Marvel Snap: Best Low-Cost Cards [Expert’s Opinion]

With the Best One, Two & Three Cost Cards, you can play simultaneous cards on a single turn.

Story Highlights
  • Low cost cards in Marvel Snap allows you to play simultaneous cards in a single turn.
  • Including these cards in your deck will make a huge impact.
  • With the best cards and strategy, you can catch your opponent off guard.

A great opening/low-cost card means a lot in the Marvel Snap match. However, with thousands of cards, it is very difficult to determine which one is best. Here are some of the Best One, Two, And Three Cost Cards that deserve a place on your deck building.

Best One-Cost Cards

The one-cost cards are the first cards you can play in a match. Thereafter, as your energy increases through turns, you can play high-cost cards in the match.


Nightcrawler (Image credits: eXputer)

When you progress in the game, you get Nightcrawler as the starter card. And he is one of the best starting cards in Marvel Snap. Nightcrawlers’ ability to move to another location is one of the best advantages in an early game.

With Nightcrawler’s ability, you can get a spot in a certain location and place a high-power card there if you are in a losing position.

For the best result, you will need to come up with a strategy and trick your opponent if you are planning to involve Nightcrawler in your deck.


Sunspot ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Sunspot can convert the unspent energy into his power throughout the game. He can fit very well into units where most cards have high energies. Sunspot is the best one-cost card you can use on turn 1 without giving it too much thought.

Moreover, you can use him with The Infinaut, where in order to use him, you’d have to sacrifice one turn. You can skip the fifth turn and play The Infinaut on the sixth turn. What’s your loss in that? Nothing!

Sunspot will use all the energy left behind in the fifth turn. On the other hand, The Infinaut will get you an instant win through its 20 power.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist
Iron Fist (Image credits: eXputer)

Iron Fist is another card that offers flexibility, but differently, unlike Nightcrawler. He can move another card to the left location available On Reveal. How does that benefit you? Well, in some locations, you are not able to play cards or can’t after some turns, like Sanctum Sanctorum or Kyln.

However, Iron Fist provides a way to play those cards here with his ability. You can compete with your opponent when he can’t counterattack.


Yondu (Image credits: eXputer)

Do you want to ruin your opponent’s deck? Well, Yondu is the right choice. He can remove the top card available in your opponent’s deck. Sometimes, your opponent depends on that top card for his strategy, but you can use Yondu and ruin his strategy.


Elektra (Image credits: eXputer)

Her ability is to destroy your opponent’s 1-cost card at this location. She’s also the best card available in Pool One. Not only can you destroy your opponent’s advantageous card like Nightcrawler. You can get the upper hand on locations like Mojoworld, where the one who has more cards in numbers gets the buff of this location, which is +100 power.

Best Two-Cost Cards

Here are the Best Two-Cost Cards, which will put you in an advantageous situation in Marvel Snap


Angela (Image credits: eXputer)

She is one of the best cards available in Pool One that has 2-cost. Angela’s ability is to get +2 power for each card you play at her location. She works very well with low-cost and power cards.

You can even use cards like Nightcrawler or Yondu to get her buff again. She’s very advantageous at locations where you want to build up slowly.


Okoye (Image credits: eXputer)

She can increase the +1 power of every card in your deck while giving a +2 power with only 2-cost. Furthermore, you can even use cards like Brood or Mister Sinister, who can summon a card with the same power.

However, be careful when playing at locations like Machine world, where your opponent gets a copy of your card. You wouldn’t want to give buffs to your opponent.


Daredevil (Image credits: eXputer)

He is one of the cards that will let you see what your opponent has played on turn 5. You can easily counterattack by reading your opponent’s move and coming up with a strategy at that moment. With cards like Professor X or Hobgoblin, you can give your opponent a huge disadvantage at that location.


