Marvel Snap: 3 Best Havok Decks [Tried & Tested]

Learn about the optimal decks you make for Havok, the latest 2-Cost Card in Marvel Snap that gains +4 Power with -1 Max Energy every turn!

Havok is the newest Series 4 2-Cost card, which has the potential to gain the highest Power out of any card in that category in Marvel Snap, but making suitable decks around him can be tricky. As stated, he can, after each turn, gain +4 Power but give you 1 Less Energy each turn until the end of the game. So, the latter ability is a significant drawback, and since Havok isn’t an Ongoing or On-Reveal card, you can’t use someone like Cosmo or Enchantress to nullify that drawback.

Key Takeaways
  • Havok is a 2-Cost card with 0 Base Power that gains +4 Power but reduces your max Energy by -1 after each turn.
  • As of writing this guide, players can only get Havok from Spotlight Caches, but he will likely be purchasable via Collector’s Tokens in the shop.
  • The best thing about this card is its huge potential, which often goes unnoticed, and he can something win a location solo.
  • However, his Energy-reduction drawback makes him very limited in terms of flexibility, and his decks are usually countered easily.
  • Cards like Mister Negative and Jane Foster, Professor X, Viper, and Shang-Chi are must-have cards for Havok.
  • Why Trust Us: Daniyal has roughly 200 hours in Marvel Snap and consistently keeps up with the meta, making his guides trustworthy!

Best Decks For Havok At A Glance

Here’s a quick overview of the optimal decks for Havok that I found playing Marvel Snap:

1– Psylocke
– Zabu
– Ravonna Renslayer
– Mystique
– Mister Negative
– Shang Chi
– Jubilee
– Taskmaster
– Jane Foster Thor
– Iron Man
– Knull
2– Iceman
– Nico Minoru
– Ebony Maw
– Daredevil
– Jeff
– Magik
– Storm
– Legion
– Professor X
– Thanos
– Alioth
3– Iceman
– Forge
– The Hood
– Nico Minoru
– Viper
– Debrii
– Kazar
– Werewolf by Night
– Shang Chi
– Sera
– Gamora

1. Negative Havok

The Havok deck with the highest win-rate in Marvel Snap.
havok's deck 1
Deck 1: Negative Havok (Image by me)
  • Why I Chose This: This is personally my favorite deck because it’s incredibly fun, unique, and shot me up the rankings.

As the name suggests, this deck focuses on getting Mister Negative out and giving Havok 0 Cost and 2 starting Power. For this to work, you must play Negative as quickly as possible and then play Jane Foster to draw all your 0-Cost cards like Knull, Iron Man, Havok, and more.

I got an insane win rate with this deck, and I’ve listed the play for each round below:

  1. Round 1:
    • Skip the turn.
  2. Round 2:
    • Play Ravonna, Zabu, or Psylocke respectively.
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Mister Negative or Jubilee, respectively, if you played any card last turn.
  4. Round 4:
    • Skip the turn if you played Mister Negative and have Jane Foster in your hand.
    • Play Mister Negative if you didn’t play him in the last round.
    • Play Jubilee and Havok if Jane isn’t in your hand.
  5. Round 5:
    • Play Jane Foster if you played Mister Negative.
    • Play any 0-Cost card if Jane isn’t in your hand.
    • Play Havok, regardless.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play any cards you want, but remember to play Taskmaster after Knull.
  • Highest Win-rate.
  • Easy-to-play.
  • Insane Power.
  • Requires equal distribution of Power.
  • Can be countered by Professor X and Cosmo.

2. 3-Way Lockdown

The most versatile Havok deck in Marvel Snap.
havok's deck 2
Deck 2: 3-way Lockdown (Screenshot taken by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Having alternative routes is a key strategy, which is why I feel this deck is so good.

My second deck for Havok has several winning routes, including the meta build consisting of Thanos, Alioth, Professor X, and Storm. However, the two key cards here are Storm and Legion for Havok since Legion can make all three locations unplayable when coupled with Storm.

