Marvel Snap Progression: Collect Cards & Level Up Fast

Learning how to progress faster will help you grind less in Marvel Snap for outcomes & enjoy the game more.

Learning how to progress in Marvel Snap and how to use your boosters will help you not only unlock new cards faster but help you win games and dominate the battlefield. Upgrading cards is one of the most essential parts of the game, as it helps you progress your collection level and unlock new cards.

With these cards, you’ll be unstoppable, and your enemies will fear you and retreat in terror. Upgrading cards also help you unlock variants of cards which are pretty rare and will show you are an experienced player.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrading is the most essential part of progress in the game.
  • Upgrades cost boosters and points and change the appearance of your cards.
  • Upgrading cards unlock collection levels which give you new cards and other rewards.
  • Some rewards in the Collection Level are fixed, and some are random.
  • Use your Credits efficiently but do not hoard them. 


Marvel Snap revolves around collecting Boosters and Credits to upgrade the most cards as fast as possible. Upgrading is significant for multiple reasons in the game and gives you an advantage over your enemies.  The game glosses over how to upgrade cards at the start of the tutorial, but we’ll give you an in-depth guide.

Upgrading your cards doesn’t increase their power level or reduce their energy cost. So, you might be wondering why I should be upgrading my cards if they won’t be any stronger or do anything different. Well, there are multiple advantages to upgrading cards.

Upgrading cards allow you to change the visual look of the cards and also adds effects to them. Looks aside, each upgrade gives you more Collection Levels and requires more Booster and Credits to upgrade.

Collection levels provide you with a vast collection of rewards. You can gain new cards and variants of cards you already have. You can also get boosters and Credits to upgrade your card, which will, in return, grant you more collection levels

Upgrade Costs

Marvel Snap Progression Cost
Cost Of Upgrades In Marvel Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
As previously mentioned all cards require boosters and Credits to upgrade them but the amount you require changes with each upgrade. So as you go along upgrades are gonna take longer and also cost you a little extra. 

You can buy fast upgrades from the shop though we won’t recommend this as it is quite expensive. Credits are an abundant resource in the game but you need a generous amount to upgrade all your cards. Here’s how much each upgrade is going to cost you. 

  • Uncommon from Common is going to cost you 25 Credits
  • Rare from Uncommon is going to cost you 100 Credits
  • Epic from Rare is going to cost you 200 Credits
  • Legendary from Epic is going to cost you 300 Credits
  • Ultra from Legendary is going to cost you 400 Credits
  • Infinite from Legendary is going to cost you 400 Credits
  • Fast upgrades cost 5 Credits per missing Booster and the cost of the Upgrade. 


The second thing you are you need to acquire along with Credits is boosters. The boosters are given out randomly to any card you own and you can get 6 boosters from each match you play. You also get boosters from collection levels, these are mostly 5 and also allotted to a random card. Now, this is a good amount of boosters but not being able to choose which card they go to nerfs it a little. 

Just because you have the boosters to upgrade a card doesn’t mean you should upgrade it right away. Your first focus should be on upgrading all cards from Common to Uncommon. Upgrading to Uncommon gives you the most Collection Levels for Credits.

Effects Of Upgrades

All Card Effects
Marvel Snap Effects – [Image credit: eXputer]
Marvel Snap is a collection card game so having the best and most unique cards is what the game is all about. Upgrading cards not only help you progress in Marvel Snap but also changes your cards dramatically and give them cool effects and animations to impress your foes. The effects stack on each other so you don’t lose the old effect after upgrading to a new one.

The common card looks like your basic everyday real-world card. It’s nothing special and all your cards will start on the common level. Upgrading these cards cost the least and also gives you the most collection level if compared to Credits.

Uncommon cards involve a cool visual effect in which the main elements in the card break their frame and look like they are coming out of the card. For an Uncommon card, a frame break is quite a nice upgrade and gives a little effect to your card. 

Rare cards come after Uncommon and they have a neat little effect. Upgrading a card from Uncommon to Rare makes the card 3D. Now you may be wondering how you make something 3D in a 2D game but rest assured they have achieved it. You can move your phone around to see the 3D effect and the 3D is one of our Favorite effects when playing on mobile.

Epic cards are when things start to get a little more interesting. As you upgrade your cards to Epic from rare the get a Cool Moving Effect. So of the eliminates of your epic card get animated and keep moving. The effects look really good when battling your foes and show that you are an experienced player.

When you Upgrade your Epic cards they level up to Legendary and gain another effect. The Logo on your card is now shiny, now for a card game having shiny cards is a big deal. The shiny effect will surely be exciting for veteran card game players and collectors. A legendary card with the shiny logo and all the previous effects combined makes for an Awesome card.

After Legendary comes Ultra and that brings its own unique animation. Now there isn’t much left for the card to get any more spectacular but the borders. Ultra cards have their borders animated. The Ultra Effect is another animated effect that will intimidate your opponents and make them retreat.

Infinite is the last level a card can achieve in Marvel Snap, but the effect of Infinite is even more unique. Unique cards get a random new effect and split your card and give you a common copy of the card. You can upgrade the copy card all over again and gain more levels. Now you may wonder what happens if I upgrade the new copy all the way. You get another copy and this time the Infinite effect will be different. 

