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2022 has a great line-up of games ranging from the already released Elden Ring to the much-anticipated Forspoken. Amongst those games, we have Sons of The Forest, which has been in development for some time now. There have been many trailers, delays, and leaks for the game, and we will explore all of them in detail. With that, here is Sons of the Forest, everything we know.

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What is Sons of the Forest? 

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is a sequel to Endnight Game’s woodland nightmare, The Forest.

The original game, The Forest, has been described as a photo-real Minecraft but with horror elements. Sons of the Forest continues that same theme and follows a plane crash which forces the player to survive as they’re abandoned in a forest.

The Official website for the game describes it as a game that has “complete player freedom.” You’re allowed to chop down trees for a camp and to start a fire to keep yourself warm. You would be expected to scavenge for food to keep yourself from starving. Additionally, you can create a base, decorate it or lay traps to keep yourself safe. All of it comes under complete freedom.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

Here is the Sons of the Forest, everything we know about the release date. Unfortunately, the game has undergone various delays, and although we do have a new release date, fans are skeptical due to the previous delays.

The game was revealed in December 2019, and a trailer in late 2020 said that the game would be released sometime in 2021.

However, the studio went dark for a few months, and then in October 2021, they made a tweet. Endnight Games said that they would release the game sometime early to mid-2022 as they still needed more time. This wasn’t surprising as many games that year had gotten delayed due to the pandemic. In fact, it might be better this way as they would not be rushing the development of the game and are trying to come up with the best game possible.

A trailer in December stated that the new release date would be May 20th, 2022. In the trailers, the game has looked amazing thus far, and some might even consider it to be complete. However, in March 2022, Endnight made another tweet that stated their initial time frame for the game’s release was too ambitious, and they’re not ready just yet. They gave a new tentative release date of October 2022.

So that’s basically it; the current release date is for October 2022. The trailers that we’ve had so far have created quite the hype, and the game looks quite polished. Whether it actually gets released or not in October is something we’d have to wait for.

Sons of the Forest Trailers

There have been a lot of trailers for the game. Here is Sons of the Forest, everything we know from the trailers!

As of yet, there have been 3 total trailers, so let’s break down each of them. The first trailer was a reveal trailer all the way back in 2019. At The Game Awards, the studio showcased the first trailer, which was quite minimal and just about a minute long. The trailer starts with a helicopter crash after the protagonist looks at their forearm and sees the words “Fight Demons” tattooed on his arm.

After the helicopter crashes, we are shown some soldiers getting killed, and then the trailer cuts to the player exploring the open world. The visuals looked amazing, and it was rumored that the team would be focusing on the story this time around.

Then in December 2020, the team tweeted out saying that they would release another trailer on December 23rd, 2020. What was surprising about this trailer was that everything that we were seeing was recorded in real-time from the latest build of the game. That made it all the more impressive as the visuals looked stunning.

The trailer starts out by including a different angle of the helicopter crash from the first trailer. Then it has various cuts of the player moving through different seasons and buildings, scavenging and defending themself with a variety of weapons such as a handgun, crossbow, and even a taser.

There was also more combat against cannibals and exploration as the protagonist found a hidden base of some sort. There was also a showcase of a weird mask that the player could wear, which seemed to tie in with the story and lore.

The third trailer was released in December 2021, which was quite similar to the previous trailers. We saw the player use a shotgun, craft weapons, and eat animals. There was more combat shown as the player explored a cave using a flashlight. This is the same trailer that announced the “May 20th, 2022″ as the release date (which later got delayed).

There was also footage of the player waving around a chopped-off head to perhaps scare off the mobs. And, of course, a bit of building was shown as well, considering it is an integral part of the game.

Sons of the Forest Platforms

Description of trailer posted by IGN
Sons of the Forest – Trailer Posted by IGN

There hasn’t been an official announcement from Endnight as of yet on which platforms the game will be released on. But the trailer that was posted by IGN on November 30th, 2021, stated that the game would be released on PC. It did not mention any other platforms.

