Marvel Snap Abilities: On Reveal, Discard, Move & More

Our Marvel Snap Abilities Explained guide showcases complete sets of abilities offered for various cards!

Story Highlights
  • Abilities are used to provide enhancements or debuffs to players or their opponents!
  • The best way to get abilities will be by unlocking different cards and playing matches!
  • The main benefit of having various abilities is that you can create different decks and synergise!
  • There really isn't a way to not have an ability, but you can miss out on overpowered ones if you do not properly prioritise abilities!

There are a total of 6 abilities present In Marvel Snap for all cards, as explained below. 

  • On Reveal: The ability will trigger when the card is placed down on the location and is flipped over at the end of your turn. 
  • Ongoing: After being placed down and revealed, the ability continues on for the rest of the game or until demolished. 
  • Discard Cards that are taken away from your deck, and you can’t use them anymore. 
  • No Ability: Cards that offer no value or ability except for power increase. 
  • Destroy: Cards that are taken away from the location after they have been placed down and destroyed. 
  • Move: Moves the card from one location to another location. 
    Marvel Snap Types of Abilities
    Types of Abilities (Image Credit Exputer)

On Reveal 

Marvel Snap On Reveal
On Reveal (Image Credit Exputer)

Let’s start things off with the On Reveal ability, which will essentially be listed on cards that will be activated once the other player is able to see the card is revealed to them. The ability is instant and does not continue on for the rest of the game. 

The on-reveal ability will probably be seen by the highest number of cards and with varying abilities, therefore they are able to become one of the staple cards and will be present by varying degrees such as at least one or two On Reveal cards in your deck. 

Pros and Cons

Now, reveal cards will have a few main pros, the first of them is that since there is no scarcity of the cards, it allows players to make decks that will have tons of on-reveal cards that synergize well with each other. 

Another thing to note is that on-reveal cards will also be able to take enemies by surprise, meaning that if your opponent is playing a strong deck, then one strong-on reveal from your end may render them useless.

The main con that players will find is that while they have tons of synergies, it will take a while to figure out which cards work and synergize best with each other. If players end up using the wrong synergies then they can be defeated really easily. 

On Reveal Ability Cards 

Below listed are all the cards that will have the On Reveal ability. 

