Marvel Snap: Best Cards Combo [All Pools]

Card Combos help you gain victory quickly in Marvel Snap.

Best Cards and Combos in Marvel Snap allows you to utilize decks in a much better way. Yes, you can combine almost any two Combo ability cards, and they will make a good combo. But you need to have that perfect combo that is fully utilized. In these combos, not only one but both cards are helping each other increase their power.

Key Takeaways

  • There are tons of Card Combos available in Marvel Snap.
  • Each of these Combos can turn the tide of a battle if used correctly.
  • Pools 1 & 2 use the same Combos because they have some of the early-game cards.
  • Pool 3 has separate Combos as it has many late-game powerful cards.
  • Card Combos can be disrupted if the opponent uses one of the Combo Counter Cards.

What Are Card Combos In Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, you have tons of cards that you can play. These cards each have an ability that helps you get more power against your enemies. But, for most of these cards, their Abilities are useless if you don’t combine these with certain special abilities of other cards. That’s where Cards Combo comes in.

These cards are divided into 3 different Pools. In all of these Pools, not all cards are useful. You need to know about the Best Cards in Pools to make the Best Combos out of them in Marvel Snap. Because if you’re missing even one useful card, a Combo can become useless.

Pool 1 & 2 Best Cards Combo

When you start the game, your collection level is at 0. As you upgrade your cards, your collection level increases gradually. At Collection Level 18, you get into Pool 1. It lasts till Collection Level 214. Pool 2 Starts at Collection Level 222, and ends at Collection Level 474. In Pool 1, you’ll unlock a total of 46 cards, whereas, in Pool 2, you’ll unlock 25 Cards. 

In Pools 1 & 2, you’ll get tons of cards that are good and effective. Combining these cards will give some of the Best Combos in the game. And as you’ll be spending a lot of your time in Pools 1 and 2, learning the game, it is better to know which card goes well with which. So, let’s get started with the Best Card Combos in Pools 1 & 2 of Marvel Snap.

Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl, And Armor

In the early game, one of the first combos that you can do is the Ant-Man and Squirrel Girl Combo. Ant-Man is a card that benefits if all other spots are filled with cards in a location. When you have 3 other cards, he will get a +3 power. That’s where the Squirrel Girl comes in. She fills one spot in all 4 locations with a squirrel, making it easier for Ant-Man to complete his ability condition. Once all 3 locations are filled, you’ll have +3 power for Ant-Man.

But you need to remember that in this combo, Squirrel Girl, Ant-man, and Squirrel, all are 1-cost cards. The whole combo can be disrupted by Killmonger. Killmonger’s ability allows him to destroy all 1-cost cards. That is where Armor comes in. Armor’s Ongoing ability saves all of the cards at a location from getting destroyed by Killmonger.

Card Combo with Ant-man in Marvel Snap.
Ant-man, Squirrel Girl, and Armor combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
So, even if the opponent plays Killmonger, they’ll be wasting their turn 3, as it won’t affect any of the cards at that one location. Update your deck with all 3 cards to play the combo. And remember, each of these cards must be played to save you from an instant retreat.

Squirrel Girl, Kazar, And Blue Marvel

If you successfully pulled the first combo with Ant-Man, Squirrel, and Armor, then this here is an extension of that combo. It further utilizes the combo and makes it even more powerful. What you do is, when you insure that the location with Ant-Man is not going anywhere with Armor there, you move on to the next step.

Play Kazar in any of the lanes. Preferably, in a lane that doesn’t have Ant-Man or any other card with an Ongoing ability. When you play Kazar, his Ongoing ability will increase +1 power of all 1-cost cards. That will increase the power of Ant-Man, all Squirrels, and Squirrel Girl by +1.

If you want to maximize the usage of the combo, then you should top it off with Blue Marvel. Blue Marvel will use his Ongoing ability and increase all cards’ power by +1, thus making all of the cards even more powerful. It is a powerful card combo, as you can use it to make an already powerful combo more powerful. But it has its counters.

combo of kazar, Squirrel girl, and blue marvel.
Squirrel Girl, Kazar, and Blue Marvel combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
First off, you have to vary of Enchantress. Her On Reveal ability will remove all of the Ongoing abilities of all cards at the location where she is played. She can remove Kazar or Blue Marvel’s Ongoing abilities. Next up, Killmonger is still dangerous for the Card Combo. He will take out all 1-cost cards that benefit from Kazar and make him a useless card.