We can get some hints from the previous game, The Forest. It was initially released just for PC. Later, there was a PS4 port. That could be the case for the upcoming Sons of the Forest as well, which would line up with IGN’s description. But that’s everything we know about Sons of the Forest’s platforms as of yet.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay

Sons of the Forest, everything you need to know
Sons of the Forest – Gameplay

Here is Sons of the Forest everything we know about the gameplay. Most of the gameplay footage that we’ve gotten has been through the trailers. Additionally, there have also been some interviews that have revealed information about the gameplay.

We know that the gameplay will be inspired by the previous game, The Forest. You can expect to survive in the wild and constantly defend yourself from threats by crafting various items or shelters. Additionally, there would be a night cycle and weather mechanics to mix things up.

As for weapons, we’ve seen many of them throughout the trailer, such as shotguns and tasers. But the developers have said that ammo is going to be extremely scarce, so you’d have to think about when to shoot and when to save up your ammo.

But when you can’t rely on ammo, you will still have melee combat and traps to help you stay safe.

There are also many mysteries to be solved within the game, which will have the player exploring parts of the map and exploring caves, as shown in the trailers. You will also have to avoid cannibals that hide during the day but can survive within the caves, making it a creepy trip each time.

Sons of the Forest Story

There’s not much that we know about the story of the game. Here’s everything we know about Sons of the Forest Story.

The events all begin after a helicopter crash, as shown by two of the trailers. Additionally, there seems to be a great focus on mutants this time around, as they’ve made various appearances in the trailers. The players of The Forest might recall that there was a lot of moral ambiguity surrounding the mutants in the game. And it seems like now the mutants are fighting back against any trespassers on their home.

Furthermore, in an interview, the team said that the focus would mainly be on visual storytelling. There will be lesser dialogue, and much of it will be centred around discovering the story as you go uncover different places and items.

Sons of the Forest Characters

Sons of the Forest Timmys Toy
Sons of the Forest – Timmy’s Toy

Although we do not know who the main protagonist is, there are a few other Sons of the Forest characters that we know about.

There’s a mutant woman that has been shown a bunch of times in the trailer. She has multiple extra limbs that she’s used for dancing around in the trailers and also hanging out around the protagonist’s camp. Fans pointed out that she resembled a mutant class from the original The Forest. The class in question is the “Virginia” class. We haven’t seen the woman attack the player, so we can assume that it could be some sort of companion-type NPC that we’ve seen in other games like Metal Gear Solid V.

Additionally, fans think that Timmy will be returning from the original game. If you don’t already know, Timmy was killed in the Forest but was later resurrected in one of the endings. He can then be seen planning to visit many of the other mysterious islands. But what solidified this theory further was the fact that Timmy’s toy was spotted by fans in one of the trailers.

Sons of the Forest Multiplayer

It seems as if multiplayer is something that will be part of Sons of the Forest. Endnight released footage of the player interacting with yet another player with blank expressions. There haven’t been too many details, but it is essentially confirmed that multiplayer will be part of the game.

Sons of the Forest Mutants

Mutants were a huge part of the original game, and they’ve made a comeback in the sequel. Well, sort of, at least. Here is everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest Mutants. 

The developers have confirmed that the mutants from the original game, such as Cowman, Virginia, or Armsy, won’t be making a comeback. But there will be new Mutants to replace them.

So far, we’ve seen mutants such as Fingers, Twins, a tall two-sided mutant, and a Virginia look-alike that seems to be a companion. But perhaps it depends on how you treat it.

The first three are definitely enemies, though, as Fingers was shown to attack with just its torso. Twins were shown crawling around the cave and even on walls which could mean they could breach your shelter’s defense walls. And lastly, not much was shown about the tall mutant.

Sons of the Forest Cannibals

Sons of the Forest Cannibals
Sons of the Forest – Masked Cannibals

In the third trailer, we’ve seen fat or masked creatures that appear to look like cannibals.

But these Cannibals are known as Creepers, as confirmed by Endnight. There hasn’t been much information except for the fact that they will have better AI than from the last game.

The Creepers will be able to interact with our buildings, zipline, and interact with the player too. Who knows, perhaps they’ll steal our resources or spy on us.

But as shown by the trailers, there have been ways to create relations with the cannibals. The player was shown wearing a mask which made the other cannibals not as aggressive.

Sons of the Forest Building 

Building is an integral part of a survival game, and there is lots of it in the game. Here is Sons of the Forest, everything you need to know about building.

