Marvel Snap On Reveal Decks: 5 Options 

Learn the On Reveal best Decks options featuring as many On Reveal abilities as possible!

Story Highlights
  • On Reveal ability decks are ones that will feature abilities which are activated once the cards are revealed to opponents!
  • The main benefit of having on reveal abilities in your deck is the sheer amount of deck combinations that you can have!
  • The best way to get on reveal abilities is by unlocking different cards!
  • There isn't really a possible way to not have any on reveal ability cards since you continue unlocking them no matter what.

Marvel Snap has six main key abilities, out of which On Reveal happens to be one of the card abilities. To get the best out of the ability, our Marvel Snap On Reveal Decks guide will tell you about 5 possible combinations! 

What Is On Reveal? 

In the simplest terms possible, the On Reveal ability is a card ability that players will be able to take note of in their card progression journey. The on-reveal ability will essentially have certain enhancements, such as power increases and energy cost decreases, making matches difficult for your opponent. 

On-reveal cards are always revealed once the card has been placed down at a certain location, and the ability is almost instantaneous. It will not continue further, unlike the Ongoing ability, which continues for the rest of the match (6 turns in total). 

On Reveal is known to be an explicitly well-rounded ability since there are countless cards available with the ability; therefore, players can make solid decks, such as Odin and many more. Let’s discuss the possible deck combinations that you can try out! 

Starter On Reveal Deck 

Marvel Snap Starter Deck
Starter Deck (Image Captured By Exputer)

Now, let’s start with a combination of cards that players will be able to access pretty early on in the game and will be able to earn them a solid amount of victories. These cards will be listed as follows alongside their abilities as well: 

  • Antman: Antman will hone an ongoing ability, allowing players to gain 3 extra power if they already have 3 other cards placed down at the location beforehand. 
  • Hawkeye: With Hawkeye’s on-reveal ability, anytime you play a card in this location in your next turn, you can expect your overall power to increase by a total of 2. 
  • Nightcrawler: With Nightcrawler in hand, you can easily move the card to another location after placing it down to your first location. 
  • Medusa: With Medusa in your deck, her on-reveal ability will allow you to gain a total of +2 power if you have her placed in the middle location, regardless of what location it might be. 
  • Sentinel: The on-reveal ability that Sentinel will have will grant players one copy of a sentinel and will add it to their deck once Sentinel has been used in one location already. 
  • Star-Lord: The card will also have an on-reveal ability, which will allow players to gain a +3 power, especially if your opponent already placed a card at the location. 
  • Ironheart: The card will have an on-reveal ability, and once it is activated, it will give 3 other cards that will belong to the player’s deck +2 power. 
  • The Punisher: Punisher will have an ongoing ability, which will increase one power for each card that will be placed down by your opponent here at the location. 
  • Wolfsbane: With an on-reveal ability, it will also grant players +2 power for each alternating card you have here. 
  • Jessica Jones: The on-reveal ability will give players 4 extra power if you don’t end up using a card at the location on your next turn. 
  • Odin: Your other on-reveal abilities will also be activated if the card is used at the location. 
  • White Tiger: If the card is used at one location, another white tiger with 7-power will be added to another location. 


When it comes to the playthrough with this deck, Odin will be the star of the show for the card deck. One thing that players should keep in mind is that while he is an overpowered card, players don’t want to stack power after power in just one lane; rather, they should split their power into other lanes as well. 

Ironheart, on the other hand, will work excellently with Odin, as the card will grant the other cards +2 power. Depending on your preferences, you can also decide to go for White Tiger in either the other or the same lane as Ironheart. If you continue to stack Odin, Ironheart, and White Tiger in one lane, you massively miss out on the other. 

You can go for cards like White Tiger, Medusa, Ironheart, and others in your middle lane. If you play Nightcrawler, iron heart, and Wolfsbane, Wolfsbane will end up buffing itself with more power, and then when you end up playing Odin, you can expect it to get 6 more power, which will make the lane of your choice all the more sturdy. 

When it comes to turns, you really *really* want to aim for an Odin on turn 6 to push through those on-reveal abilities and stack them up. As for Hawkeye, he will likely be a filler card, since unless there’s a location like Limbo that gives you the 7th turn, you can’t make use of him that much. 

Nightcrawler is known to have really good synergy with cards like Wolfsbane, and all in all, it’s a nice deck, especially considering you can move it out of a location once. Medusa will have direct synergy with Odin, especially if you use them in the middle lane together; you can take advantage of some extra juicy power points. 

