Marvel Snap: Token Shop Tier List [Ranked & Compared]

Breeze through battles using the Best Possible Combinations Of Cards via the Token Shop In Marvel Snap!

The Marvel Snap Token Shop Tier List explores all the minor as well as major details of the cards that you should have in your deck. It categorizes cards into different tiers according to their performance and usability. Different scenarios require a different skill set to manage and move with the pace of the game properly.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 229 total Cards in Marvel Snap, but 26 are used the most. 
  • S-Tier characters like Shuri and Thanos should be picked the most since they are extremely viable.
  • The A-Tier cards, like Galactus and Sauron, are highly valuable in the game, with multiple functions that can be combined to damage enemies significantly.
  • B-Tier cards like Black Panther and Knull may lack usefulness when used alone, but they can have a significant impact when combined with suitable cards.
  • While Tier-C cards in this Tier List, such as Agent Coulson and Orka, may not have impressive overall performance, they can still prove to be effective in certain situations.
  • Only two cards (Shadow King and Sentry) are included in the D-Tier of our Tier List and are considered almost useless in the current patch, prompting the need for a buff.
[Disclaimer] The Marvel Snap Token Shop tier list is ranked completely based on the experience of our players as we are constantly striving to improve our content in light of game updates and changing dynamics.

Our Picks And Rankings

Here are our Marvel Snap Token Shop Rankings Summarized:

S-TierShuri, Darkhawk, Thanos, Valkyrie
A-TierGalactus, Sauron, Kang, Bast, Stature, Ghost
B-TierBlack Panther, Knull, Zabu, Silver Surfer, Skrull, Dazzler
C-TierAgent Coulson, Orka, Attuma, M'Baku, Master Mold, Helicarrier
D-TierSentry, Shadow King

All Token Shops And Comparison Between Them

Here’s a detailed table on all the Token Shops in Marvel Snap: 

CardTierSeriesCostPowerWin rate
Black PantherB4.
Silver SurferB4.
Agent CoulsonC3.
Master MoldC3.
Shadow KingD4.


These are the powerful cards that should be utilized as frequently as possible.


Tier-S Shuri [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Shuri is a notable Series 5 card that doubles the power of the next card you play when revealed, and she has a very strong effect in the 5th and 6th turns. 


Series Cost Power Win rate 
3 4 2 55.4%
  • Always above the base stat line.
  • Great for ramping cards.
  • Can buff your next card anywhere on the board.
  • Meta-breaking combos use her.
  • Heavily reliant on combos.
  • No benefit in playing her on the last turn.


S-Tier Darkhawk [Image Credit: eXputer]
DarkHawk is an amazing Series 4 Card for energy one power with Ongoing +2 power for each card in your opponent’s deck. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 4 0 54.3%
  • Huge win rate.
  • Great pairing with Zabu.
  • Usually the highest power among 4-Cost cards.
  • Ideal against Thanos decks.
  • Requires Korg, Rock Slide, or an enemy Thanos to be viable.
  • Can be countered with several popular cards.


Tier-S Thanos [Image Captured by eXputer]
Thanos, an incredibly powerful Series 5 card, shuffles the six heavily useful infinity stones into your deck in the game.


Series Cost Power Win rate
5 6 10 53.5%
  • Part of most meta decks.
  • Infinity Stones have great versatility.
  • Can be ramped to +20.
  • Amazing synergy with Lockjaw.
  • Without Lockjaw, Thanos requires a lot of setup.
  • Infinity Stones eat up a lot on most lanes.


Tier-S Valkyrie [Image by eXputer]
Valkyrie, a Series 3 card, has an On Reveal ability that sets all the cards at the location to power 3, and her potential to improve is considered insane. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 5 3 48.4%
  • Top-tier Disruption card.
  • Easily baits out cubes.
  • Great for C3 decks.
  • Turns off massive cards.
  • Incoming power from adjacent lanes can be problematic.
  • Must have more cards on Valkyrie’s lane than your opponent.


These are the cards that are of good value compared to most in the game. They have multiple functionalities and can be combined in the best way to lay the most damage onto your enemy. 


Tier-A Galactus[Image by eXputer]
Galactus is an ultra-rare series 5 card with a premium build that destroys all other locations if it is the only card you have, thanks to its On Reveal ability.


