Marvel Snap: Halloween Event [Full Details]

Learn how to get the most out of Marvel Snaps Holiday Event

Marvel Snap is holding its first holiday event by celebrating Halloween. The Join Us for a Bite event brings along with it spooky new decorations and new missions. It introduces a new currency called Treats which can be traded in for card decorations. Along with the decorations, you also get 200 credits on completion of the event.

Key Takeaways
  • The Join Us for a Bite Halloween event brings with it 4 new decorations.
  • New missions can be found in the news tab.
  • Missions are as simple as completing daily missions or just winning matches.
  • Each mission awards you with Treats that can be used to redeem rewards.

How To Earn Rewards

Halloween Missions – [Image Credits: eXputer]

The Halloween event introduces a few new missions for you to complete and earn treats from. The missions are as follows:

Complete two daily missions 2 20
Play 10 matches with one of the following cards in the deck 10 50
Collect cube treats from matches 200 200

The missions are quite easy, and you can earn treats just by playing the game itself. Along with the cubes awarded in each match, you can also earn treats. To get the most out of the event, be sure to play every day to get the most treats possible. New Daily Missions refresh after every 4 hours, so you can repeatedly earn treats. Try to snap early on in the game so that you can earn more cubes and, in turn, more treats. 

Mission Cards

Some Missions require you to play certain cards a number of times; these cards and their abilities are:

  • Nightcrawler: You can move this once.
  • Mysterio: As you play this, play Illusions to other locations. Disguise this as an Illusion until the game ends.
  • Morbius: Ongoing: +2 Power for each time you discard a card in this game.
  • Hobgoblin: On Reveal: Your opponent gains control of this.
  • Green Goblin: On Reveal: Your opponent gains control of this.
  • Ghost Rider: On Reveal: Bring back one of your discarded cards to this location.
  • Brood: On Reveal: Add 2 Broodlings to this location with the same Power.


Nightcrawler is a 2-power that can be moved to another location once. This is useful in tactically repositioning your cards to get the upper hand on your opponent. When paired with cards like Angela’s, he can be used to trigger Angela’s ability and give her a boost while also being able to move away afterward.

His move ability can be paired with cards like Kraven that get a buff once a card has moved to its location. Combining this and Angela’s ability allows you to buff up both cards without having filled a single location. He’s one of the first few cards unlocked, and you can get him at a Collection Level between 1 and 14.


Mysterio is a 5-power, 2-cost card with the ability to create illusions at other locations when played. After creating illusions, He disguises himself as an illusion that can trick your opponent into losing his actual location. These illusions will later disappear and reveal Mysterio. Since they can also be destroyed, using cards like Carnage allows you to destroy them while buffing yourselves.

Being a 5-power card, Mysterio packs quite a punch; however, his illusions take up a slot in all locations, which are difficult to work around. Mysterio can be unlocked at Collection Level 486 and above.


Morbius is a seemingly weak 2-cost, zero-power card. However, he boasts the Ongoing ability to increase his power by +2 every time a card is discarded. This allows for some very strategic play. Using cards like Lady Sif, which are able to discard cards from your hand, you can indefinitely increase Morbius’s power.

However, be sure to use him early on in the game in order to reap the most benefit from his ability. You can unlock him by progressing to Collection Level 222 and above in Pool 2.


Hobgoblin Halloween Event
Hobgoblin – [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Hobgoblin is a 5-cost and negative 8-power card. Although it may seem concerning at first glance, the Hobgoblin is an extremely useful card. On Reveal, your opponent takes control of the card, giving them a very big disadvantage against you. Just be sure to use this on a location that isn’t full on your opponent’s side. Otherwise, you’ll be having quite a bad day.

Pairing the Hobgoblin with a card like Armor prevents it from being destroyed by your opponent, therefore blocking all ways for them to counter it. You can unlock the Hobgoblin in Pool 2 by progressing to a Collection Level of 222 to 474.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin Halloween Event
Green Goblin – [Image Credit: eXputer]

Like the Hobgoblin, the Green Goblin has the On Reveal ability to hand over control of itself to your opponent. However, unlike the Hobgoblin, the Green Goblin is a 3-cost card with -3-power. Making it a weaker version of the Hobgoblin. Despite this, the card is still extremely useful and can help in giving your opponent a handicap.

Like the Hobgoblin, pairing this card with any card that prevents your opponent from destroying it will be helpful. Green Goblin is unlocked in Pool 3 at a Collection Level of 486 and above.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Halloween Event
Ghost Rider – [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Ghost Rider is a 4-cost, 3-power card that has the On Reveal ability to bring back one of your discarded cards. This allows you to use a card like Lady Sif discard the highest-cost card in your hand, and then bring it back using Ghost Rider. If played correctly, you can bring out a 6-power card without having used the extra cards.

This is a huge advantage over your opponent and will always help you out in a tough situation. You can unlock the Ghost Rider in Pool 3 after progressing to Collection Level 486 and above.


Brood Halloween Event
Brood – [Image Credits: eXputer]

The Brood is a weak 2-power and 2-cost card. It can add 2 Broodlings to its location On Reveal. The Broodlings will have the same power as the Brood itself. Therefore, if you can give the Brood a power buff when spawned using a card like Forge, it will spawn Broodlings with increased power as well.

On the other hand, you can use Carnage to destroy the cards in order to get a +2 power increase, as well as clear up the location of extra cards. The brood can also be found in Pool 3 after progressing to Collection Level 486 and above.

Event Rewards

The Join Us for a Bite event brings along with it a few new items. It adds 4 decorations for your game.

Event Rewards for the Halloween Event – [Image Credits: eXputer]

These decorations are added to your screen around the main UI itself. Upon collecting all 4 items, you also get 200 credits, which aren’t actually mentioned in the game. No new cards or card rewards are present in the event, so you won’t be missing out on much for not participating.

The game recently held its first-ever holiday event and showcased how it plans to keep updated and offer players new experiences every month. Despite the rather underwhelming rewards of the Marvel Snap Halloween Event, we can’t wait to see what the developers at Second Dinner have to offer.


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