Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks: 5 Options

Learn about the 5 ongoing decks that will feature a perfect mix of ongoing and on reveal abilities in Marvel Snap.

Story Highlights
  • Ongoing abilities will be activated once players display their cards on the location and will remain activated for the entirety of the match!
  • The main benefit of having ongoing abilities is the predictability effect that if offers to players!
  • The best way to get ongoing abilities and cards is by raising your collection levels, playing matches and completing required missions!
  • If you do not use ongoing cards in your decks, then you miss out on a lot of instant victory chances.

Marvel Snap has a unique ability known as the ongoing ability that can be seen on many corresponding decks and offers unique gameplay. Our Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks guide will cover it all in detail! 

What Is Ongoing Ability? 

Like similar abilities like On Reveal, the Ongoing Ability will be an ability that will be activated the second the card has been placed down at a certain location by the player. However, the main difference from the on-reveal is that unlike the Reveal, which only focuses on a one-time ability, the ongoing ability stays activated until the end of the match, or the card ends up being destroyed. 

One of the benefits of the ongoing cards is that they offer a range of predictability to players, meaning that if you can carry out the synergies between the cards to your advantage, then you’re in luck, and victory is yours! 

Finisher Onslaught Deck 

Marvel Snap Finisher Onslaught Deck
Finisher Onslaught Deck (Captured By Exputer)

One of the first decks we would like to feature will have 12 cards that will feature Onslaught and many other cards. The main aim of the deck will be to be a sophisticated and high-leveled deck that will cause absolute destruction on any match that it’s brought on. The cards with their abilities are listed below: 

  • Antman: He will have an ongoing ability that will grant the players the ability to enjoy a boost in their overall power by 3 in the location that the card is placed in, given the condition that the player has a total of 3 other cards placed in the location already. 
  • Hawkeye: As for Hawkeye’s ability, he will have an on-reveal ability that will allow players to palace down the card in any location and then have their power increased by 2 if they decide to use a card in the same location again. 
  • Korg: When it comes to Korg’s ability, whenever it is activated, it will be able to shuffle a rock into the deck that belongs to your enemy. 
  • Nightcrawler: He will neither have an on-reveal nor an ongoing, but whenever he is put into any location, players will gain the ability to move the card one more time before it gets locked into the location perennials
  • Rocket Raccoon: With an on-reveal ability, if your opponent has already played a card here on their turn at this location, then it will be able to grant you a total of +2 power. 
  • Angela: With angela’s ability, whenever a card is placed down at the location, it will increase the player’s overall power in that location by 2. 
  • Sentinel: Upon using it in a match in any location and it is removed from your deck, you will be able to receive another copy of sentinel in your deck with the same energy cost and power. 
  • Captain America: With an ongoing ability, any other cards in the location will gain +1 power. 
  • Mister Fantastic: He will have yet another ongoing ability that will be able to increase the power of the adjacent locations by +2. 
  • Kazar: His ongoing ability, whenever activated, the cards that cost one energy in your deck or are already used will gain one extra power point. 
  • Klaw: With Klaw’s ongoing ability, the location to your right will gain a total of +6 power, making it incredibly powerful. 
  • Onslaught: With his ability, it will double the other ongoing effects already present at the location. 


The main star of the show here will be Onslaught, and apart from the usual cards in the deck, there has also been a combination whereby Ironman and Onslaught have been used together in the same lane. The problem is that since there is a huge amount of power in one lane, it’s difficult to execute the same amount f power in the second lane. 

So, instead of iron man, we will focus on using Klaw. Similarly, suppose you end up using Ant-man in the same lane as an onslaught due to Onslaught’s ongoing ability, whereby he will increase the ongoing effects of the cards present there. In that case, you can expect Antman’s overall power to be increased by 6 increase of the usual +3 that he would be gaining otherwise. 

If you use Onslaught and Antman in the middle and then end up placing Mister Fantastic down in the middle lane, too, you can automatically expect a power boost in adjacent locations due to his ongoing ability. 

You will also want to pair up Klaw with the others in the middle or same lane so that the location to the right will gain +12 power instead of his usual +6 boost up. You can also go for Antman, Captain America, and Klaw in the middle lane, depending on your preferences.

As for Hawkeye, while he is a solid card, he is here to be a filler card, so once you get your hands on a better unit, you can swap him out. 