You will have to grind the game a little longer if you are trying to upgrade a specific card to up to Infinite. Each card costs a bit more as you level them up.

Here’s how much Boosters each upgrade will cost you.

  • Uncommon from Common is going to cost you 5 Boosters
  • Rare from Uncommon is going to cost you 10 Boosters
  • Epic from Rare is going to cost you 20 Boosters
  • Legendary from Epic is going to cost you 30 Boosters
  • Ultra from Legendary is going to cost you 40 Boosters
  • Infinite from Legendary is going to cost you 50 Boosters
  • Fast upgrades cost 5 Credits per missing Booster 

Collection Level

We talked about Collection Level above but what exactly is it and how does it help you progress in Marvel Snap? Well, the Collection level is the leveling-up system in Marvel Snap and it is how you get the upper hand over your opponents. Now there is a bit of luck involved but if you gain enough levels you should get Great Rewards eventually.

Each upgrade provides you with more collection levels and the higher the Rarity of the card the more collection levels it will give you. Here’s how many collect levels you will get on each upgrade.

  • Uncommon cards give you one collection level.
  • Rare cards give you two collection levels.
  • Epic cards give you four collection levels.
  • Legendary cards give you six collection levels.
  • Ultra cards give you eight collection levels.
  • Infinite cards give you ten collection levels.


The Collection level provides you with everything you need and more to progress in Marvel Snap. The rewards in the collection table in Marvel Snap provide you with boosters and Credits so you can upgrade cards and progress more. But that’s not all they also give you new cards so you are stronger and can build the BEST Decks.

They also award you with Variants of the Cards you own and the rewards give you a new card to upgrade and show off. 

At the start of the Collection Level, the Rewards are fixed and everyone gets the same things. However, as you progress in the game the rewards change and become random for everyone. The Random system in the game might require a bit of luck but it keeps the game interesting.

Fixed Rewards

Marvel Snap Progression Rewards
Marvel Snap Fixed Rewards – [Image credit: eXputer]
When you first start the game you will receive Jessica Jones on your first upgrade and you will have to add her to your deck in the Tutorial. Now after that you will receive Ka-zar add level two, these are both great cards. However, from level 2 onwards all rewards are given every other Collection level for example 4,6,8,10. You will only receive Cards till level 14 in the Collection Level tree. 

Here are all the cards you will get in the Fixed Rewards. Also, these are the same for everyone so your enemies will have them too. 

  • First Level: Jessica Jones
  • Second Level: Ka-Zar
  • Fourth Level: Mister Fantastic
  • Sixth Level: Spectrum
  • Eighth Level: Nightcrawler
  • Tenth Level: Wolfsbane
  • Twelfth Level: Wolfsbane
  • Fourteenth Level: Odin

Random Rewards

Random Reward In Collection Level
Marvel Snap Random Rewards – [Image credit: eXputer]
From level 16 the rewards are fixed in a specific order in which you get 25 credits, Five Boosters, and 1 Mystery Card. You Gain all of these with an interval of 8. For example, you will get credits at level 16 and then again at level 18. 

Now the random part comes in the Mystery Cards, and you will need to be lucky to get the best cards. Now all mystery cards are random, but the farther up you go in the Collection Level Tree the more chances you have of getting Better Cards. 

As you progress further in Marvel Snap you’ll also start to get Random Variants of cards and your card upgrade these cards further to get more progress level. As we advised before, Upgrading all cards to Uncommon is the best way to gain Collection levels.

Tip And Tricks

Marvel Snap Progression Tips
Tip For Progress In Marvel Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now as we have mentioned many times your first priority is to upgrade all cards from Common to Uncommon that’s how you get the most out of your Credits and gain the most collections levels. But the fast upgrade option in the market is not the best way to do that. You should play the game and get your boosters this will take more time, but you will save Credits and overall have more boosters to upgrade more cards.

Now, you should be wise about how you spend your credits but also don’t hoard your credits. Upgrading is the most significant aspect of the game, so hoarding will only stun your growth; use your Credits but use them wisely. Also, you can’t collect any more Credits if you have 5000 Credits so spend them. 

Complete your daily missions and collect the free Credits you get from the store. Skipping a Day will just set you behind so focus on logging in every day and at least collecting the credits and Completing the missions. Completing missions gives Season Pass Xp and Gold so you will progress further in the game.

Speaking of Gold if you want to progress faster in Marvel Snap the best use of your Gold is to Refill the Daily missions. Refilling Daily mission gives you 2 extra missions you can complete and earn more rewards to progress faster. 

Focus on winning games as you go along you start to get pretty good rewards in the rank progression as well. You don’t wanna miss out on these prizes, so you need to have beginner knowledge of cards to win the game. 

Final Words

Progression in Marvel Snap depends on playing the game as much as you can and upgrading your cards as efficiently as possible. After knowing what all upgrades do and how much they cost, you can form a calculated plan. You progress faster in the game and dominate all your enemies.

Marvel Snap is a strategic card game, and you’ll need all the advantages you can get. Be it having better cards than your opponent or intimidating them with your legendary skin cards.

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