Endnight has confirmed various building strucutres like:

  • Log Cabin
  • Zip Line
  • Custom Walls, Stairs, and Floors
  • Windowed Walls
  • Skin Racks
  • Stick Fences
  • Weapon Holders
  • Electric Structures like Solar Panels for tools like Heavers and chainsaws

Weapons in Sons of the Forest

Weapons in the game
Sons of the Forest – Weapon Inventory

We’ve got the chance to see various weapons in the trailers. Here’s everything that has been confirmed so far through the trailers.

Melee Combat

We’ve had a look at the inventory that has given us many details about the weapons in-game. There seem to be 5 different axes, 2 knives, an electric baton, and a hand-made spear. You can also spot a katana, machete, and a crafted club.

As for the overall feel of the combat, it’s a definite improvement from the previous game. The cannibals can now be smashed into parts, as shown by some of the footage in the trailers.


There hasn’t been much in regard to firearms, but there are a few weapons that have been confirmed. These include a shotgun, 2 pistols, a taser gun, a rifle, and a crossbow.

We also saw that these weapons could be customized, as the third trailer showed the shotgun with a flashlight.


We’ve also seen various explosives such as Molotovs, plastic explosives, flares, and grenades.

Other tools

There have also been some other tools that can be spotted in the trailer. These include:

  • A walkie-talkie
  • Modern lighter
  • Remote controller
  • Night-vision goggles
  • GPS tool

Additionally, you can see the character using a 3D printer to create the cannibal mask as well.

Interviews with the Sons of the Forest Developers

There have been various interviews with the team behind Sons of the Forest, and they’ve revealed a lot of different details. Therefore, this section will discuss Sons of the Forest, everything we know from the interviews.

An Improved AI

YouTube video

In an interview with the YouTuber Farket, the team was asked about the origins of the project. They said that they had originally planned to start on a new experimental project with a heavy focus on AI. The project was not supposed to be related to The Forest at all.

However, they eventually realized that some of the new concepts would work great with a Forest sequel. They went on to say, “We decided to take the core DNA of The Forest; base building, fighting cannibals, looking for food, and then merge that gameplay with some of the new A.I. ideas we had been exploring, and Sons of The Forest started to emerge.”

The fact that the AI was great enough to inspire the creation of a sequel makes it sound quite promising.

In a later interview, Endnight revealed that the name of their AI system is V.A.I.L. It will allow enemies to become tired, angry, hungry, thirsty, bored, and much more. But what’s more interesting is that these moods will influence their decisions as well.

Possibility of Mods

When the team was asked about returning characters, they confirmed that the worm from the original game would not be returning.

But they promised the addition of Steam Workshop support which will let players create mods. This means that if anyone wants to add the previous enemies or, better yet, newer ones, they can.

The Weird Woman in the Trailers

Endnight did another interview with Farket in January 2021. They were asked about the weird multi-limbed woman.

The team said that her name is Virginia, and she doesn’t give you missions or anything like that. But you can have any time of relations with her. You can scare her off, get her to like you or completely ignore her. The way you interact with her will be completely up to you.

Size of the Game

Endnight has stated that the game is about 4-5 times bigger than the original game. The map would be similar to Site 2 but with changes from the original in The Forest.

Use of the Shovel

When asked about the shovel that was shown in the trailers, the team said that it’d be one of your handiest tools.

You’ll be able to use it to create traps as well as find entrances to caves using it. You might also get the chance to bury bodies if the developers can figure out a way to “make it look good.”

Name of the Game

Have you wondered why the game is called Sons of the Forest and not just The Forest 2? Well, according to Endnight, there is a particular reason for that, which we will discover through the story.

Weather System

We’ve heard Endnight praise its weather system quite a bit. They’ve added dynamic seasons that will affect every part of the map. You can expect to see snow in winter that will cover everything. And for spring, you can expect maple leaves to turn orange and fall from the trees. For summer, salmon will jump upstream, and turtles will lay eggs on the beach.

In fact, the way you survive and hunt for food will also have to change depending on the season.

With that, we wrap up Sons of the Forest, everything you need to know. There certainly is a lot that has been revealed so far, and hopefully, we will finally get the game this year after all those delays.

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