Marvel Snap: BEST Mutant Decks

Mutants are by far the biggest species of heroes and villains in Marvel Snap & here are the best decks!

Marvel Snap includes Mutants, one of Marvel’s most iconic species. As such, many Mutant fans have already begun testing out different combinations and decks to find the best Mutant decks in the game.

Along with other Marvel team-based decks, such as Spider-Verse Decks and Fantastic Four Decks, we can also create Mutant Decks with a lot more variety due to our options. So let’s jump right in and see how to create and use some of the best Mutants cards and decks in Marvel Snap!

Key Highlights

  • A card’s usability is determined by his/her Cost, Power, and above all, Ability.
  • You can create different character-themed decks in Marvel Snap
  • Mutants are generally good cards with a lot of variety
  • To create a good deck, all the cards should work with each other to create a powerful sync

Best Mutant Characters

First things first, we need to see who are the strongest Mutant characters in Marvel Snap. After all, a powerful deck is only possible if all the characters in it are powerful as well. Out of the hundreds of Mutants in the game, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing your preferred characters.

It’s important to note that a good Mutant character has not only impressive individual stats and abilities but also great synergy with the rest of your team.

Here’s a list of some of the most overpowered Mutants in Marvel Snap:


Onslaught card Wolfsbane card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 6
AbilityDouble your other Ongoing effects at this location

Onslaught is a game-changing character that can easily retake a location and/or increase your chances of winning in all 3 locations combined. The ability to double all of your character’s ongoing effects can have a massive on the game since most ongoing characters alone have a major influence, such as Iron Man. It’s essential to make sure you play Onslaught on a location comprised entirely of ongoing characters. Onslaught’s overall synergy with his deck makes him one of the best Mutants in the game.


Bishop card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 3
AbilityWhen you play a card, this gains +1 Power

Bishop is an extremely useful mid-cost character whose Power constantly grows the more you play characters. Even if you play 1 card per round, Bishop will go to a Power of 4, which is still really good, but on the high-end, Bishop can go to 6,7 or even 8! It’s important to ensure that you have a few low-cost characters to use in Rounds 4, 5, and 6 so that Bishop gets more Power.


Mojo card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 2
AbilityIf you have 4 cards at each location, +8 Power

Mojo can usually guarantee your win at a location since she is a location-dependent character. If you and your opponent have 4 characters at the location where Mojo’s been placed, he’ll gain +6 additional Power. The best thing about it is that Mojo can get this bonus anytime after he’s been placed. Just remember to fill up his location and you can get yourself a healthy amount of Power for free.


Medusa card Wolfsbane card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 2
AbilityIf this is at the middle location, +2 Power

Medusa is a must-have Mutant for any deck. She’s a perfect character for controlling the middle location. Placing her in the middle location will grant +2 additional Power, giving her a total of 4 Power. As a character with only 2-Cost, this is easily one of the best low-cost characters and also one of the best starting cards in the game.

Medusa should always be placed in the middle location to gain an early lead since no other character offers this much Power without a major drawback. Additionally, you should also place characters alongside her that boost the abilities of On-Reveal Decks and characters. That’ll make sure that Medusa gains further Power and usefulness.


Psylocke card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 2
Ability Next turn, you get +1 Energy

Psylocke is a low-cost character that can grant an additional +1 energy on your next turn, meaning you can now utilize stronger cards in the next turn. This will help you use your more effective cards +4 cards in the third round so you can gain an early advantage in the game. Psylocke is another example of a character with a great ability that compensates for her weak power-to-cost ratio.


Wolfsbane card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 3
Ability+2 Power for each other card you have here

Wolfsbane is another location-dependent character that will gain +2 power for each character placed at her location. This means that she can gain up to 7 Power, which is outstanding for only a 3-Cost character. Since most of the top mutant characters mentioned thus far are already location-dependent, adding Wolfsbane to the list further creates that synergy we’re looking for.