Sentinel will likely be there for turn 3, and will come in handy if you don’t have enough energy costs left over to splurge, and all in all, it’s a nice card since it gives you a copy of itself. You can also play Sentinel with Wolfsbane on turn 5 instead of 3 if you do not use him on that turn. 

The only replaceable card that we can think about in this comp is Star-Lord, and he can be considered a filler card, but the deck makes for a solid starter cards option. 

On Reveal Pool 1 

Marvel Snap On Reveal Pool 1
On Reveal Pool 1 (Image Captured By Exputer)

Next up, we will have another deck that will mostly focus on as many reveals as possible. The cards will feature mostly pool one cards, which will be featured with their abilities shown ahead: 

  • Elektra: Her ability will be the on-reveal ability which will allow you to get rid of a random card that will cost one energy, and the card will belong to your opponent at the current location. 
  • Nightcrawler: As for Nightcrawler’s card, you can move the card to another location whenever it is placed down on a location. (One Energy Cost, 2 Power). 
  • Rocket Raccoon: The card will allow players to gain 2 power when your enemy has been playing the card at this location. (one energy cost, 2 power). 
  • Cable: With the on-reveal ability, players can take on the card placed on the bottom of their opponent’s deck and have it packed into their deck. (2 energy cost, 2 power). 
  • Mister Sinister: As for mister sinister’s ability, the on-reveal will place down and add another mister sinister, also known as a sinister clone, to the locations that will have the same amount of power and will not cost any energy. (2 energy cost, 2 power). 
  • Scarlet Witch: As for scarlet witch’s on-reveal ability, it will swap out the location for another one. (2 energy cost, 3 power). 
  • Ironheart: The next card will be an on-reveal ability, and whenever it is activated, it will give 3 friendly cards in your deck a total of +2 extra power. (3 energy cost, 0 power). 
  • Wolfsbane: The on-reveal will increase +2 power for every alternating card in your hands in this specific location. (3 energy costs, 1 power). 
  • Enchantress: Any ongoing cards that have been placed down in the area will be rid of their abilities until the effect of enchantress wears off. (4 energy cost, 4 power). 
  • White Tiger: The on-reveal ability will grant players another tiger with a total of 7 power to another location that the white tiger hasn’t been placed down in. (5 energy cost, 1 power)
  • Spiderwoman: Whatever cards are being played here by your opponents will have their overall power on each card reduced by -1 power, making them all the weaker. (5 energy cost, 7 power). 
  • Odin: The on-reveal ability will further activate other on-reveal abilities present for the other cards in the area. (6 energy cost, 8 power). 


Regarding the overall playthrough for the pool one deck, you can start by playing Rocket Raccoon in the middle lane on your turn 1. If you end up having a location like Westview, which turns your location into a new one on t4, then you can place Scarlet Witch there. 

Moving on, on your third turn, you can go for Wasup and Wolfsbane if you end up accumulating enough energy and play them on the left lane if it ends up being Stark Tower which will give all cards +2 power when your fifth turn arrives. The combination of Wasp, Wolfsbane, and Scarlet Witch is pretty good in this lane. Therefore, you can snap if you feel like it. 

Snapping will always be risky, but if you get the opportunity, don’t miss out on it. When your fourth turn arrives, you can go ahead and place Ironheart down in your middle lane, and if the lane is Daily Bugle, it will hand you over a copy of one of your opponent’s cards and add it to your deck. 

Your fifth turn should start out with Nightcrawler on turn 5 in the optimal setup, the main reason for that being that once you place it down, you will be able to fill the 4-card slot, but whenever you need to, you can still move it out. You can place the card down on the right lane for Cable’s card. 

Now, when it comes to your sixth and final turn, the entire game wraps up and needs to be well-synergized in a way where you want to prioritize Odin in the last turn since you need that activating of other on reveals before the game ends and you end up losing the opportunity. 

Once you end up playing Odin in the middle lane, you can hope and pray that the RNG gods are grateful to you, and that you end up getting a good boost from Ironheart’s end. If it does and you end up winning two locations, you have officially griped two locations and will win the match too! Now that we are done with the two best options, let’s look at a few options that will be possible combinations too!

Max On-Reveal Deck 

Marvel Snap Max On Reveal Deck
Max On Reveal Deck (Image Captured By Exputer)

The next deck will be based on cards from the first season. The cards will feature 3 cards that will be from collection levels 1-14, 5 cards will be from collection levels 18-214, and 3 will be from levels 222-474, while one will be from the recruiting season. 

