Best Destroy Cards In Marvel Snap [Top Picks]

After investing a few weeks playing, here are my top picks for the best Destroy cards to use while playing!

Destroy and Move Decks in Marvel Snap are the focal point of Marvel Snap’s Pool 2 roster. The Destroy cards in this pool are much more unique, powerful, and useful than Pool 1 cards. Consequently, this also means that their decks will be more complex and will be centered around one playstyle – destroy and win. So let’s jump right in and look at the best Destroy cards and, ultimately, the best Pool 2 Destroy deck in Marvel Snap!

Key Takeaways
  • Pool 2 cards have a ton of complexity and mainly encourage certain playstyles.
  • Destroy decks need to have good synergy between all of the cards to be properly effective.
  • Destroyer cards often need to be played mid-game or end-game to maximize utility.

Best Destroy Cards In Pool 2

To create the best Destroy deck, we’ll need to choose cards that take full advantage of destroying or being destroyed, specifically in Pool 2. We’ll also need strong standalone characters that can also move so that they can escape a destroyer card. With that in mind, here’s a list of the best destroy cards in Marvel Snap’s Pool 2:

Complete information on the best Destroy Cards in Pool 2: 

CardCostPowerAbilityBest For
Bucky Barnes21When destroyed, replace with Winter Soldier Replacement
Killmonger43Give your opponent -8Negative Power
Hobgoblin5-8Destroy the card at the next location.Destruction
Sabretooth34When this is destroyed, return it to your hand. Returning The Card To You
Shang-Chi43Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more PowerDestruction For Enemy

Bucky Barnes

The Best Destruction Card.
Showcasing Bucky Barnes, a powerful Pool 2 meta
Bucky Banes card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power 1
Cost 2
Ability When this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place.
  • Why I Chose This: Bucky Barnes is able to create Winter Soldier once it is destroyed. 

Bucky Barnes is a top-priority choice for a Destroy Deck. He’s a low-Cost character that gets replaced by the Winter Soldier, a +6 Power card, once he’s destroyed. So you essentially have one the best 2-Cost cards in the game in terms of Power! This also means Bucky is the perfect choice for locations like MurderWorld, where cards are guaranteed to be destroyed.

Below listed are the pros and cons for Bucky Barnes in my opinion: 

  • Creates a Winter Soldier when destroyed. 
  • Best for MurderWorld. 
  • None. 


The Best Opponent Offensive Card.
Showing the Hobgoblin card, a 5-Cost character card
Hobgoblin card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power -8
Cost 5
Ability Your opponent gains control of this
  • Why I Chose This: The card is able to be given to the opponent, as it’s ability can massively decrease enemy power. 

Despite having the weirdest power-to-cost ratio, Hobgoblin is an extremely unique and powerful On Reveal decks in Marvel Snap. When you play this card, it automatically goes to the opponent’s side of the location, consequently giving your opponent -8 Power while also filling up one space at their side.

As for the Hobglobin, the pros and cons are mentioned below in my experience: 

  • Unique and broken. 
  • Gives -8 power to opponent. 
  • Can’t be used at a place where there are 4 cards. 


The Best 1 Cost Destruction Card.
Showcasing Killmonger, a Destroy card that destroys all 1-Cost cards when destroyed
Killmonger card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power  3
Cost  3
Ability  Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards
  • Why I Chose This: The card is able to destroy all 1-cost card, making it difficult for the opponent to beat it’s ability. 

If your opponent has multiple 1-Cost cards, then Killmonger is easily the best card to have in your deck. He can destroy all 1-Cost cards, including yours, at every location. Along with an average Power-to-Cost ratio, Killmonger’s unique ability makes him a great addition to a Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap.

The pros and cons for Killmonger are mentioned as follows in my opinion: 

  • Can destroy all -1 cost cards. 
  • Best used for 1st and 2nd rounds. 
  • None


The Best Return Card.
Showcasing Sabretooth, a card meant for a Destroy deck that returns to your hand once destroyed
Sabretooth card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power 4
Cost 3
Ability When this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0
  • Why I Chose This: The card is able to be returned to you once it is destroyed, making it extremely useful. 

This mid-cost card can create an ideal combination alongside other Destroyer cards like Carnage and Deathlok. Once Sabretooth is destroyed, it simply returns to your hand and can be used again at any time with 0-Cost. This allows your Destroyer cards to either gain additional Power or prevent them from causing damage since most Destroyer cards, like Deathlok and Sword-Master.

The pros and cons for Sabretooth are mentioned below as I have tested it: 

  • Works well with Carnage and Deathlok. 
  • Will be destroyed. 


The Best Enemy Destruction Card.
Showcasing Shang-Chi, a card that can destory all enemy cards with 9 or more power
Shang-Chi card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power 3
Cost 4
Ability Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power
  • Why I Chose This: With the proper setup, you can destroy 9 power cards that opponents might have. 

Shang-Chi is another unique Destroy card that can change the game when utilized in the right situation. He can wipe out the dominating enemy cards that have 9 or more Power at his played location, catching your opponent off-guard and helping you win an otherwise losing position.

The pros and cons for Shang-Chi are listed as follows: 

  • Best played when an opponent has 9 power cards. 
  • Good option. 
  • None. 

My Thoughts On The Destroy Deck In Marvel Snap

After playing around with different variations at the start, I’ve developed certain tactics to easily make your Destroy Deck overpowered. Firstly, start stacking all your to-be-destroyed cards at one location. By the time you get to Turn 4, use any of your Destroyer cards at that location to get the maximum return value. Finally, once you reach Turn 5 or 6, you can use your trump cards to win or get close enough to win a location.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

The trick with this deck is to be patient and wait for the right cards to appear in your hand. In the meantime, you’ll also understand your opponent’s deck and strategies, helping you plan your future placements. One more thing, by the time of writing this guide, you have the chance to get Knull by using the Collector’s Key. He’s an extremely powerful Destroy-based character, and if you do get him, pair him with Shang-Chi.

That wraps up my guide on how to effectively use your Pool 2 Destroy deck in Marvel Snap. It’s important to note that the abilities of locations in each game might affect your card placements. Therefore, use those locations to your advantage and let them lead you to victory!

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