Marvel Snap: BEST Devil Dinosaur Deck

The Best Devil Dinosaur Deck to win almost every game with cards from pool one for beginners in Marvel Snap.

Story Highlights
  • Devil Dinosaur is an overpowered card available in Pool One.
  • Devil Dinosaur synergized very well with Moon Girl.
  • Best strategy is to play Devil Dinosaur in the end, when you have most cards on your hand.

Devil Dinosaur is a powerful card in Marvel Snap that you will get in Pool One. At first instance, he may look like a weak character with only three power and five energy cost. However, what makes him powerful is his ability, he gets +2 power for each card in your hand, for example, if you have five cards in hand, he’ll get +10 power.

Furthermore, it’s an ongoing ability, meaning the power will increase as you progress in the match. So, considering how powerful Devil Dinosaur is, we will show you the best deck in marvel snap that mains Devil Dinosaur.

Devil Dinosaur’s Deck

This is the best deck that we have concluded for Devil Dinosaur. Moreover, you can even get all these characters in Pool One. Note that the deck can turn advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation on how you play out your cards.

Deck Devil Dinosaur
Best Devil Dinosaur Deck ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Here’s the ability of each card in the deck:

  • Ant-Man: Increases +3 power, if you already have 3 cards on the location (Ongoing)
  • Mantis: Draws an opponent card from their deck, if they played a card on the same location (On Reveal)
  • Cable:  you get the bottom card into your hand from the opponent’s deck. (On Reveal)
  • Sentinel Add another Sentinel to your hand (On Reveal)
  • Captain America: One power to all the cards at the location (Ongoing)
  • Cosmo: No more On Reveal Abilities at this location (Ongoing)
  • The Punisher: Get one power for each opposing card at this location (Ongoing)
  • Moon Girl: Your hand is duplicated (On Reveal)
  • White Queen: You get a copy of the highest cost card of your enemy’s hand (On Reveal)
  • Devil Dinosaur: You get +2 power for every card in your hand (Ongoing)
  • Iron Man: Power is doubled at this location (Ongoing)
  • Onslaught: Your other ongoing effects are doubled at this location (Ongoing)

Purpose Of Each Card In The Deck

The main focus is to get more cards in your hand from your deck & abilities, eventually winning the location through the Devil Dinosaur in the Marvel Snap. Two locations are guaranteed if everything goes right; the third location depends on how you play out your cards. The best strategy would be to put high-power cards in locations where your opponent is more focused. Below, we have explained the purpose of each card that you will play:


Ant-Man ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Ant-Man’s ability to get +3 power is advantageous in some situations, where you can predict, where your opponent will not focus more. Most players tend to not focus on unrevealed locations. However, you can save the card till some other turn. The card’s only 1-cost and also already has 1 power, meaning the max power it can give you is four.


Mantis ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
She is just a filler. However, things change if you can predict where your opponent will play their card. A decent starter card, if you have a great sense of predictability. It is recommended to save this card, as it can grant you +2 power by Devil Dinosaur card. But if you can predict, where your opponent is going to play, just go for it.


Cable ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
As mentioned before, our main strategy is to get a good number of cards in our hands. Cable gets a card from the opponent’s deck, if it’s a good one: use it, if not: keep it. You either have no loss from Cable.


Sentinel ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
A great startup card, you can use it with Moon Girl. Secure a no-power location with both of them, if possible.

Captain America

C America
Captain America ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
He is another filler card you can use in a no-power location to get more power. However, it depends more on the situation if you need to use that card knowing that your opponent will secure that location. Go for it! Things might change with different opponents.


Cosmo ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
He is another great card that can be used to secure a location further. Some On reveal cards are pretty good, like Jessica Jones, who gets +4 power if you don’t play at the same location, and she already has +4 power. Some cards like this threaten your location, but Cosmo can save it. However, Cosmo is a filler for Devil Dinosaur, don’t use it until needed.

The Punisher

The Punisher ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Punisher is another filler card. There are lots of filler cards, but for a good reason. However, The Punisher is a good counter if your opponent has played all one to two power cards at a certain location. The win gets easy for you using The Punisher, as he can get +1 power for each opposing card.

Moon Girl

Moon Girl ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
This is the most important card, Moon Girl. She synergizes very well with Devil Dinosaur as she doubles your hand. The more card you get, the more power Devil Dinosaur have. Moon Girl is an important part of the deck to get an easy win.

White Queen

White Queen ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Again, a filler. However, the White Queen can play an essential part if played right. With 4-cost and six power, some locations are winnable. The most important thing is her ability, she draws a card with high cost, and high-cost cards are usually the best. However, we recommend you not to play her till the end.

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Here is our main card of the deck in Marvel Snap, Devil Dinosaur. Moon Girl’s double-hand buff, Devil Dinosaur, will get a good power buff. Moreover, in the last turn, you can play Devil Dinosaur again to secure your other location. Also, be careful using low-cost cards, as they’ll lower the Devil Dinosaur power if your hands get empty or lower in numbers.

Iron Man

marvel snap
Iron Man ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
Another overpowered card is Iron Man. You can use Iron Man at a location where your opponent is great in numbers. However, the same goes for your other Devil Dinosaur card. (It depends on the situation)


Onslaught ~ Marvel Snap [Image Credits: eXputer]
The same purpose as Iron Man and your other Devil Dinosaur card, a filler at most to buff Devil Dinosaur. However, you can use him and get +7 extra power and double your Devil Dinosaur card power through his ability, guaranteeing you an instant location win.

Wrap Up

Our main strategy in Marvel Snap is to save cards and surprise them with a stealthy attack with our Best Devil Dinosaur Deck. The reason for so many filler cards is just to buff the Devil Dinosaur power. It is recommended not to play your hands at first, saving cards one-cost cards till the end, as you can use them with other low-cost cards at once.

Coming to the second turn, you can turn any both cards, Cable or Sentinel, in a location to secure it, as they’re guaranteed to give back a card, so you will not lose any buff for future Devil Dinosaur attack.

In the third turn, we have The Punisher and Cosmo cards, and we advise you not to play both. Rather than this, play any two-cost card and Ant-Man in the same location and get around six to seven power in that location, or do not play any. Make sure to play that card where the opponent is less likely to focus, as more players are focused on conquering two locations.

In the fourth turn, it’s obvious, Moon Girl. Double your deck and get ready to smash that snap button because you are most likely to win with that Devil Dinosaur Card.

Moving on to the fifth turn, play out your hand of Devil Dinosaur on a losing location, and surpass the power with the Devil Dinosaur and press that snap button. 

In the final sixth turn, play out the Devil Dinosaur on the location with the least power if you’ve not used any cards in the third turn. If you have, then go for the other location, but make sure to do your math and predict which location you should secure because your opponents also might have an ace up his sleeve.

However, things changes if their hand is big on power too. That’s why Onslaught is here to save the location with its +7 power and its ability to double the ongoing effects.

That’s it in our guide to the Best Devil Dinosaur Deck in Marvel Snap.

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