Alan Wake 2: All Trophies And Achievements [Unlock + List]

Unlike its predecessor, the achievements in Alan Wake are pretty easy to obtain and you can get the Platinum Trophy in a single playthrough.

The achievements list of Alan Wake 2 is pretty surprising since it is not as hard or grindy as its predecessor. You can actually obtain all of the trophies in a single playthrough if you collect each and every collectible. Since I’m playing the game on my PS5, I’ll be listing the trophies, but the method of unlocking these trophies is the same as the achievements on PC and Xbox.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 67 trophies on PS5 and 66 total achievements on PC and Xbox Series X/S for Alan Wake 2.
  • Most of the trophies/achievements get unlocked as you play through the main campaign.
  • If you want to get 100% completion in a single run, then keep collecting all of the collectibles as well.
  • On average, it will take around 25-30 Hours to achieve 100% completion or earn the Platinum Trophy for Alan Wake 2.
Important: The trophy/achievements list of Alan Wake 2 is the same for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

How To Unlock All Trophies In Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 achievements
The Alan Wake 2 Trophies On PlayStation (Image Captured by Me)

There are a total of 66 trophies and achievements, and getting all of these will unlock the Platinum Trophy on PS5 or 1000 Gamerscore on Xbox Series X/S. Surprisingly, all of the trophies on PlayStation are of bronze rarity except one, and there are no gold rarity trophies additionally.

Here is a list of all of the trophies/achievements and what you need to do in order to unlock them;

TrophyRarityHow To Unlock
SisuPlatinumGain all trophies
Escape its GravityBronzeUse a Hand Flare to escape an enemy Grapple
This is the MomentBronzeDodge at the last minute to avoid an enemy attack
Not the LastBronzePick up the first Manuscript Page
Shining in the NightBronzeIgnite a Hand Flare to keep enemies at bay
Secret StashesBronzeDiscover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box
Finding a WayBronzeFind the Screwdriver
Cut ShortBronzeFind the Boltcutters
Chased the SourceBronzeDestroy a Source Point
Darkness CoiledBronzeDestroy a Darkness Shield
Strange RealityBronzeSolve five Nursery Rhyme puzzles
The Koskela BrothersBronzeWatch all Koskela brother commercials
The Trail of the WriterBronzeWatch all the Writer’s Journey videos
Bring ItBronzeFind the Sawed-Off Shotgun
Ready for a FightBronzeFind the Hunting Rifle
Greatest HitsBronzeFind the Crossbow
Stop Right ThereBronzeFind the Pump-Action Shotgun
Find the LightBronzeFind the Flashlight and Revolver
Lights ShiningBronzeFind the Flare Gun
Yippee Ki-yayBronzeFind the Double-Barrelled Shotgun
Aimed AheadBronzeDefeat five enemies with headshots
Coffee ThermosBronzeDiscover a Break Room
Felt GoodBronzeUse a Healing Item
LawmanBronzeDefeat Nightingale
Bright Falls’ FinestBronzeDefeat Mulligan and Thornton
Girl in LoveBronzeDefeat Cynthia
Filled with RageBronzeDefeat Scratch
Storm CloudBronzeEscape from the Dark Presence
Stop the MonsterBronzeInterrupt a Taken Thrower’s relocation attempt with the Flashlight Boost
Growing StrongerBronzeUpgrade any weapon once
All SmilesBronzeFully upgrade a single weapon
Carry his WordsBronzeDiscover a Word of Power
Nightmare TerritoryBronzePick up a map
Grew BiggerBronzeUpgrade the inventory’s size
I’ll Find YouBronzeFind all Nursery Rhyme dolls
Stunning VistasBronzeStun an enemy with a Flashbang
Gone for GoodBronzeDefeat an enemy with an explosion
The Story Come TrueSilverComplete Alan Wake 2
Hunting SeasonBronzeComplete chapter “The Cult”
Somebody’s HomeBronzeComplete chapter “Invitation”
Into the OverlapBronzeComplete chapter “The Heart”
Back in WateryBronzeComplete chapter “Local Girl”
We Watch in the NightBronzeComplete chapter “No Chance”
The Old GodsBronzeComplete chapter “Old Gods”
Seeing DoubleBronzeComplete chapter “Scratch”
Rock n’ Roll, BabyBronzeComplete chapter “Summoning”
The Final DeerfestBronzeComplete chapter “Deerfest”
End of the RoadBronzeComplete chapter “Come Home”
Talk ShowBronzeComplete chapter “Late Night”
New York CityBronzeComplete chapter “Casey”
ReturnBronzeComplete chapter “Haunting”
All His LifeBronzeComplete chapter “We Sing”
In a Fancy HotelBronzeComplete chapter “Room 665”
Told and RetoldBronzeComplete chapter “Return”
Behind the MasksBronzeComplete chapter “Masks”
The Cult of the WordBronzeComplete chapter “Zane’s Film”
His Way OutBronzeComplete chapter “Gone”
All Accounted ForBronzeFind all weapons for both characters
In One GoBronzeDefeat an enemy with a single shot from the Crossbow
Shift in RealityBronzeComplete all Nursery Rhyme puzzles
Hidden by the TreesBronzeFind all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes
Coffee-Themed FunBronzeShoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World
Filling the ShapeBronzePlace a Charm in all of the bracelet’s slots
Rustic CharmBronzeFind all the Charms
Back to LifeBronzeUse a Coffee Mug Charm to prevent defeat
The Nice Things in LifeBronzePet Mayor Setter
The Other SideBronzeChange between stories once
alan wake 2 achievements
The Platinum Trophy In Alan Wake 2, Titled Sisu (Image Captured by Me)

Once you obtain all of the 66 trophies, the Platinum Trophy Sisu should pop up for you in Alan Wake 2 if you’re playing on the PS5.

My Thoughts 

Personally, I’m glad that Remedy has decided to refine their trophy list since Alan Wake 1 demanded so much grind that I never achieved the Platinum Trophy in that title. But, the Alan Wake 2 Platinum Trophy hits the sweet spot difficulty where it’s neither too grindy/boring nor too easy, and it looks like it’ll be fun to achieve 100% completion.

That does it for my trophies/achievements list and what you need to do in order to unlock them. You can now purchase the two different digital editions of Alan Wake 2 but without the pre-order bonuses. It is a huge survival horror with a big mission list.


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