The 5 Best Starter Decks In Marvel Snap [Expert’s Deep Dive]

Marvel Snap starter deck builds are critical and essential for early and fast success and here's how to come up with best Marvel Snap Starter Deck Builds.

Marvel Snap starter decks are usually difficult to decide and make the beginners confused with what to play with at the beginning of Marvel Snap to snatch easy wins over the opponents. You must be aware of all the strategies for building the best decks by learning Marvel Snap’s Deck Building tips and tricks.

Key Takeaways
  • Decks define the gameplay and winning chances in Marvel Snap.
  • Starter Decks require creativity and perfect balance.
  • Most starter decks utilize On-Reveal cards and follow very specific strategies.
  • 5 optimal Starter Decks will pave the way to early long-term victories in Marvel Snap.

1. Control Starter Deck Build

The best tech-card starting deck in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap Best Beginner Deck
Marvel Snap Control Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
This control deck in Marvel Snap is going to be a double-edged sword for your opponent. The best cards and their playing strategy are discussed in detail here.             

Deck Strategy

The way in which this starter deck works is that it disrupts your opponent’s hand while maintaining very impactful gameplay throughout the deck. Below discussed is the detail of each card that you have in the deck. Play them according to the strategy, and it’ll do the rest for you.

  • Korg disrupts opponents by placing a rock in their hands, making it challenging for them to play effectively.
  • Nightcrawler adds mobility, allowing strategic placement and maneuvering in challenging locations.
  • Angela and Nightcrawler work together to build a strong foundation. Angela’s movement and Nightcrawler’s placement synergize to maximize points at a specific location.
  • Cosmo provides control by blocking opponent card abilities, which is especially useful in countering potential powerful plays.
  • Yondu, a balanced card, destroys the enemy’s top card, impacting the opponent’s strategy.
  • Cable draws a card from the opponent’s deck, adding versatility and disrupting the opponent’s plans.
  • Scarlet Witch replaces one location with another randomly, offering strategic flexibility in challenging situations.
  • Wolfsbane adds one point to each card at a specific location, most advantageous when played with Angela for maximum benefits.
  • Enchantress nullifies ongoing effects from all cards, providing a tactical advantage against opponents with powerful ongoing abilities.
  • Jessica Jones, who played last in any location, adds an extra +4, making it a strategic choice for maximizing points.
  • White Tiger and Odin, when placed together, send a powerful 7-power Tiger to a random location, providing a strong finish to the last round.
  • High win rate.
  • Several tech cards.
  • Ideal against meta decks.
  • Lacks approach to win by Power.
  • May be challenging to use.

2. Kazoo Starter Deck Build

The best Ongoing starting deck.
Best Kazoo Deck in Marvel
Marvel Snap Kazoo Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
The foundation stone of this starter deck is the Kazar card, which has the ability to grant additional power to every 1-cost card. This deck works with other cards combined, and together, they have a huge impact that you’ll see in the strategy to play with this deck.

How To Play With Kazoo Deck 

The deck has a wide variety of cards having an ability that enhances each other’s abilities.

Here’s how to use them efficiently:

  • Blue Marvel enhances the power of every played card, and Onslaught doubles each card’s ability while adding 6 points to power, creating a significant power boost.
  • Ant-Man provides an additional +3 when three other cards are at the same location, along with benefits from Kazaar and Blue Marvel.
  • Squirrel Girl, a 1-cost card, places a 1-power Squirrel card at each location, receiving additional benefits from Kazaar and Blue Marvel.
  • Korg and its rock, along with Nightcrawler, offer control elements, enabling access to difficult locations.
  • Angela, following the same strategy as in the control deck, complements the control elements.
  • Armor protects cards from destruction, crucial in countering Kill Monger’s ability to destroy all 1-cost cards.
  • Captain America, powerful when surrounded by other cards, grants +1 power to each card at that location.
  • Other cards in the deck include Scarlet Witch and Wolfsbane, playable in the same manner as in the previous control deck.
  • Several winning strategies.
  • Relies equally on all cards.
  • Ideal against meta cards like Shang Chi or Death.
  • Some cards lack synergy.

3. Tempo Deck Build

The most balanced starting deck.
Marvel Snap Tempo Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Tempo Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tempo in these card games refers to playing high-value cards while maintaining a strength advantage. This concept is covered by this Tempo Starter Deck with a vast variety of cards in your hands. This starter deck is designed to draw maximum pressure on the opponent, and here’s the strategy to play with this starter deck.