Series Cost Power Win rate
5 6 2 50.1%
  • Match-twisting ability.
  • Can be used with several combos.
  • Clogging your opponent’s lanes guarantees a win.
  • Playing Galactus on Turn 5 guarantees a win with Alioth on Turn 6.
  • Predictable.
  • Requires a ton of setup.
  • Very challenging to use.


Tier-A Sauron[Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Sauron is a series 3 rare collection card that removes the abilities from all Ongoing cards in your hand and desk on On Reveal. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 3 3 57.8%
  • Great pairing with high-power Ongoing cards.
  • No noteworthy drawbacks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability is vulnerable to Shang-Chi.
  • Cards like Cosmo can easily overpower Sauron.


Tier-A Kang[Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Kang, an ultra-rare Series 5 collection card, has an On Reveal ability to restart the whole turn after looking at the opponent’s move.


Series Cost Power Win rate
5 5 0 50.1%
  • Great for gaining intel.
  • Can be used on any turn.
  • Amazing against Agatha Harkness decks.
  • No major benefit to your deck.
  • Easily replacable.
  • Opponents will often change strategies after you play Kang.


Tier-A Bast[Image by eXputer]
Bast is a Series 3 rare collection card that sets the power of all cards in your hand to 3 upon reveal.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 1 1 48%
  • Great for C3 decks.
  • Can easily buff low-Power, high-potential cards like Iron Man.
  • No noticeable drawbacks.
  • Counters your Ravonna Renslayer.
  • Very tricky to set up.
  • Limited usability.


A-Tier Ghost [Image by eXputer]
Ghost is also a Series 3 collection card that reveals your cards always at last with his Ongoing ability.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 1 2 43.4%
  • Works in synergy with most above-mentioned cards.
  • Unique ability with tons of potential.
  • Extremely vulnerable to Cosmo.


B-Tier cards in our Marvel Snap Token Shop Tier List may not be very useful when combined with other cards, but they can make a huge impact.

Black Panther

Black Panther
Tier-B Black Panther[Image by eXputer]
Black Panther, a Series 4 rare collection card, doubles the card’s power when revealed and is known for its versatility in adapting to various deck types.


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 5 4 50%
  • Insane potential.
  • Easy combos.
  • Usually countered with Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Enchantress.
  • Predictable combos.
  • Only used in On-Reveal decks.


Tier-B knull [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Knull is a series 5 card that combines all the powers of cards that are destroyed with his Ongoing ability. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
5 6 0 48.6%
  • Extremely high potential.
  • Ideal for Destroy decks.
  • Can be easily ramped up.
  • Cards like Enchantress and Super Skrull can nullify Knull’s impact.
  • Only usable in Destroy decks.
  • Doesn’t get its Cost reduced like with Death.


Tier-B Zabu [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Zabu, an ongoing card, synergizes well with Black Panther, Quindet, Korg, and She-Hulk as it reduces 4-Cost cards to count as 1 with its Ongoing ability.


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 2 2 50.7%
  • Highly versatile.
  • Game-changing impacts.
  • Great combos with meta cards.
  • Cards like Enchantress and Super Skrull can downgrade Zabu.
  • Major target for nerfing in future OTAs.

Silver Surfer

silver surfer
Tier-B Silver Surfer [Image by eXputer]
Silver Surfer is a series 4 rare collection card that gives your other 3-cost cards +2 power and his best alignment comes alongside Sera, Polaris, and Maximus.


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 3 2 51%
  • Ability puts Surfer massively above the base stat line.
  • Great synergy with On-Reveal cards.
  • Reliable and versatile.
  • Requires a lot of setup.
  • Decks need to be centered around him.


Super Skrull
Tier-B Super Skrull [Image Captured by eXputer]
Super Skrull, a series 4 card, has an Ongoing ability that copies the effects of all enemy cards and is most effective when paired with Mystique, Magneto, and She-Hulk.


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 4 2 51.2%
  • Incredible tech card.
  • Ideal against Ongoing decks.
  • Forces opponents to rethink their strategy.
  • Strong against meta cards like Darkhawk, Zabu, and Ms. Marvel.
  • Can be shut down with Rogue or Enchantress.
  • Useless against On-Reveal decks.


Tier-B Dazzler [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Dazzler is also a Pool 5 card that can increment your power by 6 if you have 4 cards at each location, as her strongest synergy is with Blue Marvel, Ka-Zar, and Patriot.


Series Cost Power Win rate
4 4 4 45.4%
  • Ability is easy to trigger.
  • Great pairing with Zabu and Moon Girl.
  • Needs a lot of setup.
  • Gets overshadowed by most 4-Cost cards.


