Alan Wake 2: How To Upgrade Weapons

Learn how to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2 and where to find the Manuscript Fragments required for these upgrades.

Learning how to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2 is essential for survival. Enter Saga Anderson’s mind place early in the game, collect manuscript fragments, and unlock upgrades to strengthen your firepower. Equip yourself for the investigation and confront the threats that await.

Key Takeaways
  • To upgrade your weapons in Alan Wake 2, visit Saga Anderson’s mind place.
  • Find the pistol magazine manual near the wine bar and desk inside the mind place.
  • Gather manuscript fragments hidden in Alex Casey’s lunchboxes to unlock weapon upgrades.
  • You can make three weapon upgrades: again and again, more bullets, and another headshot.

How To Upgrade Weapons in Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 upgrade weapons
The Pistol Magazine [Image By Me]
In Alan Wake 2, Saga Anderson’s Mind Place becomes accessible in the chapter “Return 1: Invitation“.

  1. After entering the mind place, you’ll spot a pistol magazine manual near a wine bar and desk.
  2. Interacting with this manual opens up Saga’s available weapon upgrades menu.

To unlock these upgrades, you must also collect manuscript fragments scattered throughout Alan Wake 2. These fragments are found in Alex Casey’s lunchbox, hidden in different corners across the map.

alan wake 2 how to upgrade weapons
Alex Casey’s Lunchbox [Image By Me]
Gather enough manuscript fragments, and you can return to Saga’s mind place at almost any point to exchange them for these upgrades. Strengthen your arsenal to gain an advantage against the enemies you’ll encounter as Saga’s investigation unfolds. 

Saga’s Weapon Upgrades

alan wake 2 how to upgrade weapons
Available Upgrades [Image By Me]
You can make the following three weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2:

Upgrade Name Cost Details
Again And Again 18 fragments Enables auto-fire mode when holding the fire button.
More Bullets 12 fragments Increases the pistol’s capacity by 50%.     
Another Headshot 12 fragments It extends the stun duration against enemies if you achieve two quick headshots in a row.

That’s about it from my side on upgrading your weapons in Alan Wake 2. While at it, you might want to look at the Alan Wake 2: Best Edition To Buy or the Voice Actors that feature in Alan Wake 2.


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