Perfect Usage Of Tempo Deck 

High-value cards require you to play boldly while keeping faith in your collection.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Hawk Eye provides a fair adjustment to the Marvel Snap deck, allowing you to place an additional card randomly.
  • Medusa, though seemingly average, contributes balance to the deck; playing her strategically with Hawk Eye maximizes benefits.
  • Lizard is a surprise card, effective when opponents place four cards at one location, deducting three points and adding 5 power.
  • Mister Fantastic adds 2 power at adjacent locations; placing him in the middle maximizes power across adjacent slots.
  • America Chavez is a crucial card playable only at turn 6, enhancing chances of acquiring valuable cards in earlier turns.
  • Other cards in the deck include Angela, Nightwalker, Jessica Jones, Captain America, Korg, Medusa, and Scarlet Witch.
  • The special card, Ironman, doubles power at a location, providing a potential game-winning move in Marvel Snap.
  • Highest Power gain out of any deck on this list.
  • Several location-winning solo cards.
  • Challenging to pull off.

4. Infinaut Control Deck Build

The highest solo-Power starting deck in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap Infinaut Control Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Infinaut Control Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
These cards will be unlocked after getting deep into Pool 2 of the Marvel Snap. You’ll be having these cards after having spent a few more hours with the previous decks. These cards are using some advanced mechanisms and by the time you reach this deck, you’ll have sufficient enough knowledge to use their mechanics properly.

Strategy To Play Infinaut Deck 

The cards in this deck are a little tricky but they’re all worth it. It starts with Sunspot as my starting package. Sunspot is a great asset to this deck for the reason it has a combination with the foundation stone of this deck, “The Infinaut”.

  • The Infinaut boasts a high power-to-cost ratio but can only be played on turn 6, requiring a skipped turn 5; it synergizes with Sunspot, gaining power for unspent energy and reaching 20 power.
  • UATU The Witcher aids in location prediction, especially beneficial with Storm in the Starter Deck, allowing strategic flooding of specific locations.
  • Starlord in the starter deck capitalizes on opponent focus drawn by Storm, providing an extra +3 power.
  • All other cards in the deck, previously discussed, contribute to strategic plays in Marvel Snap.
  • Several match-winning cards.
  • Uatu can provide insight and synergize well with Storm.
  • The deck is prone to Shang Chi.

5. Devil Dino Deck Build

The best Devil Dinosaur starting deck in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap Devil Dino Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Devil Dino Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
This starter deck in the Marvel Snap deck build guide features the mighty Devil Dinosaur card. This Marvel Snap deck consists of cards that the players have a clear chance of having at the start of Pool 2. Here’s how you can use this Devil Dino Stater Deck in Marvel Snap to defeat your opponents.

Strategy To Play Devil Dino Deck 

Devil Dinosaur is the main highlight of this Marvel Snap starter deck build which is a 5-cost three-power card having an amazing ability to grant a +2 power to every card in your hand. The deck can be played ideally by starting with Sunspot, getting value in hands, and then using the two main cards.

  • Agent 13 is the first main card in this Marvel Snap Starter Deck, providing the ability to obtain any random card, potentially a game-changer.
  • The Collector benefits directly from Agent 13’s ability, gaining +1 power from each random card acquired from anywhere except the player’s own hand or deck.
  • Iceman adds variety to the starter deck, but its impact may not be significant and could potentially benefit the opponent.
  • Cable, with a different concept, steals a card and benefits both the Collector and the Devil Dinosaur since the stolen card goes into the player’s hands.
  • Sentinel adds another sentinel to the player’s hand, directly benefiting the Devil Dinosaur and The Collector.
  • Moongirl duplicates the player’s hand, offering a substantial boost to the Devil Dinosaur and The Collector by rapidly adding powers.
  • White Queen in this deck serves a dual purpose: drawing a card from the opponent’s hand to benefit the Devil Dinosaur and The Collector and providing information about the opponent’s hand to disrupt their plan.
  • Devil Dinosaur can win locations solo.
  • Alternate cards can provide alternate winning routes.
  • White Queen gives insight into your opponent’s next play.
  • Relies too much on Devil Dinosaur for Power.
  • Potential overflow of cards resulting in missed draws.

My Experience Using Starter Decks Early-game And Late-game

Like most new players, I started off Marvel Snap with the On-Reveal Deck by using Jessica Jones, Spider-Woman, and Odin as my highlight characters. On-Reveal cards are much easier to use than Ongoing cards, and since you receive some fairly decent On-Reveal cards in the early-game phase, you’re incentivized even further to use them.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

However, after spending over a hundred hours in-game, my opinion on the starting On-Reveal deck has drastically changed. Now, one of my prime starting decks, which is also the one I got at the start, is the Devil Dinosaur deck. I later swapped out Odin for Onslaught and Storm for Iron Man to make it a beefy Ongoing trio. Ever since then, I’ve continuously used this overpowered deck in multiple games, with the objective to fill in as many locations as I can so my Devil Dinosaur receives +12 Power.


This guide introduces the top 5 Marvel Snap deck builds that beginners can easily create. Building decks in Marvel Snap is challenging, but these starter decks are designed for quick construction, allowing you to make early progress in the game with just a few hours of play.

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