The C-Tier cards in my Marvel Snap Token Shop Tier List may have a mediocre performance overall, but they can be effective in specific cases.

Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson
Tier-C Agent Coulson [Image by eXputer]
Agent Coulson is a series 3 card that adds a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand on Reveal and his optimum synergy comes with Devil Dinosaur, Quindet, and Sentinel. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 3 4 52.5%
  • Great for Zabu players.
  • Introduces an element of surprise.
  • Ability is rarely useful.
  • Random cards aren’t great for combos.


Tier-C Orka [Image by eXputer]
Orka is a series 4 card that provides +5 power when it’s the only card in the deck and works well with Onslaught, Claw, Namor, and Sunspot for optimal synergy.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 6 9 44.1%
  • Major Power Surge.
  • Can potentially win a location on his own.
  • Impractical in most decks.
  • Easy to predict.
  • Can be countered with Shang-Chi.


Tier-C Attuma [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Attuma is also a series 3 card that destroys that card if you have any other card at the end of the turn. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 4 10 50.7%
  • Strong alternative to Warpath.
  • Negative ability can be easily eradicated.
  • Low popularity.
  • Raw Power without much practicality.
  • Needs Armor, Zero, or Professor X.


Tier-C M’Baku [Image Captured by eXputer]
M’Baku is a Pool 3 card that can jump to a random location at the end of the game and is most effective when combined with Blue Marvel, Lockjaw, and Kazar.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 1 2 50.6%
  • Weirdly good synergy with Lockjaw.
  • Potential to get buffed.
  • No real downside.
  • Low Pick Rate.
  • Gets overshadowed by most 1-Cost cards.
  • No special ability.

Master Mold

master mold
Tier-C Master Mold[Image by eXputer]
Master Mold, a series 5 card, reveals two sentinels to add to your opponent’s hand and works best with Ronan and Mystique for maximum damage.


Series Cost Power Win rate
5 2 2 46.9%
  • Great for Ronan The Accuser decks.
  • Can potentially cause opponents to miss out on a card draw.
  • Strong counter to Dracula.
  • Lacks versatility.
  • Opponent’s Devil Dinosaur can be benefit from the ability.


Tier-C Helicarrier[Image Captured by us]
The Helicarrier, a Pool 3 collection card, adds three random cards to your hand when discarded and works somewhat more acceptably with Lady Sif and Morbius.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 6 10 48.6%
  • Underwhelming stats.
  • Random cards from Helicarrier are usually unusable.
  • Hela benefits more from Nick Fury than Helicarrier.


The D-Tier cards in our Tier List are currently considered almost useless in this patch, and they should be buffed.


Tier-D Sentry [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Sentry is a card that adds an 8-power Void to the right location, as it can be combined with Viper, Carnage, and the Hood to have a better impact on the game. 


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 4 8 45.5%
  • Amazing for Junk decks.
  • Void can be fed to Viper, Deathlok, or Carnage.
  • Cosmo can remove Sentry’s drawback.
  • Unusable without a setup or combo.
  • Challenging to use.

Shadow King

Shadow King
Tier-D Shadow King[Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Shadow King, a Series 3 card, reveals all cards to their original base power and is most effective when combined with Shang Chi, Zabu, and Cosmo.


Series Cost Power Win rate
3 4 3 39.5%
  • Great against Destroy decks.
  • Strong tech card that most players don’t expect.
  • Challenging to use.
  • No effect on Ongoing cards.
  • Can potentially ruin your own cards.
  • Way too much commitment.

Marvel Snap Token Shop Ranking Criteria

In this edition, we have ranked all of the cards in this Tier List from S-D Tier based on their stats, playability, and combinations in various decks.

Win rates are obtained by conducting a comprehensive study on each card and its statistical data. The tier list may contain some personal favorites because we played the game ourselves, but ultimately, the cards are ranked only on their attributes. 

Ending Remarks

According to the Marvel Snap Token Shop Tier List, we have evaluated all the card decks based on their abilities, spells, traits, and overall effectiveness. Our tier list represents our experience with these decks, and although some players may disagree with our rankings, we welcome any feedback.

Each Card in the Tier List has been thoroughly tested to determine its placement in the appropriate tier. However, we acknowledge that gameplay preferences and strategies vary and encourage players to try out each deck for themselves and rank them accordingly.

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