Alan Wake 2 Caldera Station Guide

Learn all about the Alan Wake 2 Caldera Station, which is an area for Alan to progress through and can be puzzling to navigate through.

After completing all the levels playing as Saga Anderson, you can finally play Alan Wake 2 as Alan himself. After you leave the television studio area, you have to go towards the Caldera Station. The area around the station is quite open and big, the main problem you will face here is how to go into the Caldera Station in Alan Wake 2 exactly.

Key Takeaways
  • You will encounter the Caldera Station as Alan in  Chapter Initiation 2.
  • The location of Caldera Station in Alan Wake 2 is quite simple, but getting into the station is a problem.
  • This is because you require two light charges to enter the station, and the second one is a bit tricky to get to.
  • Exploring the station in Alan Wake 2 is compulsory as it is needed to progress the story further.

Where Is The Caldera Station In Alan Wake 2

Caldera Station Entrance [Image Taken By Me]
While playing as Alan, you must move from the television studio area towards Ocean Avenue, near Caldera Plaza. While leaving the television set, you will find a map right next to the phone. Pick up the map to help you navigate to your next destination.

The station will be right in front of the Caldera Plaza. Since you now have the map, you can explore the station without getting lost. However, as soon as you get there, you realize there is no way to get it. This is where the angel lamp you picked up from the set comes into play.

How To Enter The Caldera Station In Alan Wake 2

New Area
The New Area That Is Unlocked With The Second Light Charge [Screenshot Taken By Me]
Once you reach the station and realize that there is no way in, you should know that you will have to use your angel lamp to open up a way forward. The angel lamp captures light from light sources and causes the environment to change. To gain entrance into the station and to move forward, you will have to find two light charges.

First Light Charge

  1. Follow a light down the alleyway on the west side of the map.
  2. You will see a huge red neon sign that says “Neighborhood Illumination”.
  3. At the end of the alleyway, you will see a street lamp right before you.
  4. Use your Angel lamp to collect the light and return it to the subway station.

When you successfully bring it back, a staircase will open, taking you inside the subway station.

Second Light Charge

  1. Head outside the station using the staircase you came from.
  2. Use your angel lamp to take away the light from the street lamp, and you will place the light here again later.
  3. Illuminate the area, and a staircase appears.
  4. Keep exploring the area until you find another set of stairs that lead you even higher up in the building.
  5. Here, you will find a door, open the door, and you will be on the street again.
  6. On the street, you will find a taxi with its headlights turned on, and it is the second light source.
  7. Bring it back to the station with you.

Ultimately, you will now have 2 light sources to work with, the first one to reveal stairs so that you can get inside the Caldera Station and the second to illuminate the area inside, making it easy for you to explore the station.

My Experience Getting Into The Caldera Station

Getting into the Caldera Station is a struggle if you do not know where exactly to go. Once you know what you require, it might seem like a walk in the park, but trust me, it is not that.

Getting the first light charge is relatively easy. Getting the second light charge is a struggle in Alan Wake 2. You have to travel a lot, and then ultimately, you find what you need. The station overall is huge and pretty fun to explore when you get both of these light charges.

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And with that, my guide on Alan Wake 2 Caldera Station comes to an end. Here, you were informed about where the Caldera Station is located and how you can navigate through it. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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