There is a major reason there are so many one-energy cost cards, such as Antman, Hawkeye, Korg, Nightcrawler, etc., and it is because of Kazar’s ability that will make them gain one extra power. 

You wanna make sure that the lane that you are putting Onslaught in is aimed to be the winning lane, with Captain America, etc. on the other hand, you can’t only focus on one lane, therefore make sure to have your power balanced in another location as well with cards like mister fantastic, Kazar, etc. 

One good option for a 4-card placement will be an onslaught, Klaw, mister fantastic, and Angela since she is a solid card, which will balance out the other lanes quite well. Trial and error is the way to go with this deck combination. 

Starter Ongoing Deck 

Marvel Snap Starter Ongoing Deck
Starter Ongoing Deck (Captured By Exputer)

The next deck we would like to cover will feature options easily accessible at the start of the game. It can rank quite well if it is played well, even against high-ranking players, and can take them down when synergies are played well with each other. The cards are listed as follows: 

  • Antman: Starting with Antman again, his ongoing ability will allow players to gain +3 power if they have 3 other cards already placed at the location. 
  • Ebony Maw: With ebony, players can’t play the card after their third turn. 
  • Armor: with Armor’s ongoing ability, players can easily place down their decks without difficulty and without needing to worry about having their cards destroyed or broken down by any enemies. 
  • Colossus: As for colossus’s ongoing ability, whenever it is activated, the card becomes indestructible. The main reason is that it can’t be destroyed, nor can it be moved or have its overall power decreased by the opponent at hand. 
  • Lizard: If your opponent has 4 cards present at the location, you can expect your opponent’s power at that specific location to be reduced by 3. 
  • Mister Fantastic: With his ongoing ability, all adjacent locations except the one where the card is used will gain a total of +2 power. 
  • The Punisher: The ongoing ability presented by the Punisher will allow players to gain +1 power for each card that the enemy has also placed down at the location. 
  • Kazar: Each card with one energy cost will gain a further of +1 power. 
  • Namor: As for Namor’s ongoing ability, if you do not have any other place down at this location, then your overall power points will be increased by +5. 
  • Iron Man: An overpowered card with 0 power itself, iron man’s ongoing ability will increase your power and standing at the location used by doubling your total power here. 
  • Klaw: As for Klaw, he will also be honing an ongoing ability that will allow you to place him down anywhere you wish, and the location to the right of him will gain an extra +6 power. 
  • Spectrum: With the on-reveal ability, all Ongoing cards will have their overall power points increased by +2, effectively making it an overpowered ability, even if it is on-reveal. 


Compared to the other collection, the star of the show for this list will be Spectrum, who will have an on-reveal ability that will further buff your ongoing cards and increase their power by +2, which is essentially what makes the dec work in the first place. The main reason for that is that it overpowers the cards. 

It works so well because if your opponent thinks that they are winning and you increase the power of all cards by +2, you instantly win the game. 

With Antman in hand, while he will give you another +2 power, if you use Spectrum on him, that immediately becomes +5 power. It is highly recommended that Antman should be placed in the same lane as Armor since you want to save Antman’s cards from potentially getting destroyed, which is why Armor is so important here. 

Many players might be conflicted on why Ebony Maw should be used since he ends up placing the location on lockdown, and no other cards can be used here once he is placed there. Now, you should play Antman on t1, then maybe colossus on your second turn, then if you play ebony maw with a lizard on your third turn, that locks down a bit of power on your end. 

If the opponent thinks that they win the location with ebony maw, you pull out Spectrum, and the 7 power becomes 9, which then becomes ten due to Kazar’s presence since he increases one cost card’s power by +1. 

Colossus is just a solid card overall since he can’t be broken down no matter what, and if he is played in areas like the Negative Zone, he becomes useful. Lizard will also be extremely helpful since if it reduces the power by 3, Spectrum still bounces it back up 2. 

Mister Fantastic becomes even more powerful. If you place him in any location, you can automatically expect the other lanes to gain an additional +2 power, which works quite well with cards like Ebony Maw. 

The Punisher is an underrated card here since people will typically replace him with Captain America once they get the chance. Kazar will also be crucial in the deck because he allows for an overall increase by 1 power to one energy cost card, which comes in handy when playing with cards like Antman etc. 

Another card that you don’t wanna underestimate is the presence of Namor. While he has an energy cost of 4 and a power of 5 originally, if he is the only card present in a location, he automatically becomes a 4 energy 10 power card, which is extremely broken for this deck. 

