Best Destroy Cards In Marvel Snap

Destroy Decks have always been enticing in Marvel Snap, and Pool 2 has a variety of Destroy card to further improve those Decks

Destroy and Move Decks are the focal point of Marvel Snap’s Pool 2 roster. The Destroy cards in this pool are much more unique, powerful, and useful than Pool 1 cards. Consequently, this also means that their decks will be more complex and will be centered around one playstyle – destroy and win. So let’s jump right in and look at the best Destroy cards and, ultimately, the best Pool 2 Destroy deck in Marvel Snap!

Key Takeaways
  • Pool 2 cards have a ton of complexity and mainly encourage certain playstyles.
  • Destroy decks need to have good synergy between all of the cards to be properly effective.
  • Destroyer cards often need to be played mid-game or end-game to maximize utility.

Best Destroy Cards In Pool 2

To create the best Destroy deck, we’ll need to choose cards that take full advantage of destroying or being destroyed, specifically in Pool 2. We’ll also need strong standalone characters that can also move so that they can escape a destroyer card. With that in mind, here’s a list of the best destroy cards in Marvel Snap’s Pool 2:

Complete information on the best Destroy Cards in Pool 2: 

Bucky Barnes21When destroyed, replace with Winter Soldier
Killmonger43Give your opponent -8
Hobgoblin5-8Destroy the card at the next location.
Sabretooth34When this is destroyed, return it to your hand.
Shang-Chi43Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power

Bucky Barnes

Showcasing Bucky Barnes, a powerful Pool 2 meta
Bucky Banes card (Image Credits: eXputer)
AbilityWhen this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place.

Bucky Barnes is a top-priority choice for a Destroy Deck. He’s a low-Cost character that gets replaced by the Winter Soldier, a +6 Power card, once he’s destroyed. So you essentially have one the best 2-Cost cards in the game in terms of Power! This also means Bucky is the perfect choice for locations like MurderWorld, where cards are guaranteed to be destroyed.

It’s optimal to play Bucky Barnes in Round 2. You can also use him later on as well If you already have a destroyer card like Carnage in your hand. Once he’s played, place a card like Carnage alongside him in the next round so that Bucky gets destroyed and the Winter Soldier takes his place.


Showing the Hobgoblin card, a 5-Cost character card
Hobgoblin card (Image Credits: eXputer)
AbilityYour opponent gains control of this

Despite having the weirdest power-to-cost ratio, Hobgoblin is an extremely unique and powerful On Reveal card. When you play this card, it automatically goes to the opponent’s side of the location, consequently giving your opponent -8 Power while also filling up one space at their side.

Therefore, if you have a card that’s going to destroy all other cards at a location, you won’t have to worry about Hobgoblin since he won’t even be at your side of the location. Not only is Hobgoblin a great choice for a destroy deck, but he’s also a Pool 2 Meta character, meaning he’s also one of the best cards in this pool.

Hobgoblin’s ability cannot be used at a location if your opponent already has 4 cards at that location since he won’t have a space to move to. Therefore, he should be played at a location where you’re winning or losing by a slight margin, and your opponent has less than 3 cards at that location.

That way, playing Hobgoblin will give you a decent lead over your opponent. Along with that, it also traps your opponent since he won’t have enough space to regain all that lost Power.


Showcasing Killmonger, a Destroy card that destroys all 1-Cost cards when destroyed
Killmonger card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Power 3
Cost 3
Ability Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards

If your opponent has multiple 1-Cost cards, then Killmonger is easily the best card to have in your deck. He can destroy all 1-Cost cards, including yours, at every location. Along with an average Power-to-Cost ratio, Killmonger’s unique ability makes him a great addition to a Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap.

Players usually play their 1-Cost cards in the first and second rounds. Therefore, by the time you have enough energy to play Killmonger, you’ll know exactly if you want to use him or not. If your character has already used one or two 1-Cost cards, then you should simply use him in the next round. It’s also important to ensure you don’t have any 1-Cost cards since Killmonger will destroy those as well.


Showcasing Sabretooth, a card meant for a Destroy deck that returns to your hand once destroyed
Sabretooth card (Image Credits: eXputer)
AbilityWhen this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0

This mid-cost card can create an ideal combination alongside other Destroyer cards like Carnage and Deathlok. Once Sabretooth is destroyed, it simply returns to your hand and can be used again at any time with 0-Cost. This allows your Destroyer cards to either gain additional Power or prevent them from causing damage since most Destroyer cards, like Deathlok and Sword-Master, have an incredible power-to-cost ratio.

Sabretooth should be played alongside other destroyable cards like Bucky Barnes and/or Nova so that they can all be collectively destroyed. Once that’s done, and Sabretooth returns to your hand, he should be played at a location where you’re slightly ahead or behind your opponent.


Showcasing Shang-Chi, a card that can destory all enemy cards with 9 or more power
Shang-Chi card (Image Credits: eXputer)
AbilityDestroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power

Shang-Chi is another unique Destroy card that can change the game when utilized in the right situation. He can wipe out the dominating enemy cards that have 9 or more Power at his played location, catching your opponent off-guard and helping you win an otherwise losing position. Most players focus on strengthening a single character, which is why Shang-Chi’s ability is so useful since it can completely muddle the opponent’s strategy.

