Best Lockjaw Deck In Marvel Snap: A Definitive Hands-on Guide

I've played Marvel Snap for more than 200 hours, so here are my tips on creating the ideal Lockjaw Deck with several winning routes.

Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Royal Family of the Inhumans and is one of the strongest cards in Marvel Snap. With 2-power and a cost of 3, he’s not much of a threat on his own. His ability allows him to swap out any card you play at that location with another card from your deck. This seemingly weak ability can be used to great effect, allowing you to swap out weak cards for stronger ones without having spent much energy.

Key Takeaways
  • Lockjaw can swap any card played at that location for another card.
  • Using Lockjaw along with Jane Foster and Thor allows to swap in and out cards repeatedly.
  • Use cheap cards to swap them for expensive ones for a huge tactical advantage.

Here are all the abilities of the characters summarized: 

Sunspot11After each turn, it gives you +1 Power for every unspent energy
Armor23Ongoing: Cards cannot get ruined at this location
Green Goblin3-3On Reveal: The enemies get the control at this location
Ironheart30On Reveal: 3 random players are granted with +2 Power
Lockjaw32Permit you to swap your card within your deck, whenever you play at this location
Thor34Rearrange Mjolnir into the player's deck
Jane Foster58On Reveal: Zero-cost cards are drawn at this location
Giganto614Play at the left location
Magneto612On Reveal: Move the three and four opposing cost cards to this location
Odin68On Reveal: Triggers the on-reveal attributes of your every card
The Infinaut620If a card is played last turn, you cannot play this card

The Lockjaw Deck

The Most Customizable Lockjaw Deck In Marvel Snap.
Best Lockjaw Deck in Marvel Snap
Best Lockjaw Deck – [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Based on my experience, this Lockjaw Deck has an extremely high win rate thanks to several high-Power cards that can usually win a location solo.

With an average cost of 3.7 and an average power of 5.8, this deck is an absolute powerhouse. It has some powerful cards that, when used correctly, can dish out a lot of damage. The deck utilizes Lockjaw’s ability to swap any card you play, allowing you to play your more expensive cards with ease. In my opinion, this is a strong deck that encourages using Lockjaw but not entirely depending on him.

  • Strongest win rate.
  • Several winning routes.
  • Customizable.
  • Relies heavily on Lockjaw.
  • Bad starting draws could leave you crippled for several rounds.

Main Deck Strategy

To fully utilize your Lockjaw Deck in Marvel Snap, you have to play a certain strategy.

  1. First Turn:
    • Play Sunspot as your initial card.
    • If you draw Wasp, save her for later.
  2. Second Turn:
    • Play Armor in the same location as Sunspot for protection.
  3. Third Turn:
    • Play Lockjaw and then Wasp in the same lane.
    • Consider playing Green Goblin for a strategic advantage.
  4. Fourth Turn:
    • Play Thor to summon a zero-cost Mjolnir into the deck.
    • If Thor isn’t in your hand, swap cards using Lockjaw, focusing on cards like Ironheart and Green Goblin.
  5. Fifth Turn:
    • Play zero-cost cards in Lockjaw’s lane.
    • Play Jane Foster to draw out the used cards and trigger Lockjaw’s ability again.
  6. Sixth Turn:
    • Reuse zero-cost cards and play Magneto or Giganto for increased power.
    • Utilize Odin on the same lane as Ironheart or Mjolnir for additional abilities.
Important: Adjust the strategy based on your drawn cards and opponent’s moves. Based on my experience, the goal is to maximize the synergy between Lockjaw’s ability and the strengths of other powerful cards in your deck.

Secondary Strategies

Drawing cards in this game relies on chance, increasing the likelihood of not getting the needed cards. In such cases, having a backup strategy is essential.

  • Prioritize getting Sunspot down quickly, but if that’s not feasible, consider skipping turn 1 and setting up on the second turn.
  • On turn 4, if Thor isn’t playable and Lockjaw hasn’t been drawn, set up Sunspot and the Green Goblin.
  • Skipping entirely on the fifth turn boosts Sunspot’s power by +5, allowing for playing The Infinaut on the sixth turn.
  • With a 20-power card in play, overwhelming the opponent becomes easier, securing the location.

For maximum devastation with Lockjaw, always play him on an empty lane. This enables playing more cards in that lane for swapping. To optimize swaps, play or discard expensive cards before deploying Lockjaw.

Alternative Cards

When creating the deck, it’s best to keep in mind that your key cards are Lockjaw, Thor, and Jane Foster. The rest of the cards can be swapped out for other cards depending on your strategy. It’s best to keep Wasp because she can be drawn by Jane Foster, but other zero-cost cards can be used too.

  • Heavy hitters like Hulk, Red Skull, and America Chavez can be used to fill out the deck too.
  • For the cheaper cards, you can use counter-specific cards like Yondu, Black Widow, and Killmonger to great effect.
  • This just goes to show how versatile the synergy between your main three cards is.

My Take On The Lockjaw Deck

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the Lockjaw Deck for competitive play in Marvel Snap. While Lockjaw himself is a strong character, his deck is extremely situational. If you don’t get Lockjaw in your hand during a game, you’re basically stuck with useless 6-Cost cards that you can’t use until Turn 6.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

To make any Lockjaw Deck work, Lockjaw needs to be in your hand. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a suitable backup for him in Marvel Snap. The closest thing you can do is create a Discard Deck with characters like Ghost Rider or Hela that automatically pull cards from your deck, but you’re basically making a new deck at that point. As such, due to Lockjaw’s limited use cases, I wouldn’t encourage using him unless you always have luck on your side.

Even on its own, Lockjaw is a very powerful card, but after pairing it up with Jane Foster and Thor, it becomes absolutely unstoppable. Use this deck to its full potential, and you’ll be getting to Infinite rank in no time.

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