Marvel Snap: Best Starter/Beginner Decks

Marvel Snap starter deck builds are critical and essential for early and fast success and here's how to come up with best Marvel Snap Starter Deck Builds.

Marvel Snap starter decks are usually difficult to decide and make the beginners confused with what to play with at the beginning of Marvel Snap to snatch easy wins over the opponents. You must be aware of all the strategies for building the best decks, by learning Marvel Snap Deck Building tips and tricks.

Story Highlights

  • Decks define the gameplay and winning chances in Marvel Snap
  • Starter Decks require creativity and perfect balance
  • Best 5 Starter Decks will pave the way to early long-term victories in Marvel Snap 

Control Starter Deck Build

This control deck in Marvel Snap is going to be a double-edged sword for your opponent. The best cards and their playing strategy is discussed in detail here.             

Marvel Snap Best Beginner Deck
Marvel Snap Control Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]

Deck Strategy

The way in which this starter deck works is that it disrupts your opponent’s hand while maintaining very impactful gameplay throughout the deck. Below discussed is the detail of each card that you have in the deck. Play them according to the strategy and it’ll do the rest for you.


First of all, in the deck is KORG. KORG has a special ability that puts a rock into the opponent’s hand at their draw and they have nothing to play there with garbage in the location. The Nightcrawler in the deck adds mobility. Nightcrawler allows the players to sneak into the location where they players feel trouble getting to.

Angela And Nightcrawler

Angela and Nightcrawler in this Marvel Snap starter control deck work in harmony. Players first need to move Angela and then bring Night Crawler on top of that. It’ll add two points to the location where the Angela card has been put and then you are going to move your Night Crawler. This way you’ll have a proper start of laying some solid foundation at that location by later putting another card into Angela’s location which will again give two more extra points with the help of Angela’s Ability.


The card in this control deck which really provides the control is the Cosmo. Cosmo can be used to block the opponent card’s ability. It can be used when you feel like your opponent is gonna play some big stuff in the last or second last round.


The next in the beginner starting deck we have is Yondu. Yondu is a balanced card having the ability to destroy the enemy’s top card. It smokes the best card that the opponent has if the opponent doesn’t draw it. This can go both ways for you because if the opponent is in possession of some low-value card, then you’re just going to make things good for them.


A cherry on the top here in this deck is Cable. The cable also has the ability to draw a card from the opponent’s deck and puts it into your hand. This way now you can smoke another card from right under the nose of the opponent. 

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch in this Marvel Snap Starter deck is really helpful for getting a better edge at the locations. Scarlet Witch can replace a location with another random one. So, if you feel that you’re having a very disadvantaged location or your opponent is making use of some use drastically against you, you can go with Scarlet Witch and root up that location. Using locations to your advantage carefully can really turn the game all around and therefore, be wise to use Scarlet Witch carefully.


Next up is the Wolfsbane which has the ability to add one point to each card at that specific location where you put your card. It would be ideal to play Wolfsbane into the location where Angela is residing to get maximum advantage of it.


Enchantress is another valuable addition to your deck which blocks the all ongoing effects of all cards including yours. In the later rounds, you must have a strong prediction and have the guts to go for risk-taking. If you’re playing Enchantress, the probability is you’re not having enough lead in some location and want to hold your opponent’s points. It is great in cases where the enemy plays something like Ironman.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones in this is to be played last in any location. This way you’ll get an extra +4 if you don’t play any other card at the location.

White Tiger And Odin

The ending of this deck is the key to winning. In the last, we have a White Tiger and Odin. Both of these cards send a 7-power Tiger to another random location. Both of these cards can be put as a combo in the same location with a slot in the other two locations. With Jessica Jones as the last card in some other location, the Power Tiger’s placement wouldn’t tarnish its effect. This can be the perfect ending to your last round giving you a very solid ending.

Kazoo Starter Deck Build

The foundation stone of this starter deck is the Kazar card which has the ability to grant additional power to every 1 cost card. This deck works with other cards combined and together they have a huge impact that you’ll see in the strategy to play with this deck.

Best Kazoo Deck in Marvel
Marvel Snap Kazoo Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]

How To Play With Kazoo Deck 

The deck has a wide variety of cards having an ability that enhances each other’s abilities. Here’s how to use them efficiently.

