Alan Wake 2: All Mission List & Chapters

Learn everything regarding the Main Story Missions in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 contains a list of 19 missions or chapters. Some are playable as Alan Wake, while others are played as Saga Anderson. According to HowLongToBeat, the Main Story takes about 12 and a half hours to complete, but the first playthrough will take you around 18-20 hours on normal difficulty.

Key Takeaways
  • In Alan Wake 2, the main story comprises 19 Missions.
  • There are two storylines, one played as Saga Anderson in Washington and the other played as Alan Wake in “The Dark Place.”
  • 10 missions, titled Return, are played as Saga Anderson.
  • 9 missions, titled Initiation, are played as Alan Wake.

You start playing as Saga Anderson, an FBI agent investigating The Cauldron Lake. You must play as Saga till the third Return chapter. Then, you can freely swap between Alan and Saga’s realities by interacting with the Mop bucket spill in any of the Janitor’s Rooms.

Saga Anderson’s Chapters

Saga Anderson [Image By Me]
You will play 10 Missions as Saga. All Saga Chapters are titled Return. These Missions take place in a Town named Bright Fall and its surroundings.

The List of Saga Anderson’s Mission is as follows

  1. Return – The Cult
  2. Return 1 – Invitation
  3. Return 2 – The Heart
  4. Return 3 – Local Girl
  5. Return 4 – No Chance
  6. Return 5 – Old Gods
  7. Return 6 – Scratch
  8. Return 8 – Summoning
  9. Return 9 – Deerfest
  10. Return 10 – Come Home

Alan Wake’s Chapters

alan wake 2 mission list
Alan Wake [Image By Me]
The other 9 missions are played as the titular Alan Wake. These Chapters are set in some mysterious realm known as “The Dark Place.” All Alan Chapters are titled Initiation

The List of Alan Wake’s Missions is as follows

  1. Initiation 1 – Late Night
  2. Initiation 2 – Casey
  3. Initiation 3 – Haunting
  4. Initiation 4 – We Sing
  5. Initiation 5 – Room 665
  6. Initiation 6 – Return
  7. Initiation 7 – Masks
  8. Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film
  9. Initiation 9 – Gone

In Alan Wake 2, there’s no particular sequence to play both storylines. You can prioritize any storyline and switch to the other when ready. Remember that, like its prequel, Alan Wake 2 is a linear storyteller. So there are no side missions in Alan Wake 2.

That’s about it regarding Alan Wake 2 mission List.  While at it, you might want to look at the Best difficulty settings by Atik Yonus for the best first-time experience. Additionally, consider going through the Voice Actors that feature in Alan Wake 2 to know about the cast that stars in this game.


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