Marvel Snap: Best Card Combos With Hands-on Experience

I invested 140 hours playing and here are my picks for the best card combos to use during a heated battle!

Best Cards and Combos in Marvel Snap allows you to utilize decks in a much better way. Yes, you can combine almost any two Combo ability cards, and they will make a good combo. But you need to have that perfect combo that is fully utilized. In these combos, not only one but both cards are helping each other increase their power.

Key Takeaways
  • There are tons of Card Combos available in Marvel Snap.
  • Each of these Combos can turn the tide of a battle if used correctly.
  • Pools 1 & 2 use the same Combos because they have some of the early-game cards.
  • Pool 3 has separate combos as it has many powerful late-game cards.
  • Card Combos can be disrupted if the opponent uses one of the Combo Counter Cards.

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos

Below listed is a summarized version of the best Card Combos: 

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Why It Was ChosenBest For
Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl, Armor+3 power from Ant-man. Power
Squirrel Girl, Kazar, Blue MarvelPotency for combo gets enhanced with Kazar and Squirrel Girl togetherPotency
Hawkeye, MedusaHawkeye's +2 power is useful. Deadly Moves
Angel, Bucky Barnes, Carnage2 power card can benefit players with AngelReplacement
White Tiger and Odin-7 powerHigh-Power

Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl, And Armor

The Best Power Combo.
  • Why I Chose This: Ant-man can gain power anytime locations are filled with cards which comes in extremely handy. 

Early in the game, execute the Ant-Man and Squirrel Girl Combo. Ant-Man gains +3 power when all spots in a location are filled with cards. Squirrel Girl fills one spot in all 4 locations with a squirrel, aiding Ant-Man in meeting his ability condition. With 3 filled locations, Ant-Man gets +3 power.

Note that Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man, and Squirrel are all 1-cost cards. Beware of Killmonger, who can disrupt the combo by destroying all 1-cost cards. Counter this threat with Armor, whose Ongoing ability safeguards cards at a location from Killmonger’s destruction.

Card Combo with Ant-man in Marvel Snap.
Ant-man, Squirrel Girl, and Armor combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
So, even if the opponent plays Killmonger, they’ll be wasting their turn 3, as it won’t affect any of the cards at that one location. Update your deck with all 3 cards to play the combo. And remember, each of these cards must be played to save you from an instant retreat.

The pros and cons of this combo are mentioned below in my opinion: 

  • Ant-man can gain +3 power. 
  • Armor’s ability can safeguard cards. 
  • None. 

Squirrel Girl, Kazar, And Blue Marvel

The Best Potency Combo.
  • Why I Chose This: The potency for the combo is increased with Kazar and Squirrel Girl’s Combo. 

Successfully execute the initial combo with Ant-Man, Squirrel, and Armor. This extension enhances the combo’s potency. Once the location is secure with Armor, proceed to the next step.

Place Kazar in any lane, preferably without Ant-Man or any other ongoing ability card. Kazar’s ongoing ability boosts the power of all 1-cost cards by +1, amplifying Ant-Man, Squirrels, and Squirrel Girl.

For maximum impact, conclude with Blue Marvel. His ongoing ability boosts all cards’ power by +1, further strengthening the entire combo. Though powerful, be wary of counters.

The pros and cons for the Squirrel Girl and Kazar combo are listed below in my experience: 

  • Combo’s potency is increased. 
  • Difficult to acquire. 
combo of kazar, Squirrel girl, and blue marvel.
Squirrel Girl, Kazar, and Blue Marvel combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
Enchantress poses a threat; her on-reveal ability removes all ongoing abilities in Marvel Snap at her location. She can nullify Kazar or Blue Marvel’s ongoing abilities. Additionally, Killmonger targets the combo, eliminating 1-cost cards that benefit from Kazar.

Despite these counters, deploy the combo right after the opponent plays these cards, as they only possess on-reveal abilities. Once used, proceed with the combo.

