Marvel Snap: Recruit Season Chapter 1 Missions Guide

Here is a quick guide on How To Complete Recruit Season Chapter 1 Missions to get better in Marvel Snap.

The Recruit Season is the introductory Pass that the players can advance in while playing Marvel Snap. There are a total of 20 rewards in the Recruit Season, which can be unlocked by gaining XP. The best way to gain Season XP is by completing the Recruit Missions. You can gain XP by completing various missions in the game. To cater to that, we have curated this guide which covers How To Complete Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap.

Till now, the game only has 2 Chapters of Recruit Mission. In this guide, we will cover the Recruit Missions: Chapter 1 of Marvel Snap. As per reports, these two chapters will be followed by three more, after which the players will get access to the Monthly Season Pass. With that said, here is a quick guide on Marvel Snap Recruit Missions of Chapter 1.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 7 missions in Recruit Season Chapter 1, and completing them all will reward you with a number of prizes, including Booster Packs, Gold, and a new Avatar. 
  • The first 3 missions can be completed relatively easily, but the remaining 4 will require you to play more matches and upgrade your cards.
  • If you’re struggling to complete a mission, you can always try to find a partner to help you.
  • You can also earn Season XP by completing Daily Missions, Weekly Challenges, and playing matches.
  • Season XP is used to level up your Season Pass, which rewards you with even more prizes.

Recruit Season Chapter 1 In Marvel Snap

marvel snap recruit missions
Recruit Season Chapter 1 Missions [Image Credit: eXputer]
Here are all the missions you need to complete in Recruit Season Chapter 1:

Challenge RequirementXP
Chapter Challenge: Complete All Seven Chapter One Mission1x2,000
Play a Match (2 Times)2x1,000
Upgrade A Card (3 Times)3x1,000
Unlock A New Card (5 Times)5x1,000
Win Matches (7 Times)7x950.0
Complete A Daily Mission1x950.0
Reach Collection Level 121x950.0
Win With Spectrum Starting In Your Deck (2 Times)2x950.0

Progression is vital in Marvel Snap, and if you ignore your progression, you won’t be able to get the Best Cards in Marvel Snap. Much like many other games, Marvel Snap also dedicates its progression system to XP. 

On the main screen, you can access ‘Missions‘ (the icon can be found in the top right corner). Once you’re at the Missions tab scroll down a bit and you will reach the Recruit Chapter 1 Missions

Although some of these missions will be locked. To unlock them you will need to complete the specified amount of tasks. However, we will include all 7 missions which are included in the Recruit Season Chapter 1, so that you can mentally prepare yourself and start grinding in the game.

So here are All 7 Recruit Season: Chapter 1 missions that you can find inside the latest online Marvel card game.

  1. Play A Match (2 Times)
  2. Upgrade A Card (3 Times)
  3. Unlock A New Card (5 Times)
  4. Win Matches (7 Times) – Complete 2 Missions to Unlock
  5. Complete A Daily Mission – Complete 3 Missions to Unlock
  6. Reach Collection Level 12 – Complete 4 Missions to Unlock
  7. Win With Spectrum Starting In Your Deck (2 Times) – Complete 5 Missions to Unlock

The first 3 tasks are unlocked right off the bat. Without further ado, here is how you can complete every task in Recruit Season Chapter 1. 

Play A Match (2 Times)

marvel snap battle finder
Playing a Match [Image Credit: eXputer]
The first thing you need to do is Play 2 Games in order to make progress in Recruit Season Chapter 1. This task will be unlocked from the moment you enter the game. You can complete the mission by simply playing at least 2 matches, the results won’t alter the progress of the mission. 

From Marvel Snap’s main menu you can initiate a game against a random opponent. Once you click the purple ‘Play‘ button, the game will start to search for a random opponent online. Wait a few seconds until your match is found, after which the card battle will commence. Play the game until the end to make progress in the ‘Play a Match‘ Recruit Mission. Repeat the process once more to fully complete the first task. You will earn 1000 XP in Marvel Snap once you complete the mission.

Upgrade A Card (3 Times)

marvel snap card upgrade
Upgrading a Card [Image Credit: eXputer]
The other Recruit Mission that is available for you right at the beginning is ‘Upgrade a Card‘. You need to perform this task three times in order to complete it. When you’re at the start of your game upgrading a card is quite easy. Every card can be upgraded at least four times. With each upgrade, the visual appearance of a card will change in Marvel Snap.

Upgrading cards will cost you Credits and Boosters. You can collect these by winning matches, leveling up, or by claiming rewards. You can upgrade your cards by going to the ‘Deck Collection‘ tab. From here choose a card that has a certain animation of upward-moving arrows around it. This animation means that the specific card can be upgraded. Click that card and press the right icon which has a box printed on it.

Once you press the icon, the game will show you the cost of the upgrade. Upgrade your cards thrice to fully complete the Recruit challenge. Upgrading cards will also give you collection levels. These levels will ultimately unlock new cards for you in Marvel Snap (more on it later). You will earn 1000 XP in Marvel Snap once you complete the mission.

Unlock A New Card (5 Times)

marvel snap how to unlock a card
Unlocking a Card [Image Credit: eXputer]
The final challenge you will have access to right from the beginning is ‘Unlock a New Card‘. You will need to unlock 5 cards to complete the Chapter 1 Recruit Mission. Completing the mission will take a bit of time since you can only unlock cards by gaining XP or by winning games. These will allow you to collect more Boosters and Credits, which can ultimately be used to upgrade your cards. 