Shang-Chi is a mid-Cost card that should only be played when your opponent has a 9+ Power card. Therefore, it’s better to play him in Round 6 when your opponent is most likely going to play their strongest card.

Best Destroy Deck For Pool 2

The optimal Destroy Deck for Pool 2
Best Pool 2 Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap(Image Credits: eXputer)


This is the best Destroyer Deck you can craft once you’re in Pool 2. As you can see, most of the cards either have a great Power-to-Cost ratio or will grant you benefits once another card is destroyed. Here is the optimal way to play this deck:

Starting Rounds: Setting Up your Strategy

In Round 1, place Nova at the leftmost location. Nova is the only 1-Cost character that’ll benefit your game once he’s destroyed, which is guaranteed by most of your cards, like Killmonger, Deathlok, and Carnage. If you don’t have Nova in your hand, then you should play him at the left location whenever you can.

Moving onto Round 2, we’ll put either Wolverine or Bucky Barnes at the left location alongside Nova. This will create a location waiting to grant massive Power once the cards here get destroyed. Alternatively, you can also place Morbius at an isolated location since he’ll be the character that gains more and more Power as your cards get discarded. Do not put any character alongside Morbius except for Hobgoblin, who’ll be discussed later.

Middle Rounds: Proceeding to Destroy

Now that we’re in the mid-game, your focus is to use all of your expendable characters and begin destroying them. In Round 3, place Bucky Barnes, Sabretooth, or Wolverine at the same location as you placed your cards in Rounds 1 and 2. You could also place Hulkbuster in the same location if you’ve only placed Wolverine or Sabretooth so far. Hulkbuster will combine with them and make them much stronger, and if this new revamped card gets destroyed, he can be replayed. If you don’t have any of these cards, then use Deathlok or Carnage at the left location.

Use Killmonger in Round 4 if your opponent has used 2 or more 1-Cost cards. This will eradicate all their Power and benefits. Additionally, if you’ve placed Nova, then he’ll also grant all of your cards +1 Power. If your opponent instead has a more influential 9+ Power card already placed, then use Shang-Chi to eliminate that card. However, if you haven’t played any Destroyer cards like Carnage or Deathlok yet, then immediately use them at the left location in Round 4 instead.

Final Rounds: Wrapping Up

As the endgame approaches, you can now finalize the game and take control of at least 2 winning positions. In Round 5, use Hobgoblin either alongside Morbius or at an isolated location. It’s important to make sure that you place him at a location where your opponent has the least amount of cards and consequently has the least amount of Power. You could also use Sword-Master and any other 2-Cost character instead of Hobgoblin at an isolated location or alongside Morbius as well, but don’t use Carnage!

Finally, in Round 6, use your remaining cards at a location where you feel like you can win if you have slightly more Power. Shang-Chi, Hobgoblin, Sword-Master, or even Deathlok can be used in this round. Just make sure to use up all your Energy in this round to get as much Power, and after that, you’ll win the game.

What Are Destroy Decks?

Destroy Decks in Marvel Snap are meant to destroy certain cards to gain multiple benefits. These decks are comprised of 2 card types – cards that destroy and cards that get revamped after being destroyed. Cards like Carnage are Destroy cards that will gain more Power as they destroy other cards. On the other hand, you have cards like Nova that can often benefit the overall team by getting destroyed. Therefore, it creates a win-win relationship.

For this to work, it’s crucial to have perfect team synergy across the board. A card cannot be a good choice for this deck if it doesn’t benefit after being destroyed. However, some cards that can move and therefore avoid being destroyed are good options for the deck. These cards combo can often make a well-balanced, all-rounder team.

My Tips On The Destroy Deck

After playing around with different variations at the start, I’ve developed certain tactics to easily make your Destroy Deck overpowered. Firstly, start stacking all your to-be-destroyed cards at one location. By the time you get to Turn 4, use any of your Destroyer cards at that location to get the maximum return value. Finally, once you reach Turn 5 or 6, you can use your trump cards to win or get close enough to win a location.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

The trick with this deck is to be patient and wait for the right cards to appear in your hand. In the meantime, you’ll also understand your opponent’s deck and strategies, helping you plan your future placements. One more thing, by the time of writing this guide, you have the chance to get Knull by using the Collector’s Key. He’s an extremely powerful Destroy-based character, and if you do get him, pair him with Shang-Chi.


That wraps up my guide on how to effectively use your Pool 2 Destroy deck in Marvel Snap. It’s important to note that the abilities of locations in each game might affect your card placements. Therefore, use those locations to your advantage and let them lead you to victory!

If you want to learn more about the locations in Marvel Snap, check out our guide on all the locations in Marvel Snap. In addition to that, you can also read up on the best cards in Pools 1, 2, and 3 for making a deck that has some of the top individual cards in the game. If you’re instead looking to assemble a themed deck mainly comprised of your favorite superhero team, then you can consider reading our guide on the Best Avengers Deck as well.

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