Best Ways To Use Snap In Marvel Snap: An In-Depth Guide

My guide entails all you need to know about snapping and how to use it affectively

Snapping in Marvel Snap is a kind of betting on your win. Snapping increases the stakes of the game you are playing by doubling up the Cubes you win. After a turn when you snap, the cubes will be doubled up to four from two. But if both players snap, the winner of the battle will receive eight cubes as a reward. The cosmic cubes are at the top of the screen which offers rewards and enables you to jump tiers faster. You can only snap once per battle so be mindful of when and where you utilize the snap. 

Key Takeaways
  • Snapping is a way to raise the stakes of the game to get additional cubes.
  • You could either snap back against your opponent or retreat.
  • Bluffing your snap can scare your opponent into retreating
  • You have to time your snapping well in order to pressurize your opponent into snapping back.
  • It is risky to snap early game cause if you have a good hand and the opponent retreats you get fewer cubes. 
  • There is less risk involved in snapping late game.

Best Ways To Use Snapping

When you snap in battle, there is a certain risk that gets involved. If you get defeated, you end up losing double the cubes you originally gambled for. So you should know the best technique required for snapping beforehand so there is a lesser risk. After learning about the ways you can use Snap, you’ll easily be able to win additional cubes in battles.

Here are the best ways summarized: 

Method Description
The Bluff Snap Bluff snapping manipulates your opponent's perception in uncertain situations, convincing them you have a strategic advantage
The Logical Snap Strategic advantage and timely plays for cube gains. Patience in waiting for opponent errors, with confidence allowing for early-game snapping
The Good Hand Snap Snap confidently with a favorable deck, strategically timing for more Cube wins and leveraging experience with a top-tier deck
The Counter Hand SnapStrategically snap early by countering opponent's deck, forcing mistakes, and securing cubes based on card knowledge

1. The Bluff Snap 

Bluff Snapping In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap The Bluff Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
Bluffing your snap is a clever way of tricking your opponent. Players don’t like to use the snapping strategy because of the risk factor involved in it. But if you think of it in a way that you could be winning a cube if the opponent gets caught in the bluff instead of losing a cube. So it is up to each player’s playstyle and whether they are confident enough in the strategy.

  • In my opinion, the Bluff snapping is basically used to manipulate an opponent’s perception of the status of the game and convince them that you can get some benefits from it.
  • I use Bluffing when the game is taking a strange turn and nobody is dominating for whatever reason.
  • You can manipulate your opponent’s perception of the circumstance to give them the impression that you are hanging onto a hand of cards and you have the upper hand now or so he would think.
  • The play is done in midgame for mere intimidation to either scare off the opponent or wait for them to make a mistake.
  • It will be easy to gather cubes via the bluff snapping strategy and should be tested out thoroughly. 

2. The Logical Snap 

Logical Snapping
Marvel Snap The Logical Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
When you feel like you have a bigger advantage over the opponent as the game progresses and you get the gut feeling that the play can go your way, you snap. If the opponent makes a grave mistake in their strategical play assuring your victory, you can make the logical snap. Meaning that a logical step is required to better your win with more cubes. You have to play all cards in your deck smartly for the additional cubes

It is a pretty “at the moment” play; But it is still very much possible that it could go wrong. You see when the opponent sees he made a blunder in their game plan or sees you being somewhat optimistic about the situation at hand, they might retreat.

  • Causing you to get lesser cubes than intended or what you could have obtained.
  • The solution got it, though is to wait out a bit; letting them not see the error they made by simply waiting and when they least expect you to snap.
  • I suggest if you are confident enough in the snapping strategy you can snap early game.
  • If the other player thinks you are just merely bluffing they would be willing to raise the stakes.
  • The snapping buff could win you certainly eight cubes by the end of the battle.

3. The Good Hand Snap 

The Good Hand Snapping In Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap The Good Hand Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
As the name suggests it is the snapping in Marvel Snap that requires you to be dealt a good hand. It would be something you would know cause it will be your deck and the other person will be left with no clue whatsoever.

