Marvel Snap Hela Decks [Top 5]

Learn about the best deck featuring Hela & dominate opponents!

Marvel Snap, with its wide range of card collections and abilities, offers players a range of deck combinations, including cards like Hela. They hone the Discard ability, which our Marvel Snap Hela Decks guide will cover in great detail! 

Key Takeaways
  • Hela is a powerful card in Marvel Snap with the ability to bring back discarded cards and redistribute them to random locations.
  • This ability can be used to regain cards that have been discarded due to bad draws or unfavorable matchups.
  • It can also be used to set up powerful combos by redistributing cards to different locations.
  • Some good cards to include in a Hela deck include:
    • Sword Master
    • Iron Man
    • Black Bolt
  • When building a Hela deck, it is important to consider the following factors:
    • The cards you want to bring back from the discard pile.
    • The cards you want to redistribute to different locations.
    • The cards you want to use to disrupt your opponent’s strategy.
    • Experimenting with different card combinations is also important to find what works best for you.

What Is Discard Ability? 

One of the first things we will need to discuss will be entailing towards the discard ability itself. In short terms, the discard ability simply removes a random or a centric card from the payer’s deck during the middle of a game. 

There will be general discard cards, which will grant players a bit of power in exchange for their cards, while there will also be cards that will simply take away the cards, but the good thing will be that the player will be informed ahead of time that they will be rid of their card. 

Hela-Invisible Combo Deck 

Marvel Snap Hela Invisible Combo Deck
Hela Invisible Combo Deck (Image Credit Exputer)
Character  Cost Power 
Blade 1 3
Morbius 2 0
Invisible Woman 2 2
Gambit 3 1
Moon Knight 3 3
Hellcow 2 6
Hela 6 6
Hulk 6 11
Giganto 6 14
The Infinaut 6 20
Death 9 12
Lady Sif 2 4

We’d like to introduce a deck featuring Hela, the show’s star, but it’s challenging to master. Skill is key to success. The card abilities are as follows:

  1. Blade: Revealing Blade’s card discards one card from your deck immediately.
  2. Morbius: His ongoing ability boosts power by 2 each time a card is discarded from your deck.
  3. Invisible Woman: Her card remains hidden until the match ends.
  4. Gambit: Revealing Gambit’s card discards one card from your deck and destroys one of the opponent’s cards.
  5. Moon Knight: When his card is revealed, one is automatically discarded from your deck.
  6. Hellcow: Revealing Hellcow’s card discards 2 cards from your deck.
  7. Hela: Her on-reveal ability reverses discarded cards, randomly placing them in your deck.
  8. Hulk: A starter card with 6 energy cost and 11 power.
  9. Giganto: It can only be played on the left side.
  10. The Infinaut: If you play a card on your last turn, you can’t play a card on your next turn.
  11. Death: Energy cost decreases by 1 for each destroyed card.
  12. Lady Sif: Removes the highest energy cost card from your hand.

This deck revolves around intricate card interactions, making it a challenging but potentially rewarding choice for skilled players.

Hela-Sword Combo 

Marvel Snap Hela Sword Combo
Hela Sword Combo (Image Credit Exputer)
Character  Cost Power 
Sunspot 1 1
Korg 1 2
Lady Sif 2 4
Moon Knight 3 3
Wave 3 3
Jubilee 4 1
Sword Master 4 7
Iron Man 5 0
Hela 6 6
Giganto 6 14
The Infinaut 6 20
Psylocke 2 1

Moving on, the next option that we would like to take a look at will consist of Hela, who will be the show’s star. Paired with Hela will be overpowered units that will help Hela obliterate the opponent’s deck with optimal plays. As for everyone’s cards and abilities, they will be listed below: 

