Marvel Snap: 2 BEST Move Decks [EXPLAINED]

The Move Decks in Marvel Snap can turn out to be quite powerful.

What Is A Move Deck

One of the most powerful Decks in Marvel Snap is the Move Deck. It popped up recently with the release of a few great Move Cards in the recent release. Before that, the Move Deck was still viable but was quite underrated.

The Move Deck consists of two types of cards. The first is the Cards that move themselves or other cards to other locations. And the second is the cards that benefit from Moving to other locations. They both, in turn, benefit from moving from one location to another. It is a mutual benefit where some cards of these can gain extra power from it.

In a Move Deck, the main goal is to keep moving your cards and benefitting from their Abilities. For that, you’d have to plan your cards ahead of everything constantly. If a player wants successful synergy in Move Decks, they plan their moves at least one move ahead. Thinking where they’ll play their next move before the enemy moves their card.

A great example of it would be the Heimdall card in a Move Deck. For the Heimdall card to work, you’ll have to keep one of the locations empty. We’ll explain that in detail when we’re onto the Strategy with Heimdall Card.

Key Takeaways

  • The Move Deck in Marvel Snap is quite underrated.
  • These Decks utilize moving cards from one location to another.
  • When a card Moves, it either increases its own power or the power of other cards affected by it.
  • Multiple Man and Human Torch are the best Move Cards in the game.
  • For a new player that wants to try the Move Deck, they can have all the Cards by the end of Pool 1.
  • The Best Move Deck cards come after you’ve progressed enough in Pool 3 to unlock Human Torch.

Best Move Decks

There are tons of Card Deck of each type in Marvel Snap. So, for the Move Deck, you’ll find countless Decks with variations. But not all of those can be the best Decks in the game. That’s why we have shortlisted two decks in the game. For one deck, we have selected the best Move Cards out of each pool. Whereas for the other, we only selected cards from Pool 1.

Now, remember, both of these are great on their own. For the first Move Deck, you’ll need to be in the late game, with the Human Torch card unlocked. To get it quickly, you’ll have to learn how to Unlock Cards in Marvel Snap. Learning that will come in handy even when you’re trying to get all of the cards in the Pool 1 Move Deck. So, let’s get started with the Best Move Decks in the game.

Ultimate Deck

Our First Move Deck is a bit complex. We’re using some of the best Move Cards in the game, that’s why the deck extends to Pool 3. It has a mixture of all of the pools. If you’re the type of player who likes to have the best of the best, then it is the Deck for you. But if you are a player who wants to get into Move Decks as soon as they’re available, we have another deck just for you. More on that in a while.

The first eight Cards of the deck, you’ll unlock them by the end of Pool 1. As for others, 3 are a part of Pool 2, whereas one card, Human Torch, is a part of Pool 3. With Human Torch, there is uncertainty about when you’d unlock him. As he is a Pool 3 card, the card can take a long time before you can finally unlock it. 

The Ultimate Move Deck in Marvel Snap.
The Ultimate Move Deck has the best Move Cards in the game. [Image Credit: eXputer]


For our first Move Deck, we’ll be using a selection of 12 Cards. You’ll find that not all of these are Move Cards or the cards that benefit from other cards Moving. One card out of these is to ensure that the enemy won’t be able to cripple our cards. Whereas the other insures that we will win a spot. More on all that in a while.

Now if you still haven’t unlocked Human Torch, then no worries. We can understand as it is a relatively late game card. And even if you get to Pool 3, there is no assurance that you’ll unlock Human Torch early on. You can use a substitute card instead of that. We’ll explain a few extra cards in our other Move Decks. They all work perfectly fine here too.

  • Human Torch: When this moves, double its Power.
  • Iron Fist: On Reveal: Move the next card you play one location to the left.
  • Night Crawler: You can move this once.
  • Forge: On Reveal: Give the Next card you play +2 Power.
  • Multiple Man: When this moves, add a copy to the old location.
  • Cloak: On Reveal: Next turn, both players can move cards to this location.
  • Doctor Strange: On Reveal: Move your highest Power cards to this location.
  • Storm: On Reveal: Flood this location. The next turn is the last turn cards can be played here.
  • Vulture: When this card moves, +5 Power.
  • Hulk Buster: On Reveal: Merge this card with a random friendly card at this location.
  • Enchantress: On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards at this location.
  • Heimdall: On Reveal: Move your other cards one location to the left.


So, these are the cards that you’ll be using in the first Move Deck. Remember, in a Move Deck, you don’t throw cards wherever you feel like it. You need to think thoroughly about where you’d move your cards, and how you’d move your cards. If you want to win, think at least one step ahead with your deck. Be ready for every scenario you can think of, and have a counter to each of these.