It is the easiest and simplest snap you could make by far without going through much trouble. You do have to strategically spot your good hand on a compatible location and time your snap well or in the right turn. Building your deck before is as important because it’ll be what you end up playing with.

  • There is a slight risk of your opponent being familiar with your deck and then strategizing to counter it.
  • Or they could also have been dealt good cards. But that is where your experience in the game comes in.
  • I recommend you also check whether you’re using a top-tier deck that can favor the strategy well enough.
  • If you develop the habit of snapping when you know your deck has a better hand, you should ultimately be winning more Cubes than you are losing.

4.  The Counter Hand Snap 

Counter Hand Snap
Marvel Snap The Counter Hand Snap – [Image credit: eXputer]
When you are familiar with the opponent’s deck and recognize the cards well, feel free to snap. Early game snaps are to be made with the strategy as you are going to counter each card with your own to win. The snapping will in turn force the player to make mistakes early on giving you much a better chance at winning and securing your cubes.

  • Although it might sound easy, the strategy depends on your knowledge of all cards.
  • The better you know the cards the easier it will be to snap.
  • So the strategy might be harder for beginners at the start.
  • The snapping in Marvel Snap is played early on due to the fact that the opponent might retreat.
  • But even then as each turn progresses you’ll get more cubes if the player chooses to retreat.

Types Of Snapping

While the snapping strategy is important, timing those snaps is crucial to conceal your locations and see if you want the opponent not to retreat instantly when you make snaps to get extra cubes. Whether it be for bluffing a snap or making a logical snap you have to time the ability right to squeeze in those extra cubes. Everything in the battle depends on the finer points and how each party perceives themselves and their counterpart.

Timing your Snap is vital, depending on the impact you want it to have on how your opponent’s thought process and strategy. If you mistakenly snap too early or too late you might end up losing more than what you bargained for. That is how betting on your abilities works. 

Here are my snapping techniques that I use in Marvel Snap.

Early Game Snapping

Early Game Snapping In Marvel Snap
Early Game Snapping – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Purpose: To assert dominance early on, especially when you have a strong hand.
  • Strategy: Snap early when confident in your victory, potentially prolonging the game and increasing the cube stakes each turn.
  • Outcome: Can trick the opponent into thinking you’ve made a rash decision, disrupting their strategy and possibly leading to an early win.

Mid Game Snapping 

Mid Game Snapping
Mid Game Snapping – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Purpose: To show strength or bluff when the game’s outcome is more uncertain.
  • Strategy: Wait until mid-game to snap, once you have a better understanding of both your and your opponent’s hands.
  • Outcome: Signals confidence in your hand or strategy, pressuring your opponent to either engage further or retreat, minimizing potential losses.

Late Game Snapping 

Late Game Snap
Late Game Snapping – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Purpose: The safest time to snap, with the least risk of causing an opponent to retreat prematurely.
  • Strategy: Delay snapping until you’re confident in your win condition, allowing your strategy to unfold and seizing locations first.
  • Outcome: Can surprise your opponent, limiting their options and potentially baiting them into snapping back, raising the stakes significantly towards the game’s end.

My Experience With Snapping

In my personal experience, I’ve found that in lower ranks, snapping is not only common but it’s fairly straightforward. In low ranks, I often knew the opponent’s cards, strategy, and play style. Thus, I was confident that when I snapped, the opponent was either going to retreat or be overconfident and snap again, giving me more points when I eventually won.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

However, in high ranks, snapping was always a gamble for me, no matter my position. At this point, my opponents had extremely niche strategies using cards that I’d often never seen before. As such, I personally wouldn’t recommend snapping during competitive play at high ranks since 1 round using an unknown card can completely shift the tide in either player’s favor.

Snapping for more cubes completely depends on the other player’s confidence in their game. The more you make them think they are winning the more they bet. But you also have to keep track of the fact that you are still winning or else snapping just becomes riskier and in later rounds, the risk-to-reward ratio is not worth it. That is why knowing the full strategy of your snap is essential. 

The snapping feature of Marvel Snap is what makes the game so much more unique from other card games. So which snapping strategy will you utilize to get your next Victory?

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