Best Mutant Decks

Now that we’ve gone over the top mutant characters in Marvel Snap, we can now focus on the best Mutant decks that can be crafted. Team synergy and individual potency will be the key factors we’ll look at when assembling the deck. Therefore, you can be sure to expect character combinations with strong promises. We’ll also consider strong backups for each of our trump cards to make a stable deck.

Deck 1: Filling Up The Locations

Deck 1 (Image Credits: eXputer)

This deck focuses on filling up all of our locations. Therefore, we’re going to include characters that are benefitted from populated locations, such as Mojo and Ant-Man, as well as characters who themselves fill up locations.

To start the first round, place Ant-Man on the left for a safe start. If Ant-Man isn’t available, use Squirrel Girl to fill up 1 space at every location. In round 2, we can set Medusa in the center as well to gain that +4 Power.

After that, place Psylocke alongside Ant-Man on the left in the third round, which will strengthen our round 4 with more options and character usability due to +1 additional energy. Then in round 4, since we will have 5 energy to spare, we can set Mojo with Ant-Man on the left as well as set Scorpion at any location to cripple the opponent. If Psylocke wasn’t placed in the third round, you could use Shuri instead.

Round 5 is where we can use White Tiger at either the middle or right location. And finally, we can place Onslaught alongside the other location-dependent characters at the left in the final round. Odin is a good alternative for round 6 as well, and he can be placed anywhere. However, it’s important to ensure that there are 4 cards on the left location by round 6 so that all the abilities of the location-dependent characters are effectively used.

Deck 2: Onslaught’s Slaughter

Deck 2 (Image Credits: eXputer)

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, this deck focuses on Onslaught’s ability. Therefore, we’ve mainly included characters with ongoing abilities in this deck, thus primarily creating an ongoing deck.

To kick things off in the first round, place Ant-Man at the left location; otherwise, you can also use Nova since his high Power creates a good start. Then in round 2, we can place Psylocke or Medusa at the center location to ensure that the opponent doesn’t get a big lead in that area. Bishop is also a good alternative in round 2.

Now onto round 3; we can either use Wolfsbane or Captain America alongside Ant-Man. Round 4 is where you can either use Mojo or Devil Dinosaur at any non-empty location.

Once we’re at round 5, we can put Iron Man alongside Ant-Man and the others at the left location. However, do not use Iron Man if you already have 3 filled spaces at the left location since we’re saving a spot for Onslaught. In that case, place Iron Man in one of the other 2 locations where you have the most Power. And finally, use Onslaught on the left, and you’ll claim yourself an easy victory!

Deck 3: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Deck 3 (Image Credits: eXputer)

This deck will primarily pivot on a different strategy rather than focusing on each round – placing similar ability characters with each other.

For instance, we’ll put all the characters in the middle whose Power or abilities are enhanced at that location, such as Mr.Fantastic, Crystal, or Medusa. After that, we’ll place the low-cost character-dependent cards such as Ant-Man, Mojo, or Hawkeye on the left. And finally, we can place our high-cost character-dependent cards, such as Onslaught, Wolfsbane, or Bishop on the right.

The main goal here is to steadily increase your Power in each location so that your opponent doesn’t outright dominate a single location. This is another reason why Mutants are so effective, as they can consistently block your opponent from taking over the game.

This tactic relies on a good balance which can ultimately lead you to gain control over an otherwise losing area. One important detail to notice in this deck is that there are exactly 2 similar-cost cards for each cost to help in different situations as well as to ensure that you don’t waste any energy in a round and spend all of it.


That wraps up our top mutant decks for Marvel Snap. As seen, this game has so many possible combinations and game plans that you can create hundreds of playstyles with only a few chosen Mutant characters. With this much variety, it’s best to explore different decks and see which ones suit you the most, and as time goes on, you’ll eventually end up with a team that is perfect for you. In the meantime, you can use our Mutant Decks to dominate opponents and win!

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