Marvel Snap: Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Decks

Learn about Best Guardian of the Galaxy and best Asgardian Decks.

One of the most popular Thematic Decks in Marvel Snap is the Guardians of the Galaxy Deck. There are two variants of the deck, and both have all 7 members of the Guardians, but one is updated according to the New Addition in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Key Takeaways
  • Guardians Deck is the most overpowered and useful Thematic Deck in Marvel Snap.
  • All the Guardians have similar abilities that activate if you guess where your opponent is going to play his cards.
  • Odin is one of the most powerful and essential cards in this deck and really makes the deck unstoppable.
  • Daredevil is also important in the Deck and sets up your turn 5 play with Gamora.
  • Learn the Strategies and abilities so you can use the Deck to its full potential.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Decklist And Abilities

Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Deck
Marvel Snap Guardian Of The Galaxy Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Nebula11Your Power gets x2, whenever your card is moved by the opponent
Star lord22Whenever an enemy played the card, Power is enhanced by 3
Gamora57Whenever an enemy played the card, Power is enhanced by 4
Groot33You gets +3 Power, whenever an enemy played the card at this location
Rocket12You gets +2 Power, whenever an enemy played the card at this location
Drax44Receive +4 Power, if your enemy has already played a card here
Mantis12A card will be taken, if an enemy has moved the card here
Storm32Location gets flooded
Daredevil22At 5th turn, your enemy get the chance to play before you
Spider-man42Opponents can't play cards herr
Juggernaut33Cards can be played randomly, if the cards are played by the opponents
America Chavez610Draw card on turn 6th

The cards in the Guardians Deck have great synergy almost like the game wants you to play them together. All the cards have on-reveal abilities which are almost the same, however, have slight differences in cost and make some cards better than others.

Playing the Guardians Deck is fun and keeps you on your toes; it’s a lot like betting. The abilities of all the Guardians activate when your opponent plays a card in the same location you are playing one of the Guardians. Predicting the opponent’s play will boost your Guardian’s power or even gain you an extra enemy card.

Running the guardians will require you to make an on-reveal deck and pair them up with other cards that complement their abilities. Cards like Daredevil and Odin that help you predict the enemy or activate your abilities twice are really useful in the deck.

Here are all the Guardians and the other cards that will boost their abilities and help you secure the most wins. 

  • Nebula: On reveal: If a card is played by your enemy here, your power is x2, and the card goes to you.
  • Star lord: On reveal: your power is increased by 3 if a card is played by here by the opponent 
  • Gamora: On reveal: If a card is played by your enemy here, your power is increased by 4. 
  • Groot: On reveal: If a card gets played by your opponent here, +3 power. 
  • Rocket: On reveal: If your enemy played a card here, power is increased by 2. 
  • Drax: On reveal: If your enemy has already played a card here, your power is increased by 4. 
  • Mantis: On reveal: If cards are played by an opponent, a card will be taken from their deck. 
  • Storm: On reveal: Location gets flooded. 
  • Daredevil: On your fifth turn, you can see your enemy’s plays before you get to play yours. 
  • Spider-man: On reveal: Enemies can’t play cards in this location on their next turn. 
  • Juggernaut: On reveal: If cards are played by your enemy here, they are moved randomly. 
  • America Chavez: Draw the card on your sixth turn

Roles Of Each Character 

Now that we have our Guardians, it’s very important to understand the role each character plays in the team. Without knowing what they do and how to play them, it’s going to be very hard to use the full potential of the Guardians. Moreover, understanding what each character does will help you come up with more strategies that will work with different locations.

So here’s what each Character’s role is in the team.


Marvel Snap Nebula – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesYour Power gets x2, whenever your card is moved by the opponent

Thanos’s daughter has a powerful ability that might be one of the most unique in the game. Her on-reveal ability allows you to double her power and puts her back in your hand if the opponent played here. She is great to have if you stack up and eventually have an eight or even 16-power card that only costs one energy. Once you unlock her, she is a great card to have. 


Marvel Snap Mantis – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesA card will be taken, if an enemy has moved the card here

Another member of the Guardians who has a pretty interesting ability is Mantis. She is a low-cost card and can be very useful and can give you an advantage or put the enemy at a disadvantage. Her ability allows you to draw a card from the opponent’s deck. Now, this can gain you a very good card, or it can steal a card the opponent needs for a combo

The Ability comes in handy, and she is a great pick for the team. She can be unlocked in pool one and makes a good starter card in many decks.


Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Deck Rocket
Marvel Snap Rocket – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesYou gets +2 Power, whenever an enemy played the card at this location

One of the second most loved characters in the Guardians has an ability that makes you quite the powerhouse. If you guess correctly, you can turn Rocket into a 1-cost and 4-power card. That ability makes him one of the highest power 1-cost cards in marvel Snaps. He is also unlocked quite early and is an extremely strong card when used correctly. 


Star Lord
Marvel Snap Star-Lord – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesWhenever an enemy played the card, Power is enhanced by 3

The leader of the Guardians has a similar ability to most of the gang, but he is a little stronger than Rocket. Being a 2-cost and 2-power card might seem weak, but his ability make him a 5-power card. The more accurately you play these cards, the stronger you become. You have Star-Lord in your deck from the start. You don’t need to unlock him.


Marvel Snap Groot – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesYou gets +3 Power, whenever an enemy played the card at this location

The most loved character in the guardians is also quite powerful, having a similar ability to his peers. Your Groot also gains a power boost if the enemy plays a card at this location and becomes a great card. He makes a significant addition to the team and is quite a valuable asset. He can be unlocked in pool one along with rocket and some others. 


Drax Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Drax – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesReceive +4 Power, if your enemy has already played a card here

One card which is going to be hard to get in the Guardians Deck is Drax. He is the second strongest guardian in the deck and can increase your power by a lot. He Has the same ability as the rest of the squad, but he is a bit stronger. Drax gets a plus 4 boost, and that makes him a 4-cost and 8-power card. He is a little harder to unlock and is in pool 3.


Best Guardian Deck Marvel Snap Gamora
Marvel Snap Gamora – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesWhenever an enemy played the card, Power is enhanced by 4

Last but not least is Gamora, and she is going to be the strongest card in the deck. Although she isn’t hard to unlock so you can easily gain her and start using her while you unlock the other members. She gets her power increased by 5 and yes, her ability works the same way. She is available in the recruit Season and is 5-cost and 12-power cards with her ability. 


Marvel Snap Daredevil – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesAt 5th turn, your enemy get the chance to play before you

A great support card to have in the Guardians of the Galaxy deck in Marvel Snap is going to be Daredevil. Firstly, his unique ability makes him one essential part of the plan, and pairing him up with Gamora is going to set up the Victory. Secondly, he is a 2-cost card and goes well in the deck, and he is available in the Season Pass.


Marvel Snap Storm – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesLocation gets flooded

Now, most of the other cards in the deck are supporting cards for the Guardians to activate their abilities. Storm is one such card that aids you by limiting the locations the enemy can play at. Her ability allows her to block a location after the next turn completely. You can obtain Strom in pool 2, so you can get her before a few other cards in the deck.


Marvel Snap Juggernaut – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesCards can be played randomly, if the cards are played by the opponents

Having Juggernaut in the team is an ace in your back pocket and the enemies can never really be sure what will happen. Using Juggernaut’s ability to displace enemy cards comes in quite handy to spoil their plans. You can unlock Juggernaut in pool 1 so he will be easy to obtain.


Best Guardians Deck In Marvel Snap Spiderman
Marvel Snap Spiderman – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesOpponents can’t play cards herr

Another nod to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the synergy between Spider-man and the Guardians in Marvel Snap. Spider-man’s ability blocks a location for a turn giving you at least a fifty percent chance to predict where the enemy will go next. With Spider-man you make the Guardians Stronger and win more games. You can acquire Spider-man in pool 3 so it might take you some time.

America Chavez

America Chavez
Marvel Snap America Chavez – [Image credit: eXputer]
AbilitiesDraw card on turn 6th

The only 6-cost card in the Guardians deck is America Shavez, and she can help out the team with our ability. America Chavez has a very weird ability and is quite overlooked, but in the Guardians deck, she is a valuable Asset. Her ability forces the game to draw other cards, giving you a higher chance to draw and play Gamora on your fifth turn. You can unlock Chavez in pool 1 so she is easily obtainable.

