Marvel Snap: 3 BEST Quake Decks [250+ Hours Experience]

I have roughly 300 hours in Marvel Snap, and after actively testing Quake with her new ability, here are some of my tips for her deck.

Since the launch of Marvel Snap, Quake has always been an undermining 2-Cost card because of her randomness and lack of synergy within decks. However, with the recent update, she’s arguably the best 2-Cost card you can get now. With her new On-Reveal ability, she can swap the other 2 locations when you play her at a location. This is a significant change over her old ability, which randomly swapped all 3 locations and required you to play Quake on the middle lane.

Important: Quake is a must-play card when a game has locations like Bar With No Name, Castle Blackstone, Death’s Domain, Deep Space, or any location where your opponent wasn’t filling the lane and should have.
Before You Start: In this guide, I’ve listed the potential plays for each round in bullets. The priority of each play is a top-down manner, so if I’ve listed two suggestions for a round, you should play according to my topmost/foremost suggestion.
Key Takeaways
  • Quake is a 2-Cost, 3-Power card that, when played at a location, will swap positions of the other 2 locations.
  • This ability makes her one of the few cards that can controllingly change locations, putting her alongside Storm, Magik, and Legion.
  • The best thing about Quake in Marvel Snap is definitely her versatility since she can fit in all types of decks and provide a valuable and strategic advantage that can throw opponents off-guard.
  • However, there will be some matches where you won’t need to play her – particularly where locations play a minor role or have On-Reveal effects instead of Ongoing.

My Best Quake Decks In Marvel Snap

Here’s a quick overview of the top decks I’ve chosen for Quake that you can try out in Marvel Snap:

1Natural Disasters– Nebula
– Jeff
– Medusa
– Quake
– Lizard
– Gladiator
– Storm
– Ms. Marvel
– Captain Marvel
– Professor X
– Thanos
– Magneto
Lethal Card Combos
2Quakey Evolutionary– Misty Knight
– Sunspot
– Nebula
– Shocker
– Quake
– Magik
– Storm
– Cyclops
– High Evolutionary
– The Thing
– Abomination
– Hulk
3C3 Quake– Bast
– Luke Cage
– Quake
– Scarlet Witch
– Cerebro
– Mystique
– Brood
– Killmonger
– Shang-Chi
– Iron Man
– Blue Marvel
– Leech
Baiting Out Free Cubes

1. Natural Disasters

The Best Quake Card Combo Deck In Marvel Snap.
marvel snap quake deck 1
Deck 1: Natural Disasters (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Quake and Storm are the bread and butter of this deck since Storm arguably creates the best card combo possible for Quake.
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Quake and Storm are undoubtedly made for each other, creating a lethal combo that can lock your opponents out of lanes without anticipating them. The key, and often effective, strategy here is to play your high-Power in 1 lane, then play Storm on another, and finally play Quake on the lane you were playing your high-Power cards. This way, the location you were initially winning will become flooded.

Important: Iron Fist is a flexible card here, and you can swap him out of any high-power and/or reliable 1-Cost card.

Below, I’ve listed the play line for each turn to get you started:

  1. Turn 1:
    • If you have Medusa in your hand, play any of Thanos’ stones in the middle lane.
    • Play Nebula (priority) or the Power Stone (alternative.)
  2. Turn 2:
    • Play Medusa in the middle lane.
    • Play Lizard alongside any of the Stones.
    • Play Jeff.
  3. Turn 3:
    • Play Storm (priority) or Gladiator (alternative) on a lane the opponent has filled the most.
  4. Turn 4:
    • If you played Storm last turn, play Quake such that your highest-Power lane and Storm’s lane swap locations.
    • Play Ms. Marvel in the middle lane.
    • Play Captain Marvel.
  5. Turn 5:
    • If you have The Infinaut in your hand, skip the turn.
    • Utilize your Energy in such a way you’re winning all three lanes, and Ms. Marvel (if played) gives +4 Power to adjacent lanes.
    • If you’re winning a location by a sizable margin, play Professor X.
  6. Turn 6:
    • Play The Infinaut (priority) or Thanos (alternative.)
  • Strong card combos.
  • Equal Power distribution across locations.
  • Guaranteed location wins.
  • Several lane-winning solo cards.
  • Challenging to play.
  • Cards are tough to get.

2. Quakey Evolutionary

The Most Consistent Quake Deck In Marvel Snap.
marvel snap quake deck 2
Deck 2: Quakey Evolutionary (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Out of all of Quake’s decks, this one got me the highest win-ratio, which is why I had to include it on this list.
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High-Evolutionary decks are always consistent with equally distributing Power and coping with different locations on the board. Quake is a solid addition to this deck and follows the same pattern as the Natural Disasters deck. The only significant difference, I feel, is that this deck is much easier to manage than the other ones on the list.