Now, remember, you shouldn’t always be reliant on your deck. You must’ve noticed that you don’t get the same cards in your hand in every game. So, you should practice with the Move Deck to master it. Because a lot of the time, you won’t even get one card in your starting hand to make that perfect Move synergy. Our strategy goes with when the draw comes in perfect. We’ve explained some ifs and buts, but it’s always better that you should be ready for whatever comes in front of you.

Here is the strategy for each of the cards in the Move Deck

Human Torch

Human Torch is one of the most important cards in the current Move Deck. He is a one-cost and two Power card. That doesn’t seem much until you check out his ability. Every time he moves, his ability doubles his current Power. It doesn’t seem a lot until you consider the use case of his ability.

card of Human Torch.
The Human Torch. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, remember, Human Torch’s power doubles every time he moves. If you play him right after Human Fist, he will move one location to the left. That will double his power. Then, you’ll have to use Doctor Strange, and Cloak to move him again. And on the final turn, when you move him using Heimdall, he will have the final Power of 32. That alone will be more than enough for you to win the game.

If you buff Human Torch with other cards in the deck, the final power can rise exponentially. For example, using Forge on him will make his initial power 4, and after just a few moves, the power will spike greatly. Hulk Buster is another great Combo on Human Torch.

Iron Fist

The first card on your deck would be Iron Fist. He is a one-cost and two Power card. His On Reveal ability punches the next card that you’ll play one spot to the left. He is one of the vital cards in a Move Deck as you’ll be using him to move some of the first cards in your deck in Marvel Snap.

Card of Iron Fist.
The Iron Fist Card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The strategy with Iron Fist is to play him on the first turn. After that, your card would be either Human Torch or Multiple Man. We’ll explain in a while how both of these work, but if done right, you’d either have 2 Power at 1-cost or 6 power at 2-cost. What happens is Iron Fist remains unaffected by his ability, but the next card you’ll play will move to the left.

Apart from that, at later stages, if you have a place where the card gets destroyed when played, Iron Fist can come in handy. Play him before the intended card, and Iron Fist will punch that card toward the location. Other cards work great with it, but we believe Iron Fist is good at that since he costs 1.


With one cost and two power, we have Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler’s ability allows him to move once he is played. You can move him to awkward positions where you wouldn’t be able to place a card. Another reason why he is great as you’ll get an early move on your deck. It can move on the second turn even when you’re placing your other move cards.

Nightcrawler from Best Move Deck in marvel SNap.
The Nightcrawler Card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Nightcrawler on his own is a great card. The flexibility on Night Crawler allows you to move him to wherever you want. It isn’t dependent on other Move Mechanics Cards. Whenever you feel like you’re losing a location, or that you want to put pressure on the opponent, move your card there. The two extra power will definitely come in handy to help you win.


One of the key cards to the Pool 1 Move Deck is Forge. Forge is a two-cost and one Power card, but his strength lies in his On Reveal ability. The On Reveal Ability gives the next card you play +2 Power. You can use the ability on a lot of heroes in the deck because eventually, every card here will benefit from it.

Card of Forge.
The Forge card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
But, the best benefit you can get from it is on Human Torch. If you check his ability, his power doubles every time you move him. When you play it right before Human Torch, you’ll get a 2+2 Power Human Torch. And then, every time you move him, his power will double what he currently has.

Multiple Man

In every Move Deck, the main card would always be Multiple Man. Multiple Man is one of the reasons why the Move Decks are so successful. It is a two-cost three Power card. His ability is when he is moved, he leaves a copy of himself at his last location. That and the fact that you’d get to unlock him quite early in Marvel Snap, in Pool 1, makes him the backbone of every Move Deck.

Best move deck of multiple man in marvel snap.
The Multiple Man card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The strategy to use him is quite simple. Play him on the second turn, and your goal should be to buff him using Hulk Buster. The Hulk Buster card will attach to him and make him a 7-Power card. That’s not the end of his use. At that point, your target should be to move him as much as you can. With each move, he will leave a copy of himself, a 7-Power card, at the last location.

And, when all of the locations are covered with Multiple Man, use Heimdall. He will move all of the Cards one move towards the left and then, with Multiple Man’s copies, there is a high chance that you’ll win at all locations.


Another one of the Move mechanics cards is Cloak. The card is a two-cost and four Power card. In itself, it is a solid card that you can use at times to win a location. But, that’s not the only use of it. Its ability is an On Reveal ability. On Reveal, in the Next Turn, both you and the opponent can move any card in the Cloak’s location.

Card of Cloak in the game.
The Cloak card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
In a Deck where almost all of the cards are dependent on the Move mechanics, Cloak is the main game. its design gives the player a variety of use cases for the game. From the moment you can play it, to the fifth turn, Cloak will be useful to you. There will be a situation, where the opponent might take away your Heimdall, and Cloak will be your only option to win a location.