Gameplay For Guardians Deck

After learning all the Guardians and their supporting cards, you can finally use their full powers to obliterate your foes. Coming up with strategies is an important element of the game, and you need a plan before you step on the battlefield. If you are considering the Guardian’s power, then the best strategy will be to limit your enemy’s locations and know where they will go.

Let’s take it from the start and figure out all you need to do to gain victory easily. So let’s talk about the ideal plan for the Guardians Deck. 

You have a few turn-one cards, and if you’re not unlucky, at least one of these cards will pop up in your starting hand. Playing nebula, mantis or rocket is a great start. Most people go for the left location if it doesn’t have a debuff. So going left gives you at least an 80 percent chance of activating your ability. The best card will be Rocket if you want to overpower the enemy. 

Now that we have our 4-power 1-cost card we have a big lead and the pressure is on the enemy. For the next turn, you will want to play Daredevil with Rocket. Playing Daredevil sets up your turn 5 Gamora play and reinforces your position. 

On turns 3 and 4 you have your choice to either block the enemy’s location or play a guardian and you can play Storm on a new location which will shut it down after the next turn forcing the enemy to play their next turn.

Additionally, on turn 4, you combo her with Drax knowing the enemy will commit to the location and get an easy plus 4. Playing these two together gives you a high chance of winning this location. 

Turn 5 is going to feel like cheating, being able to see exactly what the enemy will do gives you a huge advantage, and you can’t let it go to waste. So you play Gamora on the location the enemy played on and gain a 12-power card on turn 5. 

Now you can play America Chavez on any location you feel like you will easily win and secure the victory. Don’t forget to snap cause this strategy might force your foe to retreat. 

Asgardians Of The Galaxy Deck

Best Asgardians Deck In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Asgardians Of The Galaxy Deck – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now for the most unstoppable Guardians of the Galaxy deck, which includes the newest addition to the team. Joining the Guardians in this Deck will be the Asgardian God of Thunder and his father. Swapping out Juggernaut or Spider-man and America Chavez for these two makes the whole team a powerhouse. With these changes, you are never really out of the game and can turn the tide at any moment. 


Here are the abilities of Thor and Odin and what makes them so essential to the team

  • Thor: On Reveal: Shuffle Mjölnir into your deck.
  • Odin: On Reveal: Activate the On Reveal abilities of your other cards at this location.

Roles Of Asgardians Explained 

The Asgardians make the team incredible but knowing what role they play is crucial. Without understanding how and when to play them, you won’t be able to get the most out of their abilities. So here’s the role of each  Asgardians in the deck.


Marvel Snap Thor – [Image credit: eXputer]
Swapping out Thor for Juggernaut makes a huge improvement to the deck and will open up your turn 4 options. You can play Thor and then Mjolnir to increase his power and have a 12-power card. Having 2 12-power cards on turns 4 and 5 gives you the upper hand in any fight. You can unlock Thor in pool 3 so you have to wait for a little for him.


Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Deck Odin
Marvel Snap Odin – [Image credit: eXputer]
The on-reveal ability makes Odin a must-pick in any on-reveal deck. Combining his ability to activate the on-reveal ability of any card on his location. With this, you can make Thor and Gamora unstoppable or give a boost to any other Guardian. You unlock Odin at level 14 on the Collection level so you have him pretty early in the game.

Gameplay For The Asgardians Deck

With new Asgardians added the gameplay has a few changes but for the better. A few of the moves will be the same but with a few changes to turns 4 and 6.

Now you will play the God of Thunder at turn four and play him with Rocket and Daredevil. Playing with Rocket will mean giving up the middle, but this gives you the highest chance of winning. After that, you play to the right, and if you get Mjolnir, you play it with Gamora too. 

And for the final blow, you play Odin with Gamora and Mjolnir boosting both Thor and Gamora’s power and confirming the victory. It will be a challenge for any opponent to counter that. 

Final Words

After learning and understanding both decks, you can play a few variations of it and maybe add Odin to the Guardians deck until you unlock Thor. Moreover, you can make your own strategies and add and remove cards as you wish.

The Asgardians of the Galaxy deck is one of the best on-reveal Decks in Marvel Snap. Being a thematic, it’s one of the strongest and better than a lot of on-reveal decks. If you have trouble unlocking Thor or Spider-man, you can replace them with White Tiger. So, will you use this deck to Guard your Rank?

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