Marvel Snap: 4 BEST Skaar Decks [Expert’s Take]

I have well over 200 hours in Marvel Snap, and these are my picks of the top 4 decks you should try out with Skaar, the 6-Cost 11-Power card.

Skaar is the first and newest 6-Cost card introduced in the Planet Hulk season of Marvel Snap, and due to his flexibility, many players are testing a variety of decks with him. This card has 11 Base Power, and the ability reads, “Cost 2 less for each of your cards that have 10 or more Power.” The ability only includes the cards on the board, not those in your hand or deck.

Before You Start: In this guide, I’ve listed the potential plays for each round in bullets. The priority of each play is a top-down manner, so if I’ve listed two suggestions for a round, you should play according to my topmost/foremost suggestion.
Key Takeaways
  • Skaar is a 6-Cost card with 11 Power in Marvel Snap that loses 2 Cost for each card you played with 10 or more Power.
  • I recommend playing him on the last turn to ensure that he’s played at the lowest possible Cost.
  • The best thing about Skaar is his versatility; he can fit into almost any deck and is arguably a better alternative to Hulk and She-Hulk.
  • However, his drawback is being susceptible to Shang-Chi and Mobius M. Mobius, which can nullify Skaar’s ability.
  • Most Skaar decks in Marvel Snap rely on Armor, Magik, and several 4-5 Cost cards that can reach 9+ Power before Round 6.

My Best Skaar Decks 

Here’s a quick overview of the decks you can try out for Skaar:

1Ebony Skaar– Black Knight
– Blade
– Armor
– Lockjaw
– Lady Sif
– Jubilee
– Ghost Rider
– Hela
– Infinaut
– Magneto
– Death
2Cancel Ongoing– Zero
– Armor
– Lizard
– Magik
– Sauron
– Enchantress
– Shuri
– Typhoid Mary
– Red Skull
– Taskmaster
– She-Hulk
3Werewolf Skaar– Nico Minoru
– Forge
– Armor
– Psylocke
– Okoye
– Zabu
– Gladiator
– Magik
– Werewolf by Night
– Darkhawk
– Thanos
4Duo Darkhawk– Korg
– Ravonna Renslayer
– Psylocke
– Zabu
– Mystique
– Rockslide
– Darkhawk
– Mister Negative
– Devil Dinosaur
– Iron Man
– Taskmaster

1. Ebony Skaar

The Most Versatile Skaar Deck In Marvel Snap.
skaar deck 1
Deck 1: Ebony Skaar (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: This deck easily offers the best chance for Skaar getting to 0-Cost since it can easily bring two or more 9+ Power cards to the board before Turn 6.

Discard decks have been on the rise, thanks to the recent Black Knight and his Ebony Blade buffs. With this deck, you can almost guarantee Skaar going down to 2 or even 0 Cost, which is incredible for 11 raw Power. Additionally, you can even discard him to let the Ebony Blade gain Power.

Follow the strategy for each round I’ve listed below:

  1. Round 1:
    • Play Black Knight
    • Play Blade if your hand’s rightmost card is Infinaut, Magneto, Death, or Skaar.
  2. Round 2:
    • Play Armor (preferably in a different lane than Black Knight or Blade.)
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Lady Sif only if your hand has Death or more than two 6-Cost cards.
    • If you have Jubilee in your hand, play Lockjaw.
  4. Round 4:
    • Play Jubilee alongside Lockjaw.
    • Play Ebony Blade in a separate lane.
    • If you discarded a card and don’t have Hela in your hand, play Ghost Rider alongside Lockjaw.
  5. Round 5:
    • Play Skaar alongside Armor.
    • Use your Energy on any of the above procedures to get Skaar lower.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play Hela.
    • Play any 6-Cost card.
  • Best chance to get Skaar to 0 Cost.
  • Insane Power across locations.
  • Several winning routes.
  • Mainly favors Discard decks.
  • Losing Hela or Ghost Rider could be catastrophic.

2. Cancel Ongoing

The Best High-Power Skaar Deck In Marvel Snap.
skaar deck 2
Deck 2: Cancel Ongoing (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Unlike the last deck, you won’t have to rely on RNG since this alternative guarantees high Raw Power.

Tons of Ongoing cards have 10 or more raw Power as a 4-Cost or 5-Cost, but their Ongoing effects have benefits for the opposing team. The key strategy for this deck is to remove those effects from your cards so that you can get Power without any Ongoing drawback.