Not only that, if you use it early on, then you can use it to multiply Multiple Man or to increase Human Torch’s power.

Doctor Strange

One card that would be vital to make all of the plays in the game is Doctor Strange. But, there are certain things that should happen before you can use him. The three-cost and three Power card can’t do much on its own. But Doctor Strange’s ability is what matters. On Reveal, he will Move the highest Power card in any of the locations to himself. Thus, will trigger the Move ability of that card.

card of Doctor Strange.
The Doctor Strange card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Doctor Strange’s best use case is with Human Torch and with Multiple Man. Especially with Multiple Man if you have more than one. Okay so, to trigger his ability, any one of these cards needs to be the highest power card in any of the locations. When you use him, he will pull that highest power card toward himself. If you have two Multiple Man with high Power, then he will move both of these towards himself.

Apart from that, he works great with Human Torch. Oftentimes, you won’t have enough space in one location, and you want to increase Human Torch’s power. At that time, Doctor Strange will come in handy. And in the Final Turn, you’d still be able to use Heimdall on the Human Torch.


When you’re about to win a location, then the best card you can play there would be none other than Storm. The storm is a three-Cost and two Power card. Her ability is an On Reveal ability that locks a location on the next turn. On Reveal, she floods the location she is played in. And then, the next turn would be the last for you and the opponent to play a card there.

The best move deck with storm in marvel snap.
The Storm card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, the use case of Storm is to use her when you’re assured that you’ll win the location on the next turn. Or that you want to limit the options for the opponent. For the first example, it would be when you have a powerful Multiple Man and you use Doctor Strange to bring it to the place of Storm. Another would be the Human Torch. On move, its power would double where Storm is using her ability, hence a powerful combo.

Another great usage of it is when you want to use Heimdall, and want to ensure that your opponent doesn’t play a card there. Use Storm to the rightmost place, and you’ll have a clean location with a confirmed win.


Another Card in your Move Deck that benefits from Moving is the Vulture card. It is a three-cost and three Power card. That doesn’t seem much until you read its ability. Its ability allows it to gain +5 Power every time it moves.

card of vulture.
The Vulture card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The card in itself isn’t great. To make it useful, you’d need to have a moving card in your deck. You’d obviously have one if you’re playing the move Deck. Vulture can act as a sleeper agent and activate whenever it is required. The best use-case scenario would be with Cloak or Heimdall. You can have Vulture wait for its activation with its ability. And then you’d basically have a 3-cost and 8 Power card.

If you don’t want to use it as a sleeper card, move it whenever you can. Vulture will get a +5 Power every time you move it. With Cloak, that will be 8 Power, and when you finally complete the combo with Heimdall, it will be a 13 Power card.

Hulk Buster

A great card in the Move Deck is the Hulk Buster. It is a three-cost and four Power card. But it shines due to its On Reveal ability. With the On Reveal ability, it merges with a random card on your side at the location where it is played. When it merges, it gives that card its Power attributes. If it’s a Human Torch, that card would become a 6 Power card.

Hulk Buster best move deck in Marvel Snap.
The Hulk Buster card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
But there is a small catch with the Hulk Buster. It merges with a random card. So if you plan on adding it with Multiple Man at a location, and if there is another card. Then, there is a chance that it will either Merge with Multiple Man, or with the other card. So, to properly utilize it, you need to use it at a location where the other card is the only card. That way, there will be a 100% guarantee that Hulk Buster will join with that card.

The best use case of Hulk Buster is to use it on the third move when you can use it. Because, the sooner you merge it with Multiple Man, the better. And, a 7-Power Multiple Man at all locations can become deadly for the opponent. Another good use of it is with Human Torch. That way, when you move Human Torch, he will get double his original Power, and that he got from Hulk Buster.


A sort of insurance for your team is Enchantress. She is a four-cost and four Power card, but she shines in her On Reveal ability. As she is one of the combo breakers, her ability allows her to remove the ability from all of the Ongoing cards at the location she is played in.

card of enchantress.
The Enchantress card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, you won’t be using Enchantress in all of the games. She will be used quite rarely. The main purpose of Enchantress is to cancel Iron Man’s Ongoing ability or the ability of other such heroes. If you’re in a position where you need to play a 4 Power card to win, then Enchantress would be a great choice.

She isn’t the counter to Iron Man’s ability, any of the Ongoing abilities, whether it’s Ant-Man, Devil Dinosaur, or any other card as such. If she is on your deck, don’t end up wasting her potential.


