Sons of the Forest: How To Get Light Bulbs

Discover efficient lighting in Sons of the Forest with our comprehensive guide on utilizing light bulbs and solar panels.

In Sons of the Forest, players can choose between traditional torches or the more advanced solar-powered light bulbs to brighten their bases. The introduction of solar panels and light bulbs has revolutionized the way players illuminate their surroundings, paving the way for intricate electrical systems in future updates.

Key Takeaways
  • Locate light bulbs and solar panels in military containers near 3D Printers and crash sites.
  • Light bulbs outperform items like torches, flashlights, and skull lamps in terms of brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Crafting light bulbs is not possible; scavenging and exploration are crucial for obtaining them.
  • Solar panels are essential for powering light bulbs and providing clean and renewable energy.
  • Wire management is necessary when setting up electrical circuits for base illumination.
  • Be aware of possible glitches, which may allow for unlimited placement of solar panels and light bulbs.
  • Stay up to date with upcoming updates to expand the potential uses and features of light bulbs and solar panels.
IMPORTANT: Locating light bulbs can be done by exploring various sites, such as 3D printer sites, crash sites, military containers, and yellow-lidded crates.

Locating Light Bulbs

Navigating the eerie world of Sons of the Forest can be daunting, but having a well-lit base goes a long way in easing the tension. To help you assemble an impressive lighting system, we’re sharing essential information on locating light bulbs across the island.

All Light Bulb Locations

  • 3D Printer sites: Focus on exploring areas where 3D printers are located, as light bulbs are often found nearby.
Sons Of The Forest Light Bulbs Location Of Light Bulb
Location Of Light Bulb
  • Crash sites: Investigate the surroundings of crash sites, as they tend to have light bulbs hidden among the wreckage.
  • Military containers: Keep an eye out for military containers scattered around the island, as they often hold light bulbs inside.
  • Yellow-lidded crates: Search for supply crates with distinct yellow lids, as they may also contain the coveted light bulbs.

Pro Tips For Finding Light Bulbs

  • Explore cannibal villages: Despite the heightened risk, these locations can yield a bounty of light bulbs, so don’t overlook them.
  • Pair with solar panels: Since light bulbs are frequently found near solar panels, make sure to collect both for an efficient lighting setup.
  • Stay vigilant: Always remain alert while traversing the treacherous terrain, as light bulbs may appear in unexpected places.

With these key locations and expert tips, you’ll be well-equipped to locate and collect light bulbs across the mysterious lands of Sons of the Forest. Use this knowledge to build a luminous refuge, providing you with a sense of security in the midst of the island’s lurking dangers.

Crafting & Using Light Bulbs For Base Illumination

Lighting up your base in Sons of the Forest is crucial to maintaining a sense of safety and comfort. Once you’ve successfully located light bulbs, it’s time to learn how to utilize them effectively to illuminate your base. Follow the steps below to create an efficient lighting system that keeps the darkness at bay.

Setting Up Solar Panel Infrastructure

  • Place solar panels: Ensure your base has a flat or slanted roof to position the solar panels easily.
Sons Of The Forest Light Bulbs Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation
  • Connect wires: Equip the wire from your inventory and attach it to the logs, following the on-screen arrows to create a pathway for your lighting system.
Sons Of The Forest Light Bulbs Connecting wires
Connecting wires

Light Bulb Installation Process

  • Attach light bulbs: Once the wires are set up, connect the light bulbs to the wire pathway to complete your lighting system.
Sons Of The Forest Light Bulbs Light Bulb Installation
Light Bulb Installation
  • Optimize placement: Make sure to strategically place light bulbs throughout your base to maximize visibility and minimize shadowy areas.

Keeping Your Base Bright

  • Maintenance: Regularly check the condition of your solar panels, wires, and light bulbs to ensure they’re functioning correctly.
  • Expansion: As your base grows, don’t forget to extend your lighting system accordingly to maintain a well-lit environment.