Card Name Ability
Absorbing Man If your last card has an on-reveal, then the card copies it. 
Aero Move any cards played by enemies to this area. 
Agent 13 Gives you a random card. 
Agent Coulson Gives you a random 4 and 5 energy cost card. 
Arnim Zola Get rid of a friendly card, but duplicate copies of it elsewhere. 
Baron Mordo Whenever your enemy uses a card, the energy cost will be +1. 
Beast Gives you back your cards in this area but reduces the energy cost by 1. 
Black Bolt Enemy has to get rid of the lowest energy cost card they have. 
Black Panther, The card’s power is doubled. 
Black Widow Give your enemy a widow’s bite. 
Blade Get rid of a card from your deck. 
Brood Place down two broodlings with the same power at this location. 
Bullseye The next card played by you will cost 2 energy. 
Cable Take your enemy’s bottom card into your deck. 
Carnage Get rid of other cards but gain +2 power for each card obliterated. 
Cloak On the next turn, both you and the opponent can move their cards here. 
Colleen Wing Get rid of the lowest-cost card from your deck. 
Crystal  If the card is at the middle location, then your cards will be shuffled and you can pick 3. 
Deathlok Get rid of other cards in this area. 
Debrii Give both players a rock. 
Destroyer Get rid of your other cards. 
Doctor Doom Gives each other location a 5-powered Doombot. 
Doctor Octopus Take 4 cards from your opponent’s deck into your end at this location. 
Doctor Strange Take your highest power card and move it to this area. 
Drax +4 power if a card was played by your enemy. 
Electro Energy cost is increased by 1. 
Elektra Get rid of an enemy card that costs one energy. 
Enchantress Get rid of ongoing cards in this area. 
Falcon Gives you back your cost cards. 
Forge Whatever next card you play will have 2 power increased. 
Galactus If no other card is present here, all other locations are destroyed. 
Gamora If a card is played by your enemy here, power is increased by 4. 
Ghost Rider Gives you back one card that got destroyed. 
Green Goblin Opponent gets to control your card. 
Groot 3 power is increased if a card is played by an enemy here. 
Hawkeye If a card is played here next turn, power is increased by 2. 
Hazmat All other card’s power is decreased by one. 
Heimdall Your cards are moved to the left. 
Hela Places all discarded cards to other locations. 
Hellcow Get rid of 2 cards from your hands. 
Hit monkey For every other card played by you, +3 power. 
Hobgoblin Opponent gets to control the card. 
Hulk Buster Conjoin the card with a friendly card present at the location. 
Iceman Increase the cost in your opponent’s deck by one (max 6). 
Iron Fist After the card is revealed, move it to the left. 
Ironheart 2 power is increased for 3 other cards. 
Jane Foster Draw the cards that have 0 ebergy from your hand. 
Jean Grey Whatever card is played by your enemy will be played here. 
Jessica Jones 2 power is enhanced if no card is played by you here. 
Jubilee Use the card present at the top of your deck here. 
Juggernaut If cards were used by your enemy, move them. 
Killmonger Get rid of all one-cost energy cards. 
Kingpin On your next turn, get rid of all cards that have moved here. 
Korg Gives the opponent a rock into their deck. 
Lady DeathstrikeAt this location, get rid of the card of your opponent with the highest power. 
Lady SifGet rid of the highest energy cost from your hand. 
Leader Copy all the cards played by your enemy on your side. 
Leech Get rid of the abilities that are present in your enemy’s cards. 
Legion Switch the other locations with this location. 
Magik Convert this location to limbo. 
Magneto Make all the opposing 3 and 4 energy cost cards here. 
Mantis You can take a card from your enemy’s deck if they played a card here. 
Maria Hill Gives you one energy cost card at random 
Maximus Opponent has to draw 2 cards. 
Medusa Power is increased by 2 if the card is in the middle location. 
Mister NegativeReplace the power and cost of your cards. 
Mister Sinister Place down a sinister clone here that has the same power. 
Moon Girl Duplicates your hand. 
Moon Knight Get rid of a card from each player’s deck. 
Morph Get a copy of an opposing card towards you. 
Mystique If your last card had an ongoing, this card will copy it. 
Nakia All cards in your deck receive +2 power. 
Nebula Power is doubled for the card that was played by your opponent here and it is given to you. 
Nick Fury Gives you 3 6 energy cost cards. 
Odin Whatever other cards have the on-reveal abilities in your deck will be activated here. 
Okoye Each card that you have will gain one power. 
Polaris Take an opposing card with 1 or 2 energy cards and place it here. 
Psylocke One extra energy on your next turn. 
Quake If the card is present in the middle, positions are swapped. 
Red Guardian Players must play a card here on their next turn. 
Rescue +5 power if you play a card here. 
Rhino Get rid of the ability on this location. 
Rocket Raccoon +2 power if your enemy played a card at this location on their turn. 
RockslideGive your enemy two useless rocks. 
Rogue Take an ongoing ability from your enemy here. 
Scarlet Witch Get rid of this location and replace it with a new one. 
Scorpion Reduce the power of your opponent’s cards by one. 
Sentinel Give yourself another sentinel copy. 
Sentry Gives your enemy the void on this location. 
Shadow King Get rid of all other cards that have 2 power of lesser than 2. 
Shang-chi Get rid of the opponent’s cards that have 9 power or more than that. 
Shuri On your next turn, the power of the card is doubled. 
Silver Surfer All 6 energy cost cards will have their power doubled. 
Spectrum +2 power for all ongoing cards. 
Spider-man Enemies can’t play cards in their next turn here. 
Spider-woman Gives all opponent cards -1 power. 
Squirrel Girl Give each location a power squirrel. 
Star-Lord 3 power is increased for you if enemy played a card here. 
Storm Location is flooded. 
Sword Master Get rid of a card from your deck. 
Taskmaster Equate the power of your card with your last one. 
The Hood Give yourself a demon. 
Thor Give your deck a Mjolnir. 
Ultron Gives adjacent areas 1 power drone. 
Valkyrie Make all cards here have 3 power. 
Venom Get rid of the other cards present here and add the power to your card. 
Viper Enemy gains control of one of your cards. 
Wave All cards in the player’s decks will cost 4 energy. 
White Queen Take the highest cost card from your enemy’s end towards you. 
Wolfsbane Power is increased by 2 for every other card. 
Yellowjacket  The other cards here get -1 power. 
Yondu Get rid of the top card in your enemy’s hand. 
Zero Get rid of the abilities on your next turn card. 


Marvel Snap Ongoing
Ongoing (Image Credit Exputer)

When it comes to the ongoing ability, it will be a bit differnet from the On Reveal ability. The main aim will be to reveal the ability at the same time, however, the difference is that the ability will be continuous throughout the game. 

Players are able to use ongoing cards at the start of their match and will be able to synergize on reveals pretty well with it. 

Pros and Cons 

One of the main pros of using the ongoing ability is simply the predictability that it offers to the players. With the way that the abilities play out, you can take over your enemies by hand and take them out with ease. 