The most important card in any of your Move Deck in Marvel Snap is the Heimdall card. A Move Deck is incomplete with the Heimdall and that is because of the Card’s superb Reveal ability. Heimdall card itself is a six Cost and eight Power card. That in itself is a solid card. But to get the most out of it, you’d need to consider the ability. The On Reveal ability will move All of the cards in one position to the left. It will trigger all of the card’s Move abilities.

Heimdall in Best Marvel Snap Move Deck.
The Heimdall card. [Image Credit: eXputer]
When you play Heimdall at the end, it will trigger the Move ability of Multiple Man, Human Torch, and Vulture. That will completely change the demographics of the game. If you positioned your cards right, then you’d have a high power on all of the locations. And in turn, you’ll be winning at all of the locations. For that, you’d have to keep the leftmost location empty. That is Heimdall will bluff the opponent in the last move and let you win the game.

Pool 1 Move Deck

The next Deck in our list of Best Move Decks is a Pool 1 Deck. Most of the cards in any Move Deck you see will be from Pool 1. It is due to the fact that almost all of the Move Cards are in that Pool. There are cards in Pools 2 and 3 that are great for Move Deck. But if you are a Move enthusiast like us, then you’d love to get on it right away.

To start with the Pool 1 Move Deck, you’d have to Unlock all of the Pool 1 Cards. That is because the Unlocking Cards in Marvel Snap is completely random. There is no pattern that for example, you’ll unlock Hulk Buster before the Multiple Man. You’d be fortunate if you could unlock all of the cards we’ll be using in the deck before finishing Pool 1.

Move Deck made out of cards of Pool 1. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Here are the cards that you’ll be using for the deck.

  • Iron Fist: On Reveal: Move the next card you play one location to the left.
  • Night Crawler: You can move this once.
  • Forge: On Reveal: Give the Next card you play +2 Power.
  • Kraven: When a card moves here, this gets +2 Power.
  • Multiple Man: When this moves, add a copy to the old location.
  • Scarlet Witch: On Reveal: Replace this location with a random one.
  • Doctor Strange: On Reveal: Move your highest Power cards to this location.
  • Hulk Buster: On Reveal: Merge this card with a random friendly card at this location.
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man: If a card moved last turn, this costs 1.
  • Iron Man: Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location.
  • Heimdall: On Reveal: Move your other cards one location to the left.
  • America Chavez: You always draw this card on turn 6, and not before.

Strategy Of Pool 1 Move Deck

Those were all of the cards in the Move Deck of Pool 1 of Marvel Snap. To make all of the work perfectly, you’d need to strategize your next moves. If you have a hand, with Iron Fist and Multiple Man, or with Forge and Multiple Man then you’re in luck. As the game will be relatively easier. But if the hand comes out bad, then you’d have to rethink your whole strategy for the deck.

If you get Forge and Multiple Man, then it is better to play Forge at 2nd turn and then Multiple Man. That way, your Multiple Man would be a 5 Power card roaming around the area. Another best way would be to play Nightcrawler and use him to trigger Miles Morales’s ability. If a card move, Miles Morales becomes a 1-cost card. Then you can use the 1-cost and 5 Power card to play a tempo game against your opponent. 

Keep Kraven to the left, as when you use Multiple Man on that location, it will maximize Kraven’s Power. That is because Kraven gets +2 for every card that moves there. Hulk Buster should be used to attach to Multiple Man and give him +4 Power. That synergy alone would be more than enough for your opponent to retreat in a battle.

The main role of Iron Man in the deck is to ensure that you’d come victorious in the fight. Iron Man’s Ongoing ability doubles the attack at a location. Use it wisely at a location where you’re losing. If a location is quite tough to deal with, then you have Scarlet Witch. Her ability changes it into a random location. That new location can be in your favor too. But, it is a great risk.

Heimdall is again, the last attack of the Move Decks. Using him at the right time will surely have you win the game. Remember, keep the left-most location of the game always empty. If it is filled, then Heimdall won’t be of much use.

Last but not the least, we have the America Chavez card. The card’s ability is that it is drawn on the 6th Turn and not before. That might seem like a waste. But it ensures that until turn six, you’ll have other cards in your hand that are much more useful compared to any other card you’d have. And if things go south, you always have a solid 6-cost 9 Power card with you. Don’t be shy about using her whenever necessary.

Final Thoughts

In Marvel Snap, the Best Move Decks unlock quite later in the game. That is because, Human Torch, a powerful Move Card, is unlocked in Pool 3. And there is no certainty on when it unlocks. So, to have the best Move Deck, the player can use all the cards of Pool 1, as shown in our second Deck. 

The Move Decks are quite hard to pull off in Marvel Snap. That is because oftentimes, you’ll have to think at least one step ahead of everything. You’ll have to place your cards accordingly and then use Heimdall’s card. Because if you don’t have the Left-most location empty, his ability will go to waste.

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