The cards that will be featured will be Iceman, Yondu, Cable, Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Ironheart, Nakia, Wolfsbane, Enchantress, Spiderwoman, White Tiger, and Odin. The cost distribution will be as follows: 

  • 1 energy: 2 cards (iceman and yondu) 
  • 2 energy: 3 cards (Cable, Okoye, and scarlet witch) 
  • 3 energy: 3 cards (iron heart, Nakia, and Wolfsbane) 
  • 4 energy: 1 cards (enchantress) 
  • 5 energy: 2 cards (Spiderwoman and white tiger) 
  • 6 energy: 1 card (Odin).
  • The average cost will 3.1 

As for the power breakdown, see below: 

  • 0 power: 1 card (iron heart) 
  • 1 power: 3 cards (Nakia, Wolfsbane, and white tiger) 
  • 2 power: 4 cards (iceman, yondu, cable, and Okoye) 
  • 3 power: 1 card (scarlet witch) 
  • 4 power: 1 card (enchantress and) 
  • 5 power: 0 cards 
  • 7 power: 1 card (Spiderwoman)
  • 8 power: 1 card (Odin)
  • The average power is 2.8.

Angela-Odin Combo 

Marvel Snap Angela-Odin Combo
Angela-Odin Combo (Image Captured By Exputer)

The next Marvel Snap deck that we would like to feature interesting combinations like the usual Elektra, Cable and Scarlet Witch, but will then feature cards that players typically won’t see before in a deck but can work and synergize pretty well. 

The cards that will be present in the deck will be Elektra, Hawkeye, Yondu, Angela, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Iron Heart, Nakia, Wolfsbane, Spiderwoman, White Tiger, and Odin. All are pretty competent cards and will make for a solid combination. The cost distribution will be as follows: 

  • 1 cost: 3 cards (elektra, hawkeye and yondu). 
  • 2 cost: 3 cards (angela, Cable, and scarlet witch) 
  • 3 cost: 2 cards (ironheart, Nakia and wolfsbane). 
  • 4 cost: 0 cards 
  • 5 cost: 2 cards (spider woman and white tiger) 
  • 6 cost: 1 card (Odin) 
  • The average cost is 2.8 

The power breakdown can be seen as follows: 

  • 0 power: 1 card (iron heart) 
  • 1 power: 6 cards (white tiger, wolfsbane, nakia, angela, hawkeye and elektra) 
  • 2 power: 2 cards (yondu and Cable) 
  • 3 power: 1 card (scarlet witch) 
  • 4 power: 0 cards 
  • 5 power: 0 cards
  • 7 power: 1 card (spider woman) 
  • 8 power: 1 card (Odin). 

Korg-Okoye Combo 

Marvel Snap Korg Okoye Combo
Korg Okoye Combo (Image Captured By Exputer)

Last but not least, the card combo will feature Korg, Yondu, Mister Sinister, Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Scorpion, Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Enchantress, Spiderwoman, White Tiger, and Odin. 

Three cards will be from collection levels 1-14, 6 will be from collection levels 18-214, 2 will be from collection levels 222-474, and 1 will be from the recruiting season. As for the cost distribution, they will be as follows: 

  • 1 energy: 1 card (Korg and yondu) 
  • 2 energy: 4 cards (mister sinister, scarlet witch, and scorpion). 
  • 3 energy: 2 cards (iron heart, Wolfsbane) 
  • 4 energy: 1 card (enchantress) 
  • 5 energy: 2 cards (spider woman and white tiger) 
  • 6 energy: 1 card (Odin). 
  • The average cost is 3. 

As for the power breakdown, it will be as follows: 

  • 0 power: 1 card (iron heart) 
  • 1 power: 2 cards (Wolfsbane and white tiger) 
  • 2 power: 5 cards (Korg, yondu, mister sinister, Okoye and scorpion). 
  • 3 power: 1 card (scarlet witch) 
  • 4 power: 1 card (enchantress) 
  • 5 power: 0 cards 
  • 7 power: 1 card (spider woman) 
  • 8 power: 1 card (Odin)
  • The average power is 2.8. 


With that, these are 5 solid combinations that you can go for, with the main focus always being to play Odin on your last turn. We will now rap up our Marvel Snap On Reveal Decks guide! 

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