Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks: 5 Options

Learn about the 5 ongoing decks that will feature a perfect mix of ongoing and on reveal abilities in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap has a unique ability known as the ongoing ability that can be seen on many corresponding decks and offers unique gameplay. Our Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks guide will cover it all in detail! 

Key Takeaways
  • Ongoing abilities are a unique feature in Marvel Snap that last for the whole match.
  • Some top ongoing abilities include Ant-Man’s +3 Power with 3 other cards, Kazar’s +1 Power for 1-Cost cards, and Squirrel Girl’s 1-Power Squirrel to each location.
  • Ongoing decks are potent but can be predictable.
  • Obtain ongoing abilities and cards by raising collection levels, playing matches, and completing missions

What Is Ongoing Ability? 

Like similar abilities like On Reveal, the Ongoing Ability will be an ability that will be activated the second the card has been placed down at a certain location by the player. However, the main difference from the on-reveal is that unlike the Reveal, which only focuses on a one-time ability, the ongoing ability stays activated until the end of the match, or the card ends up being destroyed. 

One of the benefits of the ongoing cards is that they offer a range of predictability to players, meaning that if you can carry out the synergies between the cards to your advantage, then you’re in luck, and victory is yours! 

Finisher Onslaught Deck 

Marvel Snap Finisher Onslaught Deck
Finisher Onslaught Deck (Captured By Exputer)
Character Cost  Power
Ant-Man 1 1
KORG 1 2
Hawkeye 1 1
nightcrawler 1 2
Rocket Raccoon 1 2
Angela 2 1
Sentinel 2 3
Captain America 3 3
Mister Fantastic 3 2
Kazar 4 4
Klaw 5 4
Onslaught 6 6

This deck features Onslaught and various other cards, designed for sophistication and high-level gameplay.

  1. Ant-Man: Ongoing ability grants +3 power at the location if there are already 3 other cards present there.
  2. Hawkeye: On-reveal ability adds +2 power if the same location is used again.
  3. Korg: Shuffles an enemy’s rock into their deck.
  4. Nightcrawler: Allows one additional move before being locked into the location.
  5. Rocket Raccoon: On-reveal ability provides +2 power if the opponent has played a card in the same location.
  6. Angela: Increases power by +2 when a card is placed in the same location.
  7. Sentinel: When removed from the deck, a copy of Sentinel with the same energy cost and power is added.
  8. Captain America: Ongoing ability gives +1 power to other cards in the location.
  9. Mister Fantastic: Ongoing ability increases the power of adjacent locations by +2.
  10. Kazar: Ongoing ability boosts the power of one-energy cost cards.
  11. Klaw: Ongoing ability adds +6 power to the location on your right.
  12. Onslaught: Doubles the effects of other ongoing abilities at the location.


  • Focus on Onslaught as the centerpiece of your deck.
  • Avoid pairing Iron Man with Onslaught to balance power between lanes; use Klaw instead.
  • Placing Onslaught alongside Ant-Man boosts Ant-Man’s power by +6.
  • Use Mister Fantastic in the middle lane to enhance adjacent locations.
  • Pair Klaw with other cards in the middle lane to double its power boost to +12.
  • Consider a combination like Ant-Man, Captain America, and Klaw in the middle lane.
  • Use Hawkeye as a temporary card; replace with stronger units later.
  • Include one-energy cost cards for Kazar’s power boost.
  • Make the lane with Onslaught your winning lane, and balance power in other locations.
  • A balanced 4-card placement could feature Onslaught, Klaw, Mister Fantastic, and Angela. Experiment to find the best combos.

Starter Ongoing Deck 

Marvel Snap Starter Ongoing Deck
Starter Ongoing Deck (Captured By Exputer)
Character Cost  Power
Ant -Man 1 1
Ebony Maw 1 7
Armor 2 3
Colossus 2 3
Lizard 2 4
Mister Fantastic 3 2
The Punisher 3 2
Ka-Zar 4 4
Namor 4 5
Iron Man 5 0
Claw 5 4
Spectrum 6 4

The next deck we would like to cover will feature options easily accessible at the start of the game. It can rank quite well if it is played well, even against high-ranking players, and can take them down when synergies are played well with each other. The cards are listed as follows: 

  • Ant-Man: Gain +3 power with 3 other cards at the same location.
  • Ebony Maw: Restricts card play after the third turn.
  • Armor: Protect your cards from being destroyed.
  • Colossus: Become indestructible and immune to power reduction.
  • Lizard: Reduce your opponent’s power by 3 with 4 cards at the location.
  • Mister Fantastic: Boost adjacent locations’ power by +2.
  • The Punisher: Gain +1 power for each enemy card at the location.
  • Kazar: Enhance 1-energy cost cards by +1 power.
  • Namor: Increase power by +5 with no other cards at the location.
  • Iron Man: Double your power at the location despite 0 power.
  • Klaw: Boost the location to his right by +6 power.
  • Spectrum: On-reveal ability increases Ongoing cards’ power by +2.