Its pro also becomes it’s con, since the cards can also have conditional abilities, and if they are not played carefully, then you’re screwed. 

Cards With Ongoing Ability 

Below listed are the cards that have ongoing ability. 

Card Name Ability
Ant-man If 3 other cards are present here, power is increased by 3. 
Armor Cards here can’t be destroyed. 
Blob The card can’t be moved anywhere else. 
Blue Marvel All cards get +1 power. 
Captain America Other cards at this location gain one power. 
Cerebro The highest card power gains 2 extra power. 
Colossus Card can’t be destroyed or shifted anywhere else. 
Cosmo You can’t use on reveals here. 
Dazzler If 4 other cards are present here, power is increased by 8. 
Devil Dinosaur For every card that you have, +2 power. 
Ebony Maw Cards can’t be used here. 
Electro per turn, you can play one card. 
Goose Neither you nor your opponent can use 4, 5, or 6 energy cards here. 
Invisible Woman Cards won’t be revealed until the match ends. 
Iron Man Power will be doubled here. 
Kazar 1 energy cost gains one power. 
Klaw Whatever location is to your right will gain 5 power. 
Lizard If your enemy has 4 cards, -3 power. 
Luke Cage Cards can’t have their power decreased. 
Mister Fantastic The locations that are adjacent will gain 2 power. 
Mojo  6 power is enhanced if both players have 4 cards present here. 
Morbius For every card that is discarded, +2 power. 
Ms Marvel Adjacent location will gain 5 power if the only card here is yours. 
Namor  5 power is increased if the only card is present by you. 
Omega Red 4 power is increased if your power is more than 10 when compared to your enemy here. 
Onslaught Increases your ongoing effects activated here by 2. 
Orka 5 power is enhanced if this is your only card at this location. 
Patriot The cards that don’t have abilities gain 2 power. 
Professor X Location goes on lockdown. 
Quinjet Energy cost is decreased by one for cars that didn’t start in your deck. 
Red Skull In this area, opponent cards gain 2 power. 
Ronan The Accuser Players can only use one card per turn. 
Sera Cards in your deck cost one energy less. 
She-hulk If the card in your enemy’s deck is higher than 3 energy cost, +3 power. 
Strong Guy If you don’t have any cards, +6 power. 
Super Skrull All enemy cards’ ongoing abilities are duplicated onto your card. 
The Punisher For every opposing card here, +1 power. 
Typhoid Mary Your other cards gain -1 power. 
War Machine 1 energy cost cards gain one power. 
Warpath If your locations are empty, power is increased by 4. 
Wong On reveal abilities happen twice here. 


Discard cards are typically pretty easy to understand, as they will get rid of a certain card from your deck. Typically, general discard cards will provide players with a bit more power when the card is discarded from their hands. 

On the other hand, there will be cards that specifically alert the player on what type of card will be taken away, such a higher cost or higher power card. 

Pros and Cons 

The main pro that players will be able to experience with discard cards is simply that several discard cards will provide power points in exchange for their cards. 

As for the cons, it’s pretty self-explanatory as there is extremely less synergy between discard cards and it takes a solid amount of skill to perfect plays with cards that discard cards. 

Cards With Discard Ability 

Let’s discuss the cards that have the Discard ability below: 

Card Name Ability 
Apocalypse If the card gets discarded, it’s placed back with +4 power. 
Black Holt Enemy has to get rid of the lowest energy cost card. 
Black CatIf your turn ends, and you have the card, discard it. 
Blade Get rid of a card from your deck. 
Colleen Wing Get rid of the lowest energy cost card from your deck. 
Dracula After your final turn, a card is discarded. 
Gambit Gets rid of a card from your hand but also obliterates an enemy’s card. 
Ghost Spider  If the enemy gets rid of a card, it will cost 0. 
HelaAll the cards that got discarded will be played in different areas. 
Hellcow Get rid of 2 cards. 
Lady Sif  Get rid of the highest energy cost card. 
Moon Knight Gets rid of a card from you and your opponent’s hand. 
Morbius 2 power is increased for each card that gets discarded in this match. 
Silver Samurai If the card gets discarded, draw another one. 
Swarm If the card gets discarded, you gain 2 0 energy cost copies in your hand. 
Sword Master Discards a card. 
Wolverine If the card is discarded, it will be played in a different location. 
Zabu, If the card is in your hand when you discard another one, discard this card instead. 


Marvel Snap Move
Move (Image Credit Exputer)

Moving on; the move ability will simply involve cards moving from one location to the next. Cards can move to become stronger, can also provide several benefits to others, and all in all, are interesting to play. 