Carnage (Image credits: eXputer)

His ability is to destroy your other cards at this location and get +2 power for each card destroyed. And now, you have the ability to destroy those useless rocks or some other low-power and low-cost cards that you don’t want and get +2 power for them.

If your location is with 3 low-power cards, you can put carnage and gain +6 power for each of them, getting a total power of +8 on the location.


Armor (Image credits: eXputer)

He serves as a defense, but still, it has +3 power, which is not that bad. With Armor, you’re able to protect your high-power cards or cards with great buffs. Cards like Shang-Chi or Killmonger have no effect on the location where Armor is.

Furthermore, Armor can protect your cards at certain locations like Death’s Domain or Danger Room, where the cards are destroyed or have a 25% chance of being destroyed. Likely, your opponent wouldn’t risk playing at this type of location. However, you can, with Armor, gain a location that your opponent can’t.

Best Three-Cost Cards

These are the best three-cost cards, which can be a huge addition to your deck and give you more chance of snapping and winning in Marvel Snap.


Thor (Image credits: eXputer)

He is the best 3 cost card available in Marvel Snap. Despite his 3-cost, his power can go up to +10. When you play Thor, his Mjolnir is shuffled into your deck, and the Mjolnir is zero cost and zero power. However, it boosts Thor’s Power by +6.

His power can go even more if played at certain locations like Kamar-Taj, where On Reveal effects are activated again, which will give you both the Mjolnir and give Thor +6 power again.

Moreover, you can even pair Thor with Odin can turn the tables against your opponent. Odin will activate the On Reveal abilities, and you can get the Mjolnir buff again. With the Best Thor Deck & Strategies, you’re most likely not to lose.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin (Image credits: eXputer)

Giving -3 power to your opponent and free space for your card at the location, your opponent is likely in a disadvantageous situation. It’ll be an easy win if you prepare some strategies, and Green Goblin is the best card if your strategies are stealthy, catching your opponent off-guard.


Venom (Image credits: eXputer)

Unlike Carnage, Venom can take all the power of your cards and then destroy them, leaving you some more space to fill in other cards. You can get a tremendous amount of power from other cards and still play other cards on that location.

Make sure to use the cards that cost less but have high power, like Winter Soldier or Red Guardian. Victory will surely come to you if you play it wisely.


Wolfsbane (Image credits: eXputer)

He is another power-buffing card, which will surely give you a victory at that location. His ability to get +2 power for each character available on the location can give you +7 power if you play it with 3 other cards. It’s not a bad amount considering the cost.


Killmonger (Image credits: eXputer)

When you want to remove your opponent’s best one-cost cards, what do you do? You use Killmonger. With Killmonger, you can remove your opponent’s upper hand like Nightcrawler, whose flexibility can sometimes be threatening, or Sunspot, whose power increases in exchange for unspent energy.  

You’re lucky if your opponent’s deck is based on 1-cost units. All you have to do is just use Killmonger to counterattack.

My Tips Using One, Two, And Three Cost Cards

After dumping hours upon hours in Marvel Snap, I’ve realized that using these low-cost just to gain raw Power is a fairly useless strategy. However, you’ll get much more value out of them if you use them as Support cards, setting up your high-cost cards in such a way that they have massively high Power to collectively raise the power across all locations. Killmonger, for instance, can destroy all 1-Cost cards, making him the ideal card for a Destroy Deck since he raises Knull’s Power and lowers Death’s Cost.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

At high ranks, it’s not about high-power cards, it’s about strategy, where the key is to buff yourself and debuff your opponent as much as possible. As such, I’d recommend making a suitable deck for low-cost Support cards so you can create rhythm and synergy. Most winners in Marvel Snap are determined in the final 2 rounds, and with the proper early-game setup thanks to One, Two, and Three-Cost cards, your chances of winning rise exponentially.

That’s it for my guide on Best One, Two, and Three Cost Cards available in Marvel Snap. Comment about your decks with these cards in the comments section down below. 


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