Marvel Snap: Best Starting Cards [Top 10]

The top 10 starter cards will help turn the tide of a losing battle in your favor.

Some of the best starting cards in Marvel Snap can be acquired from the start and can actually be quite powerful, even at the higher levels of the game. The game features a lot of different cards, each with different abilities and functions. However, when starting out, it is important to know what cards in Marvel Snap will be the best, especially if you are just starting out in the game. 

Here’s all you need to know about best starter cards:

Iron Man5.00.0Overall Power is doubled
Nightcrawler 1.02.0You can only move this a single time at this location
America Chavez6.010.0This card can only be drawn on the 6th turn
Angela 2.01.0Grant +2 Power, when you move cards at this location
Jessica Jones5.08.0Grant +4 Power, if you do not move card on next turn at this location
Bishop 3.02.0Receive +1 Power, if you move a card at this location
Spider-Woman 4.04.0Each enemy card can be afflicted with -1 Power
Scarlet Witch 1.02.0Replace this location with a new one
Lady Sif 2.04.0Eliminate the highest cost card
Elektra 1.02.0Eliminate a random opponent's single cost card at this location

Iron Man 

AbilitiesOverall Power is doubled

The Ongoing card will double your total power at the location you use it. The best part about the Iron Man starting card in Marvel Snap is that it has an ongoing ability. Therefore by using the Iron Man card, you will be able to successfully win a location where the odds are not in your favor.

Iron Man starting card in Marvel Snap
Iron Man [Image Credit: eXputer]
For beginners, the Iron Man card can be a game changer as he has the capability of doubling the power at whatever location you use them at. Furthermore, by using Iron Man, you will not have to use any other support or buff cards that you have.  

Also, if you managed to unlock cards like Jessica Jones and Bishop, you could use Iron Man with them. They have an always active ability, and Iron Man can actually amp up that power. Cards like Jessica Jones and Bishop tend to gain more power with each turn. Therefore if you use the Iron man card with them, you will get double the power. 

However, if you use cards like Spider-Woman that have a negative in power, the ability will be doubled as well. Therefore if a card has minus one in power, you will actually get minus two. Still, many players prefer using Iron Man in their ending turns, as it can turn tables in your favor even if you are losing the game. 


AbilitiesYou can only move this a single time at this location

You might think that using a two-power card for one mana might not be that good of a deal. However, if you have completed at least 10 games in Marvel Snap, you will know that using a powerful card like Night Crawler, even with a drawback like this, is worth it. 

NightCrawler starting card in Marvel Snap
NightCrawler [Image Credit: eXputer]
Thanks to the Night Crawler’s special ability, it seems a reasonable price to pay. By using Night Crawler, you will be able to move from one location to another in case you want to replace him with another card. Therefore, you will also be able to free up some space to play more cards for a certain location.

With the proper strategy, you will be able to turn the odds in your favor, especially when you get a card that you wanted to use in a certain location, but there is no slot available, especially if you’re using cards that gain a boost when a card joins them in a certain location.

For instance, if you already used Angela for a certain location, you can then use the Night Crawler card to free up some space from that location and move another card there to activate her ability again. The card is very useful when you need just a few more points to win a certain location in the game.  

The card will also help you when the whole match is used the right way. 

America Chavez 

AbilitiesThis card can only be drawn on the 6th turn

When it comes to beginners, one of the most powerful cards that they can have in their deck is definitely America Chavez. America Chavez card can determine victory in your ending turns if used the right way. Keep in mind that you can only draw the America Chavez card whenever you are on turn six. Therefore you will not be able to pull her out anytime before. 

America Chavez starting card in Marvel Snap
America Chavez [Image Credit: eXputer]
The reason that many players prefer using her in the ending turn is her ability. The nine power boost that you will get in your ending turn can be a game-changer, especially If you are losing at that location. While her ability guarantees that you draw her only on turn 6, there are other ways by which you can cheat America Chavez in a location and in the starting turns. 

For instance, if you use a card like Jubilee, you will be able to cheat America Chavez into your play and use her in any turn you want. The Jubilee card can be found at the top of your library, and its ability will let you use America Chavez before turning six. Therefore, if you feel like you need a boost in power at any instance of the game, just use a Jubilee card and then an America Chavez, and you are good to go. 


AbilitiesGrant +2 Power, when you move cards at this location

Since Nightcrawler made it to our best starting cards list in Marvel Snap, our list would not be complete without the mention of Angela. By herself, Angela cannot do much with the one power that she has. However, when it comes to her ability, she will be able to gain energy the more cards you add to the location she is in.

Angela [Image Credit: eXputer]
Therefore we recommend that you use her first in a certain location and then eventually add other cards. The more cards you add to a location where Angela is already in, the more power she will gain during the turn.

The Angela card is very much like the Bishop card, just more specific in nature. Upon using Angela, you will gain a + 2 in power with every card you add to the location where she already is. 

The best strategy is to use her first in one of the starting turns and make sure that there is no other card present already in the location. Doing so will allow you to unlock her maximum potential in the game. For instance, if you use Angela in a location as a starting card, she can get seven power over time and become a very powerful asset to your overall gameplay.  

You can try using Angela with cards like Hobgoblin and Green Goblin, as well as their abilities, lie in switching to the opponent’s sides whenever you reveal them.

So when you use Hobgoblin, she will get a +2 in her stats, and then, thanks to the Hobgoblins ability, the slot will be free for you to add another card to the pool. You can also use Nightcrawler whenever you are using Angela in the game. 

