hulk in your hand but be sure to use him wisely. 

For the Last Two turns, you’ll use the mightiest Avengers and easily secure any location you set them to. You really can’t go wrong with this strategy. If you played thor solo, pair him up with either card and Mjolnir, and you get a location easily. If you played Thor with the other 3 cards, just throw Iron Man and Hulk on any other location for an easy win. The Avengers deck is really simple and can help you win games with ease.

Avenger Deck Plan B

Now plan A is built for the ideal situation in which you get the cards you need and also when you need them. However, the game isn’t that simple, so we have to have a backup plan. You can start with any 1-Cost card you have and then play around with that. Just keep in mind that you might have to come to that location.

In Plan A, we didn’t use all the moving cards, and that’s cause those cards are our secret weapon. If things are not going according to plan, Captain Marvel or Vision can really throw off your enemy. Also, using Doctor Strange to move cards to a location can also throw off an enemy.  Then moving your Vision to another location can be very frustrating for your foes. 

Captain Marvel’s moving ability comes in the clutch if there is even a slight chance you can win the match.  Pairing her up with Vision can be useful to turn the tide and win two locations completely. Both these abilities cost you nothing, so you can still play a Hulk to win.

Final Words

After learning how to unlock the avengers and play with them, you are ready to build your own deck and impress all your opponents. Thematic Decks keep the fun and interesting so playing with a deck that is thematic and also super Powerful is always a plus. So will the Avengers Assemble Deck be your next main deck?

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