Follow my strategy to utilize this deck optimally:

  1. Round 1:
    • Play Zero if you have Ebony Maw in your hand.
    • Play Ebony Maw if you have Havok, Storm, and/or Legion.
    • Play any of Thanos’ stones except the Time and Reality Stone.
    • Play any 1-Cost card in your hand.
  2. Round 2:
    • Play Ebony Maw if you played Zero.
    • Play Havok if you played Ebony Maw.
    • Play Jeff or Daredevil, respectively.
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Magik if possible.
  4. Round 4:
    • If you don’t have Legion, play Storm on the same lane as Havok.
    • Play Magik.
    • Use your Energy by using up any 1-Cost cards.
  5. Round 5:
    • If you have Legion, play Storm on a different lane than Havok.
    • Play Professor X on any winning lane.
    • Use any 1-Cost card on Storm’s lane.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play Legion on the same lane as Storm.
    • Play Professor X on any winning lane.
    • Play Alioth on any winning lane.
  7. Round 7 (if any):
    • If you haven’t played Legion yet and have priority this turn, play Alioth or Thanos on an overtaking location.
    • Play and utilize Jeff on any lane that you can overtake.
  • Several winning routes.
  • Tough to counter.
  • Bad draws can lose you the game.

3. Havok As Bait

The most unpredictable Havok deck.
havok's deck 3
Deck 3: Havok as bait (Screenshot taken by me)
  • Why I Chose This: A lot of players often lose matches because the opponent knows what they’ll play next, which is a drawback this deck definitely doesn’t have.

The strategy for my third deck is to shift Havok to the other side with Viper, so the opponent gets -1 Energy each turn. Then, when Havok gets to 12 or 16 Power, you can use Shang Chi to destroy it. The key cards in this deck are definitely Viper and Shang, but it may be trickier to use, and there are a lot of effective counters for the deck. 

Important: Gamora, Forge, and Iceman are flexible here, and you can swap them out for any healthier alternatives.

Follow the playstyle I’ve listed below:

  1. Round 1:
    • Play The Hood, Iceman, and/or Forge if you don’t have Havok in your hand (make sure The Hood is always alone in his lane.)
    • Play Nico Minoru in the middle location if her ability isn’t the Destroying spell.
  2. Round 2:
    • Play Havok in a separate lane (and make sure he is always alone in his lane, too.)
    • If Havok isn’t in your hand, use your Energy by following any one procedure from Round 1.
  3. Round 3:
    • Play Forge if you’ve played Havok.
    • If Havok isn’t in your hand, play Viper on the same lane as The Hood.
  4. Round 4:
    • If you’ve played Havok and have Shang Chi in your hand, play Viper on the same lane as him.
    • If you haven’t played Havok, play Kazar.
  5. Round 5:
    • Play Sera if you didn’t play Havok.
    • If Havok is on the enemy team with 10+ Power, play Shang Chi in his lane.
    • Play Werewolf by Night.
  6. Round 6:
    • Play Shang Chi according to Round 5.
    • Use your remaining Energy to play Werewolf by Night or Kazar and your 1-Cost cards.
    • Play Gamora as a last resort.
  • Unpredictable at every turn.
  • Flexible cards encourage other unique decks.
  • Easy to counter.
  • Very difficult to play.
  • Relies too much on Viper.

My Opinion On Using Havok

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

Havok is definitely a tricky card to use, in my opinion, since he works with very specific decks in Snap. If you don’t have the cards for the decks I’ve listed above, I recommend using Havok on turns 4, 5, or 6 since that would give him 4, 8, or 12 Power, which is still pretty good for a 2-Cost card. Additionally, he’ll be safe from an opponent’s Shang Chi since he would go to +12 after Turn 6 if you played him on Turn 4.

In my opinion, Mister Negative, Professor X, and Viper are must-have cards for Havok, and since he’s relatively new, opponents won’t have too many counters for these combos. Even meta cards like Alioth and Loki won’t have much effect on him. Of course, neither Havok nor his decks are completely overpowered, but I’m sure there will be several future cards that synergize with him, and he’s incredibly fun as of now.

That wraps up my guide on the best decks for Havok in Marvel Snap, detailing the routes you can take in each round to ensure a strong win rate. YouTuber CozySnap also has some brilliant ideas for utilizing Havok, so I definitely recommend checking him out.

For other popular card-specific decks, check out my Devil Dinosaur deck in Marvel Snap, featuring the all-time consistent Ongoing card. For some themed decks instead, here’s the optimal Guardians of the Galaxy deck for you to try out. Another meta deck I would recommend trying out is the Move Deck, which is also extremely difficult to counter in Marvel Snap.


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