  • Sunspot: Starting with Sunspot, the card ability will be that for any amount of energy that ends up going unspent and is simply accumulating and not being used, it will continue to increase the player’s overall power at a certain location by +1. 
  • Korg: With an on-reveal ability, Korg will be able to give your opponent a rock whenever they are least expecting it and will shuffle the rock into their deck discreetly. 
  • Lady Sif: As for Lady Sif, she will have an on-reveal ability, and whenever the card is revealed to the opponent, the ability will be activated, and it will end up discarding a card from your deck that will be costing the highest amount of energy. 
  • Moon Knight: The on-reveal ability will be activated whenever it is placed down at a location and will end up discarding a card from both players’ hands, meaning from your hand and the opponent’s. 
  • Wave: With wave in hand, players can expect her on-reveal the ability to allow players to have their cards in their decks cost a total of 4 energy whenever they play their next turn and plan to place down their cards in any area. 
  • Jubilee: As for Jubilee’s ability, the card will have an on-reveal ability that will allow you to play a card already present in your deck at this location.  
  • Sword Master: With the sword master’s ability, the on-reveal card can take away a random card placed in your deck, and you won’t have possession over it. 
  • Iron Man: Your total power will be doubled in the area that the card is used in, whether it is the middle, left, or right lane. 
  • Hela: She will be using an on-reveal ability whereby she will be able to grant the players their cards that were once discarded and will distribute them to a random location so that they can activate their skills all at once. 
  • Giganto: With Giganto in your possession, you will only be allowed to use and place down the card in the left lane and be banned from placing them in any other locations. 
  • The Infinaut: If a card has already been played here by you, you will not be able to play a card here again.  
  • Psylocke: Lastly, with Psylocke’s on reveal, you will gain one extra energy that you can spend on any other card whenever you play your next turn after the opponent has placed down their card. 

Hela Sandman Combo 

Marvel Snap Hela Sandman Combo
Hela Sandman Combo (Image Credit Exputer)
Character  Cost Power 
Invisible Woman 2 2
Black Cat 3 6
Lady Sif 2 4
Sword Master 3 6
Hellcow 2 6
Sandman 4 1
Aero 5 6
Red Skull 5 14
Doctor Doom 6 5
Hela 6 6
Magneto 6 12
Death 9 12

The next card combo we would like to discuss will be with cards like Invisible Woman, Black Cat, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Hellcow, Sandman, Aero, Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Hela, Magneto, and Death. The abilities will be listed below: 

  • Invisible Woman: Her ongoing ability will be able to work in such a way that any cards that you play here will not be revealed to enemies until the game ends. (2 energy cost, 2 power)
  • Black Cat: As for the black cat, the ability will instantly discard the card if it is still present in your hand by the end of your turn. (3 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Lady Sif: With an on-reveal ability, whatever card has the highest energy cost will instantly be removed from your deck. (3 energy cost and 4 power)
  • Sword Master: With the on-reveal ability, a random card from your deck will get discarded. (3 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Hellcow: Taking it up a step from Hellcow, it will take away 2 cards and discard them with its on-reveal ability. (4 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Sandman: Players can only play one card per turn with Sandman in their hands. (4 energy cost, 1 power)
  • Aero: When it comes to aero, the on-reveal ability will work in a way whereby it will continue to move all kinds of opponent’s cards that were played on this turn to this area instead. (5 energy cost, 8 power)
  • Red Skull: With Red Skull’s ongoing ability, the enemy cards that are present here will gain +2 power. (5 energy cost, 15 power (hell, that’s a lot of power!)
  • Doctor Doom: With its on-reveal ability, it will continue to give you a 5-power Doom bot that will be placed down on other locations. (6 energy cost, 5 power).
  • Hela: All discarded cards will end up being placed in random areas. (6 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Magneto: With Magneto’s on-reveal ability, it will place down all 3 and 4 energy cost cards that are in possession by your enemy to this location. (6 energy cost, 12 power)
  • Death: It will cost you one energy less for every card that is destroyed in this match. (9 energy cost, 12 power). 