Blue Marvel And Onslaught

Blue Marvel gives additional power to every card that you play and then Onslaught lets you double each card’s ability with a hefty addition of 6 points to the power. In the end, you have, +1 from Kazaar, +1 from Blue Marvel, and then double this up with Onslaught. Isn’t it huge?

Ant-Man And Squirrel Girl

Other cards in this deck include Ant-Man which lets you have an additional +3 when you’ve three other cards at that location alongside getting the additional point from Kazaar and Blue Marvel. Another 1-cost card is the Squirrel Girl besides getting benefits from Kazaar and Blue Marvel will place a 1-power Squirrel card at each other location which in turn will also get additional benefits from Kazaar and Blue Marvel.

Korg And Nightcrawler

Then next in the deck we have Korg and its rock and we’ve discussed it before also. In the same way, another control element other than Korg in this starter Marvel Snap deck is Nightcrawler which lets you get to difficult locations. Another card that you can use with the same strategy stated previously in the starter control deck is Angela.


This Kazoo deck is also vulnerable as most of the cards are one power 1 cost cards and there’s a card “Kill Monger” which has the ability to destroy all 1 cost cards. And you definitely don’t want this to happen and so here in this Kazoo starter deck, we have Armor. Armor protects every card from destroying at that location.

Captain America

Up next we have Captain America who is powerful when surrounded by other cards. It grants +1 power to each card at that location and all other cards include Scarlet Witch and Wolfsbane which you can play in the same way as in the previous control deck.

Tempo Deck Build

Tempo in these card games refers to playing high-value cards while maintaining a strength advantage. This concept is covered by this Tempo Starter Deck with a vast variety of cards in your hands. This starter deck is designed to draw maximum pressure on the opponent and here’s the strategy to play with this starter deck.

Marvel Snap Tempo Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Tempo Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]

Perfect Usage Of Tempo Deck 

High-Value cards require you to play boldly while keeping faith in your collection. Here’s a breakdown.

Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye in the deck here is a fair adjustment since you won’t be getting much of very good cards in the Marvel Snap beginning with the benefits like 3 power to 1 cost. Hawk Eye allows you to have another card placed at a random location which it marks with an arrow. So, you’d be able to place another card in one turn.


The next card in the deck is Medusa which you would be thinking of as a pretty average card. But, it’s all about the balance that is put into each deck and Medusa is also adding value to this deck but you need to be smart about playing. One best strategies to play Medusa is first playing the Hawk Eye in the middle and then placing Medusa there to get maximum advantage from this combination.


The next card is Lizard you should hold to the last and wait for the opponent to put four cards at one location. Then players can surprise their Marvel Snap opponent with the Lizard card that lessens three points from the opponent with an addition of its very own 5 power.

Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic allows you to have additional 2 power at adjacent locations. To get maximum advantage of Mister Fantastic, it is to be put into the middle position, and this way you can have 2 additional power slots at each adjacent location.

America Chavez

America Chavez is one of the most important and valuable cards that can only be played at turn 6 in this Marvel Snap Tempo deck. It can not be played anytime before turn 6 and this elevates your chances of getting other valuable cards in the starting and middle turns of the game.

Other cards in this deck include Angela, Nightwalker, Jessica Jones, Captain America, Korg, Medusa, and Scarlet Witch. Previous decks have explained them in depth and the only special card left in this Tempo deck is Ironman which lets you double the power at a location and can let you win out of nowhere in Marvel Snap.

Infinaut Control Deck Build

These cards will be unlocked after getting deep into pool 2 of the Marvel Snap. You’ll be having these cards after having spent a few more hours with the previous decks. These cards are using some advanced mechanisms and by the time you’d reach this deck, you’ll have sufficient enough knowledge to use their mechanics properly.

Marvel Snap Infinaut Control Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Infinaut Control Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]

Strategy To Play Infinaut Deck 

The cards in this deck are a little tricky but they’re all worth it. It starts with Sunspot as our starting package. Sunspot is a great asset to this deck for the reason it has a combination with the foundation stone of this deck, “The Infinaut”.