To get the most consistent bang for your buck with the Ongoing deck, follow my procedure below:

  1. Round 1:
    • Skip the turn.
  2. Round 2:
    • Play Armor (and your cards with 9+ Power should be played alongside her).
    • Play Lizard if Shuri isn’t in your hand.
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Magik (priority) or Sauron (alternative.)
  4. Round 4:
    • Play Typhoid Mary if you played Sauron.
    • Play Shuri.
  5. Round 5:
    • If you played Sauron, play Red Skull.
    • If you played Shuri, play any 4+ Power card alongside her.
    • Play Taskmaster if you played Typhoid Mary in the last round.
    • Play Zero and Typhoid Mary, respectively.
  6. Round 6:
    • If there’s a Round 7 and She-Hulk is in your hand, skip the turn.
    • Play all your cards, including Skaar.
    • Play Zero and Red Skull, respectively.
    • Play Enchantress alongside Typhoid Mary and/or Red Skull.
  7. Round 7:
    • Play Skaar and She-Hulk, and use up your remaining Energy.
  • High Raw Power across the board.
  • Several routes to get Skaar to 0-Cost.
  • Reliable and guaranteed Cost reduction.
  • Cards are easy to get.
  • Relies on Zero and Enchantress.
  • Vulnerable to Cosmo.

3. Werewolf Skaar

The Most Power-Balancing Skaar Deck In Marvel Snap.
skaar deck 3
Deck 3: Werewolf Skaar (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: With Werewolf by Night to move around the board, you can control which locations need more Power, giving you more control over your Power distribution. 

Although not as effective as the other 2, this deck also has a great win rate thanks to having multiple routes to victory. As the name implies, the strategy here is to get Gladiator and Werewolf by Night to at least 10 Power so that Skaar drops to 2-Cost minimum.

For each round, here are all the best plays possible:

  1. Round 1:
    • Play the Mind Stone, or skip the turn.
  2. Round 2:
    • If you have Gladiator in your hand, play Forge or Nico (if her spell gives Gladiator +2 Power.)
    • If you have Werewolf by Night or Darkhawk in your hand, play Zabu or Psylocke.
    • Play Okoye if you have neither.
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Gladiator if you played Forge or Nico last.
    • Play Werewolf by Night (priority) or Darkhawk (alternative.)
    • Play Magik.
  4. Round 4:
    • If you played Werewolf by Night last, play 1-Cost cards here.
    • Play Darkhawk.
  5. Round 5:
    • If you played Werewolf by Night and he’s not at 9+ Power yet, play 1-Cost cards or Darkhawk + any 1-Cost card.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play Skaar and use up any unspent Energy.
    • Play Thanos.
  7. Round 7:
    • Play cards in such a way as to get as much Power on the board as possible.
  • Balanced Power Distribution.
  • Helps bait out opponent’s Shang Chi.
  • Strong chance of keeping priority every round.
  • Relies heavily on Werewolf by Night, Darkhawk, and Gladiator.
  • Gladiator could potentially lose you the game.
  • Cards are challenging to get.

4. Duo Darkhawk

The Most Customizable Skaar Deck In Marvel Snap.
skaar deck 4
Deck 4: Duo Darkhawk (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Most decks are tricky to perfect since players usually don’t have the needed cards to perfect them, but with this deck, you have many options to swap around and find alternatives.

My final deck heavily relies on Darkhawk, arguably the best 4-Cost card that almost always has 10+ Power. As such, the strategy I devised for him is to make a deck that fills the opponent’s deck (to raise Darkhawk’s Power) and then uses cards like Mystique or Taskmaster to copy his Power so Skaar at least goes down to 2-Cost.

  1. Round 1:
    • Play Korg.
  2. Round 2:
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Mister Negative (priority) or Darkhawk (alternative.)
    • Play Rockslide.
  4. Round 4:
    • Follow the same procedure as in Round 3.
    • If you played Darkhawk last round, play Mystique.
  5. Round 5:
    • Play Taskmaster if you played Mystique or Darkhawk last round.
    • Play Iron Man or Devil Dinosaur.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play Skaar and any other 0-Cost card in your hand.
  • Versatile.
  • Several location-winning solo cards.
  • Challenging to keep priority in early rounds.
  • Several potential counters.
  • Difficult to get Skaar to 0 Cost.

My Tips For Using Skaar Decks

Compared to the recent 6-Cost cards that have come out, Skaar is generally easier to use in most decks, whether going Ongoing, On-Reveal, or any other meta decks. Regardless, I’d always recommend playing him on the last possible turn to catch your opponents by surprise. Besides that, always prioritize keeping him on a safe lane where your cards can’t be destroyed, like Wakanda or alongside Armor.

marvel snap steam hours
My in-game hours of Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

As I mentioned earlier, Skaar’s main weaknesses are Mobius M. Mobius and Shang-Chi, the former of which is extremely difficult to counter. If you see Mobius, it’s best to retreat if you rely on Skaar and save yourself from losing too many cubes. Ultimately, is he worth buying? I believe so.

That wraps up my brief guide regarding the top Skaar decks you can craft and try in Marvel Snap. As always, I can’t mention every possible playstyle because your hand, deck, and locations impact every game. However, in my experience, the decks I’ve listed are easy to use, adaptable, and reliable. For more Skaar-related decks, check out CozySnap’s complete card breakdown, highlighting specific synergies and use cases.

For more decks regarding new releases, check out my Havok Decks in Marvel Snap, where I go over the strategies you apply for him. There’s also my guide on decks for Iron Man, which, although not new, is one of the most consistent 5-Cost cards in Snap. If you want specific meta decks, you can go for the Move deck, which has several great things going for it.

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