Follow my procedure below to get the most bang for your buck with the deck:

  1. Turn 1:
    • If you have Hulk in your hand, skip the turn and try to save at least 1 Energy per turn.
    • Otherwise, play Nebula (priority), Sunspot (alternative), or Misty Knight (alternative.)
  2. Turn 2:
    • If you have Hulk in your hand, play any 1-Cost card.
    • Play Shocker.
  3. Turn 3:
    • If you’ve played Nebula, play Storm in a different lane if you have Quake in your hand.
    • Play Storm alongside Nebula if you don’t have Quake in your hand.
    • Play Cyclops (priority) or Magik (alternative), preferably alongside Nebula.
  4. Turn 4:
    • If you played Storm last turn, play Quake such that your Nebula lane and Storm’s lane swap locations.
    • If you’ve played Cyclops, use 3 Energy at max this turn.
    • Play The Thing if and where your opponent has a lane with 3+ cards.
    • Play High Evolutionary as a last resort.
  5. Turn 5:
    • If you played Sunspot and have Hulk in your hand, skip the turn.
    • Try to use 4 Energy maximum in this turn.
  6. Turn 6:
    • If this is the last turn, play Hulk or Abomination + The Thing.
  7. Turn 7:
    • Use your Energy to distribute Power evenly across locations or win 2 locations by a sizeable margin.
  • Reliable and consistent.
  • Several winning routes.
  • Perfectly showcases Quake’s abilities.
  • Cards are easy to get.
  • Slightly underpowered.
  • Lack of customization.

3. C3 Quake

The Best Quake Deck To Bait Opponents In Marvel Snap.
marvel snap quake deck 3
Deck 3: C3 Quake (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Botching the opponent’s strategies and plans near the end of the game is a great way to bait free Cubes, which is where this deck shines.
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For those unaware, C3 decks are the decks where all or most of your cards have 3 Power, and since Quake has a base Power of 3, she fits extremely well into this niche yet versatile slot. The strategy here is to use Cerebro followed by Mystique and Blue Marvel to get your cards to +7 Power. Additionally, you can play Leech, Scarlet Witch, Shang-Chi, and/or Quake to remove locations and abilities, throwing a curveball at the opponent.

With the deck assembled, follow the strategies I’ve listed below:

  1. Turn 1:
    • Play Bast.
  2. Turn 2:
    • Play Luke Cage.
    • If there’s an unfavorable location you want to remove, play Scarlet Witch (or reserve her for later turns.)
  3. Turn 3:
    • If you have Mystique in your hand, play Cerebro.
    • Play Brood if the card has 3 Power.
    • If the opponent has any troublesome 1-Cost cards, play Killmonger.
  4. Turn 4:
    • If you played Cerebro last round, play Mystique (ensure you have this combo by the last turn.)
    • Play Quake if you want to swap any location.
  5. Turn 5:
    • Play Blue Marvel if you’ve successfully hit the Cerebro+Mystique combo.
    • Play Iron Man if he has 3 Power (you can also play him with 0-Power if you have Valkyrie in your hand.)
    • Play Leech as a last resort.
  6. Turn 6:
    • By this turn, ensure you have the Cerebro+Mystique+Blue Marvel combo.
    • Play Iron Man if you’ve played all 3 cards above.
    • If you’ve played Iron Man with 0 Power, play Valkyrie alongside him.
    • Play Shang-Chi if he can destroy a high-power card and win you the lane.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Impressive Cube rate.
  • Several tech cards to bait opponents.
  • Versatile.
  • Several play routes.
  • Can be countered by Enchantress or Echo.
  • Maximum possible Power at each location is usually fixed.

My Experience Using Quake

During my testing on Conquest mode, I was surprised at how valuable Quake was to me in most games. Not only is she unsuspecting and can bait your opponent to risk more Cubes, but she’s also pretty much immune to counters. I’ve used her in a variety of meta decks, including Destroy, Thanos, and Loki decks, and she fits in like a charm.

marvel snap steam hours
My in-game hours of Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

Of all the decks I listed above, the “Natural Disasters” is one I found particularly effective, and it can easily throw your opponents off. When considering the “fun” aspect, though, I had a blast customizing the “C3 Quake” deck and trying out a variety of combinations, like swapping out Shang-Chi or Luke Cage for Leech.

That wraps up my brief guide on the best Quake decks you can try out in Marvel Snap, where I’ve gone through the team composition and play line for each turn. While I couldn’t talk about every possible scenario in different games, I’ve given strong suggestions for priority and alternative plays that can consistently give you a high win rate and Cube rate. If you want to witness some high-tier gameplay showcasing Quake as the MVP, YouTuber Alexander Coccia has a great video highlighting her prowess.

For staying up with the meta and checking out some updated combos, here’s my guide on the best Discard decks in Marvel Snap, which have seen a massive increase in competitive play. There’s also the Mister Negative Deck which can easily win games if you have the right hand. Besides that, you can check out Havok decks that showcase the card that can potentially become the highest-power 2-Cost card in Marvel Snap.


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