Still, you can use these cards right after the opponent plays these cards, as they only have the On Reveal ability. Once they are used, you can still pull off the combo.

Hawkeye And Medusa

One combo that we used in all of our early-game matches is the one with Hawkeye and Medusa. In it, both of these cards benefit from each other, and in return, you’ll have 7 Power if done right. Not only is it quite beneficial, but it is also easy to pull off in the early game, as Hawkeye and Medusa are some of the cards that you get in the beginning.

The trick to the combo is quite easy. First, you’ll have to play Hawkeye in the middle location in the first turn as he is a 1 Stamina card. His On Reveal ability allows him to get +2 Power if you play a card there in the next move. When it is active, you need to play Medusa there on the second turn. Medusa’s On Reveal ability will add +2 Power to her if you play it in the Middle Location.

best combo of hawkeye and medusa in marvel snap.
Hawkeye and Medusa combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
With that, you’ll have 1 Power from Hawkeye’s card, and +2 from his ability. As for medusa, she has 2 Power, and her ability gives her +2-Power. That way, you’ll have 7 power in just two moves in the center. It is great to assert dominance over the enemies and make them think twice before their next move.

The middle location combo of Hawkeye and Medusa is at risk. Because, when you start a round, only the location to the left is revealed. The middle location reveals on turn two. So, if you play Hawkeye there, and it turns out to be a location that reduces power or anything, it can backfire on you.

Angel, Bucky Barnes, And Carnage

If you read the description of the Angel card, it says ‘When one of your cards is destroyed, this flies out of your deck to replace it. It is a good ability, and if done right, it can benefit you in two ways. First, it is a good card with two power, which might not seem good, but it is a lot when you need everything you can get. And second, when Angel flies to a location, it thins your deck, which is beneficial for a lot of players.

For the strategy to work, you’ll have to first use Bucky Barnes at a location. Bucky Barnes is a 2-cost and 1 Power card which doesn’t seem a lot until you read his description. When Bucky Barnes’s card is destroyed, it is replaced with the Winter Soldier card. When you have Bucky Barnes at a spot, place Carnage at that location. Carnage will destroy all the cards played at that location On Reveal. For each card destroyed, it gets +2 Power.

combo including bucky, angel, and carnage.
Angel, Bucky, and Carnage combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
When it destroys the cards, it will activate Angel’s ability and he will fly at that location. But at the same time, when Bucky is destroyed, it will be replaced by Winter Soldier, who has 2-cost and 6 Power. In the meantime, Carnage will get +2 Power for each card destroyed, and if you had 3 cards there, it will be +6 Power.

The Cards Combo might seem complicated, and to be honest, it is hard to pull off. You can still use it if you only have Bucky Barnes or just Angel in your hand. Even then, it is a great combo. If done correctly, you’ll have free 2 Power of Angel, 6 Power of Winter Soldier, and up to 8 Power of Carnage. 

White Tiger And Odin

The next combo involves some high-power spikes for your side of the battle. If you play White Tiger, the On Reveal ability will add a 7-Power Tiger to any of the locations. A 7-power card can make all the difference in a battle with an opponent when you’re losing at a specific location.

The Tiger card will randomly go to one of the two locations. You won’t have any control over it. But, you can turn it in your favor by throwing in the Odin Card. Odin’s On Reveal ability activates the On Reveal abilities of all the cards at the location where he is played. Meaning he will then again activate White Tiger’s ability.

Best combo including white tiger and odin in Marvel Snap.
White Tiger and Odin combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
Now you will have two tigers at two different places. You will get 14 Power out of the 5-cost White Tiger Card if you use Odin on it. Don’t worry, the Odin card itself is a powerful card with 8 Power. So it won’t go to waste at all.