  • Spectrum is the star card, boosting ongoing cards by +2 power with her on-reveal ability.
  • Ant-Man pairs well with Spectrum, turning his +2 power into +5 when played smartly.
  • Place Ant-Man with Armor to safeguard his cards from destruction.
  • Ebony Maw locks down a lane but can be leveraged with Spectrum’s power boost.
  • Colossus is an indestructible card, best suited for specific locations, like the Negative Zone.
  • Lizard complements Spectrum, recovering -3 power reduction with a +2 power boost.
  • Mister Fantastic enhances adjacent lanes, particularly when combined with cards like Ebony Maw.
  • The Punisher gains +1 power for each enemy card at a location, offering hidden potential.
  • Kazar is crucial for boosting one-energy cost cards, such as Ant-Man.
  • Namor is a powerhouse, reaching 10 power when alone in a location; place him in a side lane away from Ebony Maw.
  • Dedicate one lane for Ebony Maw and another for Namor while using the middle lane for units like Mister Fantastic, The Punisher, and Klaw.
  • Combine Iron Man with Spectrum for devastating outcomes, requiring careful play.

Pool One Ongoing 

Marvel Snap Pool One Ongoing
Pool One Ongoing (Captured By Exputer)
Character Cost  Power
Ant-Man 1 1
Elektra 1 1
KORG 1 2
Nightcrawler 1 2
Colossus 2 3
Captain America 3 3
Mister Fantastic  3 2
The Punisher 3 2
Ka-Zar 4 4
Namor 4 5
Onslaught 6 6
Spectrum 6 4

Now that we are done with the two best ongoing decks, let’s look at some alternative options for players that can still come in handy. This deck will include cards like Antman, Elektra, Korg, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Captain America, Mister Fantastic, The Punisher, Kazar, Namor, Onslaught, and Spectrum. 

The cost breakdown will be listed as follows: 

  • 1 energy: 4 cards (Antman, Elektra, Korg, and Nightcrawler). 
  • 2 energy: 1 card (colossus)
  • 3 energy: 3 cards (Captain America, mister fantastic, and The Punisher). 
  • 4 cost: 2 cards (Kazar and Namor). 
  • 6 power: 2 cards (Onslaught and Spectrum). 
  • The average cost is 2.9. 

The power breakdown can be seen below too: 

  • 1 power: 2 cards (antman and elektra). 
  • 2 power: 4 cards (Korg, nightcrawler, colossus, and mister fantastic). 
  • 3 power: 2 cards (colossus, Captain America).
  • 4 power: 1 card (Kazar). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Spectrum and Namor). 
  • 7 power: 1 card (onslaught). 

Midrange First Pool 

Marvel Snap Midrange First Pool
Midrange First Pool (Captured By Exputer)
Character Cost  Power
Ant-Man 1 1
Nightcrawler 1 2
Yondu 1 2
Angela 2 1
Colossus 2 3
Captain America 3 3
Cosmo 3 3
The Punisher 3 2
Namor 4 5
Iron Man 5 0
The Claw 5 4
Spectrum 6 4

Moving on, another deck will comprise 2 cards that will be present from collection levels 1-14, while 6 cards will be from collection levels 18-214, or pool one. Apart from that, there will be 2 cards that will be from recruit season, and 2 will be starter cards

The cards themselves will be Ant-Man, nightcrawler, Yondu, Angela, colossus, Captain America, Cosmo, the Punisher, Namor, iron man, Klaw, and Spectrum (as can be expected due to the selection choices). 

When it comes to the overall cost breakdown, it can be seen below. 

  • 1 energy: 3 cards (Antman, nightcrawler, and Yondu)
  • 2 energy: 2 cards (Angela and Colossus).
  • 3 energy: 3 cards (Captain America, Cosmo, and the Punisher). 
  • 4 energy: 1 card (Namor). 
  • 5 energy: 2 cards (iron man and Klaw). 
  • 6 energy: 1 card (spectrum).
  • The average cost is 3.0.

The power breakdown will be distributed quite equally, as it will be seen here: 

  • 0 power: 1 card (iron man). 
  • 1 power: 2 cards (antman and Angela). 
  • 2 power: 3 cards (nightcrawler, yondu, and the Punisher). 
  • 3 power: 3 cards (colossus, Captain America and Cosmo). 
  • 4 power: 1 card (klaw). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Namor and Spectrum). 

Alternative Deck

Marvel Snap Alternative Deck
Alternative Deck (Captured By Exputer)
Character Cost  Power
Ant-Man  1 1
Ebony Maw 1 7
Armor 2 3
Colossus 2 3
Invisible Woman 2 2
Lizard 2 4
Cosmo 3 3
Wong 4 2
Klaw 5 4
Professor X 5 3
Destroyer 6 16
Spectrum 6 4

Last but not least, a deck that can be considered a last resort will have Antman, ebony maw, Armor, colossus, invisible woman, lizard, Cosmo, wong, Klaw, professor x, destroyer, and Spectrum. As for the cost breakdown, you can see it: 

  • 1 cost: 2 cards (antman and ebony maw) 
  • 2 cost: 4 cards (Armor, colossus, invisible woman, and lizard). 
  • 3 cost: 1 card (Cosmo) 
  • 4 cost: 1 card (wong). 
  • 5 cost: 2 cards (klaw and Professor X). 

The power breakdown is as follows: 

  • 1 power: 1 card (Antman)
  • 2 power: 2 cards (invisible woman and Wong) 
  • 3 power: 4 cards (professor x, cosmo, colossus, and Armor). 
  • 4 power: 1 card (klaw). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Spectrum and Lizard). 
  • 6 power: 0 cards 
  • 7 power: 1 card (ebony maw)
  • 16 power: 1 card (destroyer)


And there you have it, 5 possible ongoing combinations! And with that, we will wrap up our Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks guide! 


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