By mastering the art of crafting and using light bulbs for base illumination, you’ll create a warm and inviting sanctuary in the midst of the dangerous world of Sons of the Forest. A well-lit base not only provides a sense of security but also enhances the overall atmosphere, making your gameplay experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

Powering Light Bulbs with Solar Panel

Capturing the sun’s rays to illuminate your base in Sons of the Forest is an eco-friendly solution, making solar panels an essential part of your lighting setup. Here’s how to power your light bulbs using solar energy without repeating previous tips:

  • Optimal Solar Panel Placement: Position your solar panels where they can collect the maximum amount of sunlight. An unobstructed location on a slanted or flat roof is ideal for optimum energy conversion.
  • Battery Storage: Consider incorporating batteries into your lighting system for times when sunlight is scarce, such as during night-time or cloudy weather. This ensures a consistent energy supply for your light bulbs.
  • Expandable Solar Arrays: As your base grows and requires additional lighting, plan your solar panel configuration to accommodate future expansion. This will save you time and resources when upgrading your lighting setup later on.
  • Monitoring Energy Consumption: Keep track of your solar panel’s energy output and your light bulbs’ energy consumption. Balancing these aspects can help maintain a steady power supply and prevent overloading your system.

By utilizing solar energy effectively, you can maintain a well-lit base while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Comparing Different Light Sources

Sons of the Forest offers players several options for illuminating their base, each with its unique properties and efficiency levels. Knowing the differences between these light sources can help you choose the best lighting solution for your specific needs.

Torches: As a rudimentary lighting option, torches are crafted using sticks and cloth, providing a modest and warm glow. While easy to create, torches require regular refueling and may not adequately light large areas, making them less efficient for extensive base setups.

Skull Lamps: A more durable and long-lasting choice, skull lamps demand skulls and other crafting materials to construct. Besides offering consistent lighting, they also contribute an eerie atmosphere to your base. Though more reliable than torches, skull lamps still fall short when compared to the efficiency of light bulbs.

Light Bulbs: The pinnacle of efficiency, light bulbs deliver brighter and more uniform lighting than both torches and skull lamps. Powered by solar panels, light bulbs present an eco-friendly, clean energy alternative for base illumination. Their unmatched efficiency makes them the go-to choice for players seeking optimal lighting conditions.

Understanding the efficiency and characteristics of each light source can help you make informed decisions when selecting the ideal lighting solution for your Sons of the Forest base.

Troubleshooting Common Light Bulb Issues

Occasionally, players may encounter issues with their light bulbs in Sons of the Forest. Here are some common problems and solutions:

Light Bulbs Not Turning On: Ensure that the light bulbs are properly connected to the solar panels with wires. Double-check the wire pathways to confirm that they are properly linked.

Inconsistent Lighting: If your light bulbs flicker or do not provide consistent lighting, check your solar panels’ positioning. Make sure they are receiving adequate sunlight to generate enough power.

Glitches: Players may encounter in-game glitches, such as unlimited light bulb placement. While these glitches can be advantageous, be aware that they may be patched in future updates. Report any glitches you encounter on the Sons of the Forest Steam forums to help the developers address the issue.

Upcoming Updates & Potential Light Bulb Features

As Sons of the Forest continues to evolve, there is potential for future updates to introduce new features and improvements to the lighting system. Here are some possibilities:

  • Adjustable Light Intensity: The ability to control the brightness of light bulbs, allowing for greater customization and ambiance in your base.
  • Colored Light Bulbs: Adding colored light bulbs could provide players with more creative freedom when designing their bases.
  • Light Bulb Upgrades: Introducing upgraded light bulbs that require rarer materials but offer enhanced lighting capabilities or increased energy efficiency.
  • Expanded Solar Panel Functionality: Future updates may expand the uses of solar panels beyond powering light bulbs, opening up new possibilities for base building and energy generation.

By staying up-to-date on Sons of the Forest updates and improvements, you can maximize your gameplay experience and continue to build a more efficient and visually appealing base.


In conclusion, proper lighting is essential for creating a secure and immersive base in Sons of the Forest. Light bulbs and solar panels offer an efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution, providing clean and renewable energy to keep your base bright and safe. By understanding the benefits of these tools and following expert tips on locating, crafting, and using them, you can master the art of illuminating your base in Sons of the Forest. With the potential for future updates to expand on these features, staying up-to-date with the latest information is key to maximizing your gameplay experience.


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