Pool 3 Best Cards Combo

As you progress your Collection Level, you’ll eventually unlock Pool 3. Pool 3 unlocks at Collection Level 486, and at the time of writing the guide, it is the last Cards Pool in the game. The developers plan to add two more Pools, that are Pools 4 and 5. These Pools will have more cards. Pool 3 currently has 74 Cards.

Like the two above Pools, you’ll have a great opportunity to have better Card Combos. These card Combos will be strong, and much more efficient. You can consider Pool 3 the Late-game pool until other pools are added to the game.

While you’re reading these ‘Best Card Combos’ for Pool 3, you need to keep a few things in your mind. You shouldn’t learn about all these cards thinking that you’ll use them against your enemies. You need to think back too. Memorize these plays so that you know what to expect the moment your enemies in Marvel Snap play a Combo Card.

If you want to truly master the game, then learning Pool 3 is much more important than you can think of. It is where you’ll find well-seasoned players, that have a better understanding of the game.

Angela And Hobgoblin

One of the great combos of Pool 3 involves Angela and Hobgoblin. Angela’s ability is so that when a card is played on her location, she gets +2 Power. The more cards you play at that location, the more +2 Power you get. To fully maximize her ability, you’ll need the Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin is a 5-cost card, that has -8 Power. Wherever it is, it gives that user a -8 Power at that location. Seems bad right? That’s until you learn about his On Reveal ability. The On Reveal ability of Hobgoblin gives his control to your enemy.

card combo of hobgoblin and angela
Angela and Hobgoblin combo. [Image Credit: Us/eXputer]
Although you can use Hobgoblin on his own, using Angela gives you a benefit. You see, whenever you play a card at a location with Angela, it gives her +2 Power. If you play Hobgoblin there, then it will give her a +2 Power. then Hobgoblin will go over to the enemies and give you an 8 Power edge over the enemy. You’ll have 10 more power than the opponent at this location.

Even if your enemy thinks of countering it, they’ll have to be careful. You’ll play another card, and you’ll get +2 on Angela, and the power of the new card.

Zero And Disadvantage Cards

Some of the best high risks, high-reward combos include Zero. Zero’s card allows you to perform these powerful combos without any risk in the game. It is a 1-cost and 3 Power card with a great On Reveal ability. So, his On Reveal ability will remove any ability of the next card you play. It means any card that you play next will have its ability taken away. If you feel that there is no such use of Zero, then you’re wrong. We’ll explain all the possible combos that you can get.

You can use different characters with him to get the best out of them. These cards are Ebony Maw, Maximus, Typhoid Mary, Red Skull, and Destroyer.

combo of zero and other cards
Zero and Ebony Maw or Maximus or Typhoid Mary combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Ebony Maw is a 1-cost card that gives a high 7 Power benefit to you. But, the card’s abilities can take away all of the benefits if you don’t negate these. When it is played, you can’t play any more cards here. But when you play it after Zero, its negative effect goes away and you can place more cards with the Ebony Maw card.

If you don’t have Ebony Maw in your deck, then you can use Maximus. Maximus is a 3-cost and 7 Power card. But its On Reveal ability allows your opponent to draw 2 cards. Again, Zero will negate the ability, and your opponent won’t benefit from it.

Then we have Typhoid Mary, who gives all of your cards -1 Power. She is the opposite of Blue Marvel. But then again, she is a 4-cost and 10 Power card. Removing her negative ability will be quite beneficial for you.

Red Skull is another card that has a negative impact, but high Power. He has 5-cost but gives 15 Power. His Ongoing ability gives every enemy at that location a +2 power. That can be dreadful for you until you play him after Zero, who disables his Ongoing ability.

Last but not least, we have Destroyer. Destroyer, as the name suggests destroys all other cards, but on your side. If you combine the Destroyer card with Zero, you can just remove his On Reveal ability, and benefit from his 16 Power at 6-cost.

zero and high risk card combo in marvel snap.
Zero and Red Skull or Destroyer combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
We already mentioned that these are high-risk, high-reward cards. You need to do these correctly if you want to win a game.