Pros and Cons 

One of the main pros of playing a move card will be that some cards will grant an increase in power when moved, some will move the opponent’s cards to make them suffer, and some cards can help you gain victory in your final turn such as Captain Marvel’s card. 

The main con with move cards is that they are *incredibly* difficult to think through properly. Not only do they require extreme meticulousness to play, they also require that the player have excellent synergy with other cards. 

Cards With Move Ability 

There are several cards that have the Move Ability, as show here: 

Card Name Ability 
Aero All opponent cards will be moved this turn in this area. 
Blink Card can be moved each turn and will gain +1 power. 
Blob Nothing will be able to move to this anywhere else. 
Captain MarvelAfter your sixth turn, move the card to an area that grants you instant victory. 
Cloak On your next turn, cards can be moved by both you and your opponent to this area. 
Dagger If the card moves to an area, for every card that your enemy has there, +2 power. 
Doctor Strange Your highest power cards will be moved to this area. 
Heimdall, All your other cards will be moved to one location to your left. 
Human TorchWhenever the card moves, it will double its overall power. 
Iron Fist After the card is revealed, move it to one location to your left. 
Juggernaut If the enemy played here on their turn, move the cards in random order. 
Kingpin, On your next turn, cards that are moved here will be destroyed. 
Kraven, If a card is moved here, +2 power. 
Magneto Move all cards that are opposing and if they cost 3 or 4 energy to this area. 
Miles Morales If a card was moved here last turn, it costs one energy. 
Multiple Man If the card moves, a copy will be placed down on the previous location. 
Nightcrawler Card can be moved once. 
Polaris An opposing 1 or 2 energy cost card will be moved here. 
Surtur, If Human Torch is moved here, +10 power. 
Vision You can move the card each turn. 
Vulture If the card moves, then you gain 5 power. 
Yo-yo If the card ends up moving, it will be moved back with +1 power. 


Marvel Snap Destroy
Destroy (Image Credit Exputer)

The destroy ability is pretty similar to discard as well since it will pick a card from your stack and obliterate it. On the other hand, players will typically receive compensation by having their power increased by a lot. 

Pros and Cons 

As we mentioned before, destroy cards will provide players will a good amount of unpredictability that they can play against their opponents in order to catch them by surprise and go for a swift victory. 

As for the cons, the main one would be that there isn’t a massive selection of destroy-type cards. 

Cards With Destroy Ability 

The cards that have the destroy ability will be mentioned ahead: 

Card Name Ability 
Angel If one of your cards gets destroyed, it replaces it. 
Armor Cards here can’t be destroyed. 
Arnim Zola Destroys a friendly card in this area but adds copies of it to other areas. 
Black Knight If the card is destroyed, you can draw another. 
Bucky Barnes If the card is destroyed, it will create a winter soldier. 
Carnage Destroys all your other cards at the location but gains +2 power for every card. 
Deadpool If the card gets destroyed, it will be given back to you and power is doubled. 
Deathlok Gets rid of your other cards here. 
Destroyer Destroys all your other cards. 
Elektra Gets rid of a random energy cost card here. 
Galactus All other locations are destroyed if it’s the only card present here. 
Gambit Enemy card gets destroyed. 
Killmonger Gets rid of all one-cost energy cards. 
Kingpin On your next turn, cards that are moved to this location are destroyed. 
Lady Deathstrike The card that has the highest amount of power is destroyed here for the enemy’s end. 
Negasonic Teenage Warhead If a card gets placed here, destroy both. 
Nova If the card gets destroyed, all others gain +1 power. 
Sabretooth If the card gets destroyed, it is given back to you. 
Shadow King Gets rid of cards that have 2 power or less. 
Shang-chi Opposing cards that have 9 or more power are destroyed. 
Stryfe If your opponent has 12 or more power here, the card is destroyed. 
Uncle Ben If the card gets destroyed, a spider-man will be given to you. 
Venom All your other cards in this area are destroyed but power is added to this specific card. 
Wolverine If the card gets destroyed, play it in another area. 

No Ability 

Marvel Snap No Ability
No Ability (Image Credit Exputer)

Last but not least, no ability cards will be just that, they don’t have any ability, but in return, they will have a higher amount of power and will typically be known as the “winning cards” such as Hulk, or Abomination, etc. 

Cards With No Ability 

Below listed are the cards with no ability. 

Card Name 
Misty Knight 
The Thing 
The Void
Winter Soldier 


With that, these were the 6 abilities that are provided for several cards in-game, and we will now wrap up our Marvel Snap Abilities Explained guide! 

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