Players want to place their focus on having one lane that will be for Ebony Maw since they know they can’t use other cards there, then one lane which will only be Namor there since it will automatically guarantee a 10 power placement. And both Namor and Ebony Maw are cards you want to place on the side lanes and not in the middle. 

Then for the middle lane, you can go for units like Mister Fantastic, The Punisher, and maybe Klaw as well. The main reason why people wanna go for Namor alone is that, since you will be using Spectrum, later on, it effectively becomes a 12-power card. 

Once Iron Man is brought in, and he is synergized with Spectrum, you can expect destruction to occur. So, though the deck requires a bit of skill, it is absolutely broken. 

Pool One Ongoing 

Marvel Snap Pool One Ongoing
Pool One Ongoing (Captured By Exputer)

Now that we are done with the two best ongoing decks let’s look at some alternative options for players that can still come in handy. This deck will include cards like Antman, Elektra, Korg, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Captain America, Mister Fantastic, The Punisher, Kazar, Namor, Onslaught, and Spectrum. 

The cost breakdown will be listed as follows: 

  • 1 energy: 4 cards (Antman, Elektra, Korg, and nightcrawler). 
  • 2 energy: 1 card (colossus)
  • 3 energy: 3 cards (Captain America, mister fantastic, and the Punisher). 
  • 4 cost: 2 cards (Kazar and Namor). 
  • 6 power: 2 cards (Onslaught and Spectrum). 
  • The average cost is 2.9. 

The power breakdown can be seen below too: 

  • 1 power: 2 cards (antman and elektra). 
  • 2 power: 4 cards (Korg, nightcrawler, colossus, and mister fantastic). 
  • 3 power: 2 cards (colossus, Captain America).
  • 4 power: 1 card (Kazar). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Spectrum and Namor). 
  • 7 power: 1 card (onslaught). 

Midrange First Pool 

Marvel Snap Midrange First Pool
Midrange First Pool (Captured By Exputer)

Moving on, another deck will comprise 2 cards that will be present from collection levels 1-14, while 6 cards will be from collection levels 18-214, or pool one. Apart from that, there will be 2 cards that will be from recruit season, and 2 will be starter cards

The cards themselves will be antman, nightcrawler, yondu, angela, colossus, Captain America, cosmo, the Punisher, Namor, iron man, klaw, and Spectrum (as can be expected due to the selection choices). 

When it comes to the overall cost breakdown, it can be seen below. 

  • 1 energy: 3 cards (antman, nightcrawler, and yondu)
  • 2 energy: 2 cards (angela and colossus).
  • 3 energy: 3 cards (Captain America, cosmo, and the Punisher). 
  • 4 energy: 1 card (Namor). 
  • 5 energy: 2 cards (iron man and klaw). 
  • 6 energy: 1 card (spectrum).
  • The average cost is 3.0.

The power breakdown will be distributed quite equally, as it will be seen here: 

  • 0 power: 1 card (iron man). 
  • 1 power: 2 cards (antman and angela). 
  • 2 power: 3 cards (nightcrawler, yondu and the Punisher). 
  • 3 power: 3 cards (colossus, Captain America and cosmo). 
  • 4 power: 1 card (klaw). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Namor and Spectrum). 

Alternative Deck

Marvel Snap Alternative Deck
Alternative Deck (Captured By Exputer)

Last but not least, a deck that can be considered a last resort will have Antman, ebony maw, Armor, colossus, invisible woman, lizard, cosmo, wong, klaw, professor x, destroyer, and Spectrum. As for the cost breakdown, you can see it: 

  • 1 cost: 2 cards (antman and ebony maw) 
  • 2 cost: 4 cards (Armor, colossus, invisible woman, and lizard). 
  • 3 cost: 1 card (cosmo) 
  • 4 cost: 1 card (wong). 
  • 5 cost: 2 cards (klaw and professor x). 

The power breakdown is as follows: 

  • 1 power: 1 card (antman)
  • 2 power: 2 cards (invisible woman and wong) 
  • 3 power: 4 cards (professor x, cosmo, colossus, and Armor). 
  • 4 power: 1 card (klaw). 
  • 5 power: 2 cards (Spectrum and lizard). 
  • 6 power: 0 cards 
  • 7 power: 1 card (ebony maw)
  • 16 power: 1 card (destroyer)


And there you have it, 5 possible ongoing combinations! And with that, we will wrap up our Marvel Snap Ongoing Decks guide! 


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