The Infinaut And Sunspot

The Infinaut has a huge power-to-cost ratio but cannot be played if you’ve played a card at the last turn. With a cost of 6, you can only play this card in turn 6 and this means you’d have to skip turn 5. If you see this as nonsense, then you going to be disappointed because here comes the Sunspot which gives power with each unspent energy. Now it all makes sense. You skip turn 5 and you’ll get 5 power with the blessing of Sunspot and then you play Infinaut and smash everything with its huge 20 power.

UATU The Witcher

UATU The Witcher in this guide lets you know the location in advance and since you’ve Storm in this Starter Deck, you’d be able to decide earlier which location are you going to flood using Storm.


Starlord in this starter deck is going to use the focus that the Storm will draw off the opponent by playing a card at that location and you’ll get an extra +3 power. Besides these, all other cards have already been discussed earlier and you know how and where to use each card in Marvel Snap

Devil Dino Deck Build

This starter deck in the Marvel Snap deck build guide features the mighty Mighty Dinosaur card. This Marvel Snap deck consists of cards that the players have a clear chance of having at the start of Pool 2. Here’s how you can use this Devil Dino Stater Deck in Marvel Snap to defeat your opponents.

Marvel Snap Devil Dino Starter Deck
Marvel Snap Devil Dino Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]

Strategy To Play Devil Dino Deck 

Mighty Dinosaur is the main highlight of this Marvel Snap starter deck build which is a 5-cost three-power card having an amazing ability to grant a +2 power to every card in your hand. The deck can be played ideally by starting with Sunspot and getting value in hands and then using the two main cards.

Agent 13 And The Collector

The first main card of this Marvel Snap Starter Deck is Agent 13 with an amazing ability to get you any random card that you might or might not have. This though will be a surprise, it can be a game changer too. This ability is going to be directly beneficial for the other master card here, “The Collector”. The collector has the ability to get a +1 power from each random card that is gained from anywhere except your own hand or deck.


Iceman in the deck can be used but it’s not gonna make a very significant effect and there’s a tendency that your opponent may get benefited from it. Iceman has been added here in this Marvel Snap deck to increase the variety of cards that you have in your starter deck.


The cable in this specific deck has been put with a whole different concept as compared to the ones discussed earlier. Cable in this starter deck is playing a role in getting benefits to the Collector and the since the card that Cable steals is put into your hands, you’ll also be making full use of the Mighty Dinosaur.


Then comes the Sentinel which adds another sentinel to your hand and this directly benefits the mighty Dinosaur and The Collector. Another noticeable card of this deck is the Moongirl which duplicates your hand. It can be used in a situation where you have a small number of cards in hand and Moongirl will duplicate your hand and this gives a huge boost to your Mighty Dinosaur and The Collector adding powers rapidly to your side.

White Queen

The last new card here in this beginner deck is the White Queen. White Queen in this deck can be used in two ways. First, it benefits your Mighty Dinosaur and The Collector by drawing a card from your opponent’s hand. Second, it lets you know the information about what the opponent is holding and you can have their plan destroyed.

All other cards you see in the deck have been explained well in earlier decks and thus it’s all from this deck that needs explaining.


Marvel Snap is no less than a delight for all Marvel fans as there’s no better feeling than having the whole roaster of your favorite Marvel Heroes and Villians for them. It is obvious from the mechanisms of the Marvel Snap that the Second Dinner has put a whole lot of work into it and has done a tremendous job in making it a whole lot faster than Heartstone.

Marvel Snap takes the interest to a whole new level with a never-ending collection of cards and uses them with just the right strategy to pull the game from the opponent’s hand. Having a good collection doesn’t make much effect if you are not using them in the correct and sense full manner.

Players in Marvel Snap draw cards from their roaster which is termed a “Deck” in Marvel Snap and put them in three different locations. The Cards and Locations both have special effects, and putting the card with the ability into the right location is the key to Victory in Marvel Snap.

This guide will let you know about the top 5 best Marvel Snap deck builds that you can build easily at the beginning of your journey in Marvel Snap. Deck builds in Marvel Snap is never an easy job, and these starter decks have been designed in such a way that you’d be able to build them within a few hours spent in Marvel Snap and they are a must-have to keep on a steady track of early progress in the game.

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