New Wild Hearts Patch Improves CPU Performance And Fixes Several Bugs

This latest patch is available to download on all platforms right now.

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  • A new patch has come out for Wild Hearts and it massively improves CPU performance.
  • Dozens of bug fixes are also part of this update and you can download it right now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Developer Omega Force has recently released a new patch for Wild Hearts on all platforms. The hunting RPG from EA launched last month on next-gen consoles and PC to general acclaim. But, it received heavy criticism for its technical issues, especially on PC. As a result, Omega Force has released a lot of updates post-release to fix these issues, and this patch is the latest in line.

Wild Hearts will have improved CPU performance, especially for AMD processors, due to this update. New connections have also been added for reinforcement between weapons like Bow, Nodaci, Karakuri Katana, Bladed Wagasa, and Claw Blade. In addition, a confirmation window will be present at the start of online co-op from now on. It will ask players whether they want to join the session or not when the host is ahead in the story.

Wild Hearts Patch Notes
Wild Hearts Patch Notes

A lot of bug fixes are also a part of this new Wild Hearts update. It has fixed the issue that lets players increase the mutation level of the Karakuri staff beyond the present limit. On PC, a bug resulting in the first attack of “Unbound: Iai Sunder Slash” with the Katana not being effective when the FPS limit is 30 has been rectified. In addition, a similar issue has been overhauled on next-gen consoles, and it will work on any graphical priority.

The giant Kemono will no longer move in a single direction during online co-op as this issue has been rectified. Furthermore, the bug affecting the activation of the chain trap when the frame rate drops will no longer bother players. Subsequent Minato requests will also be visible to players in Wild Hearts from now on. The update has fixed an issue that made these requests disappear after progressing during online co-op.

Moreover, you can also exit a session without worrying about your story progression from now on in Wild Hearts. The update has dealt with the bug that changes one’s story progression when doing this. In addition, loading into Minato will not cause crashes from now on, as this issue isn’t in the RPG anymore. Developers have also fixed the bug affecting sound on sound cards, and you will hear them all now.

This Wild Hearts patch has overhauled the issue, which saw small Kemono spawn in greater numbers than intended. In addition, the dragon Karakuri won’t disappear after moving to another hunting ground from now. Last but not least, the update has rectified and improved a lot of other miscellaneous issues, according to the patch notes on the website.

Wild Hearts is available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC via the EA app, Steam, and Epic.

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