Subtle Mix Deck 

Marvel Snap Subtle Mix Deck
Subtle Mix Deck (Image Credit Exputer)
Character  Cost Power 
Blade 1 3
Invisible Woman 2 2
Lady Sif 2 4
Sword Master 3 6
Hellcow 2 6
Sandman 4 1
Captain Marvel 5 6
Hela 6 6
Leader 6 4
Magneto 6 12
The Infinaut 6 20
Death 9 12

As for the next deck, we would like to look at one that features a mix of cards while still making Hela the center of attention. The cards that will be featured will be Blade, Invisible Woman, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Hellcow, Sandman, Captain Marvel, Hela, Leader, Magneto, The Infinaut, and Death. 

  • Blade: One card will be discarded from your deck with the on-reveal ability. (1 energy cost, 3 power)
  • Invisible Woman: With her ongoing ability, whenever the card is activated, the cards you play in the match in the same location as an invisible woman will not be revealed until the match ends. (2 energy cost, 2 power)
  • Lady Sif: The highest energy cost from your hand will be discarded with her on-reveal ability. (3 energy cost, 4 power)
  • Sword Master: Upon activating an on-reveal ability, one card will be discarded from your deck. (3 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Hellcow: As for Hellcow, his on-reveal ability will be that 2 cards in your deck will be taken away. (4 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Sandman: Players can only play one card at once during their turn. (4 energy cost, 1 power)
  • Captain Marvel: With her in hand, towards the end of the match, she will move you to an area that will help you achieve victory faster. (5 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Hela: Ability already discussed. (6 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Leader: With the leader’s on-reveal ability, all cards your opponent has played on this turn will be duplicated and played on your side, too. (6 energy cost, 4 power)
  • Magneto: His on reveal will allow players to move all enemy’s 3 and 4 energy cards to your area. (6 energy cost, 12 power)
  • The Infinaut: If you played a card during your last turn, you can’t play this card here. (6 energy cost, 20 power)
  • Death: Cards will cost one energy cost less for every card that is destroyed. (9 energy cost, 12 power)

Iconics Deck 

Marvel Snap Iconics Deck
Iconics Deck (Image Credit Exputer)
Character  Cost Power
Blade 1 3
Ebony Maw 1 7
Invisible Woman 2 2
Black Cat 3 6
Lady Sif 2 4
Hellcow 2 6
Captain Marvel 5 6
Hela 6 6
Hulk 6 11
Magneto 6 12
The Infinaut 6 20
Death 9 12

Last but not least, while we will still feature all the iconic cards usually paired with Hela, one or two cards will be flipped around for a bit of spice and choice presented to players. Let’s take a look at the abilities: 

  • Blade: One card is instantly discarded from your deck. (1 energy cost, 3 power)
  • Ebony Maw: Players cannot play the card at this location after their third turn. (1 energy cost, 7 power)
  • Invisible Woman: With the ongoing ability, any cards that are played here will not be shown to anyone until the match ends up being done and over with. (2 energy cost, 2 power)
  • Black Cat: If your turn is done with and you still have the card with you, it will be discarded. (3 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Lady Sif: The highest cost is taken out from your deck. (3 energy cost, 4 power)
  • Hellcow: 2 cards are taken away from your deck. (4 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Captain Marvel: A victory location will be granted to players toward the end of the match. (5 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Hela: Cards are placed in random areas that were previously discarded. (6 energy cost, 6 power)
  • Hulk: a high power no, ability card. (6 energy cost, 12 power)
  • Magneto: The on-reveal ability will place down all cards that normally cost 3 and 4 energy to your area/location. (6 energy cost, 12 power)
  • The Infinaut: You can’t play the card if a card was used on the last turn. (6 energy cost, 20 power)
  • Death: The card’s energy cost gets reduced by -1 for each card that ends up being destroyed. (9 energy cost, 12 power). 


And there we have it! 5 deck options that you can pair up with Hela, and with that, we will wrap up our Marvel Snap Hela Decks guide! 

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