Jessica Jones 

AbilitiesGrant +4 Power, if you do not move card on next turn at this location

Before the game was released, Jessica Jones was not considered a powerful card, especially when it came to ending turns. However, the Jessica Jones card has been upgraded in the best possible way now. Now she is considered one of the best cards if you’re looking for a successful hit to an enemy in mid-battle.

Jessica Jones starting card in Marvel Snap
Jessica Jones [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Jessica Jones card has the ability to grant you an additional 4 power on the location you are using her. However, the ability will only trigger after you have played it and moved over to the next turn. Furthermore, you will only be granted additional power if you don’t use any other card in the location where you have used Jessica Jones. 

Before the proper release, most of the players avoided using Jessica Jones as the opponent could easily predict and plan out cards against her. Now with the buff, you can utilize her four additional power in the best way possible and allow her to get her boost. It is important that you use Jessica Jones as the last card for a location. 

You can also use more cards at her location if you want, but it is important to keep a strategy in mind while doing so. 


AbilitiesReceive +1 Power, if you move a card at this location

With Bishop, you will get a plus one in power every time you draw a card and use it anywhere on the board. Since you only get two power for three mana, you will think that Bishop will not help you much in the turn you use him.

And that is actually true because Bishop will not help you, in turn, you use him but will in the turns that come after. This is because his ability will grant you additional power every time you use a card after him.

Therefore, we recommend that you use them in Turn 1 or Turn 2 to get the maximum potential out of the Bishop’s card. Eventually, over several turns, your Bishop card will become a very dangerous powerhouse at a very low price of energy. 

The ability easily makes him one of the best cards in Marvel Snap simply because of his consistency and capability to increase your power over time. Many players prefer using Bishop when they are tricking the enemy into thinking they have the upper hand. 


AbilitiesEach enemy card can be afflicted with -1 Power

Our list of Marvel Snap’s best starting cards will go incomplete without the mention of the epic Spider-Woman card. The Spider-Woman card got buffed after the release of Marvel Snap, and it undoubtedly made her one of the top-tier cards in the game.

Spider Woman starting card in Marvel Snap
Spider Woman [Image Credit: eXputer]
For instance, her cost was increased by one, making it 5 instead of 4. But that is not all, and the Spider-woman card will also increase in power from 4 to 7.  

While it is no doubt that the cost of ability is kind of high, it is definitely worth it, especially if you are looking for a permanent card for your best deck. What makes her so special is definitely her on-reveal ability which makes the price of her power reasonable.

Whenever the Spider Woman card is revealed, all the enemy cards will lose one power. The card will ultimately help you win the game as it will require your enemy to spend more time in order to fill a location. Therefore the higher energy cost does pay off in the long term. If you are using a Spider Woman card in a full location, you will be able to secure an 11-point swing in one of your turns, making the card viable against enemies of a higher level. 

Scarlet Witch 

AbilitiesReplace this location with a new one

When it comes to choosing scarlet witch as your starting card, you won’t get many status effects by using her. Nevertheless, she offers good power for very little energy, which makes her a viable option for beginners. With Scarlet Witch, you will get 3 power by using 2 energy. However, the best part about her is definitely her reveal ability. 

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you are stuck at a location that is helping your opponent with their cards but not you, then don’t worry if you have a Scarlet Witch card in your deck.

So by using the Scarlet Witch card on that certain location, she will change the location to a completely random one and might flip the tables in your favor. The scarlet Witch card is mostly used by players when absolutely necessary. Sometimes just by changing the location, you can win the whole game.

However, the location is totally random, so it is important that you have a strategy in mind if it does not go well in the end. 

Lady Sif 

AbilitiesEliminate the highest cost card

Lady Sif is a Discard Based ability card that can help you with the game in no time. You will get four power by using three energy when it comes to Lady Sif. It actually makes her a fairly reasonable card to use in the match.

The On Reveal ability she has makes her a very powerful card to use in early turns. By using the Lady Sif card, you will be able to discard the highest-cost card you currently have in your hand. For most players, it might seem a bit odd. However, it will actually help you with your upcoming turns. 

If you have high-cost cards like Apocalypse come on Ghost Rider or Hela in your deck, then you can actually use Lady Sif with a strategy to make use of them in different ways. 


AbilitiesEliminate a random opponent’s single cost card at this location

Elektra is a fairly powerful card with an on-reveal snap ability. Whenever you use Elektra, she will be able to destroy a random card that has one cost at that specific location where she is used. Due to her specific and targeted ability, you can create a strategy with her and use other powerful cards that can synergize with her. 

Best starting card in Marvel Snap
Elektra [Image Credit: eXputer]
However, it is important that your opponent also has a one-cost card for her ability to work. It is great against other starting cards like Ebony Maw, Sunspot, and other one-cost cards. 

Summing It Up 

When you play Marvel Snap for the first time, you won’t get a lot of cards to start with. However, the best part about the game is that you will be able to unlock cards faster as the progression system is quite easy in the game, and almost every other level helps you unlock a new card. Furthermore, turns are actually quite short, so unlocking cards as a beginner will not be a difficult task. 

Like Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering Arena, and in every card game, the best decks or starting cards matter a lot as they will pan out the rest of your game. If you practice with the best card pools from the beginning, you will be able to master the deck-building strategies in a more efficient and quicker way. 

It Is also important to understand what cards work best with each other and have great synergy. The right combination of cards will help you win any match and overpower the opponent at every turn.

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the best starting cards for Marvel Snap that will ensure a win every time you use them with a good strategy. If you have any queries regarding our article, make sure to leave them in the comment section below. 


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