Daredevil And Professor X / Spider-Man / Hobgoblin

One of the most useful cards in the game is the Daredevil card. It is one of the new releases, and it has gained popularity in no time. That is because of his superb ability. Daredevil is a hero who has super senses. And in the game, he uses that ability to reveal the opponent’s card on turn 5. It happens before you play your own cards, giving you an edge over your opponent. 

The ability tells you what to expect from your opponent. You can use it to place such cards that will give you an edge over your opponent and give you a confirmed win at that spot. There are a few cards that go well with it. But we have selected Professor X, Spider-Man, and Hobgoblin as we believe they go perfectly well with the combo.

best daredevil combos.
Daredevil and Professor X or Spider-man or Hobgoblin combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Professor X has an Ongoing ability that locks down a location. What it means is that at the location where you play Professor X, the cards can’t be removed, added, or anything. It will become a complete lockdown. You can turn it in your favor when you check that the enemy is about to play a powerful combo. Use Professor X and viola, they can’t do that combo anymore.

Spider-Man card works almost the same. At Turn 5, reveal where your opponent played their card. Then, place Spiderman wherever you are sure that your opponent will lose if you play your combo. And there you have it, a confirmed win.

We’ve already explained how Hobgoblin works. In the combo, as soon as you’re sure that your enemy didn’t play any powerful card, you can throw your Hobgoblin at that location. He will take away 8 Power from your opponent.

Invisible Women, Discard Cards And Hella 

One of our favorite Cards Combo is that of Invisible Women, Hella, and the cards that have discard ability. It is so good that it can end up helping you win the game. The combo is so good that it has helped us win tons of games in our plays. The main cards in the combo are Invisible Women and Hela.

Invisible Woman is a 2-cost card. Its ability is an Ongoing ability that stops all of the On Reveal cards to activate at her location. The On Reveal abilities only occur at the end of the game. That is when we do our play. So, when you use her, you use a few other cards, filling up all of the spaces in that location. The cards that you’ll need to pull off this combo are Lady Sif, Sword Master, and HellCow.

invisible women combo.
Invisible Women, Discard cards, and Hela combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Lady Sif is a 3-cost card that you can play right after Invisible Women in Turn 3. She has 4 Power, which is good, but we’re not here for that. Invisible Women stops her On Reveal ability which allows her to discard the highest-cost card from your hand. We need to stop it as it can be Hella and destroy the whole combo.

Anyways, after that, you need to play HellCow at turn 4 as it has 4-cost. The HellCow discards two random cards from your hand. Now, remember, any of these cards can be Hella, so play it with Invisible Woman.

After that, play Sword Master, a 3-cost card, with any 2-cost card at any other place. Sword Master also discards a random card from your deck.

Once all of it is done, play Hela, at Turn 6. She has an On Reveal ability. If used correctly, she will bring back all of the discarded cards, and play them at random locations. It can end up helping you win the whole game. So, play the whole Cards Combo with caution, and if you pull it off, your chances of winning are solid.

Kingpin And Aero / Polaris / Magneto

Kingpin is a powerful card whose ability allows him to destroy any card that moves to his location on turn 6. It means any card played, as long as it is forced moved to his location. Mind you, these can be your own cards, if the enemy uses Forced Movement abilities on them.

To fully utilize his ability, you’d need cards in your deck that do forced movement of the enemy cards. These are Aero, Polaris, and Magneto. All of these cards force the opponent cards to move at your spot. Okay so, here’s how you can use these combos with Kingpin.

kingpin and other cards combo.
Kingpin and Aero or Polaris or Magneto combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Aero’s ability is an On Reveal ability. When it is triggered, it will force all of the enemy cards played in that turn to move to her location. Although it is a 5-cost card, if you want to win the game, save her and use her at Turn 6. Then she will become the most useful. Because your opponent will be desperate to win. They will be placing their powerful cards at locations where they might win. You can counter that all by placing Aero at the location with Kingpin.

Next up, we have Polaris. Now Polaris might seem like a relatively okayish card because she only affects 1 and 2-cost cards. But these cards can again make all the difference. Using Polaris, you’ll get that 1 or 2 power benefit that you needed to win a few spots.