Upgrading your cards will unlock new ones for you in Marvel Snap.  So make sure that you increase your Collection Levels by upgrading your cards. As they increase, you will get various rewards after every few levels. The game also provides other rewards like Credits and Boosters through the Collection levels. You can access it by pressing the small green icon below your avatar on the home screen.

From time to time, click the green icon to follow your progress in Collection Levels. Claim cards whenever you can to complete the ‘Unlock a New Card‘ mission in Marvel Snap. You will earn 1000 XP in Marvel Snap once you complete the mission.

Win Matches (7 Times)

marvel snap winning a game
Victory Screen [Image Credit: eXputer]
The ‘Win Matches (7 times)‘ task will only unlock once you have completed any 2 prior Recruit Missions in Marvel Snap. The mission itself is quite self-explanatory. All you need to do is beat your opponents 7 times. Although, it is to be noted that any wins that you recorded before unlocking the task will not count towards the counter.

After the task has been unlocked, equip your best deck and then head toward the battle screen. Press the play button and wait for an opponent. Now use your best strategy to beat the opponent to make progress on the Recruit Mission. Once you win seven online games you will finally complete the challenge. You will earn 950 XP in Marvel Snap once you complete the mission.

Complete A Daily Mission

marvel snap daily missions
Daily Missions [Image Credit: eXputer]
To get access to the ‘Complete a Daily Mission‘, you will first need to complete three other Recruit Season missions. The daily/weekly missions can be accessed through the same ‘Missions‘ tab where the Recruit Tasks are found. You can access it from the Main Menu of Marvel Snap, by pressing the ‘Missions’ icon on the top right corner. 

There will be around 7 Weekly missions available for you. You can try completing any one of these to finish ‘Complete a Daily Mission‘. It is to be noted that if you complete any daily task before unlocking this mission, it will not count towards the game’s Recruit Pass progress. Weekly missions include tasks like ‘Draw Cards’, ‘Play Cost Cards’, or ‘Play Cards’.

Hence, once you unlock the mission choose any daily task of your liking and try completing it quickly to claim the 950 XP in Marvel Snap.

Reach Collection Level 12

marvel snap collection levels
Collection Levels [Image Credit: eXputer]
The sixth Recruit Mission from Chapter 1 can be unlocked after you complete any Four missions. In it, you will need to ‘Reach Collection Level 12‘ to gain 950 XP. Completing this task is quite easy, especially if you’re taking part in battles regularly. We have already talked about the Collection Levels in Marvel Snap. However, we will touch upon the topic once again to clear up the mission for you.

Collection Levels are indicated below your avatar picture in the Main Menu of Marvel Snap. You can gain Collection Levels by upgrading your cards. As we mentioned earlier, upgrading cards will use up your Credits and Boosters. As your collection level increases you will get access to new cards as well as more Credits and Boosters in the game.

Once you reach Collection Level 12 you will complete the challenge. Not only that, but you will also get the White Tiger card once you reach level 12. The White Tiger uses 5 energy and adds 1 power to your total score. However, its On-reveal ability is what makes it unique. Here is a description of the White Tiger’s ability, ‘Add a 7-Power Tiger to another location’.

Win With Spectrum Starting In Your Deck (2 Times)

Marvel Snap spectrum card
Spectrum Card [Image Credit: eXputer]
Finally, the last mission of Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap can be unlocked once you complete any of the first 5 Missions. In the final task, you will need to win two games with the ‘Spectrum‘ card in your deck. You don’t necessarily need to use the card during a battle. All you have to do is add it to your deck and then win two games against online opponents.

Now you may be wondering how you can acquire the Spectrum Card in Marvel Snap. Well for that we will yet again touch on the topic of Collection Levels. While you play the game and upgrade cards in Marvel Snap you will eventually reach Collection Level 6. Once you do so, head to the collection level tab and claim the ‘Spectrum’ card.

The Spectrum cards use 6 energy and have 5 power. It also has an On-reveal ability in which the card gives +2 power to all ongoing cards. Completing the final task will get you 900 XP. Not only that but once you complete all 7 missions of Recruit Season Chapter 1 you can also claim 2000 XP in Marvel Snap.

Potential Rewards

marvel snap recruit pass
Recruit Season Rewards [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now that we have covered all Recruit Season Chapter 1 missions, it is time to review the rewards you can get. The Recruit Season has 20 levels which can be unlocked by gaining XP through completing tasks. You can access the Season by pressing the top left corner button in the main menu. 

After completing the Chapter 1 Missions you will potentially reach the 10th level on the Recruit Season. By reaching the end of the season (20th Level) you will get the ‘Blue Marvel‘ card. During the Recruit Season, you will get rewards such as cards, avatars, credits, gold, boosters, and card variants. 

Since this guide only covers the Chapter 1 Recruit Missions, here are the first 10 Recruit Pass rewards you could end up earning.

  1. Set of 8 Generic Avatars
  2. Ant-Man Base Card
  3. 200 Credits
  4. Ant-Man Avatar
  5. 100 Gold
  6. Colossus Base Card
  7. Colossus Avatar
  8. 20 Boosters
  9. Marvel Card Back
  10. Ironheart Base Card


There you have it! A complete guide on how to complete the Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap. By completing the missions, you will unlock some high-tier rewards in the Recruit Season Pass. Our guide covered every Chapter 1 mission in great detail so that you can easily complete them in Marvel Snap.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. To read more about Marvel Snap, stick around at eXputer to polish your deck-building skills.

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