Hawkeye And Medusa

The Best Deadly Combo.
  • Why I Chose This: Hawkeye can gain +2 power using the on-reveal ability, which is very useful. 

In early-game matches, a potent combo involves using Hawkeye and Medusa cards. Placing Hawkeye in the middle location on the first turn grants him +2 Power through his On Reveal ability when a card is played there next.

On the second turn, capitalize on this by playing Medusa in the same spot, activating her On Reveal ability for an additional +2 Power. This straightforward tactic yields a total of 7 Power, making it both advantageous and easily executable early in the game, given that Hawkeye and Medusa are among the initial cards obtained.

The pros and cons for Hawkeye are mentioned below as I have tested it: 

  • Hawkeye’s On-reveal ability is broken. 
  • Medusa can grant you +2 power. 
  • None. 
best combo of hawkeye and medusa in marvel snap.
Hawkeye and Medusa combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
With that, you’ll have 1 Power from Hawkeye’s card and +2 from his ability. As for Medusa, she has 2 Power, and her ability gives her +2 power. That way, you’ll have 7 power in just two moves in the center. It is great to assert dominance over the enemies and make them think twice before their next move.

Angel, Bucky Barnes, And Carnage

The Best Replacement Combo.
  • Why I Chose This: 2 Power card is able to highly benefit you when combined with Angel. 

The Angel card, when a card is destroyed, replaces it in your deck. This ability benefits you in two ways. Firstly, it’s a 2-power card, valuable when every bit counts. Secondly, when Angel moves, it thins your deck, which is advantageous for many players.

To execute the strategy, deploy Bucky Barnes. Despite being a 2-cost and 1 Power card, Bucky Barnes transforms into the Winter Soldier when destroyed. Place Carnage at that location. On Reveal, Carnage destroys all cards there, gaining +2 Power for each card destroyed.

The pros and cons for the Angel and Carnage combos are listed here: 

  • Replacement of card
  • Winter Solider transformation from Bucky is broken. 
  • None. 

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combo including bucky, angel, and carnage.
Angel, Bucky, and Carnage combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]

White Tiger And Odin

The Best High-Power Combo.
  • Why I Chose This: White Tiger’s -7 power ability can render enemies useless if played properly.

The next combo involves some high-power spikes for your side of the battle. If you play White Tiger, the On Reveal ability will add a 7-Power Tiger to any of the locations. A 7-power card can make all the difference in a battle with an opponent when you’re losing at a specific location.

The Tiger card will randomly go to one of the two locations. You won’t have any control over it. But you can turn it in your favor by throwing in the Odin Card. Odin’s On Reveal ability activates the On Reveal abilities of all the cards at the location where he is played. This means he will then again activate White Tiger’s ability.

The pros and cons for White Tiger are below as per my testing: 

  • Provides high-power spikes. 
  • Tiger card is not in your control. 
Best combo including white tiger and odin in Marvel Snap.
White Tiger and Odin combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
Now, you will have two tigers at two different places. You will get 14 Power out of the 5-cost White Tiger Card if you use Odin on it. Don’t worry; the Odin card itself is a powerful card with 8 Power. So it won’t go to waste at all.

My Thoughts On The Best Card Combo

I’ve tried every card combo mentioned on this list, along with their respective decks, and in my experience, the best pairs are the ones your opponents can’t immediately figure out or combat in Marvel Snap. With the recent updates, I found that the Black Panther, Wong, and Arnim Zola pair that you get in Pool 3 is undoubtedly the strongest and most frustrating pair to deal with.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

These three cards are so overpowered that whenever I got them in your hand, I basically won the match. I placed Wong in one location, then put Black Panther alongside him to get +16 Power. Finally, when I played Arnim Zola, my +16 Black Panther would play on the other 2 locations thanks to his ability. 

That was all there was to Marvel Snap Best Cards Combo. The guide covers everything there is to Cards Combo. We’ve covered some of the best combos that you can do. These combos include Pool 1 & 2 and Pool 3 Cards. As they all are unlocked at different levels, I decided to show their combos separately.

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