Magneto is the one that you should always look forward to in combo with Kingpin. On Reveal, he will force move all opponent 3 and 4-cost cards to the location he is at. Place him with Kingpin, and see how enemy combos are completely destroyed.

Honorable Mention: Wong And On Reveal Cards

If you have any good On Reveal Cards, then Wong is the perfect card for all of them. Wong has the best ability that every On Reveal card benefits from. Wong himself is a 4-cost and 2 Power card. That doesn’t seem to be impactful at all until you see his Ongoing ability. The Ongoing ability makes sure that all of the On Reveal abilities happen twice at that location.

The cards that go best with him are Spectrum and Doctor Doom. They all have On Reveal abilities, and with Wong, these abilities happen twice.

Wong and combos.
Wong and Spectrum or Doctor Doom combo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Spectrum is a great combo with Wong if you have a lot of the Ongoing abilities cards. She has 6-cost and 5 power. And her On Reveal ability gives all of the Ongoing cards +2 Power. If you use Wong and then use her, then she will give Wong and all Ongoing cards +2 Power. Then, Wong’s Ongoing ability kicks in, and makes her perform her On Reveal again, she’ll give another +2 to everyone on the team.

Another card that goes well with it is the Doctor Doom card. Doctor Doom is a 6-cost card, whose On Revela ability adds a 5 Power DoomBot at other locations. But, if you place it at a location with Wong, then the On Reveal ability of Doctor Doom will happen again, and you’ll get another DoomBot at a location. So, you’ll get 15 Power with 6-cost, which is a good trade, considering it can help you win at other locations.

Counter Combo Cards

Those were all of the great combos that you can perform in the game. But remember, if there are combos, then there are Counter Combo Cards too. These cards all can disrupt your combo and you’ll have to rethink your strategy. You need to learn about all of these to make keep yourself ready if you happen to see any of them played against you. Some of the Counter Combo Cards are;


The Ant-Man and Squirrel combo is one of the great combos in the early game. And later on, you’ll find some great combos that involve 1-cost Cards. All of these cards are vulnerable to Killmonger due to his ability to destroy all 1-cost cards.

  • Cost: 3
  • Power: 3
  • Pool: 3
cards that counter combo.
Killmonger, Rogue, and Enchantress cards. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Rogue will steal a random Ongoing ability from a certain location. That can disrupt your combo, or your enemy can steal your combo to counter it.

  • Cost: 3
  • Power: 1
  • Pool: 3


Another attack to your Ongoing card abilities is Enchantress. She will remove all Ongoing abilities at a location. But there is good news. She is an On Reveal card, so once her ability ends, you can use that place for any other Ongoing combo.

  • Cost: 4
  • Power 4
  • Pool: 1

Baron Mordo

One of the worst Combo breaker cards is Baron Mordo. When used, Baron will force you (if your opponent uses it) to draw a card. That card, whatever its power was, will now have 6-cost. That is deadly for your combos.

  • Cost: 2
  • Power: 3
  • Pool: 3
combo cards counter.
Baron Mordo, Armor, and Cosmo cards. [Image Credit: eXputer]


If your combo includes destroying certain cards at a location, then Armor is the one you should look out to. More importantly, If you’re onto the Bucky Barnes and Destroy combo. Armor will completely disrupt it, making the combo useless.

  • Cost: 2
  • Power: 3
  • Pool: 1


You might’ve noticed that some of the great combos involved On Reveal abilities. If you are cooking one such combo, the Cosmo can come in and make sure that the On Reveal ability doesn’t happen at all.

  • Cost: 3
  • Power: 3
  • Pool: 1

Final Words

Marvel Snap is the new Cards game from the famous superhero franchise Marvel. The Cards game has taken everyone by storm. New players are looking at Beginners Guides to learn more about the game. But, to win a game, you need to know how to utilize your cards. For example, how to make the Best Combos of your Cards in Marvel Snap.

That was all there is to Marvel Snap Best Cards Combo. The guide covers everything there is to Cards Combo. We’ve covered some of the best combos that you can do. These combos include Pool 1 & 2, and Pool 3 Cards. As they all are unlocked at different levels, we decided to show their combos separately.

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